Top 10 NEW Games Announced at E3 2016


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Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!-

Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE!

Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!-

Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- SUPPORT GAMECROSS and CHAIRTY and Get GAMES CHEAP with HUMBLE!

Get Civilization VI and more for Just $12 with Humble Monthly!-

Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and MORE in Humble Bundle!- In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 NEW Games Announced at E3. Which of these games are you most excited for? Are there any games that you think we missed? Comment your thoughts on the Top 10 NEW Games Announced at E3. This is the Top 10 NEW Games Announced at E3.

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#10 - Prey

#9 - Steep

#8 - State of Decay 2

#7 - Resident Evil 7

#6 - Crash Bandicoot Remastered

#5 - Death Stranding

#4 - Days Gone

#3 - Spiderman Insomniac

#2 - Dead Rising 4

#1 - God of War

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  • emile deferme

    Notice how these are mostly ps 4 games :D

  • Bobby Rush

    Days gone looks epic as hell can't wait to play it

  • mark menzies

    My 500gb ps4 won't handle half of this 😂

  • Villager

    Writing this before the start of the video: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild needs to be in top three spots or number one.

  • Jared Warburton

    Oh look.. Another year of boredom by zombie games again.

  • Md Rafi

    is god of war, days gone, dead rising 4 a ps4 exclusive

  • Messier

    GoW: Vikings dunno man it's weird

  • Natures Degenerate

    Number 1 God of war...? You're clearly in love and biased towards the PS4, I think Forza horizon 3 deserves a spot above spider-man also what about Ghost recon, watch dogs 2, dishonoured 2 or skyrim remastered These all look better than most of your list, dishonoured 2 looks way better than God of war, calm your Sony bound asses down and make a fair list (also you put Dead Rising 4 on there to try to cover up your total devotion to PlayStation 4) I love both ps4 and Xbox even have love for the PC but seriously re-think your lists with a fair mentality not a bias one.

  • Kleyton Laia

    Sorry, but not mentioning the new Zelda and Final Fantasy XV, this video are not really about top new games... Dislike.

  • Christian Dimitrov

    ps4 beat the crap out of xbox again...

  • Daniel Mpoyi

    God of war got me so hype and I was getting so pissed off but my dreams came true another god of war yassss

  • Ingo Gringo

    There are enough zombie survival games out there right now so please stop flooding the market

  • welon17

    Goddamit... there are TOO MANY Zombie/PostApocalypthic games out there... holy hell! Aren't we getting tired of this shit yet!? There was almost to zero innovation! They look cool, yeah, but what's different from the others?That aside, God of War looked amazing! It was cool!! And they presented character development! The only problem is the name of Kratos' Son... Charlie? CHARLIE!? Seriously? The son of the mighty former God of War is Charlie... it's not even a greek name! Bet it's not even his son and found him on a destroyed village or something... Couldn't he at least name him... I don't know, Polemistis or Mathitis. But no... it's freaking Charlie!

  • Craig Anderson

    TBH I don't know what I was on when I made that stupid comment. I apologize Mush. As much I love PC gaming, I am also a console gamer, I own all three and I came off sounding like Crapgamer... which is the last thing I want to do. My bad.

  • Baytown Outlaw

    I think Days Gone should be higher then Deadrising Gamecross, It has pretty much the same things but Days Gone will have a better story to tell not just mindless zombie killing dont get me wrong Deadrising is fun but they lack a story anyone really cares about I dont even remember what it was about besides killing zombies.

  • rush1er

    Ummm... So no mention to Breath of the Wild, but 7/10 of the EPIC MUST HAVE games include Uninspired Zombie Rehash 2, The Last Animated Dull Corpse 3: Mediocre Gameplay Edition, and Dead Faced Republican Takeover 5: A Black Person Among Us; are what they've decided we want... because ONLY ultra HD graphics is what matters, not story and gameplay. I own Microsoft, Sony AND Nintendo consoles... and for the past month Star Fox Zero is the game I can't put down... Controls, Action, and an outstanding use of the Wii U Gamepad are what matters, not whether I can see skull framents glisten as my exact bullet replica pierce an anatomicaly correct zombie.

