10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated #2

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Top 5 Live Streamers Caught CHEATING on Twitch TV!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20HNt0KW6pQ
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Live Streamers in this video from first to last:

MissQGemini was caught cheating on twitch tv and blamed Clara LOL

Cheaters in video games often get caught and shamefully exposed in front of the gaming community. These are the top 10 Gamers Caught Cheating on Twitch TV and exposed for cheating in the gaming community.

10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated #2 - Top Twitch.tv Gaming Fails, ultimate twitch fails, Live Stream Fails / Twitch Highlights and funny gaming moments
  • Master Noct

    Funny thing is removing the game after cheating won't remove the incoming VAC ban, but hey, nice try.

  • Whipping in The Kitchen

    first guy wasnt cheating he is a game dev who forgot to turn off invisibility

  • Axe Reaper

    The first one isn’t a cheater, he’s a developer of H1Z1 and has access to commands ;3

  • Teemu H1Z1

    First one was not a cheater. He was a game developer who forgot that he had GOD-mode still on while playing.

  • Bridgit Graddy

    First guy was a Dev and accidently left invisibility on.

  • Kardelen

    First one was an honest mistake.

  • Brandon Gower

    "You know that weird glitch where you can see everybody's rank"That right there is a facepalm moment

  • Zodi

    I feel like the dev legit made a mistake and since he fully apologized and such, he should be forgiven.

  • Soldier Fred

    I cannot stand the Asian girl who literally showed her modded menu 3 times and then denied it

  • Md Shadab

    6:22 she is dragging cheat menu and saying it's Clara fault🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Asdasd Sdasd

    she tried blaming her friend for hacking but she pulled up the hack menu

  • Lyun Avine

    All of us have that one friend called Clara.

  • Şerif Fidan

    Goddamn Clara why did you download hacks to this innocent girl's pc

  • Konrad Narloch

    autenil isn't cheating he is a dev he just left a command on lol

  • Piecia601

    [First video]First guy is a H1Z1 developer that forgot to turn off invicinble because he is doing streams sometimes and he is like joining games and spectating players for cheaters and he is manually banning them, he is not a cheater he is one of developer and he just forgot to turn off that thing :/[MoeTV] was not cheating and he got unbanned ...

  • First name Last name

    She's clara-ifying who did it

  • BLTspace

    The Clara girl still streams and just ran with the clara thing, its her handle on twitter too I believe. As a CS player as well this really fucking irritates me. Seriously it's sad that ppl support her and now she's like famous for it. It doesn't matter how you get famous just as long as you do. Ppl are so pathetic they want to watch her just cause she's "the clara girl". Wtf is wrong with humans my god.

  • salty potato

    Damn it Clara! Stop using word.exe

  • Hitomi

    Clara put word.exe in my computer (¯―¯٥)

  • Skindoggiedog

    I'm not angry at Clara, just disappointed.

  • Nick Urban

    I hate it when my friends download hacks on my computer and then I use the hacks by myself.

  • Emarati Gamer

    Poor Clara. Always downloading cheats into people's computers.

  • FunkyDelic

    Bad Acting, Bad Gaming, Bad Cheating. Damn you Clara.

  • Philipp Wilmer

    The first guy surely didn't do it on purpose. He's one of the developers of the game. Unfortunate tho

  • Ben Games

    The first one was probably an honest mistake

  • Eli Cook

    Pretty sure the H1Z1 guy was as an actual dev who just forgot to turn off part of his development tools

  • Lynx The Only One

    I can't believe the girl at the end she was Obivesly hacking but she blames it on sum one else named "Clara" Just admit u were hacking

  • Mike Steve

    The steamer towards the end of the video trying to pull a fast one and blaming it on a glitch or her friend lol

  • Jei Jei

    Now clara has a new victim and his name is forsaken.

  • TaylorSwift Nation

    Is Clara even a real person or she just made up a fictional character

  • Otavio Mosby

    So she activate the Hack and then see the enemies through Walls, and blame her friends for it.

  • Rudolph Ramirez

    Disliking mainly because you don't give any explanations on what they did and who they are not everyone readily knows and it kinda makes people out of the loop look on like what am I watching.

