Skyrim's Top 5 Best Mods of 2017; The Elder Scrolls 5's Biggest Mods of the Year

Skyrim had a big year in the modding scene. And despite heavy noncompetitive, I'm listing my top 5 best mods of the year for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. In year of the Creation Club, it looks like modders reign king of Skyrim's post-release content.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma (PC/Xbox One) -

Diverse Skyrim (PC) -

Ravengate: Riften Underground (PC/Xbox One) -

Royal Armory: New Artifacts (PC/Xbox One) -

Open Civil War (PC/Xbox One) -

    Sky Haven Temple was where you go in Skyrim for Alduins Wall. The place we see in Bruma is Cloud Ruler Temple.

  • JPzEyes

    Thanks for putting Ravengate on you rlist!:I wrote it, and voiced Lindor:It's always a gift to have your work appreciated. :)

  • Avoid At All Costs

    - Beyond Skyrim: Bruma (PC/Xbox One) 0:35- Diverse Skyrim (PC) 1:58- Ravengate: Riften Underground (PC/Xbox One) 3:32- Royal Armory: New Artifacts (PC/Xbox One) 5:02- Open Civil War (PC/Xbox One) 7:00

  • DaedricHealer 15

    who ever reads this merry Christmas

  • Lil' Ol' Wolf

    I get that stormcloaks are all nords but I'm pretty sure you can get a dark elf farmer off to join the stormcloaks as random encounters, could be wrong though

  • Oliver Turan

    What mod is used to make your imperial armour look like that COZ I F*CKING LOVE IT!!!!

  • Blaze ZA

    I love your videos and always watch them asoon as they are out

  • Aidan Salmon

    TheEpicNate, what is your armor mod? I love the new textures for the legion especially

  • Mr Hildebrand

    Do you have your mod list anywhere? I love your textures and lighting.

  • Cold Star Films

    I tried Open Civil War and for some reason the battles never triggered for me. Everything else did though, like the mini quests to affect the clue why...

  • sanjay kumar

    Can you tell your mod list in this video??

  • Leatheryfoot

    Has anyone else noticed how 2017 was a great year for mods.

  • Gayle-Heather Condo

    I hope they never stop making mods for SkyrimMore mods needed for OblivionLove both games immensely

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    The capabilities of a Playstation is quite impressive for a console, so why Sony hasn't allowed scripted mods for the console is sad for its fans, may have even prevented Creation Club being a thing, it's also a great sales opportunity for the console, if you look at it right. Ah what the heck, what am I complaining about....

  • Kostadin Hadjidinev

    Diverse Skyrim is quite incompatible with mods which change npc stats like perma/skyre/requiem and enemy ai mods like rote. Not that it will crash but you will get half of the enemies to be nigh immortal enemies ascended from the deepest nether reaches of oblivion dealing UNGODLY damage while the other half deal no dmg and die from just getting looked at.

  • Balinux

    Thalmor patroling the streets is an exageration. The justiciars are most active in Skyrim beause of active Talos worship and the rebelion.

  • Sagar Modi

    Damn it... Why did I do the civil war earlier 😔

  • Jimmy Page

    Bruma without a doubt in my heart. The other mods are epic it's just that the people from the Beyond skyrim project operate on a much larger scale a scale that makes Skyrim itself look inferior.

  • Vuk TheWolf

    What is your skin/visual mods for the characters, weapons, and armor?

  • Connor Boyle

    What graphical mod are you using?

  • Ryan Glancy

    I already had one of them but didnt know about the other 4 and i love them! Great vid great list!


    What mod do you use for the Legion armor? I love the helmet of Rikke.


    Could you do a video on ModDrop, and its impact on the modding scene due to its problems with mod piracy?

  • Rainier Josephson

    what mod you use to make general tullius looked like that? the beards looks so good

  • DizzyPickle

    If legacy of the dragon born came out this year I,d bet my testy it be number 1

  • UrDaddy WingNut

    Man, that Imperial Knight Armor is one of my absolute favorites in the entire game!

  • Skylar Nelson

    My favorites have to be Open Civil War and Royal Armory

  • coffee can

    I killed that dark elf...

  • Leatheryfoot

    I fucking love your videos man keep it up in 2018!

