The Starbarians have landed.
  • Nicknir

    this episode was uploaded in my birthday!

  • TheJackalPhantom

    this is what we need on cartoon network!

  • Shal

    This guy can voice act, animate, and even sing?! this one hell of a talented guy!

  • Nicolas Rayment

    I want this to be an actual TV show.

  • Zex Eios

    It's only now, the 8th time I've watched this, that I've noticed the apostrophe after Starbarians in the opening.I get it now.

  • ArmyGuyDan

    this needs to be a series on adult swim

  • K-Blue

    I seriously think that Harry is the most talented independent animator in the entirety of the Interwebz.The animation in this is soooo fluid and beautiful, it really closely resembles a 2D Disney film.If you showed this to someone unfamiliar with Harry's other animations, they'd swear it was done by a big company with a team of animators and a million dollar budget, and not just one amazing Brit.Great job.

  • Hawkfeather

    They're incorruptible because they're already corrupt

  • FishTaco

    i can imagine a real life version of this with jack black in it :p

  • Mayeur000Donz

    Bustilda...I can tolerate that.

  • RaidersM

    I want to see more of bustilda!!

  • Hunter the Hunter

    This cartoon is so unrealistic!Dinosaurs never had boobs!

  • Steven Stone

    this really reminds me of Korgoth of Barbaria.

  • That Guy

    Is... Is this... Is this what it's like to stare Heavy Metal incarnate in the face?

  • Talking Waffle

    This needs to be an ongoing series.

  • Hotshotter3000

    This is one of the finest animations online. I also absolutely love the starbarians, they're the most... I dunno, awesome characters ever.

  • gege029

    The french version is even weirder ! :D

  • Zmiy Dojdey

    I'm very disappointed with all these "likes".Can't you people see that videos like this one are highly problematic? It creates very unrealistic stereotypes for dinosaurs in our society. No dinosaur ever had such big mammary glands. This can give the wrong impression about beauty and sexuality to all young dinosaurs watching this video.

  • Daisuke Jigen laughing

    Harry Partridge animates some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen.

  • OoieGooie

    511 (unlikes) people have no penis.  This vid was awesome.

  • Alex Mohr

    Why isn't this a show on Cartoon Network net?

  • XFanmarX

    Thing is, he doesn't just animate this.He writes all the jokes, does all the designing, performs all the voices and I'm pretty sure he even made the epic music.This guy doesn't deserve his own show on any channel, he deserves his own goddamn studio plus crew. We all love you Harry!

  • Triggerfisk

    That slow blink was the funniest thing in the whole video! A detail of a genious!

  • eJay

    +Wyatt Collins 2:09 "Uhh, gay!" Also, I'm back!

  • Zachary Gomes

    For doing all the writing, animation, and most of the voices, this guy is AMAZING! Great job Harry! Keep up the good work!

  • TheM4rxman

    You know what would really make this good? If it was funny, clever, or entertaining

  • Sventuras


  • Dildo Ballins

    0:20 that is the most dangerous magic I have seen, even a level 30 mage would tremble in front of it, shit, even Tiamat and Bahamut are gonna tremble in front of it

  • trucomment

    I'm a starbarians fan now!

  • Audio Described Gaming

    Is there a name for this genre of sci-fi? I love how it's in space and it's high-tech, but the characters have some type of ancient tribal-like culture, almost like Conan the Barbarian.

  • Yusuke Saito

    Bustilda, Bustilda, wherefore art tho Bustilda?

  • Drizzy X

    Awesome Episode And Halirous I Was Dying Lol

  • John Huber

    My View was fully focused on The princess

  • Mãthïs

    #Starbarbares  in VF , c'est mieux

  • Dingus124

    This is freaking great

  • dark7java7lava


  • John Archer

    really wish youtube still promoted this kind of stuff with their algorithm

  • TheRyumancer

    +zelpyzelp Family Guy and American Dad may be fading but they're still a HELL of a lot better than the Cleveland Show.Giving one of the most boring characters from Family Guy his own show was a horrible idea.

  • ShadowFlipsy

    i am takin the weapons and ale

  • NelsonianB

    Combo of ed edd and eddy, spongebob, and ren and stimpy put through highschool

  • Fahrenheit

    I swear to god, you need a TV show on Adult Swim

  • Jeep 4low

    Damn that was good, this man should be running the adult cartoons on cable.

  • DestructoGuy17

    'The Starbarians' Die', i see what you did there.

  • Purple

    Sooo... Siad's magical power is the ability to control dice.

  • Big Nibba

    that remainds me of all thous goofy cartoons on the tv in gta v

  • MsThatguywiththeface

    No matter how much I watch this, it never fails to amuse me. ...I hope our ceaseless demands for more starbarians episodes hasn't burned you out on it. completely. yet.

  • Dave Smith

    I would love to see this as a series on Netflix! I mean, if CN was getting away with Drawn Together back in '04, I think the world can handle Starbarians. And more of the princess please! Maybe the running joke is that no matter what she goes through, the SB's save her, but she still wins up as a bound 'n gagged trophy. I just love these guys, and you are far too talented to be stuck on YouTube.

  • stewievader

     Needs more dino breasts

  • trucomment


  • Ropotion

    You know the frenche version is fo by a dude cal bob lennon

  • Sara Valtonen

    suamee ees vähän pliis😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Tyler Utley

    The single most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. EVER. Thank you.

  • Behel1t

    I just found about this show and immediately fallen in love with it. I've been waiting for something like this since Korgoth of Barbaria, which sadly has only one episode though.

  • Jaysann22

    I think Mr. Partridge has a very perverse sick mind.... lol

  • Don Claxton

    That was the best thing i've ever watched.

  • I Wish I Could Unlink My Google Account

    I lost my shit when I heard Bustilda. Freaking brilliant.

  • Gabriel Maciel

    ya'know, you have a powerful voice, dude.

  • Nyeh

    Evil snake wizard u say…nope,doesn't sound like orochimaru at all(Any naruto fans…no?ok I'll just go now)

  • jeyxis27

    I hope Benzaie's gonna have a lot of success by porting this show in France. You reaaaaally deserve more views.

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