Skyrim: Top 5 Criminals and Their Secrets You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with a vast cast of characters, and not all of them are perfect. Some of the people we meet in The Elder Scrolls 5 are harboring some dark secrets or mischievous aspirations. With the Empire and Stormcloaks embroiled in a civil war, there’s few left to contain Skyrim’s bandits and law-breakers. So today we’ll be taking a look at five of the most interesting criminals in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Conor Finn

    We have all of this goin on, yet I can’t pick a flower without an entire hold’s guard attacking me

  • Jan Krajnc

    Top 5 criminals that got MURDERED TO DEATH!


    In Skyrim I was considered a serial criminal. I couldn't stop stealing those damn sweetrolls.

  • Brandon C

    Damnit...turns on xboxloads up skyrimEvery damn video.

  • Connor Williams

    NATE! Ulfr the Blind's name is literally ulfric without the letters i and c. I and c = i see and he cant see!

  • Twyla Ustrina

    Last time I was this early The High King was still alive.

  • IDontFeelSoGood

    Why wasn’t I on this list you know how many chickens I’ve killed

  • Jenna M.

    Whats your armor overhaul? It looks great!

  • StewNoodle

    wouldn't the dragon born be the #1 criminal, I mean I have killed around 80,000 thalmor soldiers in my 6 years of playing....

  • MythicalGod

    All the dislikes are from all the villians you exposed

  • Katie Marigold

    Nate is one of our best journalists on the scene to date. He always manages to scrounge up all the hidden tidbits of information we seek to keep these older games fresh. But that's not what is impressive. What's impressive is he actually does this without exploiting the 'easter egg' cliche, or 'lore fact' jargon. You Nate, are one impressive cookie. Or maybe like a lemon bar, if that's what you're into?

  • Utter Disappointment

    I'd support the stormcloaks if they weren't racists tbh

  • Cycrasher

    I was a khajit trying to steal a sweetroll I got caught and was sentenced to listening to nazeem ramble on about the cloud district and the jarls backside

  • JJack

    Skyrim is in Tamriel not Turmoil, and you call yourself a gamer smh

  • William Garrison

    Long, long ago, the province of Skyrim lived in peace. But then everything changed when the chickens attacked. Only the Dragonborn, who can eat many sweet rolls can stop them, but then, when Skyrim needed him most, he vanished. Hundred years past, I found a new dragonborn, a dragon slayer named TheEpicNate135. He kept on saying " Hey guys, Nate here! As you all know, Skyrims a pretty big place but here's top 5 facts in Skyrim". His weird but I believe Nate can save the world

  • Simon Abitz

    insert basic murdered to death comment here

  • Yaruga Nik

    Oh behold the worst criminal of them all... the Dragonborn... sought after for genocide, regicide, theft, drunken brawling, bloodsucking and heart-eating, treason and being one of the main reasons Skyrim is going down the drain.

  • Xitlaly Cruz

    I've killed Sybille before (quicksave for no consequences) and when I loot her corspe I never find vampire dust. She has the glowing vampire eyes and everything. It always confused me.

  • hatsjer

    I always killed Fjola, and always told Christer that I found her dead. She is a bandit, and all bandits must die.

  • Prodigy Gamer

    I always wondered what was up with the Dark Elf,Drelas in a cottage in white run hold

  • Nick G.

    I love vampire babes! They'll suck you off good! :D

  • Stockep Prodavec

    Dreth also happens to be the second name of the prisoner in the cell next to yours when you first make a character in Oblivion!Seems like it runs through the blood.

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    Hey Nate! There's a secret item you haven't covered in your videos yet: Ancient nordic amulet. It's in the jarl's quarters in Falkreath

  • Diana Bergonzi

    The Dreths: being a*sholes since... something like the beginning of time.

  • Artie Gatsby

    Ulfr the Blind is voiced by Winnie The Pooh

  • xX Veymorak Xx

    Perhaps he could have... BRADISH-ED A WEAPON

  • Henning Gu

    I'm still torn whether Bethesda should set a game during the early first era, when the Dwemer existed.Like a game set around the Dwemer. It would be cool, but then the Dwemer would lose the mysterious around them.Anyone agrees?

  • Smakies

    I alway kill Ulfr ... Poor blind man . If i kill all the bandits no one will be there to protect him and he will probably Starve . There is no way to just bring him back to the Temple in Whiterun . But hey ... he chose the bandit life himself .. So i gotta do what i gotta do

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    9:21 Top 10 Nate's Epic Puns You May Have Missed in His Videos

  • Cnrtut

    M U R D E R E D T O D E A T H Btw ur a great youtuber

  • Gogeta

    Top 5 Epic Nate Videos You May Have Missed

  • Mikó László

    8:58 ,,Pretty evil response" Funny, my lawful, imperial officer character still killed her. So did every other good character of mine who met her. She's a damn bandit leader, if you haven't noticed... If an evil person isn't hostile, that's still an evil person, and if someone runs away from a honorable life to become a murderer because s/he's bored, then that just makes it worse.

  • Nick G.

    Haven't you covered the Fjola one before, Nate? :/

  • Lewis McClean

    I’ve played Skyrim for hundreds of hours and yet you still make fresh and interesting videosKeep it up Nate!

  • Suspicious Jerry

    please don't pin me, my mom says that it's not okay.

