Skyrim - Unobtainable Spells, Shouts & Powers


In this video I show you Skyrim's Unobtainable Spells, Shouts & Powers!
Let me know if I left any out!

If you are on PC you can use the console command PSB to gain all of these spells, shouts and powers.

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  • Ace Espiritu

    The Fade Other spell would have been great for that one kid who sees you casting magic and asks you to make him invisible.

  • TheRaptorOfChrome

    I believe the "sofia nude bomb" is from a mod

  • EariosRandomness

    With that last shout, you were just puking all over everything. In other words, Dragonborn hangovers are the worst hangovers.

  • Burntheedge Gaming

    I can see the nude bomb being useful on the ebony warrior

  • xRiptidez

    The summon dragon priest should have been another reward for collecting all the masks

  • Ryko Truman

    I actualy recognize a lot of these spells from environmental things kilkreath light beams dremer steam etc etc

  • Brawler4456

    OH I SEE! some of these are assets ment for other things to be using, such as that steam blast is the one for the dwarven centurion to use as it's steam cannon.

  • 1tensify

    Imagine having sex with this guy - "Ou, yeah" "That's what I like to see" "How's that for bad breath?"

  • Cyrus Gronk

    Sofia nude bomb is from the Sofia follower mod which I'm guessing you have :P

  • Vito Alvarez

    2:35 so you can make the kids invisible…

  • BeastlyPanda

    I need that fade other one so I don't have to lie to children

  • Demoncakes 440

    So these are all the spells enemies and npcs' can use...right

  • Evander Espinoza

    I think that most of these are unobtainable because those are the spells that enemies,objects, or followers use. They're also probably ideas that got scrapped last minute and was just list in the coding. That's still some amazing effort and work you did to show us these. Some I've never heard of before :)

  • Speedspawner Leanspeed

    I think a lot of these are just spells that other enemies use that aren't available to the player through normal means.

  • xx6lord6mars6xx 17

    the kilkreath light beam is from the deadric quest for dawnbreaker.

  • Adam Pandit

    There's an awesome sounding shout called Benthic Scream but it causes the game to crash. The first word is Force, and the description says "your voice is raw power corrupted by the influence of Hermaeus Mora" whic leads me to think it's a modified unrelenting force with poison damage maybe

  • SoulerBk

    I vote to make new drinking game - every time he says "cool" or something similiar in this video, take a shot.

  • jess e

    8:21 killed me he literally ate the mic!!! XD omg I'm so dead oh this guy is so funny

  • A big-boy username

    for those who dont know, in the game you can see brelyna's practice spell (the green one) in action in the collage of winterhold, when you let brelyna practice a spell on you. this spell was just a mistake she made during practice. another mistake she makes is turning you into a cow.

