Top 15 Open World games like Skyrim

Best games like Skyrim - Top 15! 2018 version! Elder Scrolls VI is somewhere around the corner, so while you wait – check this list of best open word RPG games like Skyrim!

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Review is definitely different and more original than you are used, so give it a chance if you're just here to read the list :) Thanks!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Gothic 3
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Red Dead Redemption
Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Dragon Age Inquisition
Risen 3: Titan Lords
Fable Anniversary
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Might & Magic series
Dragon's Dogma
Fallout New Vegas
Divinity 2

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  • ColdBeerHD

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  • Matuch 86

    This list of games convinced me about one simple truth...nothing is like Skyrim :D

  • Who The Hell Is Harvy

    "Goblins steal vodka".SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME!!Set in the dark, gruesome, ugly, deprived lands of Birmingham UK.

  • Dreez76

    The developers for Kingdom's of Amalur went bankrupt because the people who promised to support them with money, pulled out.Great game tho, highly recommended.

  • Rey Valdes

    How tf you go bankrupt with KoA? That game was amazing! People are so obsessed with stupid graphics nowadays they fail to enjoy many amazing rpg games because of it.

  • Petite Gamer Girl xoxox

    Gothic 3 with latest patches is an absolutely fantastic game

  • Laser kitten

    Any of the Witcher games are pretty good, the Witcher 3 is the most polished and has the best gameplay, but I really enjoyed 1 and 2, all the same.

  • Akhil V Nair

    i really enjoyed wicher 3 and dragon age inq.

  • Midnight Mercy

    I was so glad to see Dragon's Dogma on here. Almost nobody around where I live has even heard of it and those who have said they didn't like it just because of it's difficulty in the beginning.

  • Kit Cat

    My top 3 good open world games like Skyrim would be1. Witcher 32. Oblivion 3. Dragons Dogma

  • Der Erzähler

    I love you for putting divinity 2 there.

  • Sam Stocker

    Games like Skyrim:Skyrim Legendary EditionSkyrim Special EditionSkyrim Nintendo Switch EditionSkyrim VR

  • Kim Taewoo

    The vodka comparison cracks me up LOL.

  • Britonbear

    The best game like Skyrim is a heavily modded Skyrim. I'd recommend Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim pack. Of course you have to be a member of the Master Race.

  • Shari MacNeill

    Yay for the shout out to Might and Magic!

  • Tomislav Gorup

    I am from Croatia and here we drink RAKIJA :) Cheers!

  • ShootingStar

    Kudos for mentioning New Vegas, even if it's set in a future post apocalyptic Earth. There, go have yourself some romanian vodka :D

  • Merk123

    Amazing! *starts playing Skyrim forever

  • freakjob0

    Thumbs up for Might & Magic!

  • Retro Robbie

    glad I discovered your channel.

  • Rand-Tor {Tim Mungin}

    Golblins Steal Vodka.......You know?.....That just might fly!

  • Mark Firestorm

    You should have just said "good RPG's" or something....a lot of these are NOTHING like Skyrim

  • Oscar Giacoman

    i can play dragon age inquisition i love it and fallout 4 but i tried kingdom come and got 4 fps in the lowest settings way to demanding

  • ayf1983

    You're right. I'm waiting on sales for these titles. My gripe with most of these are they are too focused on combat, realistic combat etc. I didn't play Skyrim for the combat. I like it for the exploration and open world. I don't care if my character is holding the sword right or moving the right way.

  • Lazarus K.

    my favorit games are dragon dogma- dark arisen, the elder scrolls 5 - skyrim and two worlds 2

  • my fourth first try

    kingdom come deliverance... bug and glitch capital !! but I love this guys sense of humor.Sorry to say nothing can match skyrim.

  • Uncle Chubby

    most entertaining thing ive seen in a while. thank you

  • Queef Queen

    DONT GET RISEN 3 ON PS4!!! The end mission is glitched and you’ll never finish

  • Paul Celino

    Nice accent you have, 🍺🍻,

  • Zedd Legion

    LMAO 😂 this was really funny. Nice 👍 job buddy!!!

  • Stephen Molzer

    This was seriously one of the best "list" videos I've ever seen. I've played most of these recently and with the exception of a couple titles, I think you crushed it.

  • Elyssa Bradford

    This is the first of your videos I’ve watched, and you earned yourself a subscriber. Entertaining AND helpful! :)

  • Carly Riding

    I played Might & Magic 7 multiple times, I LOVE that game. I played it recently and still enjoyed it very much.

