Top 15 Open World games like Skyrim

Best games like Skyrim - Top 15! 2018 version! Elder Scrolls VI is somewhere around the corner, so while you wait – check this list of best open word RPG games like Skyrim!

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Review is definitely different and more original than you are used, so give it a chance if you're just here to read the list :) Thanks!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Gothic 3
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Red Dead Redemption
Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Dragon Age Inquisition
Risen 3: Titan Lords
Fable Anniversary
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Might & Magic series
Dragon's Dogma
Fallout New Vegas
Divinity 2

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  • ColdBeerHD

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  • Harvy355

    "Goblins steal vodka".SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME!!Set in the dark, gruesome, ugly, deprived lands of Birmingham UK.

  • Matuch 86

    This list of games convinced me about one simple truth...nothing is like Skyrim :D

  • Rey Valdes

    How tf you go bankrupt with KoA? That game was amazing! People are so obsessed with stupid graphics nowadays they fail to enjoy many amazing rpg games because of it.

  • Dreez76

    The developers for Kingdom's of Amalur went bankrupt because the people who promised to support them with money, pulled out.Great game tho, highly recommended.

  • Patrik S.

    Gothic 3 with latest patches is an absolutely fantastic game

  • Kit Cat

    My top 3 good open world games like Skyrim would be1. Witcher 32. Oblivion 3. Dragons Dogma

  • Akhil V Nair

    i really enjoyed wicher 3 and dragon age inq.

  • ayf1983

    You're right. I'm waiting on sales for these titles. My gripe with most of these are they are too focused on combat, realistic combat etc. I didn't play Skyrim for the combat. I like it for the exploration and open world. I don't care if my character is holding the sword right or moving the right way.

  • Kim Taewoo

    The vodka comparison cracks me up LOL.

  • Midnight Wolfie

    I was so glad to see Dragon's Dogma on here. Almost nobody around where I live has even heard of it and those who have said they didn't like it just because of it's difficulty in the beginning.

  • Britonbear

    The best game like Skyrim is a heavily modded Skyrim. I'd recommend Belmont Boy's Ultimate Skyrim pack. Of course you have to be a member of the Master Race.

  • Rishabh Sarangi

    subscribed because of the amazing humour

  • Laser kitten

    Any of the Witcher games are pretty good, the Witcher 3 is the most polished and has the best gameplay, but I really enjoyed 1 and 2, all the same.

  • Dave F

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who still loves the old Might and Magic games!

  • NØ//ØNEゼロ2

    I recommend:Shadow Of Mordor/WarThe Witcher 3Zelda Breath Of The Wild

  • TheChazas

    Gothic 1/2 and Morrowind.

  • Tomislav Gorup

    I am from Croatia and here we drink RAKIJA :) Cheers!

  • Krayzie Stryker

    lol Goblins steal Vodka 19/10 Game of the century just do it !

  • Κκ' Εε

    Like Skyrim ... Just play Fable 1 and enjoy👌

  • Kristóf Kovács

    For some reason I hate every combat systems where you have to select your target...

  • Der Erzähler

    I love you for putting divinity 2 there.

  • Παζαρκια Σιτι

    Gothic 1-2-3 Best RPGs EVER along with Fallout 3-NV

  • Cube Matrix

    Dude! I love your narration! Good work! Subscribed. ;)

  • Gabriel Gawron

    > Top 15 Open World games like Skyrim> Middle-Earth: Shadow of WarPick one.

  • Trublaze420

    Lol really enjoyed the commentary, I'd add Fallout 4, Farcry 4 and Dying light:The following

  • Polecat54941

    very funny narration :)

  • Lazarus K.

    my favorit games are dragon dogma- dark arisen, the elder scrolls 5 - skyrim and two worlds 2

  • freakjob0

    Thumbs up for Might & Magic!



  • Deer Sea

    after seeing 1:08 i left for an hour to watch random vids of seagal eating carrots, dancing with chechens and playing guitar. i'm back now.

  • Joshua Terry

    I love this guys voice more than words can express!