  • lol lol

    Thanks Camelworks for this awesome video and reactions :DDFrom my little understanding of the game, I will try to elaborate the uses of some spells listed in the video, Any correction is appreciated :D 1:45 The Superlight: I think it's used when Ancano was "playing" with that Eye of Magnus causing Savos's death.2:06 Brelyna's Practice Spell : Is used by Brelyna during her quest "Help Brelyna Maryon by allowing her to practice her spells on you."2:30 Fade Other: Is a complete working spell but unobtainable in the final release. It's now possible to make childs dream come true (make them invisible :D )2:47 Transmogrify : Is the effect cause by the Wabbajack (maybe it was only for testing, since it only produce chikun :D)3:18 Ash Spray : Is the smoke attack used by Dwemer Centurions4:43 Emitter Steam Blast : Also used by Dwemer Centurions5:41 Firebolt Storm : Looks like Alduin's Meteor Shout6:08 Frost Stream : Remember the voice! Its the Graybeard's Frost shout.6:29 Karstaag's Frost Cloak : Is the cloak used by Karstaag the special frost giant in DB DLC7:25 Seeker Drain : Is the Seeker attack in DB DLC when you explore Mora's realm, Apocrypha.7:51 Slime : Is the melee attack of Lurkers, also found in Apocrypha, DB DLC.8:51 Spriggan Spray : The drain attack used by Spriggans, the defensive abilities of Spriggans are Invisibility and Fast healing.9:35 KilkReathLightBeam : It's the light beam used by Meridia's Crystals in her Daedric quest to purify her Temple, called Kilkreath Ruins.9:55 Conjure Dragon Priest : Is one of the many effects that the mask Konahrik do, and for PC users, you can get this awesome fully-working spell (tested by me in many times) using this console command : player.addspell 0010fc16 (Note for PS3-XBOX users, you can import your save to the PC version of the game, add the spell, and then export your save back to your console).10:24 Conjure Dwarven Sphere : Added by DG DLC but not implemented spell, you can add it via this command : player.addspell xx0142C0. (xx is your DG DLC load order number.)11:00 Conjure Spectral Dragon : Is the special power from DB DLC you can choose it from  Apocrypha, If you killed an enemy with fire breath shout, it spawn a wisp-like spectral dragon head for 60 secs.11:45 Spectral Arrow : Fully working spell, but was removed from the game. Maybe because of high-magicka cost for a single arrow!11:30 Polymorph Skeever : Is a non-completed power, maybe a Were-Skeever try :D don't use it, it's very buggy and impossible to go back to human form without reloading a previous save.14:11 : The Graybeard's Fire shout.14:51 : Dragon Breath : the dragon's version fire breath (Yol Toor Shul )15:11 : Forgemaster Fireball : Looks like the Dragon's distant fire shout (used when dragon's health is little)15:40 Frost Breath : Is the Dragon's Frost Breath (Fo Krah Diin)16:00 Vile Vapor : Used by The Afflicted in Peryite's Daedric quest "The Only Cure".

  • Lord Helix II

    9:30 "so big and fast and violent. I love it" THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  • Emilio Shecapio

    Vile vapor would work with the argonian race

  • The.Nitron

    transmogrify is technically obtainable. it one of the effects of the wabbajack. also why no eject player push?

  • Adonis Batheus

    Sofia's Nude Bomb is from a mod for a follower. You might have some others in here that aren't vanilla.

  • skyred250 (2) 2. Csatorna

    You forgot Phantom Form. You know. "Fiik Lo Sah!"

  • Jaimee Edwards

    The Sophia nude bomb one was added when you installed the funny follower Sophia mod. One of the random things she says is that she used to go to the college of winterhold until she made a spell that made everybody naked and they kicked her out XD

  • Ghoffman91

    Many of those appear to be unique abilities that only NPC's can use.Some are clearly the shouts dragons use for example.There is even one specific to Alduin himself. During his attack of Helgen Alduin used an attack that is a spitting image to the attack at 5:49.Wherever Alduin's Fireballs landed it spawned a bunch of boulders around the site it landed, looks very similar does it not?So technically I would say most of these are abilities are ones relegated to NPCs and only them being the only ones allowed to use them. Either to achieve some sort of special effect or abilities specifically meant to challenge the player and to never be used by them.

  • Kakashi

    Next we have Blank- it heals you for 1100 health!.... seems legit

  • Lowly Furcunt

    Wait if these were vanilla game spells was the Sofia mod follower intended to be a Vanilla follower? Because in the mod Sofia talks about her nude spell that undresses everyone

  • RaZeR_ZaX Flub

    I know i am commenting really late but there was no ziil los dii du which is the shout miraak uses to instantly kill dragons. I don't know if the Dragonborn DLC was released when this video was made

  • lets argue

    Makes a video on ALL unobtainable shouts, spells, and powers.>18 minutesMakes a video on unobtainable destruction spells>38 minuteslogic?>None.

  • blarghinatelazer

    The light beam spell turns you into Iron Man! :D

  • Blaze of the Razgriz squadron

    Blessing of Osiris? I'm getting some Destiny deja vu..

