GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016)

Check out the official gameplay trailer for God of War 2017 !
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GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016) - Kratos
Release date : 2017 on PS4
© 2016 - Sony

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  • Jerry Baguisa

    Man, why the FUCK did I buy an Xbox One?

  • AposCel

    Can't wait to watch him kill Thor... that fight would be epic!

  • Gordon Ramsay

    Skyrim + Last of us = This

  • adarkerlink

    so... now he´s after the norse gods, huh? in some years we´ll see Kratos fighting Jesus.

  • Demitrium

    Me on Father's Day:steps out of shadows"I am hungry."ominous Gregorian chanting

  • Andrew Ace

    Kratos makes the words "I am hungry", sound so awesome...

  • Kevin Kelly

    I havrnt bought a game im six years but this seems too good to pass

  • Micahpeters000

    All I know about this game is what I've seen in this video, and I'm guessing that this isn't about Kratos. If you notice, when the boy found tracks, it said "tracking +50". When the boy shot the arrow, it said "archery +50". Kratos was teaching the kid. I'm guessing we'll play the game as Kratos for a little bit but then he'll be killed off and then the boy will go on a huge vengeance quest or something. But that's just a theory... a GAME THEORY

  • KryptoKid

    I am not a fan of the franchise.But this one has story for once, and an overall Tomb Raider-esque feel. Sooooo I'm going to get it, lol.Assuming it's not yet another console exclusive.


    I almost thought Kratos said "I Hungry" in the beginning of this...like he had become the Hulk XD

  • Dat Alien

    Loki and thor need to be on a lookout kratos is going after them

  • GalioCollossus GT

    W T F nice man/kid fking racist just screemed at the deer then the deer is like DAMN

  • Adam Lenser

    I never noticed that the troll actually mutters "Wait!" before Atreus tries to shoot it.

  • Fritz Kraut

    Wasn't Kratos actually just thrown into the greek pantheon? How is he now in the norse pantheon?

  • Andrew Ace

    Wont let him fight the little guys cuz he's not ready, 2 minutes later, a huge one shows up: "You are ready, kill it!"...

  • Darkflam4202

    hopefully kratos son does not die

  • medibee

    I wonder how he will fuck Thor's shit up

  • Random Guy

    I wonder if he can fight all trolls in the comment section.

  • RangerElk

    Pre-order the Skyrim DLC now for God of War.

  • arindam roychowdhury

    I thought that dragon is about to jump on that deer

  • Bush Plays

    Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • LordHD

    10 years later we will see kratos fight thor and superman and ironman

  • Mgil1

    This is really What Happened To Kratos After God of War 3?

  • Seser Lok

    Mustard race here. I have to admit it looks really good.

  • WraithWarriorPlays

    1:55 Like an ancient Yoda

  • Itzzz Apeon

    who did kratos put his dick into this time??

  • Raph 16

    The first time I saw the demo, I immediately reacted like: "That's not God of War, it's an insult to the franchise." But now that I know it takes place after God of War 3, I'm like: "Ah, okay, that makes sense now. We'll see what it gives us."

  • Bryan Zero

    where is the gameplay?

  • Kane Malupet

    wow my favorite game turned into like GTA 5

  • OG

    When is the game coming out?

  • Twiisted OG

    when does it come out?

  • Hispanic Guy

    I love the norse mythology in this game

  • branden neves

    Now hes gonna kill all of Norse Mythology ? please...

  • jurgen portelli

    is kratos supposed to be some kind of viking?.. then why he wears like this and the body paint? why does spartan rage pops uo? A baptised Rollo is more viking than kratos

  • GalioCollossus GT


  • Anggara Gustika

    lol kratos don't give a fuck with an arrow

  • Fick Dich


  • kenneth munro

    Why the hell have they change the bloody gameplay

  • Richard Oakley

    Kratos in this reminds me of my dad

  • sistla sandesh

    best graphics ever seen in video game history

  • DavHao's

    Kratos:Son prepare to fight against viking's gods now!!Son:Wut?!!Kratos:I knew you are ready, that's my boy.Son:But dad ... there is a lots of gods lead by Odin an Thor and millions of Vikings in Valhalla ..and ..we are 2.What do you think is gonna happen?Kratos:This is a question?Son:Daad you're ..Kratos:Genius.. I know, but that s not important , let s focus where I ll put Odin's head in my room after I ripped it off.Hmm.. should I put it next to Thor's arms and legs.Son:Dad ..we live in a caveKratos:That s not important.You know to build a house , right?Son:No!!Kratos:Then show me what you know!Son:I said No,dad wtf??

  • Layla Logan

    Logan- x23jole- elliekratos- his son wow I guess this is dad year for me

  • zuiaki

    Looks boring and easy.

  • Abner Santos

    that year will launch this game?

  • kenshinman1 gamers

    exelente juego de la saga mas refinado

  • CARLOS mendoza

    When tf does this come out

  • Imabubble yay

    be weird if his mom was Aphrodite... cause... i don't think Kratos used any protection o3o

  • NobaOfficial

    Sencillamente increíble...

  • Canadian Asian 360

    He finish with Greeks now he after them Norse asses

  • Crafty Polo

    Am I the only one who thinks kratos is gonna die at the end??

  • Mr. Solo Dolo

    holy shit this game looks badass

  • Smoker

    Sony its Sony so no PC :( shit.

  • Tyler Takacs

    At first I was bummed that I have an Xbox but then I thought better... the old god of wars actually made sense. Someone tell me how the hell he wound up here ? He should be god-like. He fucking killed Zeus ! And a troll can attempt to fight him ? Laughable at best.

  • Rina Lottie

    Looks cold as hell out there!! NOPE!!

  • Christopher Hood

    First thing I thought when I saw the opening gameplay and movements was Tomb Raider. Then when the deer ran away and got shot making the noises it did I was convinced that it has some of its qualities. Just speculating though I like the game for sure.

  • abbed Idriss

    Is it me or is the frame-rate in this video low af?

  • timothy dahl

    oh man, am i the only one excited for thia game or what... i can't wait

  • Charl Joshua

    5:27 Grog: I would like to rage

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