Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 4)

Skyrim is game not lacking in activities to partake in. However, even six years later The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is so abundant with things to do, many of us may have never learned about some of them. So today we’ll be taking a look at another five things you didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • K.G. Donathan

    I thought "mini waterfalls" were called Rapids.

  • The5armdamput33

    Did you hear about those warriors from Hammerfell?

  • jawrabbit

    guys did you know skyrim is a large game

  • Dominic Blondeau

    Like if you still play Skyrim.


    did you know you could murder people to death?

  • jawrabbit

    we should change the dark brotherhoods name to the murder people to death factionedit damn i got hella likes

  • Strange Emo child

    I stole a piece of bread in front of Vex once and she said "you couldve just asked." I'm like NO I COULDNT THATS NOT A DIALOG OPTION! 😂

  • Jesse H.

    NATE. Hello again. Its me, that one guy who keeps nagging you about relatively minor pronunciation errors in your videos!!I hope you know I complain because I care. If your content wasn't worth improving upon, I wouldn't bother - but IT IS.I just wanted to drop a line on your newest video to say, hey, there are no pronunciation problems with this one! Well done, good sir.And as always, love your entertaining content!

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    I don't know if you've mentioned this already, but during the quest 'In My Time of Need', before talking to Saadia, you can go talk to Amren's wife, Saffir, which unlocks a unique piece of dialogue that has no effect to the quest.

  • I Really Care Don't U

    Of course you can steal from the Thieves Guild. What are they going to say? "Stop, thief! ...oh wait."

  • Clouded Kitten

    Salmon is not useless. My elf is quite the fisherman and enjoys dining on the freshest seafood in Skyrim.It's the little things.

  • jawrabbit

    well everyone's arguing about where in oblivion the direction of the sun is on tes6 teaser we can gather around and watch a good skyrim video. i love the vids nate

  • Jason H

    If you leave one Skeever alive, it’ll turn passive and just wander round the basement.

  • Jaxx

    Don’t you just hate when you used to be an adventurer but then you take a murdered to death to the knee

  • Khajiit

    Khajiit was thinking about Nate !

  • OreoSpeedwagon

    If you go to Steamcrag Camp and look at the signpost on the road, there is a notice attached to it advising people not to harass, gawk at, or generally mess with the giants there.

  • Captain Gaming

    1:00 No Nate, it does that in three different factions... THE ORC STRONGHOLDS! lol i'm not mad

  • John

    5:40 cant u fus ro dah lakes as well to get the eggs?

  • Jayz grouse

    I was playing Skyrim yesterday and had started a new save, I was wearing full Stormcloak gear and I went to Riften (which was currently under Imperial rule since the Stormcloaks took Markarth) one of the guards walks up to me and asks me why I'm wearing the armor of a traitor, responded with I'm a proud supporter of Ulfric Stormcloak, the guards instantly became hostile.Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Ghiron

    Skyrim: 5 Things you almost definitely knew you could do, but here's another part that we're all gonna watch cuz' we all know we're obsessed with Skyrim and watching Nate's videos

  • Derp Lord

    when i first built the cellar i got a skiver infestation not 15 seconds after building it

  • EJ Downs

    I have played a total of 1,062 hours of Skyrim, including OG and SE. That is 44 (and a quarter) entire 24 hour days. I had absolutely NO idea that salmon roe even EXISTED in the game, and I got the Hearthfire DLC as soon as it came out. The amount of detail in this game is insane, and I can't wait until ES6.

  • Barbados919

    One thing you didn’t know you could do is rerelease it 12 times. I counted, 12 times. The original release for Xbox 360, ps3, and pc.Then the legendary edition for all three, making six so far.Then the special edition for all three, making it now 9.Then Skyrim for the Switch, ps4 VR, and pc VR, making a grand total of 12 different The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. At least Godd Howard has told us they are working on TES6, so there is hope.

  • WarDoctor42

    Nate's gonna go crazy when VI releases, since there will be MANY things we may not have known

  • Kto prochital, tot loh

    1. The same thing appears to the orc strongholds.

  • Mollof

    You have included sammon roe in like 4 videos now.

  • Alton Rodgers

    How Nate how do you keep finding stuff

  • Gracjan Kilian

    When life give you lemons, murder someone to death

  • SpartanHighKing14

    Do you go to the cloud district very often? I know you read that in Nazeem's voice

  • shadowdragonomega

    I got the skeever invasion in a fully furnished callar (no mods). Is thi a bug or is the unfurnished requirement just wrong?

  • Never Mind

    Never thought "thieves" don't mind you stealing from them, hats off :D

  • alexander joy

    Just use forstbite spell on the waterfall and salmon will die while dropping their roe.

  • Tehya Lmao

    I watched a 2 min ad for you papi nate 😚😚😚😩😩😩

  • Otaku Sempai

    First 'murder to death' now 'mini waterfall' sigh...nate

  • Kim Miner

    In the beginning of the game, you can befriend Faendal by exposing Sven's letter to Camilla. Sven is useless, but Faendal teaches archery. Once he follows you, take his key, clear out his home of all his belongings and have him teach you archery for a lump sum. Click on him to trade items, remove the money you gave him and repeat. You can level up quickly in archery using this loop, and it is a useful way to level up when you start a new character.

  • MStar98

    ah yes this is the content we want, NOT fallout!

  • Frank James

    “When life gives you lemons, don’t ask any questions.”-TheEpicNate315

  • Kaitlyn Buck

    Could someone please tell me what that house is at number 3? Is it a mod or is it an actual house you can build?

  • James Parker

    As you probably already know when you run across a stray dog in the wild you can get them to follow you if you help them in combat or heal their wounds. Sometimes that isn't a option though, because they aren't in combat or wounded. What you probably didn't know is if that is the case is you can get them to follow you by using the animal allegiance shout.

