Top 15 Open World games like Skyrim

Best games like Skyrim - Top 15! 2018 version! Elder Scrolls VI is somewhere around the corner, so while you wait – check this list of best open word RPG games like Skyrim!

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Review is definitely different and more original than you are used, so give it a chance if you're just here to read the list :) Thanks!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Gothic 3
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Red Dead Redemption
Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Dragon Age Inquisition
Risen 3: Titan Lords
Fable Anniversary
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Might & Magic series
Dragon's Dogma
Fallout New Vegas
Divinity 2

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  • Harvy355

    "Goblins steal vodka".SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME!!Set in the dark, gruesome, ugly, deprived lands of Birmingham UK.

  • Rey Rey

    How tf you go bankrupt with KoA? That game was amazing! People are so obsessed with stupid graphics nowadays they fail to enjoy many amazing rpg games because of it.

  • Matuch 86

    This list of games convinced me about one simple truth...nothing is like Skyrim :D

  • Britonbear

    The best game like Skyrim is a heavily modded Skyrim. I'd recommend Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim pack. Of course you have to be a member of the Master Race.

  • I have a small dick but

    Gothic 3 with latest patches is an absolutely fantastic game

  • Laser kitten

    Any of the Witcher games are pretty good, the Witcher 3 is the most polished and has the best gameplay, but I really enjoyed 1 and 2, all the same.

  • Dreez76

    The developers for Kingdom's of Amalur went bankrupt because the people who promised to support them with money, pulled out.Great game tho, highly recommended.

  • Midnight Wolfie

    I was so glad to see Dragon's Dogma on here. Almost nobody around where I live has even heard of it and those who have said they didn't like it just because of it's difficulty in the beginning.

  • Thom Magnusson

    Still havent found a replacement of Skyrim and Fallout 4. All new games think the only way they can compete is by adding realistic combat or hard as hell content. All I want is a massive world to loose myself in. No need to be especially hard

  • Akhil V Nair

    i really enjoyed wicher 3 and dragon age inq.

  • Polecat54941

    very funny narration :)

  • Παζαρκια Σιτι

    Gothic 1-2-3 Best RPGs EVER along with Fallout 3-NV

  • Tomislav Gorup

    I am from Croatia and here we drink RAKIJA :) Cheers!

  • Cube Matrix

    Dude! I love your narration! Good work! Subscribed. ;)

  • Rishabh Sarangi

    subscribed because of the amazing humour

  • shred5

    Witcher 3 is the best game mentioned in this video hands down (inc Skyrim) -- but if you're a roleplayer, it might not be for you as you play as Geralt and there's strong character development.

  • TheChazas

    Gothic 1/2 and Morrowind.

  • Rhsims

    Good list. I already have all these games though. ;_; Two Worlds II is another one, but it apparently sucks. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet though.

  • Der Erzähler

    I love you for putting divinity 2 there.

  • Deer Sea

    after seeing 1:08 i left for an hour to watch random vids of seagal eating carrots, dancing with chechens and playing guitar. i'm back now.

  • Trublaze420

    Lol really enjoyed the commentary, I'd add Fallout 4, Farcry 4 and Dying light:The following

  • Adalard Richter

    This should be "15 games like The Witcher 3"

  • freakjob0

    Thumbs up for Might & Magic!

  • AKMemez

    Skyrim will always have a very special place in my heart

  • edwin11373

    Dragon's Dogma is surprisingly GOOD! A very underrated game.

  • Kim Taewoo

    The vodka comparison cracks me up LOL.

  • drsoto

    Absolutaly dark souls is the best. 1-2-3 every one of them legendery

  • Benjamin Jakabfi

    9:25 - 9:42 my favorite part, thank you :D

  • Zedd Legion

    LMAO 😂 this was really funny. Nice 👍 job buddy!!!

  • Haokai The Rogue

    Ka:reckoning is so ez to beat at max diff

  • Rafał YaR

    Divinity 2 reminds me of Drakan, an old epic game with flying on dragon

  • Jacob Meeks

    kingdom come deliverance... bug and glitch capital !! but I love this guys sense of humor.Sorry to say nothing can match skyrim.

  • Vordaq

    I've had Divinity 2 for a while but never really looked at it. Got it in a bundle with Divine Divinity, which that one played like just a really old version of Original Sin. I assumed they'd all be kind of the same. Guess I was wrong.

