The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 7 Things You Should Know

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 7 Things You Should Know" no description available.
  • Shank Mugen

    Dragon souls will be difficult to come by. LOL

  • Orry

    Who else still plays it? :)

  • ShandalfGreyhame

    No 8. You wont be able to get past the first part if you have arachnophobia.

  • josue santos

    When I learned the gray bears high hrogath had stairs I quitted skyrim for a week because I climbed the mountain without knowing their was stairs

  • Eriks Liepins

    The last dragonborn?! Nei the only one discovered yet. There still might be more. Future lore shall only uncover it. Mai'q knows this.

  • Tyler Thompson

    Skyrim is my comfort game and Skyrim has ruined other games for me...There just isn't any other game that has delivered an experience quite like Skyrim. Believe me. I've tried to find it...Skyrim is one of those game where freedom is paramount. Many games these days may offer "freedom" in the sense that you can go here and there at any point or take on this quest and that quest and maybe make a decision or two, but Skyrim is the epitome of freedom. I have spent hours creating a backstory for my character because Bethesda intentionally gives you a blank slate when you start the game so now I can approach quests in my own specific way based on my character's brand of attitude or general overall motivations and it DRASTICALLY changes the way you feel approaching the game in different playthroughs if you allow yourself to roleplay deeply enough. What makes it more "free" though is the simple fact that you don't HAVE to do any of that... You could jump into the game, create a cool character of your choosing and just go do shit! Explore, plunder, attack, manipulate, and conquer the the mechanics of the game however you want and you'll have an amazing time doing it.Many games may have better graphics, better storylines, better combat or better overall gameplay, but I feel confident in saying no game can match what Bethesda is able to do with so many different mechanics working under the hood of the game's overall appearance. It may not work perfectly all the time, but with a community of modders that have painstakingly created massive bug fixes, no worlds withdozens of hours worth of new content and that just says volumes for what Bethesda has created and so graciously opened the doors of the game itself to be maniupulated in whatever way you can dream up.

  • keirantalent

    Talks about skyrim: plays morrowinds theme song in the backround

  • Ali Sabra

    still playing it in 2017

  • QorinHalfhand.

    One of the best games ever made.Still playing it in 2015.

  • Pandoras Apple

    Great video, but I disagree with the part that said "the story will act dynamically based on your actions".There are very....very....very very few cases in which this can happen. (To be honest I can only remember on the Civil war conflict.... and the "action" was pretty much the first thing you did in the chain quest... "what faction will I side?"... after that the civil war quest was just as linear as any other. Skyrim is amazing, has several things to do and the modding community makes me keep playing to this day.  However, we can't lie to ourselves and claim the quests aren't linear....because they are...

  • Duane Blommaert

    3 words 8 letters say it and i am yours... FUS RO DAH

  • _Ryan_

    I love this game, I'm still playing in 2016.Anyone else?

  • Matheus Feitosa Cabral

    The high king of skyrim was NOT assassinated!

  • ZpLit

    You aren't choosen by the gods, you were just born with a body of a mortal but the blood and soul of a dragon.

  • Ironic Isn’t It?

    5 years ago. Still playing to this day like its 11-11-11. Good god I love this game more than any other game ever created

  • JayTelo

    lol at 0:45 first quest in whiterun with a glass sword

  • Chinesekage

    phreak is that you? this isnt a champion spotlight

  • Sparklez Guy

    Morrowind and Oblivion still have beautiful graphics, we have just developed to having realistic ones.

  • Faik Tagiev

    Only thing you should know about skyrim is that is the best game, untill new TES arrives(hope it will be even more epic)

  • Sjekje1

    i was an adventurer like you, but then i took an arrow in the knee

  • Patrick MacCarthy

    Oh yeah because I am going to take Skyrim tips from watch mojo -____-

  • Comment_User

    I thought this was cool stuff. Then i saw the creator.

  • Very Lost

    I just found this video today and I thought it was weird af when I saw that watchmojo uploaded it

  • hello spiral

    3:51come on! *gets chomped and thrown away*

  • The Mighty Warrior

    Who play this game in 2017?

