Skyrim - Pointless Wanderings

Enjoy in HD! This is several minutes of gameplay rather than the usual compilation of funny moments. It's also my way of buying more time to finish some actual decent videos. ;) This may or may not come down eventually, but for now it's something. MOD LIST...

Make Nearly Anyone Your Follower-Marriagable

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Interesting NPCs

Enhanced Lights and FX

Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD

Dread Knight Weapon Set

Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement (I'm just using the armor)

A Daedric Weapons Retexture - Flame Blades

Tamriel Reloaded - Textures and Parallax

Climates Of Tamriel

Lightning during Thunder Storms
CoT patch...


Skyrim HD

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res

No More Blocky Faces


Enhanced Blood Textures

Realistic Smoke and Embers

    "Lets break into someones house!" breaks into own house

  • Yusif Huseynov

    1:52 lets break into someone's houseenters his own home

  • Nabbcat

    "Let's break into someone's house!"Enters his own house and spawns werewolves to murder his housecarl

  • EdgeOfInsanity

    "Let's break into someone's house, that'll pass some time." I'm like ... that's your house...

  • Angel K.N

    Did you seriously break into your own house and not realize it even though lydia was in there? wtf..

  • elizabeth trudgill

    Lord Scatsbury is like the Skyrim simpleton, he is high level but has no idea what he's doing. You can just imageine npc's in the game going 'oh no! It's Scatsbury pretend we're not at home.

  • Guy Man

    "Lets break into a house!"Breaks into his own house

  • Wolvinof

    That awkward moment when you break into your own house, don't recognize your housecarl, and proceed to spawn a pack of werewolves to attack her.

  • Adolf Hiter On a 'Roo

    GroanScats: I heard someone was probably my subscribers...

  • glitchhunter09

    yay you killed Nazeem. One of my favorite things to do.

  • Patricia Klausmeyer-Wilson

    "I heard someone groan. eh, it was probably just my subscribers"

  • Mckenzie.porter

    all his skyrim videos make me wanna play skyrim.idk why lol.i think ill go play skyrim now*leaves room*

  • Julian Torre

    bruh how does scats not have like 50,000,000,000 subs, its a mystery of the world

  • xXpivotzXx1

    Where there is lightning there is karjoLOL

  • Kraznaya

    Oh god... Scatsbury hasn't uploaded in a while. TIME FOR ALL HELL TO BREAK LOOSE!!! (Oh no no no no, This is so wrong.)

  • Bush Boys

    that awkward moment when you break into your own home and spawn werewolves ahhh average tuesdays

  • zexionfan15

    ...You "broke into" your OWN HOUSE and spawned werewolves in it. >.>

  • Ayy Lmao

    "Literally no-one is- JESUS CHRIST!"

  • David Rangel

    Where there's lightning there's kharjo

  • Olivia Sparke

    you tried to rob your own home and spawned werewolf's in it

  • The Impasta

    I just lost it when kharjo stabbed that guy 😂

  • Melon Bread

    The moment you realise the reason why almost everyone was attacking Scatsbury and why Whiterun was so empty was the fact that he killed pretty much everyone else. XD

  • Fluffina1 AJ

    ^_^ Scats, do you send Nazeem to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you do.

  • Tweakspirit

    "Let's break into someone's house" Proceeds to walk into his own house...

  • Tophat Chicken

    I was NOT mildly entertained, I was ENTIRELY entertained.Great video as always Scats :D

  • ElliUsagi

    Getting drunk all alone and watching Scats' videos for millionth time, really the best entertainer to keep me happy during my lonely evenings. I bet my night is saved. For now..(Needed a Translator to create proper sentences because I no talk Englhs when having sprkling wine..)

