10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated #2

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Top 5 Live Streamers Caught CHEATING on Twitch TV!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20HNt0KW6pQ
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Live Streamers in this video from first to last:

MissQGemini was caught cheating on twitch tv and blamed Clara LOL

Cheaters in video games often get caught and shamefully exposed in front of the gaming community. These are the top 10 Gamers Caught Cheating on Twitch TV and exposed for cheating in the gaming community.

10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated #2 - Top Twitch.tv Gaming Fails, ultimate twitch fails, Live Stream Fails / Twitch Highlights and funny gaming moments
  • Luis Gonzalez

    Funny thing is removing the game after cheating won't remove the incoming VAC ban, but hey, nice try.

  • Adam Ripley

    Don't you hate it when you are playing online and suddenly a wild Clara installs cheat software...

  • Slimejetpack

    The first guy isn’t cheating. He’s a dev, he disguised to catch a hacker earlier. Get some content, OP.

  • Rye

    Yea pretty sure that first one was legit an accident. Why would a dev want to cheat at his own game on stream and promote that? He even apologized and admitted he was hidden.

  • onZampie

    First dude wasnt cheating he is a developer who forgot that he was hidden.

  • Asdasd Sdasd

    she tried blaming her friend for hacking but she pulled up the hack menu

  • Bridgit Graddy

    First guy was a Dev and accidently left invisibility on.

  • Jack Rockwell

    Something tells me that Clara was behind all of these.

  • Eter Wael

    I bet when her BF catches her with another man in bed, she be like: “Clara? Out of all people... Clara... why is this man in my bed right now?”

  • mobspeak

    Last girl gets called out then pretends it's a glitch and when that doesn't work she blames her friend LOL

  • Kardelen

    First one was an honest mistake.

  • jetting along

    I watched it youtube. Are you happy, now stop suggesting it.

  • Zodi

    I feel like the dev legit made a mistake and since he fully apologized and such, he should be forgiven.

  • TitanGuard

    Don't you just hate it when Clara downloads cheats into your CS:GO and then teaches you how to use them

  • Mr. Porkchops29

    Steps to cheatingOpen up cheat browser and fiddle around on it Blame a “glitch” for cheatingProceeds to blame a friend for cheating

  • ikkelolNL/BangUrDead iTB

    First guy was actually a game developer,(THE game developer) he was in admin spectating mode by accident, he actively looks for cheaters using this invissible tool. He's not acting, he's not cheating.

  • Soldier Fred

    I cannot stand the Asian girl who literally showed her modded menu 3 times and then denied it

  • Rammstein45

    I have no idea what's going on in half of these.

  • Whipping in The Kitchen

    first guy wasnt cheating he is a game dev who forgot to turn off invisibility

  • Tom O

    Lesson of the day, Don't let Clara on your computer.

  • NaturalBorn K

    freaking clara always cheating.

  • Clayton Westfall

    "shouldn't had did it""SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT!" even grammar was pissing him off at that point.

  • Razeroes

    First guy's a dev. Forgot to toggle

  • NBK Paradox

    First one wasn’t cheating it was a dev who forgot to turn off his invisibility before entering

  • Hans Strudel

    The first one really shouldn't be on here, he seemed actually clueless to the fact that he had his dev invisibility on and immediately admitted and corrected it.

  • First name Last name

    She's clara-ifying who did it

  • Brandon Gower

    "You know that weird glitch where you can see everybody's rank"That right there is a facepalm moment

  • MrCheatreporter

    6:23 loads up hack9:43 Blames another person

  • Danny

    "My friend got it and now i got it" that glitch must be nearly as dangerous as fcking aids

  • FlameHeart979

    m0e got banned for cheating in CS so he moved to Fortnite and got banned for cheating there tooGOOD RIDDANCE MORON. GET A LIFE.

  • Eli Cook

    Pretty sure the H1Z1 guy was as an actual dev who just forgot to turn off part of his development tools

  • cassie noland

    I like how it shows the last girl enable her cheat program at the start of the clip before blaming Clara. I also like how she expects people to believe that a person who isn't used to seeing enemies through walls wouldn't IMMEDIATELY notice that they can all of a sudden see enemies through walls.