  • Justin Frandsen

    1:20 yogscast sips original skyrim lets play cover photo

  • Alex Lynch

    you are not the last dragon born just the only one that knows about his or hers powers besides mirak but he is just dlc

  • Soku

    Talking about Skyrim when Morrowind soundtrack is playing lel

  • brian sheehan

    I love the fact that you can have whatever archtype you want and change it whenever you want. I always play a Nord for Role Play reasons, and I started as a full out warrior charging caves and ripping through every enemy, now I just switched my style on the same Nord character as a stealthy Thief/Assassin and sneaking around slitting people's throats one by one without getting detected is much more fun IMO.

  • Raymond XL

    2016 and i'm still playing the basic version. Amazing replay value. A gamer's must have.

  • Wiccan_beauty

    I've played tons of games, different types too. Skyrim is one of the best games I've ever played(including the ones b4 it, also Dragon Age, which is amazing.Now I'm playing The Elder Scrolls Online. Also waiting for another Dragon Age after Inquisition :D soooooo Exited....been playing on my dads ps4(waiting till my birthday, may be getting my own)

  • Othéra Flores

    It's been a while since I've killed a dragon.I'm gonna go do that now.

  • KeK

    1:18 photo from sips :) i think

  • Wuubbss WasHere

    When WatchMojo makes a, " 10/7 Things Crap".Me: " Types in 7 Things Skyrim"* Sees WatchMojo*Me: I quit! I QUIT!! * Snaps Disk* I QUIT!!!!* Runs down street*

  • Scarlett Wolf

    I think every one should know 3 some npc (none player character)Tell you about your dragonborn story

  • KryptekSoldier

    Best Gamer Ever. Period

  • Tyrlak

    I was like 'Okay let's see how many I know' and maybe because I was a bit late first seeing this but I knew all of if. It is just the basics

  • GeminaLuna

    You really captured the epicness of this game with this vid <3

  • Dustin Rebbeck

    omg a lot of this is wrong it is obvious that the person who wrote the script knows nothing about the elderscrolls

  • A Gamer

    Just started it in 2018And I am loving it!

  • Some Toad

    Why did they change the Nord Dragonborn voice ;-;

  • 1fotcn

    IMO the game is best played in third person mode.

  • JdawgWithNinjutsu

    Wearing a hat with badass horns!

  • João Gomes

    Im the last of the dragonborn!

  • Tom Strommer

    That is a f****** one handed sword...

  • Valahuir

    7. Just because you can slay dragons does not mean that you should mess with giants.

  • Jimothy

    Do not let him babysit your cat.. He will feed it's corpse to his pet rat D:

  • Ryan Elmes

    I love Skyrim brilliant game, only downside is that the story lines (Main quest, companions, college of W, dark brotherhood etc) are no way near as good as were in oblivion

  • TheAlwaysHungryBear

    Never I once punched the chicken and the entire game hated me

  • Trey Trollston

    You forgot, the biggest rule of all... NEVER shoot the chicken in Riverwood!!!

  • josh valenti

    6. Never think "oh this falmer cave will be easy" at level 10

  • Dilip Kingz

    Let me guess?someone stole your sweet roll

  • Dilip Kingz

    7.NEVER attack a chicken. The guard will hunt u down.

  • Roja Biri

    6. Beware of the kids in skyrim.

  • Pepe Longoria

    And shouted him to pieces.

  • Pepe Longoria

    You should go fuck yourself!

  • Pepe Longoria

    9. Don't try to attack the giants outside Whiterun at low level

  • TheMadGunther

    the secret 8. These are all true

  • TheMadGunther

    6. STORM THE GATES!!!!

  • Vanpyro Gaming

    6. Never deny a deadric artifact.

  • dddaaauuusss92

    6. Don't mess with the mammoth early in the game

  • Spotcer

    6. Never go around the mountain.

  • Markus

    0:39 eh... the king didn't get assassinated, the one who ''assassinated'' him was 'Ulfric Stormcloack, who challenged The king of Skyrim in fair combat...

  • JAT Man

    6. Always expect people who will attempt to mug you, even after eating a dragon's soul.

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