  • Rae Canis

    ...but the blind man should be able to tell the difference between your voice and his bandit friend's voice...

  • Harunobu Takeda

    "The 5 characters of Skyrim that you don't know that they are vampires", maybe? Sorry for the english

  • timou9000

    strangley enough I only just found mistwatch... after 215 hours and with a 91 level character. THIS GAME.

  • Lunar_soldier

    Chaos is a ladder.- Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish

  • Jesse Habermehl

    Top 5 secret vampires anyone?

  • diivvfyhb P


  • Violet Snow

    I remember Fjola. I did as she asked, then when I went back to tell her her husband wouldn't bother her ever again I murdered her because she was a bandit.

  • James Reilly

    7:47, she's a bandit, she deserves death for she will probably kill dozens herself.

  • MrNickanator Washere

    How many times are you going to put Ulfr the Blind in these videos?

  • Comrade Communist

    Like the video or Nate will murder you too death

  • Robocop 2000

    If I may ask what's your mod order or load order I think it's called, I guess what I'm trying to say is what mods do u use

  • xXAcexX XxKuttaXx

    I used to be an adventure like you, until i took a sweetroll to the knee.[Diabetes] 100+

  • Dank Pat Gaming

    "By order of the Jarl, stop right there!""You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?"

  • glass of water

    Finish this: sweet mother, sweet mother,

  • Caleb Britannia

    The only crime is not uploading often enough

  • anthony rowan

    she sounds like she is trying to convince a redguard to slowly weave the possibility to get hammerfell to join skyrim. with morrowind and black-marsh, the ebonheart is reborn. she is no criminal, she is a damn genius

  • MickMaan

    I don't trust Katria.Three questions;1) Who looks more like a researcher; Katria or Taron?2) Would a researcher most likely wear wizard's robes or full steel armor?3) Which one of the two looks more like a simple hired sell sword?I'm telling you; Katria stole Taron's research, put her name on it and then figured out where the forge was located only after being hired by him as a bodyguard. The "You know too much" line could be about the dragonborn now also knowing Taron's research or the location of the forge, not about Katria's death. Taron may not even be aware that Katria is dead. She did go after the forge without him and he doesn't know where it is located, after all.

  • Arkonman

    I wanna sleep... Then i saw nate's vid. Guess i wont sleep

  • Zera

    People are talking about whose side their on and stuff like that so I wanna say my opinion.I dislike both sides and usually don't join any in my game. I find the Stormcloaks or just the people who live in Windhelm kinda racist. They hate the dark elves, (most of them at least) and force the Argonians to live out at the docks and basically do free labour for them. Plus when going to join the Stormcloaks if you're not a nord they'll be like "yOURe nOT a nOrD!!11111". But on the other hand, the Imperials are equally as bad, or even worse. They are forcing the native people of the land to change their religion and telling them their god was fake and just forcing them into unhappiness. It's kinda like what the Europeans did with the First Nations.Both sides are awful and I only ever joined them to see what difference it would make in the story linebut man I got some sweet deadric armour

  • Voodoo Baby

    Fjolar, not Fiola. The «Fj» is pronounced like you do in the word «fjord» 😄😉

  • Takisan111

    What's going to happen to the blind uncle now that his nephew is dead?

  • anthony rowan

    she won't be executed, the stormcloaks won, GG legion-biased player. I looks at the lore and in-game interactions. why should I help a crumbling, pathetic, useless excuse for an empire of merely 2.5 provinces that won't let me worship a goddess because she is not aedra, or my neighbor not being allowed to worship the only aedra who was mortal? the legion can kiss my scale-covered arse. I control the companions, fighters guild, DBH, thieves guild, college, mage's guild, knights of the 9, and the kingdom of Dementia in the shivering isles! the ebonheart, AKA what the stormcloaks could eventually reform, win with far much more military power than the thalmor or empire.

  • anthony rowan

    stormcloaks are not criminals, they, like any country, simply doesn't want to be ruled by foreigners who don't respect their customs. I'm an argonian who has had nothing but positive encounters with the stormcloaks and nearly only negative encounters with the legion in skyrim. oblivion was different but the stormcloaks aren't even in oblivion so no negatives with them there either.

  • RedTreeko Flames

    Last time i was this early i was born 9 months later

  • tomatensaftsaft

    I listen to your videos as ASMR. Not even kidding, i love your voice :D

  • Honest M'aiq

    I killed countless innocent chickens , I'm a criminal...

  • anthony rowan

    he remains a friend to the player after becoming a follower even if the player is stormcloak. so Atar isn't really with the empire but more mercenary.

  • XuronGames


  • Razar Campbell

    OK, so Ulfric Stormcloak wants to fight for Skyrim's independence, because the 'hated' Empire- through no fault of their own- no longer allows Talos worship, right? AND YET, it was Talos who formed this very Empire in the 3rd Era! If Ulfric really cared about Talos, he'd fight the Thalmor to preserve the unity of the Empire built by Talos!This is clear, rational evidence that Ulfric Stormcloak doesn't give two tosses about Tiber Septim (Talos), or any issues surrounding him, and is just an opportunist seeking to play on people's feelings to increase his own wealth, prestige and power.Why not include Ulfric Stormcloak as the #1 criminal?

  • lolVEVO

    Top ten anime Skyrim locations

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