Dawnguard (Skyrim) - Showcasing New Spells!

I apologize for the low volume of my voice, I'll be sure to fix it next time. I'd also like to say that the reason that I did not show these spells in combat is because the summons would be weak regardless since I am level 65ish, and the same goes for the Restoration spells.

Showcasing some of the new spells included in Dawnguard, specifically:

-Conjure Boneman
-Conjure Mistman
-Conjure Wrathman
-Summon Arvak

-Sun Fire
-Stendarr's Aura
-Vampire's Bane
  • Super Master Of The Obvious 4

    restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic

  • MommyPlays Games

    Ehhmm...How did you get The "Stendarr's Aura"??

  • BreezeBender


  • TotallyNotAChildToucher

    Imagine this, bound armor.

  • ZaneTCN

    It would be nice if they showed us where to get theme

  • maruclout

    I choked on my Pepsi when I I saw that horse

  • LightningBlaze100

    Why not also show off the spells you get with being a vampire?

  • Thirsty Miran

    where can i get the resturation spells from dawnguard

  • Joshua Petite

    If you were a vampire then how did u purchase that

  • xDatBeastTreyx

    If you have dawnguard you wont get attacked as a vampire even in level 4

  • JokermanXYZ

    Atro, which do you prefer Dremora Lord or Wrathman?

  • NinjaHoodie2

    I like the gloves where u get them

  • vitaminaninja

    no this is spell is old

  • guitar19jeu

    ice spear isn't a new spell

  • Anonymouse07

    Neither they attack you on sight if your a vampire, if your cured then the do nothing.

  • Ctthulhu

    Doesn't Isran send you to cure yourself?

  • Spencer Sproul

    Something thats pretty stupid is if your a vampire and cure yourself, they won't let you back into the dawnguard

  • kingj0n

    I don't understand why you find it weird.... That's pretty normal. Hopefully, by now, you realized that fact.

  • TheShnookaboo

    How did you make your character look like that It's awesome!

  • DLiXRe

    Hey guys I don't know if you've noticed but if you dual cast Stendorr's Aura and then you transform into a werewolf the effect stays on you and its pretty cool looking because the aura vanishes and your fur glows.

  • Bringing the propane -

    I'm not sure it works that way...

  • Mark Casey

    You can just start the "Kill the Dawnguard" quest and use vampire's seduction on the mage who sells them.

  • zzNPSzz

    If your a vampire no but if you join the dawnguard instead you can get them. So you would have to create a new character if you are already a vampire.

  • connor shortall

    why cant u shoe us where they are

  • travon johnson

    Dammit I can't get the new restoration spells. Is there another way?

  • Jacob v

    I thought for a second you said conjure rapeman ( 1:24 )

  • jokamutta

    How did you get these spells if you are a vampire ?

  • Anonymouse07

    Demonflud it's ancient calmer armor you can find a pair during the dawnguard questline during the quest "Touching the sky" you will fight a guy wearing it

  • TheAbyssWalker

    the dremora summon has a fire deadric sword remember so: damage: wins dremora health: wins wrathman awesomness: wins wrathman

  • Arthur Morgan

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me what happens whit volkihars castle if you side with dawnguard??? i mean can you still use it as a home???

  • Roople

    Did you use mods to make you characters face?

  • Ryan Robinson

    @GoldenGoose1039 it's the one you get at the end of dawngaurd (sorry, can't remember the name)

  • Misdreamer

    You can still get the restoration spell during the quest "Destroying the Dawnguard" using a spell to calm those who sell them ;D

  • maryam rahimi

    Ancient Falmer Armor you receive it before you get Auriels Bow

  • Burger

    U forgot necromantic healing

  • Morrigan

    ........ I WANT THAT HORSE. OH MY GOD--

  • Lucas Skyrim

    what armor are u wearing

  • shane newmyer

    but the deadric swords are encanted

  • Bret Mitchell

    What Armour Is that??!!

  • Andrew herbst

    I was thinking the same thing about a bound shield, that would be sweet!

  • The Grey Wolf

    I find it weird the dawnguard spells are in restoration when they should be in destruction since they technically fall under that category

  • DesertSmeagle

    should have added a bound sheild

  • Angel Manuel A. Z.

    yeah bro your character looks great, what's the name of the armor??? or where can i get it ?

  • Bubba Jay

    Now on Dawnguard you can be a true Paladin with those

  • Madmanmarvv

    did you use mods to make you character look like that?

  • KingWhoShallReturn

    okay, don't mean to be a troll or anything XD but I did some more research, and testing after playing Dawnguard on PC, and based on everything I've found in game and on the Elder Scrolls wiki, which has stated that the Undead summons go under the Necro perks for weeks without being edited, I have come to a FINAL conclusion that Conjure Boneman/Mistman/Wrathman go under necro, not atro despite being summoned. Don't mean to be an ass about this, just trying to make your awesome vid even better :)

  • Hunter Baker

    Level 100 Conjuration

  • That one guy that doesn't upload cuz this is his old account

    hpw do you conjure them all without the 1st dissapearing?

  • Brooke Richards

    Where do u get all those spells?

  • Brooke Richards

    Where do u find these spells?

  • TehTheFace

    looks almost like mine except ima male

  • Atroization

    You are incorrect. Try to verify things before stating them, that's how misinformation happens. The coding places them underneath the Atronach side of things. On top of this, they are summoned, not raised, and so would naturally be on the Atronach side.

  • KingWhoShallReturn

    I'll be totally honest, my most reputable source is the internet. I've had no experience with Dawnguard personally because PS3 blah blah blah. If I were to back it up without that, my only defense would be that, in game, the Soul Cairn is said to be the home of the Ideal Master's, who give spells to Necromancers to summon Undead as one would summon a Daedra. Forgive me if I'm incorrect.

  • Atroization

    What's your source for that? My testing has shown the opposite.

  • KingWhoShallReturn

    They're affected by the Necro perks.

  • willian cavallari

    Sorry but you are wrong. Although the animation is similar to daedra summon, these spells are under the necromancy path. I will not put down reference but go look for it if you want to. And it would otherwise be a huge fail from bethesda if they put the so said "ultimate" necromancy spells under the atronarch tree.

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