GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016)

Check out the official gameplay trailer for God of War 2017 !
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GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016) - Kratos
Release date : 2017 on PS4
© 2016 - Sony

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  • Jerry Baguisa

    Man, why the FUCK did I buy an Xbox One?

  • adarkerlink

    so... now he´s after the norse gods, huh? in some years we´ll see Kratos fighting Jesus.

  • Demitrium

    Me on Father's Day:steps out of shadows"I am hungry."ominous Gregorian chanting

  • AposCel

    Can't wait to watch him kill Thor... that fight would be epic!

  • Gordon Ramsay

    Skyrim + Last of us = This


    So after destroying the world of Greek mythology Kratos has now moved to the world of Norse mythology (oh those poor Norse Gods I feel sorry for them already).

  • Ira Dutary-Audia

    God of war: Jihad, now Kratos must kill Muhammed before he does the unthinkable.

  • Andrew Ace

    Kratos makes the words "I am hungry", sound so awesome...

  • Kevin Kelly

    I havrnt bought a game im six years but this seems too good to pass

  • Micahpeters000

    All I know about this game is what I've seen in this video, and I'm guessing that this isn't about Kratos. If you notice, when the boy found tracks, it said "tracking +50". When the boy shot the arrow, it said "archery +50". Kratos was teaching the kid. I'm guessing we'll play the game as Kratos for a little bit but then he'll be killed off and then the boy will go on a huge vengeance quest or something. But that's just a theory... a GAME THEORY

  • Fritz Kraut

    Wasn't Kratos actually just thrown into the greek pantheon? How is he now in the norse pantheon?

  • Bro Wolf

    Loki and thor need to be on a lookout kratos is going after them


    I almost thought Kratos said "I Hungry" in the beginning of this...like he had become the Hulk XD

  • Andrew Ace

    Wont let him fight the little guys cuz he's not ready, 2 minutes later, a huge one shows up: "You are ready, kill it!"...

  • Mgil1

    This is really What Happened To Kratos After God of War 3?


    hopefully kratos son does not die

  • Bush Plays

    Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • Rina Lottie

    Looks cold as hell out there!! NOPE!!

  • Canadian Asian 360

    He finish with Greeks now he after them Norse asses

  • Mr. Solo Dolo

    holy shit this game looks badass

  • KryptoKid

    I am not a fan of the franchise.But this one has story for once, and an overall Tomb Raider-esque feel. Sooooo I'm going to get it, lol.Assuming it's not yet another console exclusive.

  • branden neves

    Now hes gonna kill all of Norse Mythology ? please...

  • Abner Santos

    that year will launch this game?

  • asriel the dreamer

    looks like kratos has gone from bloodthirsty warrior of Sparta to a peaceful man of Denmark (I honestly don't know where his God of war game takes place)

  • Bryan Zero

    where is the gameplay?

  • Hispanic Guy

    I love the norse mythology in this game

  • jurgen portelli

    is kratos supposed to be some kind of viking?.. then why he wears like this and the body paint? why does spartan rage pops uo? A baptised Rollo is more viking than kratos

  • Fick Dich


  • Twiisted OG

    when does it come out?

  • Layla Logan

    Logan- x23jole- elliekratos- his son wow I guess this is dad year for me

  • kenneth munro

    Why the hell have they change the bloody gameplay

  • Richard Oakley

    Kratos in this reminds me of my dad

  • Anggara Gustika

    lol kratos don't give a fuck with an arrow

  • Itzzz Apeon

    who did kratos put his dick into this time??

  • kenshinman1 gamers

    exelente juego de la saga mas refinado

  • zuiaki

    Looks boring and easy.

  • ilumianti rekter

    the lightning might represent Zeus

  • CARLOS mendoza

    When tf does this come out

  • Imabubble yay

    be weird if his mom was Aphrodite... cause... i don't think Kratos used any protection o3o

  • medi beatz

    I wonder how he will fuck Thor's shit up

  • NobaOfficial

    Sencillamente increíble...

  • Roshawn Terrell

    Why is kratos norse now?

  • Tyler Takacs

    At first I was bummed that I have an Xbox but then I thought better... the old god of wars actually made sense. Someone tell me how the hell he wound up here ? He should be god-like. He fucking killed Zeus ! And a troll can attempt to fight him ? Laughable at best.

  • Smoker

    Sony its Sony so no PC :( shit.

  • abbed Idriss

    Is it me or is the frame-rate in this video low af?

  • Charl Joshua

    5:27 Grog: I would like to rage

  • Christopher Hood

    First thing I thought when I saw the opening gameplay and movements was Tomb Raider. Then when the deer ran away and got shot making the noises it did I was convinced that it has some of its qualities. Just speculating though I like the game for sure.

  • Crafty Polo

    Am I the only one who thinks kratos is gonna die at the end??

  • timothy dahl

    oh man, am i the only one excited for thia game or what... i can't wait

  • cp070476

    And on this day Kratos the god of war shall have his revenge...

  • Dr.Arbiter26

    I have a powerful gaming PC but I think I got solid reason to get a ps4 now☺. I can't wait to see what Thor and Odin look like.

  • Mar Mar 47

    So kratos is like Thor he can call his axe like Thor with his hammer

  • manik malhotra

    who else is not Happy about that animals death

  • chris white

    I hope it has a huge open world

  • LeviLord004

    Can we just talk about how gorgeous Kratos's beard looks? The way it gently sways in the breeze, the snowflakes catching in it, and just how rugged but well kept it looks. A lot of love went into that beard.

  • optimusN64

    I wonder if we'll get to fight Vikings in this game. I've always wanted to fight Vikings

  • masputras

    wheres all d kratos' super duper fucking crazy over power imbalance godly weapon n equip ??

  • Blazed Elf

    soooo many changes it dont even feel like god of war 😭 still gonna buy coz its fucking kratos but damn

  • T Sz

    Finally... new begining.

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