Ultimate Spider-Man: The Traitor Revealed

SPOILERS! In this scene from the June 12th episode, Spider-Man is betrayed by someone close to him.

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  • Papa Underwood

    "We aren't the Sinister Six, we are the Sinister Seven"Such creativity.

  • Fernando Rosales

    That akward moment you realize that Ultimate Spider-Man got dark for a second.

  • Reyna espinoza

    when peter was crying it reminded me when Toby maguire as spiderman cries

  • cafeterialoca

    They actually pulled off something serious? I remember when this show was "Family Guy Cutaways"

  • hygor bohm Hubner

    Really? Even when this show gets better, people still hate it. This scene was one of the most coolest scenes in this entire show and people still make fun of it. I don't care what you think, but I've been giving this show a chance since Season 3, and I think you should do it too

  • Creative Minds of Awesomeness

    The first time we see Spider-man in his vulnerable stage in this show

  • Elisa Jenkins

    he crying......FOR REAL!!! I NEVER SEEN HIM CRY! THIS IS NEW FOR ME!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭! what episode is this!!

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    TRAITOR!spins anit-lightsaber weapon

  • Bobstubs

    Spectacular spider man is better.

  • BlacKing500

    ultimate spider man needs some props honestly it's not the best spidey show ever but it's gotten a lot better with each season and these last two episodes prove that

  • Mega Crash The Hedgehog

    i did not see that coming, I thought he would pull the old second mask trick


    Sinister SixSinister SevenSinister SeightSinister SnineSinister Sten

  • Agent Prime

    That was pretty dramatic. But isn't this show suppose to be stupid.

  • carlos honorio

    I can't wait for the next episode!!!!

  • Lucifer

    Most fake "Noooooooo" I've ever heard.

  • MrMetroid1998

    I find this verson of Doc Ock to be the creepiest verson of him somehow.

  • Frank Noble-Waters

    Dis dude cloned him, and he still didn't know

  • brus li

    Wait, he called him Ben?Isn't this Scarlet Spider supossed to be Kane?

  • Doncar

    I love this Spiderman series except for the parts where he talks to the cameras

  • Degamaster

    0:00 I expected him to say:tell me do you bleed?

  • TheGreggiraldo

    Am I the only one who can see this with Captain America and The Winter Soldier ?

  • geardog24

    Congratulations, Ultimate Spiderman. You actually made me feel an emotion other than disgust.

  • Batman

    Scarlet sounds like shadow the hedgehog (funny since he has the same colors)

  • Angela Hsiao

    Best scene in the series right up until that "NOOOO!"

  • Jordan white

    I think this is the best episode of the entire series

  • Alton burgos rivera

    I already knew that scarlet was the traitor since episode 4

  • CrushBid

    1:45 when you realize that this show will pass the 90's show seasons.

  • Eric Adrien

    anybody else was like "wait a minute that's batman beyond's voice"

  • I'm a "Special" Boy

    We all knew that this was going to happen. It was so obvious it was scarlet

  • Spidey Viewer

    Everyone's freaking out over Scarlet, yet here I'm wondering at 1:45 "Where'd Doc Ock go?"

  • Dragin

    When Vurtule said no. He mean it was not a agent. Then he said a spider

  • Isabel Loeraleague

    New episode tomorrow I think on DisneyXD

  • Gemnist

    Was genuinely feeling like a serious moment until he said "Sinister Seven".

  • MarioKartGamerDude

    Whoa I didn't see that coming! Good episode, looking forward to see what happens next!

  • Lourdes Medina

    No!!!!!😭 y Scarlet he was awesome and the best.

  • Alexandra Galicia-Corchado


  • Marc Galvan

    More... The sinister eight, the sinister nine...

  • AYUSH mittal

    this show is fantastic

  • lunator100hd

    Where can i watch this show?

  • porpus99

    Well, the Kaine suit was technically Ben Reilly's suit first. Ben Reilly did become a bad guy after he supposedly "died". So i guess it makes sense that he was the villain in this story as well. Wonder when Kaine will get the suit?

  • Red Lantern Reviews

    Overall, I think this is the best season in the series and this is the best moment. Granted I knew all along Scarlet was the spy, but I still really enjoy this scene. It was done much better than when Goblin revealed he figured out Spidey was Peter, which is kinda odd since Goblin knows everything about Pete while Ock doesn't know anything apart from his name, and yet he destroyed Aunt May's house and almost had her and Flash killed. Maybe there is hope that this show can be better after all.

  • AlEz TairIo

    Meh.Darth Vader's "NO!" impression is better in my opinion.

  • Son Gohan

    i cried when peter cried. he is my childdhood hero, HOW THE HECK CAN HIS FRIEND BETRAY HIM?!!!! >:(

  • Shealyne Anglin

    Why!? Why would you betray him!? He trusted you! He saw you as his BROTHER! Why?!!!?

  • dubbman44

    i saw this coming the moment vulture said a spy at the academy was a spider

  • Major Olajidebt General

    Sinister seven, oh heck no

  • Surfacekilla 1


  • Rielly Finger

    so, this was completely obvious since Kain was introduced right? its not just me?

  • Aji Amaral

    I can't believe it. Why?

  • Angel Starfire

    So is he gonna kill Ben and Octopus

  • Bryce Hatton

    I can't believe it was ben

  • Chris Mayers 91

    I'm excited to see season 3 of the Ultimate Spider-Man but IGN where the hell is the EA press conference specifically said 12:30 and it did not start at 12:30

  • spiders922

    To bad we didn't get more of this great stuff in an otherwise garbage show.

  • SmiffyLel

    Probably one of the only good moments in this show

  • Amit Barabi

    oc is about to switch bodies with parker

  • Angel Starfire

    I already knew anyways it was pretty obvious

  • MrMetroid1998

    A pretty Dark Turn, for a show this campy.

  • Spidey Noir

    what have Ben done!!!😥😥😥😥

  • CN What I'm Saiyan?

    Jesus, this season's killing me with the whams. I don't think I can make it to the finale...

  • Edson Senho

    Finally theyre going serious with this show.Continue doing this and it may go to Spectacular level(not beyond it tho)

  • Alex Ha

    kinda figure scarlet was the traitor since he showed up

  • Lil Jae

    this out to be on Netflix quick

  • insaneworld211

    I knew in my heart it was him but wanna believe it! T-T

  • Nathan Ewing

    I think Ben touched a nerve

  • TJ

    Meh. The "Sinister Six" is more catchier.And how could ben do this!?It's always the one that hides behind the mask!

  • Elisa Jenkins

    I had a feeling it was him from the begging ever since they said "someone is a spy in your team".

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