GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016)

Check out the official gameplay trailer for God of War 2017 !
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GOD OF WAR Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016) - Kratos
Release date : 2017 on PS4
© 2016 - Sony

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  • Reisha Ananda

    ask his kid to kill a deer. doing it hesitant. says that he"s ready for slaying a dragon. GG kratos

  • adarkerlink

    so... now he´s after the norse gods, huh? in some years we´ll see Kratos fighting Jesus.

  • Jeremy Ryder

    am I d only one who was scared for his son when he shot kratos with the arrow? I thought kratos was gonna like ground him. literally ground him

  • Gordon Ramsay

    Skyrim + Last of us = This

  • AposCel

    Can't wait to watch him kill Thor... that fight would be epic!

  • Rolemaster123

    (Read in Gaia's voice in mind) After getting his revenge at the Gods for his years of torment, Kratos, sacrifices himself and releases hope over mankind in a last attempt to make right for all the chaos he had caused... Free from the pain and visions of the past and forgiven by his family, Kratos falls in the sea laying his last breath. But his destiny is not over. Having obtained the soul of Hades, the styx, free from the underworld, seal his wound and keep him alive. Free from the chains of his past and suffering, the mortal Kratos was left alone, travelling the once beautiful land that now stood in the chaos of his vengeance. The fallen God of War left the ground of Olympus and travelled to the north. Through his travels, he learnt of rumours of a faraway land that stood in the cold wind and snow. A land of mythical creatures and mighty warriors. He also heard of a legend, the Dragonborn. Finding peace at the heat of battle, Kratos heads for the north in search of the legendary hero, his spartan blood willing him to grow even stronger. And on this day, the man, the legend Kratos, will find a new purpose in the lands of Skyrim GoW III overture ost insertion only remaked in a softer calmer tune

  • Demitrium

    Me on Father's Day:steps out of shadows"I am hungry."ominous Gregorian chanting

  • Sawyer

    Am i the only one who does not like this the last of us-like gameplay of God of war ?

  • Caleb Crozier

    Wait. The giant said Valhalla. Does that mean Kratos is gonna murder all the Norse gods now?

  • Micahpeters000

    All I know about this game is what I've seen in this video, and I'm guessing that this isn't about Kratos. If you notice, when the boy found tracks, it said "tracking +50". When the boy shot the arrow, it said "archery +50". Kratos was teaching the kid. I'm guessing we'll play the game as Kratos for a little bit but then he'll be killed off and then the boy will go on a huge vengeance quest or something. But that's just a theory... a GAME THEORY

  • Z Z

    The best thing they have done is that karatos has a son not a daughter, I'm getting tired of overpowered female protagonist

  • Johnny [H]ouse MD

    i will miss TC Carson.

  • branden neves

    Now hes gonna kill all of Norse Mythology ? please...

  • Mason Hoffman

    I came here because Kratos has a beard.

  • Gil Maru

    I really hope the boy grows up and we get a game series with him as a main protagonist and some actual story in them.

  • NoMad

    I am not a fan of the franchise.But this one has story for once, and an overall Tomb Raider-esque feel. Sooooo I'm going to get it, lol.Assuming it's not yet another console exclusive.

  • AkisZikosW

    the elder god of wars

  • Aabir Basu

    so no more sexy times this year?

  • YCT

    "Do not be sorry, be better" -Kratos 2016

  • Steve Marth

    Out of any Video game or Any movie Kratos is by far my most favorite character ever. He is just bad ass and one day soon i hope to get a God of War movie. Kratos is back!

  • BallsToWalls

    Bethesda take notes, this is how we want TES VI to be, fight vs a random ogre was more exciting then fight vs Alduin or Miraak. We want a badass protagonist which can actually show his gift from the gods by having superhuman strength/durability/crazy magic etc... you are the chosen one afterall, not a barbarian who can swing sword and yell his lungs out. P.S. I still love you Todd

  • Gonzo Price

    God of War? More like DAD OF WAR hahahhahahahha

  • Παναγιώτης Καφαταρίδης

    Proper Title. God of the Uncharted Soul of the Dark Witcher: The Far Cry of the Tomb raider.