  • Duke of Walls

    I have a ps3 hdd with level 70 character, tons of loot, Dragon armor, Dragon weapons, maxxed out skills and MANY created weapons with damage and value in the millions. NO mods and I can't access it because the ps3 is broke. Backup your game save data!

  • Kto-to Neizvestnyy

    > games like Skyrim> Fallout NV

  • Joe Felony

    1. Witcher 32. Horizon Zero Dawn3. Shadow of War

  • Caskas

    Love the humor! Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Rishabh Sarangi

    subscribed because of the amazing humour

  • Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu

    Already subscribed to the channel and I just love it 🤣😍💖🔥🐉

  • Mr Rnigah

    the definition of "like skyrim" medival rpg .

  • CubeMatrix Gaming

    Dude! I love your narration! Good work! Subscribed. ;)

  • Skipper

    Kingdom Come is a great game as of recent updates, it really is.

  • Revenge

    Gothic 1 & 2 are better than 3 and Risen 1 is better than 2 & 3Try them

  • George Merriken

    Loved KoA until I ran into the game ending glitch for me. Did the side quest “Her Righteous Fury” and lost the ability to fast travel. After that, just gave up and never went back. Really wanted to finish it but I don’t think it was ever patched.

  • OpticalGreen

    Great list! I would add the game "Arx Fatalis" to it. An old but wonderful atmospheric RPG with a very good and unique story.

  • Kurecore Kurecore

    Divinity 2 : Dragon Knight Saga !!! realy good game ,love the looting and crafting mechanics

  • Vordaq

    I've had Divinity 2 for a while but never really looked at it. Got it in a bundle with Divine Divinity, which that one played like just a really old version of Original Sin. I assumed they'd all be kind of the same. Guess I was wrong.

  • Anita G

    This is the funniest vid ever 🤣🤣🤣

  • How Big is the Map?

    What I love in open world games is the feeling of freedom!

  • Slcaineh Mierz

    Yeah you can put Dragon Age Inquisition and Gothic 3 into this list but they are the weakest and mostly worst representative for this genre.I bought Gothic 3 with release and even with todays modded version is still bad^^.Dragon Age Inquisition has a nice graphic but the story and the quest system is for me a no go. In every way a weak spot for this game.I prefer Gothic 2+addon or Risen much more then G3. And Electronic Arts Bioware has a bad run and that since a long time, like its main company Electronic Arts. Thats the problem that all bigger companys have when the marketing section is in lead and every focus is uppon it instead of the products. Sooner or later those companies will shatter. We had this already within the games market. Lets see when we get the next melt down.

  • chaosWyrM

    was disappointed to not see the two worlds games on here.two worlds 1 is very dated and really that good, but two worlds 2 is really good and has the best magic system ever devised in a video game. create your own spells that can do almost anything. it's great.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Of the 15, I already have 11, not including Skyrim.

  • Johnny Dotson

    Aside from Skyrim, there's really only 2 games on this list that have set a new standard in open world design and that isWitcher 3Zelda breath of the wild.

  • Κκ' Εε

    Like Skyrim ... Just play Fable 1 and enjoy👌

  • Benjamin Jakabfi

    9:25 - 9:42 my favorite part, thank you :D

  • ST7A Bad Karma

    Would love to see another Dragon's Dogma.

  • dragan07dm

    Serbian Vodka is the best Vodka in the world.

  • Adam Clark

    My dad loved Fable. I'm looking forward to playing it again in September :)

  • IceSkunk

    Dude I just found your channel and I think I love you xD Great video!

  • Sylver String

    7:55 I sub just because of this, well said mate, well said.

  • Deniel

    Latvian vodka is the best!

  • SlavicSteelboi

    At first I thought you were bullshiting with the Eastern European thing, but now, you're my favorite YouTuber. Love your stuff brate :)

  • Cory Norgrove

    Playing kingdoms of amalur reckoning right now it's pretty fun and dragons dogma is the best game you never played

  • Ride hook

    Gothic 1 and 2 are what got me into gaming

  • •Luna• x

    i’ve been looking for a video like this for so long yaaas 😭

  • Byita


  • Josh Clune

    kerbal space program music in background?

  • 1D6 wounds

    0:13 KCD, should probably mention the very open way in order to finish quests and the very unforgiving save system (if you don’t use mods). Very good game!

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