Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough - Part 1 - So Amazing! (Xbox 360/PS3/PC Gameplay)

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough Part 1 THE BEST HOTTEST HD Walkthrough on YouTube! (Gameplay & Commentary) Let's Play / Playthrough with live commentary. I'll be doing the full Skyrim Walkthrough so please leave a comment, rating, and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!

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  • Jaxon Reynolds

    just here to see old graphics so i can compare.

  • Blackflame24

    Who else is here because they are stoked for Skyrim Remastered Special Edition on next generation consoles on Oct 28th?

  • Ben Davison

    I have this game but have played the first few minutes but this was when it came out so I'm gonna go on it today :)

  • MinerFrix789

    whos watching in 2016!?

  • Jay Yandere

    Who still plays skyrim in 2017 like if u do

  • Keith Geisert

    you are awesome more relaxed than the others that do game reviews and walk through

  • Noble Narwhalr

    *woman is by water*: ghostrobo- "take a bath in the nice water. WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON. not trying to imply anything."

  • Isaac the thing

    I remember the old days, when I first seen ghost

  • Gengar Tube

    I'm finally aloud to play it so I wanted to check it out

  • kitty glitter

    yeah I have played game right way go with the people who didn't try to kill you

  • leegsy

    I'm currently level 25 and I have't been to Whiterun to speak to the Jarl so there are no dragons that appear yet. I love how non linear the game can be.I know Skyrim is not perfect but I think it's an amazing RPG.

  • •sfangel•

    Lol. can't wait until I get remastered. 😊

  • Dank Meme lord

    I have the SPECIAL EDITION because I am in twenty six teen

  • Patricia Hollis

    stop reading books I don't care to much for books

  • james lauramore

    I wonder where ghostrobo is from he seems like a cool dude to hangout with

  • Dr. Cloyster

    Takes there clothes "Why are they naked?"

  • GhostCrisp86

    Anyone came here to compare before and after? whos getting it i am :)

  • Omega Flooboo

    What race does everyone prefer best and why, i prefer argonian because i can breathe underwater.

  • Calypso Grimm

    can you switch between 1st and 3rd person

  • Diane Lattimore

    like a boss gostrobo :)

  • Gaming Master

    I'm getting this soon here's a link

  • Mkx42 RamPage

    drop a lot of the armer that you have

  • Ded0099

    I went to the midnight release for skyrim on 11/11/11 and got it for ps3. with the release of the special edition I have been playing in 4k with my ultrawide monitor and with over 100 mods still without a dip below 60fps. however part of me will always be nostalgic to the ps3 version. even if performed subpar to the other versions at the time.

  • Shoot It Up

    Who else is here after watching Clare Siobhan's special ed. gameplay

  • EZthe Legendary

    If u turn on captions, when ghost says that this the hugest game of 2011 in the beginning, captions say,"The children's game of 2011." xD

  • will m

    hey GhostRobo are going to do skyrim walkthrough on the next gen

  • MysteryGame King

    To be honest my favorite part was when you got the sword.So cool.I enjoyed the video.Thanks.👍

  • Aesthetic _Supreme'

    When i hear the horses hooves ruffle on the ground it brings me back 😭can't wait for skyrim special edition

  • David Perry

    5 years later and it's still one of the most played games ever

  • Duane Gibson

    So can't wait to play this again 2016

  • Crimson Snake

    How did he break a pick on the first lock?

  • Marcel Hicks

    In SKYRIM I suggest you choose Redgaurd because you will need a lot of potions for the weather and Redgaurd withstands all weather conditions

  • Oakii Gaming

    I remember playing this one my 360 for the first time, I crapped my pants on the spot.,but however, a couple years later I got my first gaming pc with Skyrim and mods.I blew up the house that time.

  • preston k

    Just bought skyrim and im a completionist be back next year!

  • King Banana

    Fun Fact: Animals that use poison for killing, like snakes and spiders, are classified as venomous. Animals that poison an animal if eaten, like poison dart frogs, are classified as poisonous.

  • Mel Parnell

    MY son is gonna start skyrim soon and he said it was realy informinating

  • legendary 666

    question: why is everybody naked? answer: because they have the same animation of fallout 1,2,3 and 4

  • David T

    at beginning after I talk to jarl of white run

  • Game Cruncher

    Lol he missed sooooooo much stuff


    gonna get skyrim tomorrow and am gonna focus on skill and magic with my character so hope I get that hood and cloak

  • bred bardhi

    Is internet connection required to play this game in xbox360?

  • Jaye Mattews

    Lol call in Hiccup and Toothless!!

  • Tom Stuart

    Miss this game soo much...aarh the memories.

  • WhiteOrc278 Roblox And more

    But seriously dude, When you take someones clothes off they are supposed to be wearing underwear... :P

  • Tavia Ellifritz

    Guys What is your favorite Race In Skyrim? Mine Is Redguard.

  • RebbleTactian 2324

    i like that you can kill one guy

  • lilchico305csm

    Skyrim is so awesome, and watching someone play it is awesome.

  • Jennifer oderaka

    Wait... This was uploaded a day before skyrim came out

  • David T

    uhmm has this happened to any of u Preventus won't give quest nor will either of them

  • WhiteOrc278 Roblox And more

    I play this game in 2016. The textures look a little different in this than 2016 graphics, But still good gameplay!

  • Brian Barbera

    i hop your any good ghostrobo make me happy

  • ExoJäger

    I know it's a bit late but I cannot wait to get this game. I hope to buy it next time I go to a mall.

  • Simeon Jones

    turns on youtubes subtitles "general tireless the military gulf and it looks like that Don omar With dept valves but they had something to do with this.

  • RebbleTactian 2324

    i love this game i pickpocketed a guy and ran away but then he found me so i ran away again to a random castle and the pawsed the game and had to go to sleep

  • preston hill

    I got skirim on my ps3 and it is good

  • Dylan Mcdonald

    That guy who you picked is crap still like your vids though

  • Fun Games

    I got this game a while back and Im still playing it now. LOL😂

  • The Great Britant

    wow this has recent comments unlike most your vids were they only have comments from people who saw it the day it came out

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