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Hello YouTube,
Mr. BlueBasher here, today, we go over some of the fun and interesting console commands that you can use on the PC version of Skyrim. Now, this is for PC ONLY, as you need to use the tidle "`/~" key to open the console.

And as always, stay beautiful Ladies and Gentlemen.

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  • PowerStar004

    If they are only on PC, why are they called CONSOLE commands?XD

  • Quantiko Music

    What ever happened to the full out get-to-the-point that tutorials do? First 52 seconds, Blah Blah blah...

  • DjolE

    I had a situation in skyrim when i turned on god mode and they choped my head off and i became headless horseman all the sudden lmao

  • Nyrvachan

    It's too bad nobody has useful videos, like how to use console to force ownership of homes-- like I can't buy Breezehome even after doing all the quests and the dialogue isn't there. Nobody has anything useful about that anywhere on the web.

  • 01001000010001010100110001010000 0100110101000101

    lol i play on the xbox and i just pluged in my keyboard to it just so i can test to see of it worked and it did but every command u put in just kills you

  • Chelsey Sargent

    for gold and lockpicks you don't need the 7 0's, just do player.additem f [however much gold you want] or player.additem a [however many lockpicks you want]

  • ainsley alceme

    Please help me it keep saying Script Command not found

  • Lil Bird

    ahhh thank you I couldn't figure out how to get the dang command menu open

  • Heather Seibert

    You sounds a little like David spade

  • Dennis The rapper

    i Always wanted to Cheat myself into an empty room

  • Radocruz

    Console commands tutorial aka Cheating 101

  • Security GG

    "if you do coc, then a location like white one...(no thats not right) white run" that got me laughing so hard

  • Curtis Tackie

    1:26 Thanks I accidentally pressed it

  • Kyle James

    i spawn like 15 dragons in solitude

  • ZombieKiller

    thanks! i am going to play with these cheats! thanks!

  • Jerome P

    u dont have to write the zero's.

  • Mike Arva

    And how u can escape from the command console ????

  • DarkOne8705

    You missed one Coc the pit entrance

  • Roy De j

    Do the items in the room where all the chest are with all the items of the game respwan?

  • Kristian Chruickshank

    Is there any code for adding items to chest instead of you as player???

  • Odgrub The Basher


  • Yung Sage

    if only i had a good computer... i can only run TF2 matches with one person and its still so laggy a rapid fire gun almost crashes me. its a family computer so my mother doesnt trust me to buy a better graphics card better ram and more storage etc to upgrade it. i dont want no ps4 or xbox 1 i want a gaming PC to play skyrim, oblivion, and many more games.

  • bobbyfan418

    It's the "Tilde" key. Tilde. Not tidle. Just saying.

  • cameron ashford

    How do u cancel this stuff

  • Legend Zelda

    It would have been helpful to put the console commands in the description

  • UserNotFound

    I thought TCL was toggle clipping

  • Zane GAMES

    How do you turn them off

  • Jeffrey Cook

    I love immortal mode, it is helpful if one accidentally walks off to do something, and forget to pause the game, in the middle of a battle. It's also helpful if you accidentally set the difficulty to Legendary, or someone else does while you are away.

  • Tatiana Silva

    Does anyone know how to spawn weapons? like the console command

  • Phil Smith

    Very helpful video! Thank you for sharing!

  • SilentValor

    Why is there only 0s when I try typing something

  • GrindaS

    Instead of letters it shows empty square... in the console. How to fix it

  • ttious

    What's a tidal key?

  • sans the skeleton

    lol except for the child because she's a ass wipe lol! XD

  • hAiLmetAL

    my character won't sprint i reset the controls to default settings mode but still my character won't sprint, can someone help me with that?

  • Kittekassitar

    code "saq" this open "all quest" (from the beginning -I'm at the "end" of the game) ,or only "undone quest" the entire game ???

  • B3ta


  • Tae Tae

    Doesn’t work for me, I typing TCL but it doesn’t work

  • battleonic asdf

    i changed the armor of the guards in whiterun to steelplate armor and wolf helm i also gave them skyforged weapons such as steel sword and great sword and imperial shields and now they dont easily die

  • Khaprisun

    Immortal is like buddha command from team fortress 2 buddha makes you take damage and you dont die both the command buddha and tim make you unkillable but you only go down to one health..

  • JohnnyGamez132

    yo this is helpfull cuss im tryin to get a gameing laptop and imma get kill child mod and turn dragons to el macho

  • Tyler Kuntz

    you dont have to have 7 zeros

  • Kendra Drake

    So glad I watched till the end! Thanks! I've been playing for years and had NO idea those rooms even existed! Thanks again! Subscribed!

  • ultimateslayer09

    My console only shows for lines of text. How do I mask it show more?

  • Sue Sakamoto

    also, player.forceav [actor parameter] iis superrrior to setav in every way as forceav is permanant, setav is temporary, and modav is both multiplication and division.

  • SeQuAd MoDDs

    i did the One that made all quests and i have a relly Good computer but It broke

  • Kit Fisto

    can you turn off AI for one single AI

  • stargamer 97

    This is awesome thank you

  • brent cote

    I tried the spell command and now I can't even get to the spell tab without the game crashing

  • Shea M


  • felsby

    also with the coc command you need to discover that area first

  • Zeldagigafan

    On the "additem" or "placeatme" commands, the non significant zeros (those that before any number of letter a through f) can be truncated.

  • SeQuAd MoDDs

    so i recommend you don't do it

  • Jorge Vegas

    I did the spell with the bats for 24 hours and my game crashed

  • GamingSnai IL

    how do i type english in there?, i only type this creepy computer words

  • bubanator74

    why is it coc whiterun

  • Dragonbro 70

    If you have the dlc qasmoke has a arena

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    1:42 into the video and I'm getting a lesson on where the tilde key is (not TIDLE).

  • Jess Vanderdonk

    got mode means u can use shout as much as u like as magicer

  • astråk

    tnx, but u are taking forever



  • yer nans floppy tits

    Thanks alot man! Just subbed! ;)

  • Isaac Tan

    i used tcl too much and it just stuck at tcl

  • Tomtetass

    the quest "find word of power in arcwind bluff" didnt complete for me when received the word. So used the console command "SetStage FreeFormHighHrotgharA 20 but when i click enter it says"item not found for parameter quest, compiled scripts not saved. can someone help me? the greybeards wont give me another word of power location

  • Oisín Madden

    Anyone know how to decrease the money you added? Mines turned into minus digits and I can't buy anything

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