Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix by Bl00dyBizkitz in 3:02:00 - SGDQ2017 - Part 120

Runner introduction starts at 10:03

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2017, find us at:

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  • Bl00dyBizkitz

    Hope you guys enjoyed the run! And thanks for all the awesome comments.

  • Haedox

    Commentary was so good. Such good chemistry too. Loved this run

  • Jorge Olmedilla

    I spend 3 hours just in Roxas' part xd

  • Chris Luciantonio

    Commentary is on point for this run. Incredibly informative.

  • Darkrai BlueG

    11:16 - Seifer14:51 - Twilight Thorn17:00 - Struggle Fights18:25 - Axel 118:55 - Setzer26:20 - Axel 2 32:20 - Bailey Fight45:57 - Shan Yu52:30 - Hades Escape (Spike explains this fight perfectly btw)55:22 - Cerberus59:28 - Demyx 11:00:25 - Pete 11:02:30 - Hydra1:10:03 - Thresholder1:12:07 - Beast1:13:17 - Dark Stalker+Dark Thorn1:18:07 - Past Pete1:18:25 - Timeless River Heartless Windows1:21:52 - Boat Pete1:23:00 - Pete 2 (Revenge Value Explained)1:34:20 - Barbossa1:41:54 - Solo Trinity Hype!1:42:15 - Treasure Room Fight (Hype Moment!)1:43:30 - Blizzard and Volcanic Lord1:50:40 - Prison Keeper1:52:35 - Oogie Boogie (This fight sucks but BB did great lol)1:56:20 - Berserkers' Fight2:01:00 - Light Cycle2:03:22 - Monitor Fight+ Stitch EXP Farming Explained2:05:48 - Hostile Program2:07:40 - Dancers Fight2:08:22 - Demyx 22:09:30- Final Fantasy Ally Fights2:12:03 - 1,000 Heartless Fight2:17:25 - Grim Reaper 1 (Amazing Master Form Strat)2:20:10 - Grim Reaper 22:22:06 - The Experiment (Sadly BB dies here)2:34:10 - Genie Jafar2:38:00 - Riku2:40:22 - Storm Rider2:46:50 - Mickey Ally Fight2:48:50 - Axel Ally Fight2:50:10 - Roxas (My Favorite Strat)2:52:30 - Xigbar2:54:45 - Luxord2:57:00 - Saix2:59:00 - Xemnas3:00:45 - Final FightsHope this helps people who love watching boss fights =D

  • Peppy Hare

    This should be an "AGDQ Selects" or Hall of Fame speed-run for having clear commentary and impressive gameplay, as well as off-gameplay interaction and entertaining donations.

  • Ryotaiku

    "I'm nowhere near as professional as these guys."proceeds to sing like a goddamn priest

  • No Fakers Sushi

    oh cool Roxas in travre... um... I'm mean Sora.oh cool Mulan no wait Hercules no it's old pete. God dang it's already Aladi...Halloween towwww nope it's tron .Okay... those 1000 heart less died fasssss. oh cool there is organization 13 nope they are all deaaaa the games over .nice.

  • seqka711

    34:14 I'll Make a Man Out of You47:10 A Whole New World1:05:20 Hellfire1:24:33 Gaston1:35:33 A Part of Your World

  • SkrataNe

    Easily one of the best runs of the event, the runners and his co-commentators were not only very informative but they were also entertaining and created a fun lighthearted atmosphere that got you invested into the run. The songs also added to this as it was great seeing some of them nail the songs and have fun doing it, effort like this is always appreciated and it was enjoyable seeing twitch go from cringing to getting hyped over the songs later on.

  • A guy in a Guy Faux mask.

    Kingdom Hearts 2? IN 60 FPS?!? I am in Nobody Heaven.

  • Miya

    Much respect to the most fun run I've ever seenThe singers were greatThe commentary was greatThere wasn't a dull moment because couch crew was on POINT

  • TheIndianGamer RMS

    'Alright. Uhh. Kid with key saves the universe. Nailed it.'Exactly 10 words. I wonder if he planned that or if it just happened.

  • Ariadubs

    Kingdom Hearts in 10 words:Disney. Friends. Hearts. Keys. Sadness. Save the universe from darkness.

  • SmoothAs Felt

    Kingdom Hearts story in 10 words:Everyone is Xehanort. Anyone that isn't is a main character

  • Rahul

    If SGDQ was Wrestlemania, Kingdom Hearts runs would be the main event.

  • jackskellingtonsora

    Whenever Spike is on the couch, you know there's going to be good some really good commentary. He is always on point.

