Skyrim Special Edition REVIEW - It's Good To Be Back

Skyrim is back. Is this something both fans old and new can get into or is this game designed for newcomers only?
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  • UltimateGeek

    loading times fast?yeah I'm getting this game already played skyrim but faster loading times is worth 60$

  • RideTheLightning

    Load times are quicker for sure, glad it is. Load times on the PS3/360 gave me enough time to grow a beard.

  • OutpostOmega

    When I heard that Bethesda was remastering Skyrim, I was really excited so I went to Gamestop to get myself a copy. I'm a pretty introvert guy but I can be a pretty aggressive driver, I guess its the closest I'll get to a real adventure like in Skyrim. Anyways later down the road I was really upset to see this jerk with a deer carcass in the back of his pickup truck. So I decided to piss him off I would get in front of him and intentionally drive 10mph under the limit, because I believe its wrong to kill animals for sport and I wanted to put a damper on his day. It wasn't long before the guy starting blaring his horn at me, which gave me a good chuckle. I was surprised to see he decided to follow me all the way to Gamestop, I started to get pretty nervous and regret my decision to annoy the man. I pulled up to Gamestop and prepared myself for confrontation, sweating bullets and full of anxiety. The hunter pulled his truck up behind me, blocking me into the parking space. He got out and started yelling at me, telling me I was driving like a maniac. I tried to walk away, but the man pulled his bow out (of which he probably used to kill the deer) and started to threaten me. I started to back up to my car and I told him to fuck off and calm down. I'm one for a good adventure but this was too much, I was terrified. I reached for my cell phone to call the police when the man fired his bow and an arrow sank deep into my knee. I lay there screaming in agony as the man drove off. When the police arrived I told them what happened and paramedics began to work on my knee. As i was being pulled off in the back of an ambulance the manager of Gamestop felt horrible and handed me a free copy of Skyrim Remastered. I smiled and politely handed it back to him, when he asked "Why?" a grin slowly formed on my face as I told him..."I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee."

  • Sabastian Stanton

    They need to remaster oblivion next- I've always wanted to play the game but could never get into it due to how dated it is.

  • William

    If it's on the switch, I'll buy it.

  • Iqbalx1

    so would you consider it a near perfect remaster

  • BR Channel

    I barely saw the difference until I personally played it, play it it looks so much better but it prob won't look much better in game play on your phone on youtube.

  • Wicked Flex

    Damn this dude really uploaded this at 12 o clock on the dot......props for that

  • MidniteBlues

    Matty's review is based on a PC players' opinion. That is why he is not excited about the game. Me as a ps3 player cant wait to play special edition with fast loading times and actual good graphics on ps4

  • LeanbackMac

    Don't buy it if you've played it before? Lol if anything that's all the more reason to buy it for me. I played the hell out of this game but there's still dozens of quests I haven't played and areas I haven't explored and so on. Can't wait to go back into playing one of my favorite games!

  • ImmortalPhoenix

    lol what I don't get is why are the console versions priced at $60 when the pc version is priced at $40, let alone having previous owners get the upgrade for free.

  • Almost Smart

    Why is nobody talking about the best buy exclusive mask? Anyone else want to be bootleg dragonborn? I know I do haha

  • Bjorn Bjornson

    inb4 near-perfect jokes

  • Tessa Gray

    "If you have played it don't buy it" LOLOLOLOL. Walks into best buy

  • Harvey

    Skyrim is one of the best games I've ever played, I'd gladly pay 60 dollars again, even more so now that mods are included.

  • Evie Green

    i cant restart skyrim on the special edition because my original character from the old skyrim is at level 180

  • Killerz34

    are the dungeon lightings dark or overly bright? as fallout 4 without lighing mods is blinding!

  • lee martin

    In the UK it's £34.99 at game but digitally it's £49.99

  • Exde

    i get solid 60fps indoors, but 10fps outdoorsrip

  • Max Garcia

    I feel like when playing with mods, they don't look as seamless as the remaster

  • yung mali1

    I came looking at those graphics😍

  • Dull Boy Krieg

    A near perfect remaster

  • BLACKWOLF129075

    Mate, for 60 dollars you get:The graphically enhanced full skyrim gameModsAll dlcs

  • NBK Vamp

    Also, I wanted to say that I bought it for the 60 dollars and didn't complain one bit, why you ask? Because Skyrim is still the best damn open world game that I know of with a hell of a great ass leveling system, also you gotta realize, the special edition does come with the DLC which prices at 25 for all 3 DLC (I think), plus the mods, and the graphic update, so my saying, IT'S SKYRIM ON NEXT GEN BITCH DAMN WELL I'LL PAY 60 DOLLARS PLUS WITH MODS AND ALL THE DLC FUCK YEAH!

