Impatience of a Saint Quest Saint Jiub

Collecting all 10 opus pages for Saint Jiub
  • John Kennely

    My suggestion is that you slow down and look at some landmarks to know where we are going. I could find the first 5 pages but I got lost after you went on the horse

  • ratam000

    Nobody remembers Jiub? From Morrowind? "Why are you shaking? Wake up. You were dreaming. What's your name?"

  • jordy mayno

    Hey, I really really new player at skyrim, how we can get more destruction or alteration magic? I just have the fire and healing

  • MochaTater

    GD I dont understand -_- I do well up until the 3 minute mark when he has found about half of the pages and then I continue the same route he does but all of the sudden I get lost. Like the areas he passes arent the same as the ones I pass... its really starting to irritate me cause I am following him down to a t but still it messes up I am even playing right now while watching this to make sure I'm doing it right. Am I the only one with this problem? Any suggestions?

  • Advent Seph

    dude you have NO idea how helpful this video was, like for real, fuck the soul cairn

  • GregariousGuy22

    I think I know how Jiub ended up in the Soul Cairn. When Jiub killed the Cliff Racers, the creatures were sent back to Oblivion, where many say they belong. It was thought that they would suffer in Oblivion... but they were wrong. The Cliff Racers spread across the realms of Oblivion. For every Cliff Racer killed by spell or Dremora's blade, two more popped up, annoying the Daedric Lords to no end. Enraged, they sought different means to rid themselves of this menace. All failed. Even the erratic and unflappable Sheogorath was exasperated with the creatures. Worst effected was Jyggalag, for the Cliff Racers were anathema to order. Merhunes Dagon and Azura were the least angry, Merhunes because he already planned to leave his realm and Azura because she saw how it would end. It is said that Mephala allowed her blade to be hidden in Whiterun as an attempt to escape the Cliff Racers herself. Eventually, it was Azura who sought out the one responsible. She went to Hermaeus Mora, enraged himself over the mess the Cliff Racers had made of Apocrypha, who informed her of Jiub, the one who had albeit unwittingly unleashed this unholy plague on them. Azura and Mora informed the others, and the Daedra planned together what to do. Each Daedric Prince had ideas for Jiub's punishment, but they couldn't agree on which of them could get revenge on him. In the end, they agreed to send Jiub to the Soul Cairn, and Mehrunes Dagon's plan provided the means. Dremora from every realm were sent to Cyrodil sent after Jiub, Mehrunes leading the charge due to the Oblivion Crisis. They cornered him in his home and used their soul gem. Thus was the vengeance of the Daedric Lords visited on the one who unleashed the Cliff Racers on them.

  • Das Bigglesworth

    This is a really uninventive mission. The one time you're in the afterworld you're out looking for scattered pages. What a dickbag.

  • Mike Crispin

    thanks mate, I had 9, couldn't find the last one. you rock.

  • Tammy Walker

    Omg. THANK YOU. Finally an easy to understand tutorial!

  • Raiken Xion

    And btw whats with the breathing? aint u got no stamina potions or atleast a few ales/meads?? Use ur whirlwind sprint shout.

  • Raiken Xion

    The two most tedious quests in Skyrim, Impatience of a Saint and No Stone unturned because after all the hard work the rewards are shitty.

  • Jake Mccallister

    Nice video got them pages pretty damn quickly had7/10 prior to watching still easy to follow directions basing off your compass :-)

  • Chase YaRightNotHappeningSorry

    I have the same problem. The land on my game has different landscapes. However, all the stones and tower's and pages and what not are in the same places, so try following the cardinal directions he takes. It worked for me.

  • Hassan Khan

    So this whole quest is just for some stupid book and necklace

  • lewis walsh

    the second page you find in this i tried to get it and a skeleton rose so i killed it obviously and its remains are on top of the page so i cant grab it, only bullshit like that could possibly happen to me its an amazing game but theres to much shite like that in it makes me not want to play the game again

  • Joshua Kinnaird

    @1:39 how are there 2 of the them

  • Joshua Kinnaird

    how did you find that building @0:35?

  • paul mason

    I really appreciate you having done this - I normally avoid walkthru's because the fun is in the play / discovery, however I've not played Skyrim for months because of this very mission and gave it another go this weekend and finally gave in! I'd got all but 2 pages (and the game doesn't tell you which pages you HAVE already got - and I'd not made a note).. Anyway, hurrah, so pleased :D

  • SonOfJoxer

    This was very helpful, thank you!

  • lookitscaleb

    This was honestly the only good walkthrough because you didnt cut out any parts

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