Skyrim Walkthrough - Part 5 "GIANT SPIDER!" (Let's Play, Playthrough)

Welcome to my Skyrim let's play! Be sure to support this amazing series by giving the video a like, commenting, & favoriting the video! It's very appreciated. This is going to be a long one, ladies & gents. Hope you're ready.

Skyrim Walkthrough (All Episodes):


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Skyrim Let's Play
Skyrim Walkthrough
Skyrim Playthrough
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Let's Play
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Walkthrough
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Playthrough
  • Vision Bacon

    Right now I'm working on 2 handed swords, the two handed weapons are very powerful!

  • Garrett Hardin

    You can hold down the healing spell smart tart

  • MailDude

    There's only 72 episodes. It's too short.

  • Caylee Carsten

    hahaha i played this game for.... 3 years im really good at it but i had to make a new game D: i had dragon armor and everthing and i was a leave 51 so yea...

  • BoneInThaHouse

    @rockn98 you should get it as soon as possible

  • King_Bishop1011

    I want him to use magic!

  • AceStrup

    i know he is new but I had a better learning curve than him.

  • Griffinator

    i have got some SERIOUS carpal tunnel from this game :( hand hurts SOOOOO fucking bad every morning lol i need to go outside...

  • Zoë Harmar

    You're doing a lot better than I did on my first go on Skyrim. I died so many times in dungeons and forts over-run by bandits, and by being ambushed along trails at night, and by being attacked by a Khajiit after questioning the legality of a deal... I could go on... but in short, I suck xD

  • Smithy95

    @mcara10 good to know im not the only one who thinks that :D

  • J Aqua

    duche bag no it's not it's part of the game and helps keep mid-range distance like bows for keeping your heal instead of dying early dumbass

  • Shaun Aaron

    I died, I fuckin died!

  • ScrubChannel

    the whole time i was like "USE THE MUTHAFUKIN SPELLS GODAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but you would not listen...

  • john davis

    This game is fucking beast

  • DarknessInferno15

    how intelligent do you have to be to hold down a button ffs!

  • Zenthrow

    does he not know he can hold I love you goldy xD

  • tsukiomidecomas

    @wabdih yea but he used iron warhammer

  • tsukiomidecomas

    why not steel warhammer? u had them both, steel is better

  • Pakkun II

    Omg i have Only seen 5 of your vids and you became My favorite youtuber from First vid

  • Dorian Hill

    Jet in time, I just finished the fourth one and bam here's the fifth

  • TheMaidHatter

    You think the game's sexy now? You should see the Nightingale Armor in the Thieves' Guild quests. Course this was made back in'11, so you probably already know that....

  • imaginryPenguin

    Goddammit Goldy. Why are you so damn cute when you play this?? :P lol

  • ShhLetItHappen

    dude i hit my leg in my table so hard xd

  • ColonelChaos0

    @imaginryPenguin Fruitcake.

  • mansmith34561

    @TheWebbedLobster me too

  • mansmith34561

    that rat thing sacred the shit out of me

  • Logan Shirley

    Besides all the pagan crude this game is awsome

  • cods4

    @BSmasterXD you a newfag?

  • distortedguitarist81

    hope a new fallout game doesnt come out soon i juust started fallout 3

  • Thomas Pascoe

    Haha, 7:59 "Oh god! a Skewer!"

  • Currency49495

    I acted the same when I died the first time. Now level 37 and had my head cut off by the same guy three times in a row before I figured out to distance myself from him :p

  • Connor Cox

    he passed right by the chest under the spider webs 9:45

  • Frozenwhirlpool

    waiting for u to fight that spider lol

  • iliya mikayelyan

    First time i did Bleak Falls Barrow the Spider scared the crap outta me

  • Viridian Omega

    Dude he left behind the Potion of Mass Paralysis, every other playthrough of this game I've seen they picked it up.

  • Jeroen Jorssen

    This game is fantastic. Glad you enjoy it Goldie!

  • The Real JewBear

    8:55 HOLY CRAP! i peed. literally, peed!

  • WaffleFrisbee

    This was made in 2011,noob

  • WaffleFrisbee

    hey guess what? THIS WAS MADE IN 2011

  • Anita Glenn

    u kan hold the spell longer u no

  • Marti McFlii

    its funny how he keeps calling the game sexy, he's such a cutie

  • BlacKBerry23311

    One more episode Goldy ONE MORE!! PLEASE.

  • jamasunda

    Random tidbit: Draugr (or draugur in modern Icelandic) means "ghost" :D They're using old Nordic words it seems. God, I want this game.

  • Bigri23

    Has anyone else noticed that the nebulas have the shapes of warriors, mages, and thieves? (on the level up screen)

  • Richie

    17:57 goldy, I can imagine you saying that to your wife .___.

  • Lupus ad Noctem

    6th comment + skyrim vid = pure happiness

  • Watch Clock

    Thank you for getting me into sky rim!!

  • Bryan Sanchez

    Humping every enemy you kill....hilarious Goldy lol

  • ian

    GOLDY this is great love this game play but could u maybe use a battleaxe sometime i wanna see some decapitation

  • Khi Brock

    Two Episodes in 1 day I <3 Goldy!!

  • slayer74569

    I have ARACHNIPHOBIA!!!!

  • TheRuzziekiller

    you can hold the button when using a healing spell to heal faster

  • Liamtheriver

    Can someone help me I can't activate the pillars

  • Josh Cunningham

    Goldy, you do realize that third person looks badass right?

  • tom a

    zombie says giggle at 20:07 lol

  • BiH2g

    @mrdirectorking Its a commentary....

  • Harry Harvey

    There are 6 chests in bleak falls barrow

  • Makoto Niijima

    @mcara10 no because skyrim is an awsome game and runescape is probably the worst game ever made.

  • Alex Carter

    Hold down healing, noob

  • Winttr

    @MsOblivionking The frost troll aint that difficult tbh

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