  • ZephrusPrime

    One cool new utility is the character organizer. No longer are your saves all mixed up. Here we are day one and consoles can now get Frostfall, Camping and Live Another Life. Skyrim is opening a whole new door for consoles with modding. Wait till it gets going.

  • Nasu

    I'm not touching this thing until SkyUI becomes available.

  • Hyruled Gamer

    "Don't buy this if you have played it before it's not worth the $60"Buys the $75 dragon born edition

  • Christian Cecrle

    A near perfect rev-- oh who am I kidding?!? It's flipping Skyrim

  • Matthew Belamont

    going to buy it by 4/20/2017

  • Asher The Thief

    Meh, I'll still buy it...

  • Baby Myron

    ...and do you know what else is delusional? Saying fallout 4 was near perfect.

  • TheLWebb100

    Already played this, if this was 30-40 bucks I'd definitely get this.

  • Profane Gunman

    I played it for about two hours before realizing..."Holy shit I need Requiem."

  • Blake 98

    I first played Skyrim in 2011 for Xbox 360. In 2018 I bought the special edition.If you can't tell I love this game and recommend it.


    It's the DLCs that are making me want to buy this. I never played any skyrim DLCs

  • AvatarKai

    I don`t know why every single review/is it worth it video of this game says that "there's no new content"... Nothing surprising there... it's a remaster, not a new game or new DLC.There are graphics enhances, mods supports on console, and that it.The answer are always simple.... it's up to the gamer.... if they never played skyrim before, it's a good choice always.... just like someone that never played uncharted before and is wondering if it's good to buy the Drake's Collection.If you've played the game, love it, and would like to experience in a new way.... than buy it too.

  • ArchieGamez

    Let's not forget about ancient Skyrim memes, we need to revive it again.Especially Arrow In The Knee.

  • BimLau Yomashitobi

    Well it could add something new, for people who haven't bought the dlc the Skyrim before.

  • Veni

    "It's good to be back"Don't buy it if you've already played it ???

  • TheZabbiemaster

    - It's Good To Be BackSkyrim never left

  • shotglassanhero

    >no difference for PC 64bit is a pretty big difference considering what PC mods we will be able to get.

  • jeff

    Man I loved the original but unfortunately I can't port my old character:(

  • TheSilver312

    Uh... Skyrim has always had quicksave... if you press F5 in the original game it quicksaves

  • FaroStar

    wut race is best for majix and one handed Breton or dark eld

  • Matthew O'Connor

    It's Skyrim, I'll buy it again.

  • The Dark Specter

    I really appreciate the honesty in this review. It would have been easy to tell Skyrim fans to go out and spend their money on this.

  • Sybelius

    Well, at least MrMatty is a honest, sincere person! I agree on everything he said.

  • GTPRIME209

    Thanks for the honest review, I was on the fence and now I know I'm just going to wait on it for now. Price drop, mods, patches etc.

  • Nathan Bowyer

    Damn Matty your subs have really sky rocketed, and you deserve it. Been here since you had around 15k. Keep grinding and putting out great content

  • Aware Wolf

    I had skyrim on ps3 and never finished it, so 60 bucks for a remastered version including all three dlc's yes please 😀

  • Johnnydelgoto

    PC players dont need to say "Its good to be back" we've been here the whole time

  • The Violet Imagination

    The fact that I can now Alt+Tab out is already worth $10

  • Tony12097

    I pre-ordered it on Amazon for $48

  • shopejay

    I'm happy to have spent another $60 for the graphic improvement and dlc!!

  • fyttr999

    its only 40 on steam for special edition(that includes all dlc) and 40 for classic skyrim plus all dlc

  • Caesar The Ape

    I agree on the load screens, it's way to fast lol.

  • Thomas Inkles

    excellent review and the conclusion and recommendations for the game was spot on imo

  • TomHud

    i brought the legendary edition for 8 gbp which came with all dlc,so i got the remastered version for free.

  • Sion67

    I'm loving this so far. I just want a good follower mod and some kind of mod that adds better mage items and robes for mages

  • Nate Stubbs

    Lmao I got it Black Friday weekend for half price

  • DCv1 Gaming

    or Dyou spend thousands of hours into it and need to play it more both on PC and Xbone.

  • Norbertas Guzas

    ur complaining about 16 second load times I had 2 minute load times just to start up my game

  • Brock Smith

    I literally returned it 4 hours right after I bought it it felt just like my 360 version

  • Spooky Lemon

    In the UK it's been released for ~£35. A more realistic price.

  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    "Something something, not worth it if you already played..."SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!/hurls $65.87 worth of pennies

  • zchrom _

    quicksave is an old feature even oblivion have it

  • Euronymous

    Bro, the 2011 Skyrim already had the "quicksave" option.

  • Drew

    Got it on Black Friday sale for ))))$25(((((wtf

  • Pedimentum FN

    "A near perfect game"

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