Skyrim's Top 5 Best Mods of 2017; The Elder Scrolls 5's Biggest Mods of the Year

Skyrim had a big year in the modding scene. And despite heavy noncompetitive, I'm listing my top 5 best mods of the year for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. In year of the Creation Club, it looks like modders reign king of Skyrim's post-release content.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma (PC/Xbox One) -

Diverse Skyrim (PC) -

Ravengate: Riften Underground (PC/Xbox One) -

Royal Armory: New Artifacts (PC/Xbox One) -

Open Civil War (PC/Xbox One) -
  • Fujidew

    Sky Haven Temple was where you go in Skyrim for Alduins Wall. The place we see in Bruma is Cloud Ruler Temple.

  • JPzEyes

    Thanks for putting Ravengate on you rlist!:I wrote it, and voiced Lindor:It's always a gift to have your work appreciated. :)

  • Lil' Ol' Wolf

    I get that stormcloaks are all nords but I'm pretty sure you can get a dark elf farmer off to join the stormcloaks as random encounters, could be wrong though

  • Oliver Turan

    What mod is used to make your imperial armour look like that COZ I F*CKING LOVE IT!!!!

  • DaedricHealer 15

    who ever reads this merry Christmas

  • Reid Van Amburg

    Royal armory mod brakes your game please don’t download it. After some main quests the mod will crash your game because of the coding. Do NOT download

  • Aidan Salmon

    TheEpicNate, what is your armor mod? I love the new textures for the legion especially

  • Blaze ZA

    I love your videos and always watch them asoon as they are out

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    The capabilities of a Playstation is quite impressive for a console, so why Sony hasn't allowed scripted mods for the console is sad for its fans, may have even prevented Creation Club being a thing, it's also a great sales opportunity for the console, if you look at it right. Ah what the heck, what am I complaining about....

  • Mr Hildebrand

    Do you have your mod list anywhere? I love your textures and lighting.

  • sanjay kumar

    Can you tell your mod list in this video??

  • Spas Delev

    Diverse Skyrim is quite incompatible with mods which change npc stats like perma/skyre/requiem and enemy ai mods like rote. Not that it will crash but you will get half of the enemies to be nigh immortal enemies ascended from the deepest nether reaches of oblivion dealing UNGODLY damage while the other half deal no dmg and die from just getting looked at.

  • coffee can

    I killed that dark elf...

  • Xander Vander Linden

    I found a horrible tragedy, it is marked east of Dawnstar or just follow the coast to the east, some where between Dawnstar and Winterhold there is a burnd coreps with the name of Yisra that was burnd resently there is a necklace in him/her that say that it's his/her s , there is a spell book of some kind of flame and a ruined book that was supposed to be a healing book but got burnd. ... he/she was probably a good mage cuse the cost of magica is very high. This must have been a quest that was removed from the game. Or he just killed himself /herself

  • Jimmy Page

    Bruma without a doubt in my heart. The other mods are epic it's just that the people from the Beyond skyrim project operate on a much larger scale a scale that makes Skyrim itself look inferior.

  • Balinux

    Thalmor patroling the streets is an exageration. The justiciars are most active in Skyrim beause of active Talos worship and the rebelion.

  • Lea R

    hmmm lore friendly mod ? Then how argonians could be vampires considering vampirism is a disease ? I'm skeptical...

  • Queen Mini

    Hey I don't know if you're still doing the 10 details thing but here's mine: In Endon's house in Markarth, there's a Pac-Man eating dots.So, go to Markarth, make your way to Vlindrel Hall, go up the steps, turn around, go back down them(I know what you're gonna say, why would I go up them and then go back down? It's just to help you find his house), go a little ways forward, go in the first house to the right labeled(Endon's house) and straight in front of you, you'll see some gold doors (or yellow, whatever), go into that room, go up the small staircase with 3 steps, and directly to your left, look at the bottom shelf on the bookcase thingy, and you'll see what looks like Pac-Man eating dots, with a power pellet in front of the three dots. The Pac-Man is sliced goat cheese, his eye is (something small and black, I forgot), the dots are pieces of garlic, and the power pellet is glow dust.Like so Nate can see.

  • Kay R

    That moment when your console is left out

  • Leatheryfoot

    Has anyone else noticed how 2017 was a great year for mods.

  • Cold Star Films

    I tried Open Civil War and for some reason the battles never triggered for me. Everything else did though, like the mini quests to affect the clue why...

  • Sagar Modi

    Damn it... Why did I do the civil war earlier 😔

  • Mr.Wave

    Nate why you chose imperial dudes? Im curious Because i chose stormcloaks

  • Sir ShmoopityFloopity the III

    What armor mod does he use

  • CNC Cocoa

    >"The lore says only Nords are Stormcloaks.">Ignore the Imperial on the road going off to join them, as well as the player character if not a Nord.

