SKYRIM - Top 5 Quest Mods (Special Edition Mods Included!)


SKYRIM - Top 5 New Land Mods:

Welcome to another episode of top 10 Skyrim mods! In this video, I show off 5 (plus an honorable mention :P) awesome Skyrim mods that introduce new Quests and Adventures.

In these videos, I will be trying my best to include 2-3 special edition mods that are also available for console. In this video, Dark Shadow Arena is available for all platforms, while Blackreach Railroad and Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles are available for both Xbox One and PC.

Unfortunately, there are very few good quest mods currently available for PS4, because of Sony's restrictions on mods (ie that they cannot use external assets), so I apologize for the lack of good PS4 mods :(

As always, feedback is welcome, and I hope you enjoy! :D




Nexus Vanilla:

Nexus Special Edition:

Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC:





Nexus Vanilla:

Nexus Special Edition:

Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC:


Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC:

Special Edition PS4:


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First Track - Doug Anderson:

Second Track - Ominous Voice:

Third Track - Scott Buckeley:

Fourth track - Laura Platt:

Note: If you do not see your name and I used your art in this video, it was most likely an accident on my part. Feel free to contact me and I will be sure to add it! If you are not okay with me using your art, I would be happy to figure out some sort of arrangement per YOUR terms. Thanks!


VzRedemption - THUMBNAIL (Screenshot from DREAMBORNE):

  • guillaume dubois

    the frogotten city is a good one too

  • Matthew Kealey

    I'm pretty sure Helgen Reborn is on XBox One also. I saw a YouTube video on Skyrim Special Edition for PC and XBox One and one of the mods was the Helgen Reborn mod.

  • Perennial Shelf

    I'm surprised enderal isn't on here

  • kwadwo baidoo

    dreamborne isles reminds me too much of what I think of when I think of summerset isles, except less tropical

  • Danen

    Did you try out the Forgotten City? its pretty good

  • ArcadeFear

    Should do a list just for mods that use Skyrim Special Edition

  • IndestructibleMovies

    What happened to Dreamborne? I can't find it for xbox

  • DoggoOnXbox

    Are you going to continue the Darkend mod?!

  • Spinnenhonig

    already got all of these, i guess i got to dig deeper in the nexus and less popular gems

  • Doriedson Junior

    U forgot Maids 2 deception the best quest mod!

  • Milo Neuman

    Clockwork is A+++. Truly terrifying at times, unnerving at others, mysterious throughout... Well voice acted, well designed, emotionally effective... And you get a really sick player house out of the bargain. It's a story that is constantly surprising in a way that the vanilla quests never really are. Top of my list for quests mods, without a doubt.

  • Jinxxed0

    I don't think you've played many quest mods.Rigmor of Bruma, Forgotten City, Summerset Isles, Vigilant, Moon and Star, and some others should really have been considered. Most of the quest mods on this list are pretty mediocre, I'm surprised you didn't include Falskaar.

  • Albert Plante

    The gray cowl of nocturnal is now on xbox one

  • Z S

    Helgen Reborn has been ported :)

  • Lord Shadow

    No maids deception bad list

  • Let'sPlay game

    Which ENB did you used in this video?

  • EstariaValens

    No one ever mentions Maids II. It is definitely in my top 3. People think it's a sex mod, but it really isn't. You can do the entire questline without thinking about sex even once. If you haven't played it, definitely check it out.

  • Tnu1138

    you rhymed world with world.

  • Owen Jordan Jordan

    If the Forgotten City isn't on here, I will become very triggered.

  • Mr Meesex

    If anyone is still here I can't find dreamborne so anything that can help me find it would be amazing

  • Majestic BudderMaster

    Don't compare Sovenguard to something so lowely!

  • Hothy Memster

    vaermina's dream world?

  • StigmaPls

    Varmenia's dream world? its a plane of oblivion

  • julius sneezer

    another really high quality video keep doing what your doing

  • Adrian

    What the hell is with people nowadays misusing the word "unique"? Unique is an absolute modifier. There are no 'degrees' of 'uniqueness'. Something can't be "very unique" or "the most unique". It is either unique or it is not unique. The word you were looking for was probably "cool".

  • Space Cowboy

    I can't find the Voyage To The Dreamborne Isles...

  • MrShawnTRods

    Some interesting quests :0

  • Walt Man

    Ok ima subscribe you! XD

  • ErehcVA

    Undeath has come to Special Edition by now. I know it's on Xbox One since that's what I played it on, but I dunno about PS4. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and the anticipation of becoming a lich. Too bad my game freezes every time I try to fast travel from Scourg Barrow.Kind of a bummer when it's literally impossible to progress because of some stupid bug.