  • Will Truszewski

    what mod do you use for the darkened armour?

  • RageWolf

    Ravengate brings back those Oblivion arena vibes, but with a quite darker ambientation, love it!

  • Cal Holden

    Dude what armour mods you using for that colour and imperial stuff?

  • Johnathan Spence

    You've probably mentioned it in another video, but I don't remember/ haven't seen it yet. What mod (s) do you use for that imperial armour in the thumbnail, and that beautiful imperial sword you use in the video?

  • Hedgehog Gaming

    I love mods but I have a laptop from 2012 and skyrim on the switch so yeah

  • Motaz Fawzi


  • Sandkasten36

    Damn isn't the generals voice actor the one from The legend of Korra? Isn't Kuvira?

  • Spencer Tolleson

    It's Cloud Ruler Temple. ;(

  • AidenNapalm

    I have over 150 mods on my skyrim XD

  • Echo

    Youd think that at least redguards would join the stormcloaks...

  • Sire Some Random Girl on the Internet

    What armor mod does he use

  • Jacob Bagnall

    Thank you Nate , i will definitely try Ravengate and Beyond Skyrim Burma . Diverse Skyrim , Royal Armory , and Open Civil War have also perked my interest .

  • Max SE

    Can you play the extra maps in n VR?!

  • Something

    Can you play Open Civil War together with Become High King mod? I would like to have a very politics-oriented play-trough.

  • Daequans toes

    you should put the one when you can make your own camp to stay

  • YieldToMe

    Anyone know of a mod that makes imperial soldiers wear more Heavy Imperial Armor?

  • Onii-Chan

    I have gotten so far in my game I was doing a playthrough and now I have to restart to play these mods

  • Greg Lancaster

    Fantastic video Nate. A really helpful 2017 mod synopsis!

  • Tehya Lmao

    if i ever get the bruma mod then i am totally going to cloud ruler temple, seeing it will totally make me start crying. rest in peace jauffers :'(

  • Silent xXXx

    You should make a top 5/10 list of the best smaller/lesser known mods of 2017 that could have a big impact on a game.

  • HustlerMitch

    0:18 what armour is that and what mod is it from??Also, what mods are you using that make the NPC's look better and those cool armours??

  • loli want my chicken

    what about mods with skse plugin?

  • Otaku Sempai

    What exactly makes you 'epic', Nathaniel?

  • Anon

    I am groot, Good video btw

  • GenericUsername

    Open Civil War is kinda glitchy, I attacked Riften as the Stormcloaks and nobody is sitting on the throne and Maven is still walking around in her Jarl outfit and still refereed to as Jarl Maven Black-Briar

  • Mike Morris

    You get me through my work day.

  • Simple

    We need some Catapult and Meme Mods

  • KoGTRB

    Skyrim was my first bc I never got into it before but I played through Oblivion about a month after and I have Morrowind just haven't played it yet

  • Lyna Ckhilou

    Hey what's your load order I really want to know what mods you're using Great video btw

  • TheBread Fetish

    Riften underground breaks too often for me

  • Darin Bourque

    I was playing vanilla skyrim and I came across a vampire that was argonian

  • Dam Jackass

    Omfg I really want to try open civil war on skyrim vr, sounds badass like one of my dream vr experiences of being part of a fantasy army.... nerdgasm galore. Tales of glory has great medieval war gameplay but this skyrim mod and it's world is just a whole nother level! ^^

  • George Silverdahl

    What about skyrim together?

  • Jesus Christ

    Yet another great video, I hope we'll get at least 1 more before 2017!

  • Tesla Media

    What ENB are you using may i ask?

  • João Agnelo

    You can see OP didnt play Oblivion when he confuses the almighty Cloud Ruler Temple with Skyrim's Sky Haven Temple.

  • Alex Tran

    What mod allows General Tullius to have a beard?

  • Jack isn't Black

    Hey TheEpicNate, when talking about mods could you also say if it's good on Xbox One? That'd be great!

  • Random Panzer

    1:42 guard practicing 360 spinsnot rly a 360 spin dont hate me

  • Donut Gam1ng

    There should be a mod were you create your own army and defeat the legion and the storm cloaks

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