  • Fluffington

    Using wallhack, got caught and start blaming someone else. How am I not surprised from a cheater? That poor Clara might not even exist.

  • Hero 881

    8:10 "Y--y-yo yo.. you guys ever get that uhm... that weird Glitch in Cs:Go where it shows everyone's rank? Because my game-......I...i."

  • Fizz_ Phoenix

    4:39 that was his first fortnite game and he got banned for no reason. Just to let you know if you didn't.

  • Nick Urban

    I hate it when my friends download hacks on my computer and then I use the hacks by myself.

  • AluNox

    that asian girl is bad while having cheats, reconsider being a gamer

  • Cupid

    Damn. The cringe really hits hard when they try to play it off.

  • Şerif Fidan

    Goddamn Clara why did you download hacks to this innocent girl's pc

  • Gunner Z

    Well at least the first one we see didn’t even mean to cheat like he was legit upset and he was very sorry that he was hidden

  • 69 Subscribers With No Videos

    The first guy was a developer and he was using dev tools earlier to test that game and forgot to turn them off he wasn’t trying to cheat.

  • Rudolph Ramirez

    Disliking mainly because you don't give any explanations on what they did and who they are not everyone readily knows and it kinda makes people out of the loop look on like what am I watching.

  • FunkyDelic

    Bad Acting, Bad Gaming, Bad Cheating. Damn you Clara.

  • Masoko Senpai

    I like how the Asian chick tries to play it off so many things oh it’s a glitch oh it’s Clara dammit Clara

  • Herman Pesina

    Wtf is going on. I'm not a gamer I dunno why I'm watching this

  • ReloadDisorder

    The first guy was not cheating he is a daybreak dev lol it was an accident from most likely spectating actual hackers

  • micheal sun

    wtf Claira dat hoe always cheatin

  • FortyFourFitness

    I love how bad she is even when cheating. Just makes me so happy.

  • Ben Bending Rodriguez

    Imaginary friend Clara 😂😂😂

  • RHDarkrai

    if you're cheating it's a bad thing, but if you have the guts to admit it and are sorry and don't cover it up, I'd be more forgiving. Don't cheat in games, it's not worth it. You'll always be more successful if you work for it and don't cheat for it, nothing will last forever if you're cheating your way to get to it. Put in the work and effort.

  • Otavio Mosby

    So she activate the Hack and then see the enemies through Walls, and blame her friends for it.


    "i felt terrible""yeah i felt bad too""i DONT FEEL BAD"

  • Danni Sørensen

    Non of them actually says what they did to cheat.. ? I don't know half of them :(

  • Basinga SML

    This girl in the end... just wow.

  • UnDeAdBoUnTyHuNtEr-f1

    Don’t you hate it when Clara downloads cheats, injector, opens CS, injects, presses insert, loads CFG and then you get banned

  • CodeAsm

    You could have added a litle bit more conext in these.

  • Damian Martinez

    MoeTV wasnt cheating. It was his first game ever and before he even landed, he got banned. It was a glitch in early fortnite but he got it figured out

  • Draw Onics

    God damn it Clara. God damn it.

  • c b

    Girl at the end was so cringe

  • Bechham

    the first guy wasnt cheating, he is a developer

  • Ema Lee

    The Asian girl: I'm going to kill this girl.Clara: WTF???

  • anonomyss

    i thought this was gonna be their boyfriends and girlfriends accusing them of cheating during live streams but i was wrong and i don't know why i thought of that before cheating in games, i should've known gamers dont have relationships

  • Neeko Knight

    cheating on rpgs and single player games is alright, cheating on multiplayer and competitive games sucks

  • Amnesiar89

    Wow she had wall hacks on and still couldn't hit shit.

  • Mike M

    If Clara was real, she'd be so pissed that she was being thrown under the bus.

  • rogatha

    the most important question here is DID CLARA GET PUNISHED

  • Stars227

    Clara.exe has stopped working.

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