  • Big Blue

    One thing I'd love to know is why is the crappy iron weapons in Skyrim. Once our ancestors got steel iron weapon stopped being made.

  • Mors Moon-Dancer

    Here;s a theory on the moonstone for anyone who is curious-Moonstone is believed by Pagans (Norse/Celtic Pagans that is) to have ties to moon and her goddesses as well as elves and dwarves. The reasons why these is important are because 1- Elves (light and dark) are very important to Norse Pagans. 2- The festivals and rituals held by Pagans from all branches of the culture are timed with the full moon, as it was believed to strengthen their spells and control the meaning of them. So, if I had to guess, seeing as to how the Midden JUST so happens to be under a place where magi practice and learn their spells, and that the game Skyrim JUST so happens to be strongly based on Norse culture, it can be concluded that the moonstone was stored away for spellcasting, was kept there to empower the spells of students or was put there for protection, as elves in the old Norse Paganism were believed to guards homes and help spells become more effective.Enjoy that useless bit of knowledge EHEH

  • vitor Mão de Vaca

    "They Grant you 60 seconds of wather breathing"Well ,i'm a argonian,so that's useless for meStill cool tho

  • Demon Spitter

    I once stole from the Thief's Guild and I was confronted by a member and had to pay up.

  • stalin wannabe

    3 years from now skyrim will be 10 years old.... feel old yet?

  • Mitchell llehctiM

    Its not true about the rats if you dont have furniture , its just a standard thing i think i had funiture and still they came in my cellar.

  • Saw Dagon

    the 5th one seems a bit out of place for this video tbhit kinda murdered the list to death

  • ✓ueet✓

    All jokes aside can someone give Nate a medal for being able to find all these...

  • Johny40Se7en

    Quite interesting but I've got no need for silly water breathing potions, my character's an Argonian =P

  • Noble Williams

    Mix Salmon Roe, Histcarp, and Wheat for a potion worth about 2500 gold

  • Brooke Horne

    I’m so happy we still have some people who play Skyrim! :D

  • Sunquad

    Rayya: there are some beast in the basementMe: -__ -

  • Eddjie

    Did you know the Orc strongholds also have their own bounty system

  • Gary Laws

    I miss the mammoths and the song you used to put at the end of every video.

  • George P

    If you fus ro da a salmon anywhere but not at a waterfall you can get salmon roe

  • wingtale

    so you're telling me that i have been sneaking around the ragged flagon to steal stuff for no reason?! .... god damnit

  • ToxZik

    Not sure if you or anyone knows this one, but there's an interaction I found between very specific spells and various objects in Skyrim. What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example. If you go to Riverwood you should notice an empty wheelbarrow by Alvor's blacksmith shop (NOT the one filled with cabbages but the one that you can actually move by walking into it), you can use the "Sparks" spell that you get during the helgen escape, and actually make the wheelbarrow go flying. This will ONLY work with Lightning-based spells, fire and ice magic have no effect. You can preform this same interaction with a dead dragon's skeleton, and the "Firebolt" spell. If you have the "Dual-Casting" perk in the destruction tree and dual cast firebolt you can actually send the dragon skeletion flying even farther. This interaction ONLY working with Firebolt as far as I know. Whether this was a bug that Bethesda decided to leave in the game or intentional I can't really say. I found this out by accident one day and found it absolutely hilarious. If you could feature this interaction in your next video (and maybe even credit me for it ; ) ) I would LOVE to see you do this.

  • Noodle Junky

    The orc strongholds also are their own holds, robbing from dushkin' yal would carry on over to largashbur etc. and they will attempt to apprehend you. If you pay it off in largashbur, you will no longer have bounty in dushkin'yal. At the top it will say the amount of bounty added to tribal orcs

  • David Overman

    man now i wanna play skyrim again one more time! lol

  • IverJosJQ

    About the Slamon Roe thingy, you can also use dragon shouts on slamons that are just swimming to kill them, and they'll also give slamon roe.

  • Pyro Master

    The first one is false. Well, it is and isn't. There is one more faction: Commander Maro's team. I found this out when trying to kill his friend for his armor. Can people try and get Nate to see this?Edit: If you want to try for yourself, kill Astrid and tell a guard. When you go tell Maro about her death, attack him/his friend and read the top left corner of your screen.

  • Kari Wilson

    The Lakeview home spawns salmon roe in the furnished kitchen every eight or so in-game days.

  • Waffleiron74

    minor spoilers ahead on one of my playthroughs I stole an apple pie from the companions like right after I joined the group, from right behind Kodlak. I got through most of the questline, all the way up to interacting with his ghost, and Kodlak's ghost demanded I settle my debt and made me pay him like 15 gold before continuing with the quest. I still have a save from right before I talked to him...

  • Yo Daeron

    Clicked and expected stuff I had seen in 300 other videos, was surprised to see that I didn't actually know any of these things. Not disappointed.

  • Thunder Basilisk

    You can also get salmon roe by using the full unrelenting force shout on any salmon in the water.

  • Randy Hammack

    You can find salmon roe in your kitchen if you build it. And it will respawn too

  • TheScottishJackSparrow

    The first time I went to winter hold in the water to join the stormcloaks I saw a red dot in the compass in the water , saw a tipped trees roots in the distance and thought there was a kraken in Skyrim

  • SalusFuturistics

    Orc Tribes have their own Faction too for Bounty

  • Isobel Price

    what is the hearthfire home you featured in this video? is it from the dlc itself or is it from a mod? it’s so beautiful:)

  • Mehmet Karahaner

    Can you do something about orcs

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