  • Borple Doo

    Eric Andre did a great job commentating

  • Meme-o

    Seeing the Persona 5 background:"You have good taste"

  • Jason Oshman

    How has no one commented on 11:26?"They sucked all the loads out of this game." Hahaha

  • Felipe Martins

    So... You guys do realise that there is an entire market for speedruns with Disney songs alongside them

  • Filippo Colantuono

    I never get tired of Kingdom Hearts runs, and with such funny and informative couch they are all such a pleasure to watch

  • Pyrrha Nikos

    Came here for the songs, expecting HORRIBLE singing. (heard about it through the donation incentives being mentioned but couldn't catch it live.)I was disappointed in a good way. The best disappointment in my life so far :D Awesome! :D

  • LNL13

    "And now, Ping has been swapped for Mulan."Trying not to spoil Mulan? 😂

  • iNicki1

    you know it’s a good run when the mic cuts out from everyone’s excited yelling 2:53:38

  • StyleJunk Karkarlake

    Bloodybizkitz is so bloody likeable ... damn cool dude 👍

  • ChromeTeck

    Xem and Spikes "Gaston" performance was on point again :D. Next time with cosplay pls! :D

  • Barriss Shan

    These songs were so amazing. The duet of A Whole New World was adorable

  • Leonardo

    Everybody showing love to Hellfire and i do agree but c'mon guys...Where's the love for I'll make a man out of you it wasn't as impressive but it was still great

  • d4rthk1d

    1:08:16 "I LOVE YOU!!" lmao

  • Emperor Couscous

    three hour speed runs are what i live for

  • DuskAtDawn

    Props to the players, props to the couch, props to the singers. Everything about this run was amazing.

  • 320speed

    2:36:48 This was SOOO satisfying to watch. I hated Xaldin. You destroyed him. Love you man.

  • Brian McDonnell

    This game holds up so damn much, it feels like it could have been released yesterday!

  • DominoPivot

    Beautiful songs and a great speedrun. It's quite pleasant to see it on the PS4 too, can't wait to play it now that it's getting patched.That trinity+reflect move blew me away. Got to go to bed, but I'm sure the second half of the video will surprise me some more.

  • Dreaded Alba

    1:28:11the way he held that note was amazing

  • sovalus

    Barely anybody sang with BB. im dissapointed in everybody.

  • Brandon Toft

    The commentary was on point and the run was great. As much as I love SpikeVegeta though it's tough for me to listen to him for a long time because it kinda sounds like he has something in his throat and it makes me feel like I need to clear my throat lol.

  • LightKairi 09

    spikevegeta you're awesome :D great speedrun guys ❤️

  • Raven Glock

    Good commentary? CheckGood singing? CheckHype? Hype.

  • MrMezican

    I usually skip the songs because it gets a little cringey sometimes but I love Gaston. That dude gets pretty close to LaFou and Xem's voice is great

  • Syrup Sipper

    3:01:08 Now we are just basically making our way to that large shit there

  • Nathaniel Christman

    Yeah dude a dusk we did it. I'm dead.

  • BlitzPhoenix98

    Jesus Christ BB how are you so good

  • Transparent

    one of my fav runs this year, amazing couch, really informative. Wish more runs were like this and not just extremely quiet with minimal commentary

  • Skythra

    @1:28:54 i legitimately felt gay for a moment and rethunk my whole plan for my hetrosexual marriage. wow. amazing. beautiful.

  • Eienias20

    that was an amazing run! the commentary was so top, after playing this game 4 times it is so rad to see it absolutely destroyed with such style! great work all

  • MegaHellstrike

    When they first started singing I thought it was gonna be some amateur karaoke disaster but god damn these guys are talented.

  • Darth Darth

    This was by far my personal favorite run of SGDQ2017.

  • Kodo Elder-Groebe

    The best live run I’ve ever seen. Fantastic charismatic commentary, a great runner who is constantly teaching me new things about the game, impressive singing and one of my favorite games of all time. Just... wow.

  • Leinadlink

    2:53:35 They made the audio techs jump...

  • Tobias Becker

    This commentary is a blessing. Spike and the others, do their job like every year, perfectly. Can't get enough of this Speedrun. HYPE!!! for AGDQ and SGDQ 2k18 <3

  • TheClique86

    She has a real pretty voice

  • TheGamemonkey505

    So excited to wath this. Kh2 commentry is always amazing

  • DarkSages06

    I love playing this game but I always had a hard time with some of the bosses, watching this run and hearing the commentary I've learned a lot and now I want to go and play this game again.

  • Kyle Lemieux

    47:37 GOD DAMN HE CAN SING!!!

  • GujinGod

    probably in the vocal minority here, really enjoy the run as it highlights how technical of a game it is, but i really can't stand the singing and feel like it really breaks away from the run itself.i know it's all for fun and whatnot, i guess it's more the disney tag on the game more at fault than it is themjust a minor complaint though, good rest of the run.

  • tvmuralha01

    Dude! Xaldin got freakin' BODIED! Best strat ever confirmed

  • David García

    If I want to recommend a run that describes gdq this is it

  • Allante Stepfan

    Already watched on RPG Limit Break, now watching again on GDQ lol


    I just realize that he wasn't visiting Pride Land, Lion King's worldor is it just me?

  • E

    Damn these guys know what they're talking about, and have great chemistry with eachother. Great speedrun of one of my favorite games of all time

  • Axel Lea

    Donald's only good use. Duck Flare

  • broceratops1337

    Great game. Great runner. Great commentary. Great singers. Great host. Great run!

  • Dani Walsh

    SpikeVegeta for LeFou 2K17

  • Elly

    Wow... I can't imagine being that good, so impressive, all I can do is watch and be amazed

  • Chief Bearmight


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