  • 暗殺者rooda

    m0etv wasn't cheating 4:50 it's epic games fault.

  • Atwa

    She is awful even with cheat on, lmao

  • godxxofxxwar22

    MissQGemini has wall hacks and still sucks lolAnd she knew she was cheating, anyone that believes Clara did is a moron

  • NaturalBorn K

    freaking clara always cheating.

  • MFGamingTV

    To all the people hating on the first dude it’s a h1z1 developer in a private match and he forgot he had vanish on.

  • Draw Onics

    God damn it Clara. God damn it.

  • Mad Orange

    clara has left the chat

  • Callum Doyle

    How you gonna get exposed pulling up a cheat menu, then blame your friend that had nothing to do with it smh.

  • UnDeAd

    Don’t you hate it when Clara downloads cheats, injector, opens CS, injects, presses insert, loads CFG and then you get banned

  • Jus t Fun

    You forgot DrDisrespect

  • ChocoShawarma

    GirlBlamingClara was cheating but still sucked?Dayum takes some real freaking skills to be that bad

  • Szarko

    Yeah, a girl used her PC earlier and installed cheating software? Sure...

  • ikkelolNL/BangUrDead

    First guy was actually a game developer,(THE game developer) he was in admin spectating mode by accident, he actively looks for cheaters using this invissible tool. He's not acting, he's not cheating.

  • AluNox

    that asian girl is bad while having cheats, reconsider being a gamer

  • hole N one

    This video didn't explain what's going on in each clip well..

  • Danni Sørensen

    Non of them actually says what they did to cheat.. ? I don't know half of them :(

  • salleh mohammad

    Welcome to the list forsaken

  • ReloadDisorder

    The first guy was not cheating he is a daybreak dev lol it was an accident from most likely spectating actual hackers

  • Jon Harold

    Hey like you guys like ever get that glitch where like you get wall hax

  • pubg legends

    Newly added 11th member in the listHe is the pro level cheater of CS:GOOPTIC FORSAKEN 😈

  • Piecia601

    That asian chick looks like alienware logo

  • HidanLT

    Warning! New virus Clara.exe is downloading cheats on CS:GO and banning people! Be careful!

  • Amnesiar89

    Wow she had wall hacks on and still couldn't hit shit.

  • Juhász Levente

    I can't believe this Clara, always cheating on other people's computers. First this girl, then Forsaken...

  • Soham Roy

    Some say she is still searching for clara

  • Kyle peter

    If you got cheating please blame clara

  • 69 Subscribers With No Videos

    The first guy was a developer and he was using dev tools earlier to test that game and forgot to turn them off he wasn’t trying to cheat.

  • GuldisSWE

    It's funny how the girl at the end brings up the window of the cheat program and loads a configuration, then later blames the cheating on her friend.

  • Seimuel

    Dude poor girl, everylike is a punch for Clara xd

  • Batli boi

    forsaken.exe not found.

  • Rye

    Yea pretty sure that first one was legit an accident. Why would a dev want to cheat at his own game on stream and promote that? He even apologized and admitted he was hidden.

  • TaffBrigade

    The first guy is the game's dev. Shouldn't count.

  • Devastater 97

    Also last girl lies through her teeth...first it was a glitch...then she didn't know what it was...then she knew what it was and that it was her friend Clara that did it...and by the sounds of this "Clara" she isn't her roommate and is just a friend...so your visiting friend just decided to go on your personal PC, go onto a game you seem to play regularly, go behind your back and install hacks for said game then leave and not tell you about it...all this happening while your doing what? taking a shower for two hours while your friends over? ALSO AT HE BEGINING OF HER CLIP YOU CAN SEE HER TURN ON CHEATS

  • eddie mezzo

    Opens hack menu at beginning of stream, turns on hacks, forgets, plays 4 rounds... Acts like she had no idea yes xD

  • Ticade

    WhY dO i HaVe HaCkS oN mY cOmPuTeR aNd KnOw HoW tO uSe ThEm 8:40

  • Snake-DST

    The first one wasn't really a.. actual cheater.

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