  • luhental

    It's amazing how you can take us to a tour to Eastern Europe with a game recommendation video with your accent and the world view. Also M&M series are amazingly fun in 6 and 7 when you can fly in the sky and call Armageddon on the whole town...

  • M B

    Dude, love your personality, but, Croatia doesn't produce vodka, we make rakija!

  • M F

    Very funny guy, great sense of humor, cool video too :)

  • Whiskyneverbourbon

    Goblins steal vodka?! EPIC!!!!

  • Fantasy Is_Justice

    actually laughed twice during this. Potato salad and goblin steals vodka... oh wait.. 3 times.. also the who has the best vodka part. Instant sub. Thanks for the laughs and the cool video. x)

  • IceSkunk

    Dude I just found your channel and I think I love you xD Great video!

  • ShootingStar

    Kudos for mentioning New Vegas, even if it's set in a future post apocalyptic Earth. There, go have yourself some romanian vodka :D

  • Krownnar Bjornssön

    The best top I've seen. Balanced, with much, much humor and of course, Vodka. xD

  • Antonio Jara

    Dark Messiah are interesting too


    Am I ever so glad this video showed up in my recommends

  • Merryfistmas Yall

    I think you might be my new favorite YouTuber

  • Lux Astra

    I just subscribed, you're simply lovely and also you recommended Reckoning one of my favourite games ever! good job!

  • Basia Krol

    Hahhaha dude I love your sense of humor.

  • Rafał YaR

    Divinity 2 reminds me of Drakan, an old epic game with flying on dragon

  • SlavicSteelboi

    At first I thought you were bullshiting with the Eastern European thing, but now, you're my favorite YouTuber. Love your stuff brate :)

  • koschwarz

    You shouldn't waste potatos for making salad... you make more vodka!

  • Basic Technique 101

    Lololololol 😂😂😂😂😂. Your recommendations are great and this vid is hilarious.

  • Oscar Giacoman

    i can play dragon age inquisition i love it and fallout 4 but i tried kingdom come and got 4 fps in the lowest settings way to demanding

  • POOTIS13

    top 15 games like Skyrim, except they're either too old to look good and might as well just play morrowind or oblivion, they're not fantasy like RDR, or they won't run on my pc. I haven't watched the whole video, I'm just typing this comment cause I'm frustrated and I need to vent. You may kindly fuck off, but please have a nice day!

  • Michael Coffey

    Fun list thank you for the spotlight and the humor :)

  • A C

    DONT GET RISEN 3 ON PS4!!! The end mission is glitched and you’ll never finish

  • Yop Glo

    Good video, man! I enjoy your sense of humor.

  • drsoto

    Absolutaly dark souls is the best. 1-2-3 every one of them legendery

  • Wot Wot

    Kingdoms Amalur was written by my fav author, R.A. Salvatore who wrote the Dark Elf Trilogy and Neverwinter nights books. Too much cartoony graphics though I agree.

  • Rick Fern

    keep making videos please, informational and entertaining lmaoCanada makes the best vodka

  • Benjamin Jakabfi

    9:25 - 9:42 my favorite part, thank you :D

  • •Luna• x

    i’ve been looking for a video like this for so long yaaas 😭

  • Lobstter

    I loved the recommendations and the subtitles in portuguese. Too much!

  • Jacob Meeks

    kingdom come deliverance... bug and glitch capital !! but I love this guys sense of humor.Sorry to say nothing can match skyrim.

  • soendx

    i love your accent :D its so funny (positive) <3

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Of the 15, I already have 11, not including Skyrim.

  • B.Anantha Narayanan

    This guy forgot Dark souls trilogy to add.

  • Reilly Abrams

    Dude not being rude, but u kinda sound like sgwisskar from Metalocalypse, its kinda cool and funny

  • macole

    Might & Magic 7, one of the best RPGs I've ever played.

  • Paul Celino

    Nice accent you have, 🍺🍻,

  • Kurecore Kurecore

    Divinity 2 : Dragon Knight Saga !!! realy good game ,love the looting and crafting mechanics

  • Ride hook

    Gothic 1 and 2 are what got me into gaming

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