Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 34)

Skyrim is an expansive game with an enormous number of quests, character and locations. But among the content offered by The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, is also a variety of Easter Eggs, clever hidden references and allusions that many player have yet to uncover. So today we’ll be taking a look at yet another ten tiny details you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Honest M'aiq

    Yes we do know what you're gonna say...Murdered. To death.

  • BlizzardHD

    Maybe my grandkids will see the last of these videos

  • TheRedGriffin

    I used a quote from Paarthurnax for my college class today and the teacher thought I came up with it myself, and said how intelligent it was LOL

  • cj r

    I'm so glad that I found this channel and that I'm not the only one obessed with Skyrim still

  • malcolm sutton001

    you're meant to say forgotten Vale is in the Dawnguard DLC not the Dragonborn DLC

  • W33BN3SS

    I Can't wait to show my Great Great Grandkids this series, especially part 923376!


    That rhyme by accident, yeah sure Nate sure

  • The Arbiter

    Details: Yet Another 10 Tiny Skyrims That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls (Part 76)

  • Erenar Stiria

    I can safely leave my kids to learn English adjectives from Nate

  • Beans9000

    "What in Talos' name went down here?!"It looks like their bodies if you ask me

  • Xitlaly Cruz

    I love these videos because no matter how many times I replay Skyrim, I'll never kill the puppy. Good to know I'm not missing out much.

  • Cpt Patrick

    You should do a special - 50 tiny details in Skyrim

  • Stoned Oniichan

    In that skooma den, if you take the skooma given to you near the entrance. Your character well pass out and be inprisoned by the vampires...

  • Sarah Wolf

    In the hall of valour, there is a male hero of sovngarde who has long blonde hair and a clean shaven face. He stands near the shor's seat and he says a line of dialogue and says he is also dragonborn.

  • xShadowbane451

    Also, The Rueful Axe doesn't count towards the Oblivion Walker achievement/trophy. So it's not really even an actual Daedric artifact. The Mask is his real one. So yeah literally gives you junk for killing his "other half".

  • Simplicity Silenced

    Epic, have you ever looked into the theory about why the silverhand hate the companions so much? Supposedly since both groups are mostly descendants of Ysgramor, the silverhand look at the companions taking of lycanthropy as disrespect toward their common ancestor. Apparently there is dialogue exchanged between the two groups while fighting that supports this.

  • J.R. Wolfe

    Not sure if you’ve already done this one, but oh well.From Tel Mythrin on solstheim, follow the nearby river upstream until you find a locked gate. It requires a key, so the only way to get past is to do a bit of finicky rock-climbing around the back. I’ll leave the rest for you to find.

  • C. Chandler

    Can’t believe I still come back to this game for almost 8 years..

  • Eleanora

    I challenge someone to put all the tiny details from Nate's videos in the trivia section of Skyrim's page in the wiki.From all the 34 parts

  • Alex Moonbeam

    This Will Be The Longest Series In The World.

  • John Keaney III

    The bodies are clearly victims of the two dragons who literally sleep under the ice in the same location

  • Obi-Juan

    You can do this series for pretty much every Bethesda RPG and I'll tune in

  • Raffy Punzal

    ppl keep talking abt how nate says murdered to death, but they fail to recognize his other favorite word: plethora

  • degen Mia

    in redwater den if u pick a room and drink the skooma in youll later wake up in a cell in the back

  • Chaotic Gaming

    Dont forget vigilants of stendarr. Almost every one ive looted has had a cure disease potion.

  • Yaronus

    R.I.P Fortnite.It was ~murdered to death~

  • Jün Jo

    I literally just overheard Olfina's conversation for the first time yesterday...never connected the dots to his assassination lol

  • Yani Nabari

    a minor thing... the werewolf curse of lycanthropy... in other games and histories it WAS a disease transmitted from interaction with various lycan beasts. I don't think there were any werewolves you could run into randomly prior to dawnguard's release and the ones in the base game were all tied to companion questlines after you become aware of their nature. So technically, the curse isn't exclusively given by hircine though the game has only one way to become a werewolf in it

  • Alex Wat

    Isn't Hannibal Traven, the writer of the Illusion book, the archmage from Oblivion?

  • ShadowFenix

    An elven song By ShadowxPhoenix:For your ease I made a rhyme About the creatures from our timeSo right now I’m gonna tellAbout the elves of Tamriel!The maomer are from the sea,If you spot one you better flee!The dwemmer in their cities old,Were not as small as you’ve been told! Blinded through darkness and lost their ways,The falmer have seen better days...The orismer have tusks like thorns,Wrothgar is where they were born.The dunmer are from morrowindWith blood red eyes and darkened skin.The bosmer live through branch and rootBetween the forests of Grahwood.The altmer I did not forget,Live on the isles of Summerset.That was the last and now we’re doneI hope that you enjoyed my songAnd hope that you’ll remember wellllllThese elven races of Tamriel!