  • Zuleo Amen Ethreo Ra

    Kingdom of Amalur company went bankcrupt?... damn... poor them... KOA is one of the best action RPG ive ever played... never have thought their company went down... i sure hope for KOA 2... damn why does every good game i played... their company went backrupt? Commandos 2... Titan Quest... and now Amalur... sobI guess maybe Half-Life 3 wasnt come out is because of me... :PAssassins Creed 1 is my favorite too... but they change so many shit to please the mainstream people so they wont go backrupt... i guess if it stays the way i want theyll went backrupt too...Fallout 4 needs a long time to be released after fallout 3 & skyrim probably maybe because me too as i played Fo3 and Skyrim... so they struggle and after Fo4... i cannot play because of my pc low specs... and now they release even more games as are free from the curse.. haha lol

  • •Luna• x

    i’ve been looking for a video like this for so long yaaas 😭

  • Whiskyneverbourbon

    Goblins steal vodka?! EPIC!!!!

  • RollinRoy

    such humors.. very up emoji flies through space)

  • Kurecore Kurecore

    Divinity 2 : Dragon Knight Saga !!! realy good game ,love the looting and crafting mechanics

  • Peter Tremblay

    Hilarious and you gain a subscriber mate!

  • Mr Rman

    the definition of "like skyrim" medival rpg .

  • Lazarus K.

    my favorit games are dragon dogma- dark arisen, the elder scrolls 5 - skyrim and two worlds 2

  • You cant handle my name!

    best part about skyrim that no other game has been able to replicate is the sheer freedom you have. you can be a vampire, a werewolf, be a mage, archer, assasin, or a warrior, and you can be a hero of justice that defends the weak or you can be the greatest demon the world has ever seen and wipe out 90 percent of the provinces population. and thats just base game. with mods you can change the game nearly to the core and add almost anything you could imagin if you have the skills.we need more games like this because if you ask me freedom is the strongest aspect gaming has to offer but it is also one of the most underutilized aspects that developers take advantage of.

  • Alfredas Narkus

    When you say "Čekia" i was like "Wait you lithuanian?". Good video by the way. Ir geros naujų video gamybos.

  • Jeremy Hess

    Also I don't think at the time of recording some of these games like kingdom of amular or Divinity 2 where available on the newer systems but I do know they are backwards compatible on the Xbox 1 now.

  • ShootingStar

    Kudos for mentioning New Vegas, even if it's set in a future post apocalyptic Earth. There, go have yourself some romanian vodka :D

  • MARSE pretty funny my guy. I subbed

  • Rolf Oland

    Love your accent and humour! Good video😊

  • Great Bullet

    I playd Reckoning with an XBOX controller man this gameplay feels fluent and well rounded


    Am I ever so glad this video showed up in my recommends

  • Jin Tin

    Thank you for this list guy ! The way you described the games was short but great :) Lol now, i wanna try each one ! By the way you're so funny, and your accent is so cute, you made me laugh (astonishing!) and i love the part when you speak about the best vodka, that was hilarious! Subscribed !

  • Merk123

    Amazing! *starts playing Skyrim forever


    oh damn! gothic 3, that was unexpected but truly deserved.

  • dagda3000

    Thumbs up for mentioning Might & Magic. Started with M&M 3 (Isles of Terra).

  • loszhor

    Thanks for recommendations , Orange Blob!

  • Krayzie Stryker

    lol Goblins steal Vodka 19/10 Game of the century just do it !

  • Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu

    Already subscribed to the channel and I just love it 🤣😍💖🔥🐉

  • John Tucker

    This vodka man is funny.

  • Sylver String

    7:55 I sub just because of this, well said mate, well said.

  • Daniel Pérez

    You sound like Boris xD!Gothic 3 was the worse of the saga. But it's a great video mate!Opaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • B.Anantha Narayanan

    This guy forgot Dark souls trilogy to add.

  • K S G

    "That's why I divorced my wife"

  • catsintexas

    I like your video and that cool accent and voice you have. Its really good for character. I like the no nonsense and simple but good answers with a "gamers" view. Gave you a thumbs up.

  • Merryfistmas Yall

    I think you might be my new favorite YouTuber

  • Tegar Nalle

    trash game (Divinity) rubbish interaction movement 10:33

  • Zoddd God

    this dude is hilarious

  • Jack Lara

    Absolutely love your comments and sense of humor ! I am glad I was scrolling through youtube and somehow managed to find your channel, after watching the video it is a sin not to subscribe and eagerly wait for the following content of your creative mind . Keep up the great work !

  • Byte Size Thoughts

    Came for the game recommendations, stayed for jokes about a plumbers leaky pipe

  • otycyrrus

    Top 15 Open World games like Skyrim = Top 15 RPGs.

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