Skyrim: Top 10 Magic Mods

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Deadly Spell Impacts

Fire and Ice Overhaul

Immersive Spells and Light

Spell Charging and Chaining

Wrath of Nature - Path of a Druid

Immersive College of Winterhold



Forgotten Magic Redone

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

Honourable Mentions:
Immersive Sounds -


Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Alfred Bokea

    Go cast your fancy magic somewhere else

  • Gnarles Sagan

    Ice can be used to distinguish fires.Yup, that's a fire. -Ice

  • Felix Padilla

    So you can cast a few spells, am I supposed to be impressed?

  • Abdullah Al-maiyah

    1:40 I wouln't dare walk on that bridge.

  • RacherMGPL

    magic is more realistic....heheh

  • Federal agent Holton

    Bethesda is a great company but i really wish they'd put little more time into thinking about stuff like this....I mean come on ,If people who aren't even paid to work on the game can do a better job than you then something is wrong.

  • Caleb Fury

    so you can cast a few spells huh? Am I supposed to be impressed?

  • Lime Doe

    1:15 distinguish fires.

  • GreyWolf

    The only issue with Wrath of Nature is that when you're in an animal form, none of your skills increase. So, if you want to play a full druid style character, you would have to level up skills outside of your animal forms. Very odd.

  • ALTO The Dragonborn

    Yep. Ice can now be used to distinguish fires.

  • jordan999fire

    I feel like with magic in the game the basic element spells should level with your character. (Frost, Flames, Spark)

  • CowSlayer49

    I know people here have problem with keeping lydia alive or needing to restart when she dies. If she's dead, find her body, select it and type in "resurrect" into the console. She'll come back to life. To keep her alive, select her and type "setessential 1" so if she gets hurt, she falls to her knees. You could also do it with 0 to make knee falling characters die, but be careful, Bethesda probably made them immortal for a reason... However, when you finish the quest they're needed for, ex. when you poison the mead and Commander Caicus drinks it, I don't believe he dies, but you can feel free to decapitate him after that. :D More cool console commands below, (I wrote them down on a notebook cause these are the best)tgm - god modetcl - noclipunlock - point at anything and type this in to unlock itpsb - every spell in the gameplayer.additem 0000000f # - add any amount of goldtdetect - toggle detection. Does not work with pickpocketing but everything else does. Kill, steal, assault freelykill - point at something, type it in. It falls over in a very dead fashion.coc qasmoke - brings you to a room with EVERY item in the game. Take all the daedrics, my friendsaddtofaction 00019809 - point it at someone and be able to marry them instantly. (Yes, it works with boys)Disable - Use it at your own risk. Sends who you type it at to a technological Limbo.(I'm copy+pasting this everywhere to help noobs looking at tutorials)

  • Kevin

    How does one distinguish fires?

  • William B

    no spellmaking altar? That mod is AMAZING and IMO, a MUST HAVE!.

  • AnoAssassin

    This guy uses "lore friendly" loosely

  • The Horned King

    Daedra of Coldharbour. Adds a set of spells that allows you to summon various types of deadras from Coldharbour, the realm of Molag Bal. Also includes a few "cold fire" destruction spells, and a set of Daedric Coldharbour armor and swords/greatsword (unique models)

  • Jolly Infidel

    woah these are amazing mods.I hope to god they release these for the xbox.

  • Matthew Taylor

    wish i knew about these mods before i started the game

  • SuperVerst

    I wonder how many people made a Sub Zero character.

  • Jake Pama

    Fire and Ice overhaul is currently hidden until November 9th, because of some stuff going on in the author's country.

  • droPeZone

    ny fav magic mod is colorful magic

  • woopazipper

    Still waiting for that video listing all your visual mods and settings you promised us Brodual! :)

  • TsukuyomiVALVh

    What happens if you have the 2 Apocalypse packages, Midas magic, Naruto's Mod ( really good...) and Charging and Chaining Spells? Does it affects the new spells too?

  • Cheryl Mille

    I was playing through the skyrim civil war whilst watching this and had just liberated dawnstar and was getting my reward.tulluis: you've done a great service by recapturing the pale I'm raising you to the rank of praefect. Here take this BLADE as a reward.then I look in the top left hand corner of the screen and it said " dwarven shield added"I face palmed so hard my hand came out the other side of my head.

  • ArturoPladeado

    I have Midas Magic, Apocalypse, and Forgotten Magic so I have ehh around 200+ new spells with play with >:)

  • Benett Malcolm

    So the modder who made the fire and ice overhaul has made the mod private. His reasons? Well I'll just put the word for word of what he put.The reason given by the author is: All of my mods are hidden until November 9. #BlackLivesMatter #LGBTRights #TransIsBeautiful #RefugeesWelcome #OccupyWallStreet #YesAllWomen and... #ImWithHerI don't even know why any of these hashtags are here, but apparently they made the modder remove his mods until Nov. 9th.

