Skyrim Walkthrough - Part 5 "GIANT SPIDER!" (Let's Play, Playthrough)

Welcome to my Skyrim let's play! Be sure to support this amazing series by giving the video a like, commenting, & favoriting the video! It's very appreciated. This is going to be a long one, ladies & gents. Hope you're ready.

Skyrim Walkthrough (All Episodes):


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Skyrim Let's Play
Skyrim Walkthrough
Skyrim Playthrough
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Let's Play
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Walkthrough
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Playthrough
  • SilentSerenity

    7:33 "i am level 3 bitchez :D" me "I am level 73 bitchez :D"

  • Vision Bacon

    Right now I'm working on 2 handed swords, the two handed weapons are very powerful!

  • Garrett Hardin

    You can hold down the healing spell smart tart

  • KoffingOnion

    There's only 72 episodes. It's too short.

  • Caylee Carsten

    hahaha i played this game for.... 3 years im really good at it but i had to make a new game D: i had dragon armor and everthing and i was a leave 51 so yea...

  • Pakkun II

    Omg i have Only seen 5 of your vids and you became My favorite youtuber from First vid

  • Plysdyret1

    " Wrap, wrap, wrap." I think of a duck, 'cause in Danish a duck says "rap, rap, rap!" :D

  • Liamtheriver

    Can someone help me I can't activate the pillars

  • Sam Jones

    That spiders easy to kill I've killed daderic lords

  • Glitch Master

    Dude u can't wait till u get dragon then u really can bash a face in

  • Graeme Leoni-Fernandes

    Dude he left behind the Potion of Mass Paralysis, every other playthrough of this game I've seen they picked it up.

  • Zac Pulmonary

    U think that's awesome wait till ur level 15 with daedric artifacts

  • Connor Cox

    he passed right by the chest under the spider webs 9:45

  • Connor Cox

    it took him until this part to lvl up lol. 

  • Fear

    I recommend getting skrim. If you need any tips on the game then add me (PS3 only) it is Corrupt_Fat_Kids and I'll help you on everything you need to know

  • felty orb

    oh I got it wrong there are 8 chests not 6

  • felty orb

    There are 6 chests in bleak falls barrow

  • Modou Touray

    13:32 Hands look like the texture from oblivion

  • Watch Clock

    Thank you for getting me into sky rim!!

  • Mat Jackson

    Quick save by pressing select and then a

  • TheMaidHatter

    You think the game's sexy now? You should see the Nightingale Armor in the Thieves' Guild quests. Course this was made back in'11, so you probably already know that....

  • ScrubChannel

    the whole time i was like "USE THE MUTHAFUKIN SPELLS GODAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but you would not listen...

  • Zack Earle

    17:42 Goldy doesn't fuck around

  • PandaOSP

    hey guess what? THIS WAS MADE IN 2011

  • PandaOSP

    This was made in 2011,noob

  • Alex Carter

    Hold down healing, noob

  • Darian Barrett

    Did anyone else notice at 20:04 the zombie said giggle?

  • Darian Barrett

    Dude. Just hold down the healing spell. You don't have to click multiple times. Just hold it down.

  • 19montysay

    I jumped a mile when that skeever attacked him from behind!!! :D

  • Paul Donahue

    when i saw him using the healing spell wrong i was like WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!

  • J Aqua

    duche bag no it's not it's part of the game and helps keep mid-range distance like bows for keeping your heal instead of dying early dumbass

  • matt carnes

    you prefer fighting but magic is alot better thm

  • JessicaDee89

    You are so entertaining when you play! Love it! Hahaha

  • john davis

    This game is fucking beast

  • Logan Shirley

    Besides all the pagan crude this game is awsome

  • AceStrup

    i know he is new but I had a better learning curve than him.

  • Jordan Cook

    use fire to kill ice frostbitespider

  • nickwick35

    that spider is so fucking scary i had to pause my game and get my bro to play that part for me :(

  • John Jones

    "Steel war axe? No!" lmfao it does more damage the sword and mace you had at the time

  • Ash C

    Luv this game. P.S sometimes it cluelessness on this game annoys me but ur funny

  • Vansh Kasabwala

    What ur saying is fucked up

  • chong di

    You. Should get some minions it helps

  • e

    It used to be good though :(

  • Nat Brown

    I like Runescape a lot. It's a seriously shitty game now but it offered countless hours of entertainment to thousands of people and it is definitely not the worst game made.

  • Beverley Stainer

    he's using an xbox 360 x

  • UnKnownArtist

    I dont give a actual FUCK! XD

  • John Wick

    you guys gotta remember...he is playing this on opening night... we were all this awestruck lol

  • TopGamer333

    but the wordt game ever is minecraft

  • TopGamer333

    ruinscape is a p.o.s man

  • ShhLetItHappen

    dude i hit my leg in my table so hard xd

  • Thomas Pascoe

    Haha, 7:59 "Oh god! a Skewer!"

  • DarknessInferno15

    how intelligent do you have to be to hold down a button ffs!

  • Eliott Wild

    Hold the fucking left trigger to have longer healing GOD DAMNED

  • Zoë Harmar

    You're doing a lot better than I did on my first go on Skyrim. I died so many times in dungeons and forts over-run by bandits, and by being ambushed along trails at night, and by being attacked by a Khajiit after questioning the legality of a deal... I could go on... but in short, I suck xD

  • James Hextall

    why don't u hold down ur healing spell

  • Michael James

    You can speak proper english you know.

  • Redscallion

    u kan spell ritely u know.

  • EnderCrypt

    he is a noob, lol, you cant compare a bad game like runescape with this masterpiece

  • Casey Mackin

    Why the FUCK would you even COMPARE this wonderful game, to that fucking piece of shit? WHY?

  • Anita Glenn

    u kan hold the spell longer u no

  • iliya mikayelyan

    First time i did Bleak Falls Barrow the Spider scared the crap outta me

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