  • Jelliot

    Will be downloading some of these mods for lets plays

  • maximillian schauer

    i love you shank in a totaly not weird way. pleae please please continue this series, lore series, and frankly amd elder scrolls series you might have. the world is beautiful, mods are amazing, and the attention to detail is outstanding. il admit ive spent lots of hours just reading lore on the wiki. is there any thing you can recomend in terms of not ao popular quest mods, lore websites or pages, or aything thay can help me even better immersify myself into this universe?

  • Kevin Arnold

    Dreamworld was taken down :(

  • chill the Meerkat

    Wow! I played so many story mods... but none of these! Thanks for the great tips, I will try all of them! :)

  • Dillon arqouin

    How many of these mods are for console mainly ps$

  • Patato-Tot

    What if by first born of Akatosh, Alduin means that he was the first being that time made possible? Because isn't the whole beginning of existence in TES focused on the concept of possibility and impossibity? It would stand to reason then that without time there would be no end of time, so alduin would be the first possibility made by the existence of time.

  • Nasir_The_Might Productions

    The Forgotten City - this mod is the best mod I have ever played in Skyrim.

  • Melancholy Katorzhnik

    Undeath has been ported to and remastered for Xbox one

  • Andrew F

    I love the intro. Great editing :)

  • Sean Legghette

    Maids II Deception is loads better than Falskaar-Better plot-Much better characters- Romance- Better antagonists- Puzzles- Better locations- Longer- Better for replays -Lilith>every Falskaar character

  • Xaxith

    Undeath got remastered for Skyrim special edition! fixed the bugs and re-balanced lots of stuff! amazing !

  • BlackLight Reads

    I'm not sure if it was a bug with the mod but every time I played the dreamborne isle quest on my xbox one my game would crash on me. Anyone had a similar problem?

  • coonstor

    am i the only one who has problem with sse?

  • Yazuga

    Molag bal's inferno is also very good. I recommend it

  • Peraz

    Gray cowl of nocturnal is amazing. 100% the best quest mod I have played

  • Peraz

    To people who play on consoles, do the loading screens still last like 3 minutes? I used to play skyrim on ps3 but it was so bad

  • Goji

    Aw, I was disappointed. I thought you'd keep up the rhymes throughout the video.

  • Kronickoliosis

    I don't disagree. But I feel as if you're missing one. A big one. The forgotten City. That mod has truly got to be the best quest mod I have ever experienced playing before. Graphic wise not as much as the dreamborne isles. But the emotional dispute that happens when you talk to each and every character. The fact that each character has their own unique personality, and backstories. Really makes a good quest and detective mod. Honestly just the acting alone should go up as number 1. That mod I would seriously say without a doubt was better than skyrim's whole quest line itself.

  • PhoenixGodGaming

    Yesss I love the quest for the gray crowl mod it's honestly like a dlc for Skyrim love how they did coldharbour too

  • Coolest of the Kids

    Good poem 0:01 actually 0:00.

  • Malisteen

    Undeath is a big favorite of mine. A must have for any play through as a necromancer, and the main reason why I haven't bothered playing a necromancer in the special edition yet.

  • Ontology !

    U just earned a new subscriber ! Great video

  • Daaz

    What's your graphic modlist ?

  • MysteriousOni

    "From the summit of apocryphaTo Alduins bane,The dawnguard DLCto Thalmor disdain.From the city of blackreachto the throat of the worldThe realm of sovneguardto fairmeeners(?) dream world"10/10 poem.

  • Nicole Ro

    What mods for new weapons and armor you recomend? Just got the special skyrim

  • Tristen Gorden

    Can't find dreamborne on xbox

  • fuck off

    the quality on this........

  • rajhetti6

    man all the good mods are set to HIDDEN

  • mosu95

    You guys gotta play "moonpath to elsweyr", "the forgotten city", "wyrmstooth" and "falskaar" most defenetlybtw special mention to the forgotten city man i loved that mod. you get to see some dwemmer and has nice twist in with time travel and detective work... you gonna love it <3 o.o

  • Gaming Addict322

    Falskaar, Forgotten City, Clockwork... Those are definitely way better to me than alot of the ones on this list. Plus, it would have added something other than stuff for just PC. That's one thing you really didn't take into consideration; this isn't very helpful at all to console players.

  • Blue Treelover

    Thanks for the mod reviews it's been awhile since I've looked at skyrim mods. so it's nice to see what is out there.

  • Vassala

    Voyage To the Dreamborne Isles seems to have been taken down...

  • kJayy

    do you know as of now, Helgen Reborn on console now?

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