Skyrim: 5 Spooky Lesser-Known Bosses and Villains You May Have Missed

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game with a plethora of bad guys and villains, however many of the most interesting evil characters, are overshadowed by larger, more significant enemies in the game. So today, regardless of whether they're the products of Easter eggs, or just hidden away in game for some other reason, we pay tribute to some of Skyrim's lesser known, but still interesting as can be evil doers that don't get much love.
  • jeron from nyp like jazlyn from sp

    "5 Loading Screens You Might Have Missed"

  • Draugen

    The bravest villain I've ever faced is a thief who threatened me while in Werewolf form.

  • Justin Stimson

    Thanks, now I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. 2spooky4me

  • Yaldabaoth

    Nothing like an assassin that carries incriminating evidence against herself AND, in case for some reason you decide not to loot her body, shouts her allegiance for everyone to hear.

  • cillrend

    I think we all know who is the most evil creature in skyrim... *quick saves then draws sword*

  • CtrlAltPhreak

    I work for Belethor, at the general goods store.

  • Jeremy W

    A new hand touches the beacon

  • Lore Master23

    Also the skeever king under Honeybrew Meadery. The sorcerer that sought to invade Winterhold with skeevers... 😐😂

  • Riki Areef

    Bit disappointed Braith and Nazeem not on the list, but then again they're the main villain.

  • Tarlo The Boar

    Malkoran was a surprisingly tough fight for me considering the Dawnbreaker Quest was my first Daedric Quest in Skyrim

  • Hypothetical Question Asker

    Waiting for the day when Nate runs out of content and suddenly a new video out of nowhere.5 Bushes in Skyrim

  • Andrew Sherry

    I'd trust a chef in a sewer

  • esperan2k

    I don't remember his name, but the dude way up north that enslaves female spirits was pretty damn creepy. And while you never experience it first hand, the whole Jonestown mass suicide thing was pretty disturbing as well, especially when you find the smaller graves.

  • Silent xXXx

    For Valentine's Day: Skyrim: 5 lovers/couples you may have missed :)

  • Lord Zeus

    Killed all of them. Shavari did surprise me the first time

  • Euronymous

    play skirym istead of studying history

  • Regolith

    Is Malkoran really "lesser-known"? That quest is damn near unavoidable once you've reached level 12, which means the vast majority of players have had to of encountered him.

  • Stoob

    The Butcher supplies skooma to Riften, as part of the quest to get Thane and Honeyside.

  • Herr FockeWulf

    Nate have you noticed that when "Dragon Rising" has not been started yet, the dragons of Dawnguard under the ice in The Vale do not spawn?

  • Fresh Avocados

    Have u noticed that when the dragonborn dies you load back to your previous save?

  • ocean bacon

    Knjakr's race the bosmer are actually known for being cannibals though they usually eat someone after battle to gain their strength. They completely swear off any vegetables as they respect nature

  • Theminecraftian772

    In the Malkoran dungeon with dawnbreaker, be sure to loot all the soldier's bodies, I got 20-50 gold Each.

  • luke peace

    7:12 Pretty 'chill' guy. nice

  • Gentle George

    And this is why skyrim is the best game

  • Joris Heit

    ehm, about Shivari, i have seen encountered her plenty of times (lots of different chars) but i never killed gissur

  • Aidan Walsh

    Where tf is Nazeem on this list???

  • CrumpetsRGood4U

    Shvari was pretty cool. I didn't even know that she would follow the Dragonborn around tbh XD And I just thought it was interesting that she would be, I think technically, the only Khajiit who has ever been allowed into a city. Given if the Dragonborn doesn't marry Ysolda after finishing her personal quest. I probably missed another Khajiit who's been allowed into the cities, so feel free to point me out on that.

  • Donovan Jones

    is shivari marriageable? I assume not but it would be nice to have an assassin wife right. No? just me?

  • aragorn

    where is Drelas, the maniac necromancer?

  • Galimeer5

    Why is the guy from A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON on a list of "lesser-known villains"?

  • Guac Is extra

    The dawnbreaker quest gave me two dawnbreakers

  • Isaac Patrick

    Shavari is actually the cook that you run across during the quest diplomatic immunity.when in the kitchen with Malborn. The one that smuggled moonsugar into the kitchen. She was not created just for that quest.

  • Biodude15

    I recently found a giant in blackreach. Is that normal? If so, why and how did the giant make it into blackreach in the first place?

  • Ariel

    "this maleficent khajiit" you mean malevolent

  • Crimson Dragon

    The firsr time i ran into the crazed chef in the ratways i turned into a werewolf and ate him first

  • Caizer

    I took shavaris note before she attacked so I knew that she woulda do it

  • dan

    what is with this game and cannibalism lol.

  • jcsturgeon

    How could Malkoran possibly be someone you miss? As soon as you reach a certain level you find Meridia's Goddamn beacon and it nags you until you get him.

  • Idijot

    Ratman under the brewery near Whiterun is also a good mention, been training skeevers so he could eventually kill everyone he disliked.

  • Alex Paxton

    "Yet you've got a second identity of your own; you're the Dragonborn!"Excuse you. I'm ALSO a cannibal.

  • Toxic Infection

    Ever notice how someone try’s to kill you in a city the guards usually say “I’m getting out of here”,what happened to protect and serve.