  • real doom

    there is no excuse to buy xbox now exclusives will come to windows 10 so buy ps 4 and a pc. and you might say why would i pc because its better 60 fps better graphics and mods.

  • What?

    20 bucks Kratos' gay lil son kills him. They should have stopped a long time ago... What even happened in the last God of War, anyway? Who cares, game died at GoW3.

  • Alexander Walzer

    i know that is not from e3 2016 but i wait assassin creed empire im waiting ubisoft

  • Craig Anderson

    I was just wondering Mush if your going to make some videos for your other channel about whats happening for PC gamers at E3. Having XBox1 exclusives like Gear4 is pretty major. Remember you were such a big PC fan before... smh #disapointed

  • rabid power

    his name is Charlie ??? in NORSE mythology fuk nah


    All I want is a decent open world game for xbone but no, PS4 gets every single one of them

  • SethisChosen

    They never announced Kratos' son's name I thought, Charlie was never officially confirmed...

  • Rhys Mccarthy

    Guys i have a theory that kratos is a tutorial character and the real main character is his son

  • Mutantzombiefan

    Whats left aside from PS4 : Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

  • Shnizzels McBiggles

    I hate how these are all PS4 exclusives, at least let PC and Xbox have a good Spider-Man game.

  • You Plat Scrub

    where is ghost recon wildlands

  • Enbaek

    GOD OF WAAAR!!!!!YEEAAHH!! PS4 beats xbox once again! It's 3-1 for Sony(last ps3 vs xbox360 was for microsoft..I recognize..)

  • Legio207

    Obviously sponsored by Sony even the desrciption has ps4 related links.

  • EVG

    Where the hell is Skyrim remastered

  • Forst Efter

    and the new quake seems to be all about multi... so bored with bethesda and id.

  • katanamaru1

    More zombie games? Joy.GoW looks great! Same for Spiderman and the Skyrim SE.

  • Ananda Ganesha

    Sooo, which ones from the list that are available for PC? (also, available to be pirated?)

  • professor chaos

    new god of war really go to norse mythology? so do we get to fight thor or odin?

  • MoonMan

    New GoD looks awesome and amazing. Cant wait.

  • brrnay

    legend of zelda gets no love.. i'm hoping because it wasn't really announced at this e3.. bc it's one of the best for sure.

  • Johnathan Knottley

    Hey What about For Honor?!?!

  • Duncan Headrick

    Tfw no new Zelda, that was a huge deal and in my opinion I think that Zelda sounds better than zombie shooters...

  • Bemjux_

    Jak and Daxter 4 anyone? :/

  • x_fluxers_x 629

    What about no man's sky

  • Wow The doge is gone

    There should have been batman arkham

  • Force User

    the new god of war game is not a reboot, wise guy. I don't how they are connected but the rumor said that the new one will keep talking about the same Kratos we all know and love.


    can not wait for horizon zero dawn

  • Sknerux

    zombies. zombies everywhere ! ;_;

  • SuperMarioAaron 46

    no Zelda? brubruhbrubruh.

  • Morgan chomyshen

    Hay what about battlefield 1 that game has been waiting for ever

  • Kroqh

    You say that ski game is based in Alaska, yet the mountain we see is Mont Blanc (A french mountain).

  • Bizarre

    lol these are mostly PS4 games :p

  • Longshots

    DAYS GONE is the worst game of the past 5 e3s

  • Anthony Olander

    the last guardian needs to be here now

  • Happyfunrun

    zombie games, zombie games everywhere

  • X-kiper

    I now officially hate my Ps3😭

  • Masato

    Yooka-Laylee needs more support. Most underrated game in e3

  • Daniel Mpoyi

    Why don't you show the game titles like you usually do can you pls do it thank you

  • Lowkey

    where's Dragon ball xenoverse 2

  • Lieutenant Yoshi

    I would love to see CTR re-mastered too but Crash Warped being re-mastered is a awesome news.

  • Popblah1gaming

    Really? No Zelda or Pokemon? IGN has failed me

  • Gabe Belmudes

    wish god of war was on pc as well

  • Carlo V.

    I'm just sad that there is not gonna be anymore mgs.

  • Alex Andersson

    Days Gone better be multiplayer!

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