Meet The Two Playable Characters of Dishonored 2 - IGN Live: E3 2016

Familiar faces fill the roles of the protagonists in Arkane's next entry in the series.

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  • Ka Chow

    Corvo sounds exactly like I thought he would

  • maoribrotha53

    Hearing Emily call Corvo "father" is so cool lol.

  • Redfax201

    Yeaaaaa ma boy corvooooooo!!!!!!

  • Cyber Flame

    The apple doesn't fall far if you shake the tree.

  • Ferhat Ozturk

    Omg I'm crying.. This got me so emotional

  • Peter Liberatore

    I see that Corvo has finally recovered from the bad case of silent protagonist.

  • Sir cat Gaming

    I thought voicing corvo would be impossible Who could have guessed that it would be that easy

  • Luke Bradley

    I'm worried this'll be a "whoever you don't choose dies" kinda scenario, that'd be so tough.

  • Ramen117

    Paragon playthrough with Emily, then evil with Corvo.

  • Alexander Perez


  • Kuro_Reaper

    Can't wait for my boy, StealthGamerBR to play this game! #Hyped

  • Desmond Suting

    Hopefully their powers aren't too similar and if they aren't , the replay value of this game will be amazing!

  • JoeJently

    Not only is it confirmed he really actually is her dad, we get to hear Corvo SPEAK? just smite me down lord im pleased

  • Tony Favilla

    Gotta get away...get away...holy diver...

  • megnoman

    just hearing corvo speak is awesome

  • James Grey

    masonic checkerboard floor IXXI pyramid and eye throne. Gnostic apotheosis and the invisible worlds. Demonology 777. Excellent

  • Sebastian Durando

    I don't get one thing. If you look at the collector's edition, you see that the one who ursurped the throne calls herself ''Delilah Kaldwin'', but, didn't Daud take care of her? The game looks good, not much of an upgrade from the first one, but with this console gen what can you expect.

  • Read more

    corvo dosnt look or feel the same way i rembered him

  • Navneet Singh

    First Bethesda game in witch protagonist actually talked

  • rageodo

    where's the shadow tentacle?

  • Charlie Purcell

    This'll be a treat for StealthGamerBR especially

  • Diego Salas

    Shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I just understood 50% of what they said and I'm already hypeeeed so hard!

  • Anthony Morales

    Is the "Crown Killer" Daud?

  • Oliver Phoenix

    I need to replay the first one and comment if you are going to be playing as Emily first!!

  • botista agung

    I'm calling it, Corvo will die in this game

  • KarmaTheSenpai

    Emily called corvo father!!

  • Hector Luquin

    I miss Corvo's long hair.

  • Taimir Gore

    Pleeeeeeeeeease be as good as it's been shaping up to be. It looks so cool.

  • Leonardo Siqueira

    Is Corvo's Voice Actor the same as Garrett's in Thief Deadly Shadows?!

  • MytK

    Dunwall looks very beautiful, different, evolved. Emily really changed things.

  • PilotPig916

    Was that Delilah please respond to this

  • TheDestroller

    Corvo is the best. Im definitely buying this game and playing it with him

  • Christin Eleven

    What is this game about? 🤔

  • SparkFlash

    I would get all up on Corvo

  • bladespawn710

    So did they change that Corvo was dead in the story. I'm still not up to date on progress

  • Haiku Trash

    Dammit, I thought Emily would still be voiced over by Chloe Grace Moretz.

  • Dobbsy

    I hope they have different abilities and reactions from the world

  • Eric Williams

    so my question is can only pick one character entire playthrough before you can play as the other can you switch characters any time in a playthrough.

  • Honoka Suzumiya

    Wait is Corvo actually Emily's Father?

  • Allan

    not a fan of corvo speaking, but at least the voice acting is good

  • zpecter

    Really hoping Corvo puts on the mask again, it looks so sick

  • John Lewis

    So I doubt the 'crown killer' corvo talks about is daud..he might still be in the game though

  • Soft femme

    i swear to god if choosing to play one of them ends up w/ the other one being killed & then they have to avenge them i am going to be Pissed™

  • ST023

    Does Corvo and Emily both have that ring on at 1:26 - 1:30...

  • starkiller600

    So its confirmed now that Corvo is in fact Emily's father.

  • MrWhite

    so can you change between the two or do you choose one at the beginning of the game and stick to it the whole way through?

  • Justin Santos

    Now that i know there is another character option, i might actually check this out.

  • Marvin Lane

    I'm going to explore dunwall before I leave it

  • Mr.Insane 05

    I am calling it right now... who ever you don't pick will die in the beginning

  • Jk0koh

    Wait so is it like u pick who to play as from the start or are there missions for each and u play as both or gta v style where u can switch between them?

  • Timewalk

    I will only play as Emily. Sexy and deadly? What more could you ask for?

  • experimenter19

    the voice actor for corvo sound like aizen from the English dubbed version of bleach

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