  • MCPunk55

    Some of those powers and spells were recovered in mods, others are powers only enemies can use and a few were probably not programmed completely and that's why they have the effect of vanilla spells.

  • Brandon Jaster

    I believe your Sofia's Nude Bomb spell is from your Sofia follower mod.

  • Bruno

    12:16 imagine that killcam with Sofia's Nude Bomb.

  • Mr. Sunshine

    Your re-actions can be taken out of context so easily XD"That's actually pretty filthy" ;)

  • Michael Gilliland


  • jep1st

    I've been using spectral arrow quite some time now because it's perfect for a mage assassin.I have no idea why Bethesda decided not to include that spell in the game by default.

  • Purple Magi

    the poison spray "shout" is used by the afflicted in bthardamz, in peryites quest.

  • Son Of Trex

    Y'all ever uhhh.M O T H J U I C E

  • Darthplagueis13

    This steam spell thing is actually obtainable but not as a spell but as a special ability of the unique helmet "visage of Mzuft"

  • TheIdioticFox

    STOP! You have violated the law!PAY THE COURT A FINE OR SERVE YOUR SENTENCE!Your stolen goods are now forfeit.

  • Avalanche Game Art

    Most of them are used by Dragons and npcs :P

  • FudgeMuppet

    You deserve way more subs! Check your messages :)

  • alisos360

    Fun fact: Osiris is the Egyptian God king of the dead

  • Lisa Zulfiqar

    danm i was drinking when i saw sofia's nude bomb well lets just say i have water all over my table

  • Immortalcheese

    These are mainly for when the game was being debugged to make sure certain things work, or mainly for special effects; such as the steam and the kilkreath light beam which are used in by dwemer ruins and the light from Meridia's shrine.

  • txtravisd

    karstag's frost cloak lasts for exactly 24 hours

  • JackieGoOutside

    The ash, steam, spectral dragon, spectral arrow, turning into a skeever and vile shout spells would have been really cool if properly scaled and fixed in an unmodded. I know they're environmental/enemy spell stuff, especially the steam, but they would have been so cool.

  • Inky Draconian

    16:19 poison shout looks like its coming from your right ear when you are in first person

  • Grynnin Barrett

    The wabajak randomly selects an effect from an unobtainable spell and uses it on the NEW or enemy you use it against

  • Camelworks

    Kevin Liu - Spectral arrow isn't in game. 'Not available in game. Was apparently intended to be the reward for completing the quest Infiltration, but was replaced by Detect Life.'

  • Bic Boi Law_Dad

    dat calvin and hobbs reference tho(transmogrify)

  • Poop

    I always wished for Vile Vapor to be the reward you get whenever you completed Peryite along with Spellbreaker. Or at least one of the afflicted that could do it as a follower. Maybe you became one afterwards or something. DREAMS COME TRUE!

  • Iain Eggelbert

    As soon as you made the Kim Kardashian comment, I subscribed. That was the best thing I've heard all day.

  • Garett Crook

    Lightning boltFake lightning bolt

  • StarlitMorning

    I LOVE your voice. Just, amazing. Good video by the way!

  • SniffableEnd Gaming

    Kim Kardashians lightning bolt <3

  • Kaz, "Gunfight by The Moonlight," Miller

    10/100 = x/700 (your ruff estimate)That means, I expect to see 70 shouts/abilities in this video.

  • gavriel benjamin

    Smoke brelynas practice spell everyday

  • Mojooo215

    camelworks.the seekerdrain spell is from the seekers in apochrypha.

  • Playlist Channel

    What is the cheat/code to all the spell

  • Incubator QB

    That sofia magic is from sofia follower mod.

  • Stickgeneral 42

    at 5:10 we get a good peek into your spell inventory and we see...oh godthe fireso much fire

  • Ethan Wick

    Great videos man I subscribed. Could you possibly do a oblivion or morrow wind Easter egg video?

  • Scanner Dorkly

    Soo.. animal abilities and mods

  • Son Of Trex

    I wonder if the light beam actually works

  • billy kennard


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