  • TheAtlesianEagle

    Well Here's your first test Spawns WereWolves She gets hit and flies OH GOD DAMN

  • Sashow1000

    my best day ever. I got Kharjo as friend and I gave him my favorite sword

  • IvoryLagiacrus

    XD idk how many comments said this or how long this vid was posted but at 1:53 "lets break into someone's house" then goes into his own house

  • Pail Horse Gaming

    You broke into your own house XD

  • Erin Diehl

    Says he'll break into someones house... breaks into his own and spawns werewolves on his own housecarl. xD

  • Alex Maki

    heard someone groan probably my subscribers lol

  • Maxime

    So... Are we gonna talk about that one time Scats broke into his own house, or...

  • Azazel Siad

    8:11 where theres lightning there's Kharjo

  • Zombie Pup

    I died a little bit when rocket man started playing

  • Flaming Gaming

    "No we're not. Literally Noone IS - JESUS CHRIST!!! DUDE DUDE DUHHAUDE!

  • Makro

    Duuude. That last line tho.

  • TexasWarmonger

    Wow...this video was uploaded 2 years ago...damn...

  • lljxvi 325

    "Literally no one- JESUS CHRIST!" Lol 😂 3:21

  • Sarcasm is my favorite emotion

    They're all fighting over you, scats! (More like who gets to kill you, probably XD)

  • lebron jaques

    Play some Fallout: New vegas with lots of mods!

  • [TAW] Justabossman

    lol 3:20 no one is- JESUS CHRIST!

  • Sam

    anyone notice that scats broke into his own home?

  • BjornLeifrDagr

    Great material at the end in particular. The Indoors and Groaning subscribers was a strong end. I love the simple things personally and your commentary is the key difference between your material and every other person who just puts up skyrim clips. I think we'd love anything with your commentary :P

  • Casper Dellius

    This is why I subscribed you Scatsbury, no matter what kind of video you make, it is always worth watching each of your videos, even though I watched all your videos (especially skyrim randomness) so many times, amusement rating + A+++++++++++++++++ commentary is truly worthy of a 100 out of 10 rating...

  • Da Jaguars fan

    3:18 khajaro-Your the one that humped my DOG!

  • Hot Buttery Biscuits

    Lol gratz on your anniversary, Scats. Also, I see you got reacquainted with the ever worthless Lydia lol

  • fallen knight shadow

    can some one put the white sword in skyrim special edition Xbox plz

  • Whisperbreeze

    Doesn't matter that this was a filter!!! I laughed so freakin hard!!!!!! XD

  • Sandie Wells

    You should do more like this! Random playthroughs are still funny!

  • Waffleypai

    Does anybody else miss Scats

  • Lauren King

    "Damn, that smoke looks good" -- TheScatsbury Yeah, SMOKING hot. 😉

  • Kalle Jokela


  • Alex

    Your game must be cursed or haunted cause that was some Ben drowned shit right there.

  • Lord Yodamort

    A fight! No we're not, literally no one is JESUS CHRIST!

  • Griffin Olsen


  • Vernon Roche

    Video should be called:“Scats massacres Whiterun”

  • Mohammad Faizal

    Even the most random things u turn it into comedy how do u do it ????

  • Neci Onatah

    Lord Scatsbury's seal of approval!8:45

  • Syd R

    ah, the good old days when he would try post semi-regularly instead of posting nothing for years

  • Fod Xp

    Scatsbury, at this point you should be used to dwellers of Skyrim trying to kill you, while your cat murders everyone.

  • Claus Øder Hjortkjær

    Nice work Scats you broke into your own house.

  • MsTenseiga

    You're still alive! :D  Great video, I don't care if I have to wait for more!

  • Bad Cactus

    lol you broke into your own house

  • Rin Rivaille

    I love this so much you make skyrim really funny

  • StardustLilacs •

    You broke into your house.... XD you crazy person!

  • hanzo hattori

    "Where there is lightning, there is Kharjo" xD lmfao

  • philipp plein

    1:23 ''they say if a vampire a-'' while getting stabbed in the back with a giant sword. ahhh, skyrim is such a bad game xD

  • Ryan Allen

    Is that how good the graphics are on PC?

  • Phoenix Thewhalelord

    Scats solution to everything is to spawn werewolves

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