  • Brian the Trainer

    Wouldn't the vampires get high and drunk from the skooma users blood since you know blood alcohol level or maybe that's their way of getting high and drunk 😂😂

  • Chompy Said

    Led with the sausages, I approve. Silver Hand carry undead slaying weapons, maybe it's for vampirism instead of lycanthropy. Clavicus also lost power due to a part of him becoming sentient and seperating from him, Umbra. Vile may actually be the weakest Daedric Prince, not Peryite, especially if he was telling the truth about the Dragonborn being nearly as powerful as himself, and by association, Umbra (who helped create Umbriel, the flying city).His greatest trick being that he is associated with power, but actually has less than other Daedric Princes. Maybe even being responsible for Peryite having that reputation.

  • Alpha Deathclaw

    I am so glad I found your channel, mainly because it's good to see that I am not the only one still obsessed with Skyrim!!!

  • The stolen sweet roll

    just recently I entered riften for the first time during the night and on the balcony of the black briar manor was a nightingale, named 'Mysterious man." you couldn't talk to him or anything. upon finishing the quest Brynjolf gives you, the nightingale disappears.. I assume he might of been Mercer Frey? but I could be wrong. any suggestions

  • Robin Janssen

    At 4:00 i think the skeletons where a group of pilgrims that all died when the ice underneath them broke and they all drowned.

  • Spencer Bringhurst

    The Forgotten Vale was introduced in the Dawnguard DLC not the Dragonborn DLC.

  • Xzayana Henderson

    These videos have actually made me want to pick up Skyrim again and try and finish a play through. I've started ones in the past but they've either been deleted, corrupted, or taken over by family or friends.

  • VictoriumStudios 78

    TheEpicNate315They are not sick at RedWater Den, They are High like me and my buddies are while watching your videos.

  • skyyzz

    go commit old age murder !

  • Kryptev

    BY THE NINE! Another video! May this series never end!

  • Kyle Broughton

    Here's a thing, you can actually hit bugs with melee, arrows, ect.

  • Gerben van Egmond

    I never gave Clavicus' deal that much thought, I just couldn't get myself to kill the dog anyway, but your explanation on it blew my mind! That was some very, very clever thing Bethesda did!

  • Joe Nesvick

    I never killed the dog, but I didn’t get the oblivion walker achievement on my first play though because I let that monk ending Dawn Star’s nightmare live.

  • Caleb Marceau

    But...the silver hand thing is sorta confusing because Mo Lag Bal created vamprisim so..isn't it also a curse ?

  • Blixen

    How do you even come up with that many intro's for this series?

  • abdulla shemsi

    I have nothing to comment about but I expect 100 likes because I am an attention seeker

  • ItsIxel

    On the Forgotten Vale one, ever think that they might’ve used magic, not weapons?

  • THE. 9th

    A lot of peoples dont know,but Ancient Knowledge also allows you to find all tiny details that you may missed.Thats why Bethesda put a little "bug" when you buy Dragonborn DLC,thats make From-Deepest-Fathoms dissapear sometimes.Thanks to them Nate can keep making his videos

  • Dan Molly

    Nate, the Forgotten Vale came with the Dawnguard DLC, not Dragonborn

  • Helafiñwë

    2:14nate, that shot was so graceful and beautiful i love it

  • SwordOfOdin

    I always assumed the bones beneath the lake in the forgotten valley (number 3) were food for the dragons living under the ice. They can fly out of the vale, catch their prey and consume it back in the valley.

  • Rinrin Fran

    He'll go to Oblivion tiny details once Skyrim runs out...

  • Caelestis Nox

    9:34 go back to redwater for respawning Sleeping Tree SapBonusSiding with the vampires, return back to the castle balcony for daedra hearts, a black soul gem, giant toes, and tons and tons and tons of alchemy ingredients.There are so many different soul gems that would assist in the College of Winterhold small quests that would shave off important game time.For the vampire cure guy in Morthal that needs a black soul gem, go to the castle or balcony instead of buying it off

  • ReZaHydra

    Yes, we know what your going to say, Mr. Nate to Death.

  • haviz falenzi

    All of it really good, i always watch your channel about skyrim. But, redwater den is part of main quest of dawnguard dlc if you side with vampire. So, i think everyone already knows about vampire work behind that den.

  • João Vitor

    "I ponder what the future will look like?"Future : Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 91249)

  • Setting Sun

    you are just a sack of blood & guts wasting away until there's nothing left

  • Really Bitch

    Jokes on Clavicus cause i got Modders at my back so the rueful axe swings just as good as any other axe.

  • iiAmFrosty

    I once got murdered to death by being killed. Did I mention I died?Kinds gross.

  • The Nothing Nobody

    Nate: "Oh my God."Uhh...which one? That could be one of many different gods after all.

  • H0ldYourColours

    In Redwater Den, if you buy skooma from the dealer and decide to drink it while still in the den, you will pass out and wake up in a cage. This is how I found that it was run by vampires...

  • Alex Carroll

    Part 34!. . . .Oh my god!... I couldn't NOT laugh at that lol

  • M Chedd

    Nice video dude! But I thought the forgotten vale was part of the dawnguard DLC?

  • Raymond Hurst

    4:47>Ignores the two dragons that live(d) in the lake

  • Sulava 69

    There is tiny detail that you have missed the forgotten vale is from dawnguard not dragonborn

  • Brandon Garcia

    "Part 34, Oh My God, What am I doing with my life"

  • Jeffrey Samson

    The forgotten vale is from the dawngurad dlc

  • Shaggy

    The forgotten vale is from the dawnguard dlc btw not dragonborn

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