  • Ruski Blyat

    for everyone installing mods is so easy, i tried to make an account on nexus mods but it bugged and i wasnt able to make an account so i tried again same thing and again same thing i tried one more i and it didnt work cause it said that it wont make my account because of "spamming", so i tried on steam cause i play on PC and nothing the mods i subscribed to would not activate tried finding them in my file but nothing for that i just stop playing skyrim casu i had commpleted the on 5 different character and i got bored of the starting scenario

  • Johnathan Spence

    You've probably mentioned it in another video, but I don't remember/ haven't seen it yet. What mod (s) do you use for that imperial armour in the thumbnail, and that beautiful imperial sword you use in the video?

  • Ender katze

    You Actually Support the Imperials,AND THOSE DASTARDLY ELFS?!?!??BASTARD!!!!

  • wb. jayy

    What's that text mod called?


    What mod do you use for the Legion armor? I love the helmet of Rikke.

  • Tehya Lmao

    if i ever get the bruma mod then i am totally going to cloud ruler temple, seeing it will totally make me start crying. rest in peace jauffers :'(

  • Cal Holden

    Dude what armour mods you using for that colour and imperial stuff?

  • Rainier Josephson

    what mod you use to make general tullius looked like that? the beards looks so good

  • Jax Moreno

    Bruma is highly unstable on Xbox one. Pieces missing, pixel faces and crashing all over.

  • Will Truszewski

    what mod do you use for the darkened armour?

  • Anon

    I am groot, Good video btw

  • SyxToes

    Haha you can only achieve real diversity in a game, sadly liberals and their definition of diversity (less white people) is what dictates society now.

  • TheRealzWolf

    you should put the one when you can make your own camp to stay

  • James Watkins

    Omg, that cuckery mod.


    Could you do a video on ModDrop, and its impact on the modding scene due to its problems with mod piracy?

  • VunderGuy

    2:30Talks about diversity. Goes away to another mods video.

  • Liam Anderson

    Why are none of these on ps4 it's missing me off

  • Gayle-Heather Condo

    I hope they never stop making mods for SkyrimMore mods needed for OblivionLove both games immensely

  • Louis Vanden Broucke

    one problem with diverse skyrim, it is not suposed to be, aside from refugees from morrowind, remember skyrim itsself is at warand when it comes to factions, and populations, the very intro of the game makes it clear that most inhabitants of skyrim that are not nords thelookmself came there first, as they don't even ask whether you were born there, they wil say that your remains wil be returned to another provincei may feel this way because of recent events in the real world, but the truth is that aside from the human races only very few other species would even feel inclined to join the legion, let stand stormcloaks, even less so the other way around with the redoran guard, or the thalmor in terms of humans (or the other species) wanting to join the thalmor (except for spies, but those are in it for the money)my point is there is a reason that races and species in skyrim don't overlap in factions and regions by great numbers they simply have nothing to win by it, and don't realy have a dog in the race,

  • UrDaddy WingNut

    Man, that Imperial Knight Armor is one of my absolute favorites in the entire game!

  • xx_______________xx

    argonians cant be vampires

  • 156football

    You gotta be careful with open civil war. It can break in alot of ways.the strategy game doesn't always work. And it can break so bad it breaks your civil war quest entirely

  • Beefalo Boy

    Nothing to do with the video but I got the entire LEGO movie as ad

  • Dallas Kroyer

    What's the mod you use for the armors in your videos?

  • badtupram

    Skyrim belongs to the Nords

  • The_Drop Bear

    You. An just pickpocket the weapon off the people you don't kill

  • Jawsh

    Sorry, I know this is pretty late lol, but are you using some kind of texture mod in this particular video, that makes the armor and the guys’ beards look better? First off general tulius doesn’t even have a damn beard so what mod gave him that? Lol- makes him look younger too -if anyone can help me out, thanks! :/

  • LikeMEssGaming fa

    Skyrim was my first bc I never got into it before but I played through Oblivion about a month after and I have Morrowind just haven't played it yet

  • The Pacifist Gamer

    Omfg I really want to try open civil war on skyrim vr, sounds badass like one of my dream vr experiences of being part of a fantasy army.... nerdgasm galore. Tales of glory has great medieval war gameplay but this skyrim mod and it's world is just a whole nother level! ^^

  • Dominick Masc.

    Ive been in debate on getting a pc. Or xbox 1 just for the mods for skyrim and fallout 4

  • Deafy Duck

    Is open civil war available for Xbox ?

  • loli want my chicken

    what about mods with skse plugin?

  • Curtly Angel

    I Can't Wait To Buy Back A PC so I Can Play Back This Game.

  • alan brown

    what armor mod is that?

  • Jacob Bagnall

    Thank you Nate , i will definitely try Ravengate and Beyond Skyrim Burma . Diverse Skyrim , Royal Armory , and Open Civil War have also perked my interest .

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