GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016)

Check out the official gameplay trailer for God of War 2017 !
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GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016) - Kratos
Release date : 2017 on PS4
© 2016 - Sony

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  • adarkerlink

    so... now he´s after the norse gods, huh? in some years we´ll see Kratos fighting Jesus.

  • Andrew Singleton

    Am I the only one that finds this oddly hopeful? Mr Rage Incarnate still angry, but clearly trying to keep it in check so his son can learn.

  • Jerry Baguisa

    Man, why the FUCK did I buy an Xbox One?


    So after destroying the world of Greek mythology Kratos has now moved to the world of Norse mythology (oh those poor Norse Gods I feel sorry for them already).

  • BlazBomber Ex Kamen

    Zeus killed Chronos, Kratos killed Zeus, Kratos boy kill....You do the math

  • ion david

    sooo he went after the norse gods now ?

  • Gordon Ramsay

    Skyrim + Last of us = This

  • Demitrium

    Me on Father's Day:steps out of shadows"I am hungry."ominous Gregorian chanting

  • Ira Dutary-Audia (Papo)

    God of war: Jihad, now Kratos must kill Muhammed before he does the unthinkable.

  • AposCel

    Can't wait to watch him kill Thor... that fight would be epic!

  • Mgil1

    This is really What Happened To Kratos After God of War 3?

  • Vino

    Wasn't Kratos actually just thrown into the greek pantheon? How is he now in the norse pantheon?

  • Enigma Fan

    This is a God of War game for SJW's if people buy this game then the future of video games is sad. There is no sex mini game in this(and while I never liked that part of the game) The fact that it's been removed tells me that this game is pandering to the SJW crowd that aren't even going to buy this game. I'll skip this one.

  • branden neves

    Now hes gonna kill all of Norse Mythology ? please...

  • Bush Plays

    Shut up and take my money!!!!


    hopefully kratos son does not die

  • Micahpeters000

    All I know about this game is what I've seen in this video, and I'm guessing that this isn't about Kratos. If you notice, when the boy found tracks, it said "tracking +50". When the boy shot the arrow, it said "archery +50". Kratos was teaching the kid. I'm guessing we'll play the game as Kratos for a little bit but then he'll be killed off and then the boy will go on a huge vengeance quest or something. But that's just a theory... a GAME THEORY

  • Abner Santos

    that year will launch this game?

  • Mr. Solo Dolo

    holy shit this game looks badass

  • Canadian Asian 360

    He finish with Greeks now he after them Norse asses

  • legendary super saiyan blue

    fuck yeah i want it !!!

  • Roshawn Terrell

    Why is kratos norse now?

  • Tyler Fayant

    looks like kratos has gone from bloodthirsty warrior of Sparta to a peaceful man of Denmark (I honestly don't know where his God of war game takes place)

  • The Best

    solo una palabra... Impresionante

  • KryptoKid

    I am not a fan of the franchise.But this one has story for once, and an overall Tomb Raider-esque feel. Sooooo I'm going to get it, lol.Assuming it's not yet another console exclusive.

  • Rina Lottie

    Looks cold as hell out there!! NOPE!!

  • Stryder Titan 84

    that "deer" was a elk but they are part of the deer family. just sharing my realism of things so dont hate

  • Mr. Solo Dolo

    holy shit this game looks badass

  • Eleodoro Bahena

    does anyone know where I can get some rum ham in Germany?

  • medi beatz

    I wonder how he will fuck Thor's shit up

  • Crafty Polo

    Am I the only one who thinks kratos is gonna die at the end??

  • ClownPoLoNiYT

    wheres kratos 2 cool swords

  • LEEboneisDaMan

    So... he traded in one of coolest and most iconic weapons in gaming... for an axe? sounds great -.-

  • cp070476

    And on this day Kratos the god of war shall have his revenge...

  • chris white

    I hope it has a huge open world

  • Robert. V

    "Knowledge Gained - tracking +25"Oh for god's sake...

  • optimusN64

    I wonder if we'll get to fight Vikings in this game. I've always wanted to fight Vikings

  • T Sz

    Finally... new begining.

  • masputras

    wheres all d kratos' super duper fucking crazy over power imbalance godly weapon n equip ??

  • ilumianti rekter

    the lightning might represent Zeus

  • Blazed Elf

    soooo many changes it dont even feel like god of war 😭 still gonna buy coz its fucking kratos but damn

  • manik malhotra

    who else is not Happy about that animals death

  • Alex Ellis

    I want this on pC -_-

  • L.sanchez Sanchez

    what if the child is kratos :D

  • Jayzane91

    4:30 Rigor Earthshaker vs mogul khan axe

  • Alejandro Sandoval

    That freaking beard, man! :D

  • kelven “KeIvenb” zhong

    I love watching people play this game and I can play it in 2017? Awesome!!!

  • sistla sandesh

    best graphics ever seen in video game history

  • General war rat

    I love the axe and all but where did the swords/daggers go?

  • Stoicho Yosifov

    please tell me is it for ps3

  • Gy Rinaldi

    Kratos needs to finally destroy the latest false religion to worship false Gods and that continues to plague this earth... The DEMOCRATS. Battles with the Ancient Gods like Bernie the Old, or fighting that evil Witch Hillary who lays waste to the lands with strong spells of lies and magic... And finally the false king Barakus Obama who comes down from his throne and gives free things to his minions who then feel empowered and fight against the powers of good... EPIC

  • deyanira carmona

    muy buen trailer exelente

  • KJ Awesome

    best god of war game in history. this is going to the in the hall of games

  • A different Nerd

    man when is this coming on pc?

  • Jaiden Brown

    Does this give anyone else the last of us feels or is it just me😂

  • JustLetMeComment

    is nobody talking about how the game play is nothing like God of War should be?

  • Julian Azan

    Did anyone else notice the rage meter filling during the scene when he is berating the boy about missing the shot? Fantastic touch of detail makes me optimistic.

  • Khaled Hedayed

    Is it gonna be an open world game ?

  • Kainthemain

    By the way is this a remakw of he frst one?

  • ben the bat

    That ended like an episode of Game of Thrones

  • willianator swordmaster

    so the ghost of Sparta lives!

  • shinchidori

    i am so happy that i have a ps4

  • Pasivix

    now we can sacrifice this to the dragon so maybe you can live till you 20. because your so incompetent. get better kratos

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