  • Wise4Life 33

    It would be ironic if you ate the chef lol not about that namira life

  • Bernler75

    I really wish there was more back story to Knjakr. Like... Something must've driven him to the point where you meet him. xD

  • Márk Arató

    Things like the Karstaag easter egg is what make games really great. I hate the constant hand-holding and the fact that they point everything out as if we were stupid. Mysteries that you have to solve yourself are the best experiences in the game!

  • Wolfmasterwho

    5 waterfalls you may have seen and not cared

  • Ger Vang

    Huh... I kill Gissur every single time but never once met Shavari.

  • regina tyree

    Nate the great back at it again

  • Seth_Modder

    Oddly enough Svari always spawned for me even if Gissur is left alone.

  • Kerdublin

    Hey Nate do you have a list of mods that you use?? I’m trying to figure out how to make my game look so bright and nice!

  • Khajiit Trader

    To me Shavari did appear and i never killed Gissur and she never attacked me (maybe because i just quickly went to do the quest)

  • Amber Irvin

    Shivari mainly because she looks more like a calico and she's very pretty

  • Wrenegade Parade

    I broke my phone today so hades help me i needed this

  • Nathan J Martucci

    The Butcher sells his skooma in Riften. You can get a quest there that leads you to him

  • Qais Al-Bakri

    There must be a connection between the cannibal chef and that cannibal cult (one of the daedric princes' followers)Maybe "cut content" or stuff you may have missed"...?

  • Brendan

    I wonder for the first one if you encounter him after the Namira cannibal questline if it changes anything.

  • See, the thing is

    I have a riekling stalker, he pops up in the strangest places. It's only after that whole mead hall thing, but he doesn't follow like a companion npc. He's already there when I get places. Like the tomb in solstheim with all the spinning gears you have to traverse, he was in the main chamber just spinning around. He's not aggressive, sure hope I don't kill the little guy by accident. Lol

  • Nic Nguyen

    "Villains" is spelled wrong in the pic

  • Tmi Icon

    Does anybody ever talk about that vampire that lives east southeast of Hegen?(okay look I dont feel like loading up the save where I'd discovered his lair.) I was weak lvl 4 and already overloaded with loot when I randomly discovered and went into his lair looking for traders, so I decided to run instead of killing him and his thrall, so I don't know if they are part of a quest or anything..but it was a hilarious Benny Hill escape scene how I got outta there. They were so frantic to find out if they had a victim/guest that they ran right past me as I hid against a half exposed hallway wall then almost walked past me a second time after they dismissed the noises and calmed down but the girl noticed me and they attacked so I bailed out the same door I came in. =D Oh Skyrim the memories you create.

  • Roger Warton

    Funny thing is, I have yet to complete the Meridia's beacon quest but am already Level 104 and have completed several major questlines but am not finding her beacon anywhere. Is there a level limit on completing that quest? I have completed it with other avatars but my current one, I kinda forgot. Is there a point at which Meridia kinda gives up and stops hiding her beacon in a random chest?

  • N 177

    I really would appreciate if Bethesda put more cunning in this hired assassins. Imagine you will be facing the dragonborn, you really will be using the most of resources avaliable.

  • Yandere Chan

    It's been an hour and i still haven't seen the actual video because I got an ad with the literal Lego Movie attach so I spent an entire hour watching an ad >>

  • Extra Long Honkers

    Crazy how the real life stigma of dog fighting skewed my thought towards believing this 05:00 man was evil. Meanwhile I, myself have killed hundreds of those things in game. :o

  • Ryan

    For me, the chef guy was the spookiest but Karstaag left the biggest impression on me because of how hard that fight was.

  • Alaway Pass

    Maybe this one is a bit to well known IDK. In one of the more frozen Caves up North if I remember correctly, is the location for where you have to get the journals for the bartender at the Ragged Flagoon. In that cave is a host of ghost women under the control of a Necromancer who kills them and then enslaves their ghosts for what I interpreted as servants, guards and sex dolls (for lack of better terminology). I forget his name and the cave in which he resided but I do know that their was a Stone of Barenziah in this cave.

  • Henry Wooster

    One random encounter was that there was this wolf in a cage.. so i let'em out! proceeding to do this, he didn't attack me! shortly after a few "bandits" attacked me, i killed the bandits and the wolf, well.. didn't hit me!pretty weird, huh?

  • branovices

    I actually ran into Karstaag's ghost completely by accident. I was a fan of him and his weird frozen castle in Morrowind so immediately ran to see if his castle was still there when Dragonborn came out. Found his skull and thought it'd be nice to put it on his throne... got one hell of a surprise.

  • Hunter Chewning

    I remember finding karstag nearly by accident. That was such a cool experience.

  • JennyM1998

    I didnt know Shavari actually stalks you! Thats really cool!For me she just spawned into the rat way right before I left it again with Esbern by my side.Speaking of the rat way, I killed the spy in the embassy and I still got a bunch of Thalmor inside the rat way before and after finding Esbern :(

  • Timolino567

    Shavari always just ran at me in public and tried to murder me to death.No stalking or anything...

  • I have a plan, Arthur, I just need money

    1:15 oh... oh oh my god... guys he said “murdered” instead of the infuriatingly incorrect “murdered to death.” Cherish this moment.

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