10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated #2

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Top 5 Live Streamers Caught CHEATING on Twitch TV!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20HNt0KW6pQ
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Live Streamers in this video from first to last:

MissQGemini was caught cheating on twitch tv and blamed Clara LOL

Cheaters in video games often get caught and shamefully exposed in front of the gaming community. These are the top 10 Gamers Caught Cheating on Twitch TV and exposed for cheating in the gaming community.

10 Gamers Who Got Caught Cheating and were Humiliated #2 - Top Twitch.tv Gaming Fails, ultimate twitch fails, Live Stream Fails / Twitch Highlights and funny gaming moments
  • Master Noct

    Funny thing is removing the game after cheating won't remove the incoming VAC ban, but hey, nice try.

  • Queen DMC

    The last girl cracked me up. She tried to say it was a glitch but had a website open for it under the game. Girl, Clara got nothing to do with that and we know it! 🙈🙈 Lol

  • Mike Meza

    6:25 she legit pulled a mod menu out and put on wall hacks and acts like she didn’t cheat

  • DexPlays

    The first clip was from a H1Z1-dev who accidentally had his invisible power on, which makes him invisible from every enemy player. This is mostly used when he checks players 'if they are cheating or not, which he does in his spare time, to catch cheaters, but obviously he had forgot to turn it off, while playing normal.

  • Talha Malik

    4:28 WAS NOT CHEATING!!!! it was a mistake on epics behalf, they looked into it and found no trace of cheating/hacking and removed his ban apologized and continued to let him play

  • Kardelen

    First one was an honest mistake.

  • TillingSpoon

    Male cheats: im so sorry female cheats:CLARA WAIT WTF GLITCH

  • Rajvir Singh

    the last video of the gemini cmon la..u urself been hacking and stil blame others..noob..

  • John John

    The first one isn’t a cheater, he’s a developer of H1Z1 and has access to commands ;3

  • Teemu H1Z1

    First one was not a cheater. He was a game developer who forgot that he had GOD-mode still on while playing.

  • Maday Rose

    Sure blame it on Clara😂😂😂 we're not going to think u did it 😂

  • atomik89

    missq soooo dumb trying to blame some imaginary friend .....

  • clems

    For the first clip it was a dev who forgot to disable vanish mode

  • Bamboo

    Anyone else get this in their recommended?

  • Asdasd Sdasd

    she tried blaming her friend for hacking but she pulled up the hack menu

  • Lyun Avine

    All of us have that one friend called Clara.

  • Jan Gehrke

    Oh fuk, Clara's fault

  • Colin

    First guy was a dev, legitimately didn’t try to cheat and let himself get killed when he realized.

  • Symbol ism

    Clara I cant believe you've done this.

  • NaturalBorn K

    freaking clara always cheating.

  • Taka Michinoku Gaming

    That last chick is deceitful af. It goes beyond her just being caught cheating, it's the fact that you can't trust someone like her with how they tried to cover it up. That's the worst type of person to have as a friend, lover, and family member.

  • Solodam

    -sets the cheats up mid-stream-blames Clara#seemsLegit :)

  • Dragon Central

    Anyone who cheats in a game should not just get banned for 24 hours they should have their account removed from that platform

  • Metal Storm47

    4:29 Turns out to be an accidental ban.

  • Eli Cook

    Pretty sure the H1Z1 guy was as an actual dev who just forgot to turn off part of his development tools

  • samar musthafa

    The moment u realise Clara was a myth

  • R Nickerson

    Poorly assembled list... no description of what's happening, how they cheated, or anything. Just the streams of the moments they were caught and/or banned. No set up or anything. Without knowing these games and already being familiar with these gamers, this video is essentially meaningless.

  • Christopher Larson

    I hate when my friends put mods on my pc

  • Night Hype

    legend has it Clara is still installing hacks onto people's computer to this day,

  • Nick Urban

    I hate it when my friends download hacks on my computer and then I use the hacks by myself.

  • Cory Bloomfield

    In the fortnite clip he actually wasn’t cheating it was a glitch

  • smol nibba

    The girl streamer one is actually shortened. Before in warmup of the game you could see her cheat menu and her configurating it and stuff

  • FBI Agent

    When God doesn't give you your asian super powers so you have to cheat

  • Philly Sports!

    4:35 you need to remove that clip...youre going to ruin his reputation when it was later proven that it was a glitch and he did not cheat

  • First name Last name

    She's clara-ifying who did it

  • Clara

    I apologize everyone 😔

  • Spot

    "Clara"Speech 100

  • Puggo

    At 4:29 the clip of mOE_tv getting banned was an accident and he wasn’t cheating

  • SkyzW2s

    Typical blame it on Clara

  • UnDeAd

    Don’t you hate it when Clara downloads cheats, injector, opens CS, injects, presses insert, loads CFG and then you get banned

  • HidanLT

    Warning! New virus Clara.exe is downloading cheats on CS:GO and banning people! Be careful!

  • Snipe Gaming

    Went to MissQGemini's twitch channel, she is banned xD

  • UnitedStates -Ifunny

    The first one was probably an honest mistake

  • Cosmo

    DUDE , she got Exposed while cheating and is saying That A Girlfriend Installed The Cheat On Her PC ,And That she dont Know about it But still opened The Hack At The Start and Activating ESP 2000iq play

  • NightOf Witchcraft

    So she activate the Hack and then see the enemies through Walls, and blame her friends for it.

  • TaylorSwift Nation

    Is Clara even a real person or she just made up a fictional character

  • Viktor Andersson

    Moe didn’t cheat, the anti cheat system in early fortnite was glitchy

  • TBGtony223

    Really would be nice If you showed what REALLY happens

  • 69 Subscribers With No Videos

    The first guy was a developer and he was using dev tools earlier to test that game and forgot to turn them off he wasn’t trying to cheat.


    Missq throwing Clara under the bus for something she didn’t even do 😂

  • SmokyBacon XD

    Missq worst hacker in the world

  • The Real Lettuce [WeaBois]

    What about Doc Cheating on his Wife?

  • Rye

    Yea pretty sure that first one was legit an accident. Why would a dev want to cheat at his own game on stream and promote that? He even apologized and admitted he was hidden.

  • Skindoggiedog

    I'm not angry at Clara, just disappointed.

  • ChocoShawarma

    GirlBlamingClara was cheating but still sucked?Dayum takes some real freaking skills to be that bad


    MoE wasn’t cheating it was just fortnite is a crappy game

  • blocksterz

    Anyone knows how to contact Clara ?? Asking for a friend

  • tre

    The first guy was not cheating he is a daybreak dev lol it was an accident from most likely spectating actual hackers

  • CodeX Gaming

    how she say “clara” after she played and turned on the cheats herself x’D

  • Jeremy Afriat

    the first video with autenil its not a cheater. its a dev from daybreak. he "cheats" to find cheaters and ban them

  • Snake-DST

    The first one wasn't really a.. actual cheater.

  • Auri

    Is banning a female streamer a rape?

  • Crysto

    ClArA wHy iS tHIs oN mY coMpuTEr??

  • Johnny Johnny

    It's not her fault it's Clara's fault ffs miLlEnIals dEez dAys

  • Adam Ripley

    Don't you hate it when you are playing online and suddenly a wild Clara installs cheat software...

  • GameHype17

    Anybody else get this in their recommendations?

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