  • Tiki Torchs

    For Apocolypse spells... What spell are you using at 8:30. The lightning wave one...

  • James Daly

    The author deadass just hid the file for the Fire and Ice overhaul, and I'm really pissed... I just finished downloading it, and then I find out I cant even use it.

  • Patrick Appeldoorn

    it would be awesome if call of duty killstreaks were available in skyrim.

  • Darkness

    9:30 Morrowind flashback anyone?

  • Dahom yasser

    can any one tell me how do people do mods ?I can think of some interesting ideas and I want to apply it on skyrim

  • Pathfinder Savant

    No Druid Essentials? it is much more superior to Wrath of Nature

  • Ultimate Sin

    lol what is up with that guys arms 0:16

  • RonaldMcJuicy

    Where is "Hail summoner, conjure me a warm bed wont you?"That mod fixed all my conjuration problems.

  • Goblin Slayer

    1:39 Ouch o0f oUu ouch OUCH ShiT FUCK OUch O0of

  • WorserPlays

    I need that fire and ice overhaul, too bad they made it private.


    The past tense of "Cast" is "Cast", not "Casted", also the same with "Autocast"For future reference

  • RandomStranger01

    This list suck balls.Naaaa just joking. Awesome list :)

  • Regan Lee

    Finally! I can be Elsa!Just joking guys, thanks Brodual for your suggestions.

  • OriginalWholeHog

    Too bad the guy who made the fire and ice mods hid his mods until Nov 9th.

  • 성진 윤

    my favorite magic mod is colorful magic mod!!

  • Anton Tarvo

    1:40 i now can not stop imagining the dragonborn running around his house screaming "WHERE'S MY DAEDRIC ARMOR?!"

  • Genetix

    a mod that allows us to do structural damage would be amazing with fire and ice overhaul

  • Plazma

    Fire and ice overhaul looks beautiful

  • OverLordGoldDragon

    NO MIDAS MAGIC?! This one mud trumps all the other mods combined! Lol mad.

  • Celio Ávila

    Fire and Ice Overhaul are nowhere to be found, I wanted an SE version :(

  • Ali Mercer

    Fire and Ice overhaul is hidden for some reason. I don't know why anyone would make that mod unavailable it looks amaxing.

  • Wolf Mann

    Does anyone know where I can get the Fire&Ice Overhaul, since apparently the mod author is still throwing a hissy fit.

  • Steel Person

    the video lenght is 10:10 hueheueu

  • Andrew Walle Johansen

    Wrath of nature is taken from World of Warcraft druid class quest if people didnt see that :)

  • Captain Kenya

    First of all Brodual I love your videos. If you don't mind, could you tell me your PC specs(GPU, CPU, and RAM). I'm going to build my first PC soon and I want to play Skyrim at 60fps with tons of mods.

  • Crispy

    1:18Ice: hmm yes, this is indeed fire.

  • miguel ramirez

    pokemon moves are good

  • Darian Stephens

    1:16Did... did you just say that ice magic can be used to distinguish fires?"Yep, that's definitely a fire"

  • Deucey D


  • DayInDaLife

    Apocalypse?1 Come on the same author has now released "Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge". Which is basically a 100% replacement for Apocalypse AND it is much better. There is no reason to install Apocalypse anymore. In fact you might have wanted to add his Shout mod as well. Thunderchild and Dwemertech. He also did the enchant mod you mentioned. There IS only one modder when it comes to magic. EnaiSiaion... or “That Legend” as some of us know him.

  • Thadiun Okona

    Almost all of these aren't on Xbox one ;(

  • Jason Fasoulis


  • MC-Gamer

    Extinguish fires... not distinguish... those are very different things. Ice will put out fires, it will not tell you whether it was started by a dragon or a match.

  • Luckybird7

    9. so i can be killer frost now? that's dope!

  • ♤MCPumpkin105♤

    Aetherius Magic deserves more attention.

  • nasean taylor

    wow, with all the mod out there it makes you think that basheda should have added more to skyrim

  • Darkenhold

    i was hoping to find a mod to balance my character that uses spells that the game sort of seems to underpower like necromancy and mind control... but all you put was aesthetics and op spells for destruction

  • Sean Thompson

    Does anyone know any magic mods that has variants of the Bound weapons in the vanilla game with the same effects?

  • Psychotic Ninja

    You should do a top 10 stealth/thief mods.

  • Steven

    I don't want to sound harsh or anything, but speak just a little slower. It sounds like you have trouble articulating whne you speak at that speed

  • Crushen

    I'm a bit late I know, I pray all these come to ps4

  • ShadeOfEclipse

    What about midas magic mods and colorful magic? D:

  • Zatchooze Naut

    Cannabis Skyrim. Smoke a pipe like Gandalf and become High King.

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