  • Pixie Flames

    pc no? of couse not....

  • Nailoth

    Funny thing if that is little Odin and he will start the Norse pantheon XD oh kartos my old friend

  • LEEboneisDaMan

    So... he traded in one of coolest and most iconic weapons in gaming... for an axe? sounds great -.-

  • Jean Hernandez

    the Nordic gods have no idea who face, he is Kratos ,he is the ghost of Sparta, he is God of War...tan tan tatatan amazing voice of the character´s Kratos

  • AMG&B

    "Be calm" - KratosI'm done 😂😂😂😂

  • Lord Fabulous

    > Launch video.> See "only on PS" sign.> Close video.

  • Isaac Martinez

    Camera angles and graphics are amazeballs

  • ignorance is bliss.


  • osama roum

    god of war+the last of us = THE LAST OF GODS

  • Zachary Rodriguez

    I nominate Kratos for Father Of The Year!

  • Drxppvv Is Nvmb

    best god of war game in history. this is going to the in the hall of games

  • SteveWin

    who else thought that it looked just a little bit like skyrim at first

  • los compadres

    Vas a cagar Odinatt. Barbakahn

  • BlazBomber Ex Kamen

    Zeus killed Chronos, Kratos killed Zeus, Kratos boy kill....You do the math

  • Temp3st60

    anyone else find a Spartan fighting Norse gods to be a bit random

  • Romeo Serati

    1:49 thats a big ass deer lol

  • Layla Logan

    Logan- x23jole- elliekratos- his son wow I guess this is dad year for me

  • Zion

    So is he gonna fight Thor and Loki lol

  • sistla sandesh

    best graphics ever seen in video game history

  • Someone Not Special

    What happened to hunting GODS?! Now he's hunting deer? XDBefore: Kratos: I'M HUNGRY. I MUST HUNT MEDUSA AND EAT HER HEAD TO STONE PEOPLE WITH MY BREATH!Now: Kratos: I'M HUNGRY. I MUST tell some kid to hunt deer for me. .-.

  • The Veneficus

    To be honest when it comes down to Kratos vs Thor I have no idea what I'm gonna root for?

  • VohnExel

    So that's where Pewdiepie's beard went

  • A Google User


  • Qirin Ezra

    Mr Rage seems more... Calm

  • Lord Rixuel

    *Kratos appears**AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!**

  • Axel Axler

    aa, last boss of this series will be jesus christ i guess.

  • Tom Juraszek

    I just imagined the Dragon stealing the stag XD

  • Pitied SheepYT

    that "deer" was a elk but they are part of the deer family. just sharing my realism of things so dont hate

  • Colonel Grande

    6:41 Doesn't that thing remind you of the titans in Attack on Titan?

  • kailash thejaa

    it might be his memories.......


    This just made me want a ps4 and throw my xbox one in the trash

  • TheGamingKid275

    Finally a good god of war game

  • king snipes

    this is definitely game of the year material

  • medi kibambe

    Why was god of war never like this

  • Soy La Nochi

    i don't know..... there's Kratos, he has a son(wich it's not a surprise after all the women he fucked in the past) he's teaching how to hunt... knowledge and archery stats?.... something tells me that Kratos will not be the main character this time.... his son will be.... maybe it's just an opening scene or introduction of the game... i can't wait to see what happens...

  • daniel barlow

    i kinda like the hack and slash style the old games did but this will do

  • Mighty Allfucker

    Is it game about American boi and Greek god ?

  • Kevin Fuk

    There's too many remakes and reboots and not even a damn sequel.

  • tahi laci

    This son teaching seems like an unexpectedly good concept.

  • Kawaii Leonard

    Love this. A new direction to a stale franchise.

  • Goharjio Nico

    5:29 my reaction when i get a high ping/ms

  • Sam Wilson

    The Great Game of The God of War 2k17.

  • Sam Wilson

    Awesome game in the world

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