SKYRIM - Top 5 Quest Mods (Special Edition Mods Included!)


SKYRIM - Top 5 New Land Mods:

Welcome to another episode of top 10 Skyrim mods! In this video, I show off 5 (plus an honorable mention :P) awesome Skyrim mods that introduce new Quests and Adventures.

In these videos, I will be trying my best to include 2-3 special edition mods that are also available for console. In this video, Dark Shadow Arena is available for all platforms, while Blackreach Railroad and Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles are available for both Xbox One and PC.

Unfortunately, there are very few good quest mods currently available for PS4, because of Sony's restrictions on mods (ie that they cannot use external assets), so I apologize for the lack of good PS4 mods :(

As always, feedback is welcome, and I hope you enjoy! :D




Nexus Vanilla:

Nexus Special Edition:

Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC:





Nexus Vanilla:

Nexus Special Edition:

Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC:


Special Edition Xbox One:

Special Edition PC:

Special Edition PS4:


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First Track - Doug Anderson:

Second Track - Ominous Voice:

Third Track - Scott Buckeley:

Fourth track - Laura Platt:

Note: If you do not see your name and I used your art in this video, it was most likely an accident on my part. Feel free to contact me and I will be sure to add it! If you are not okay with me using your art, I would be happy to figure out some sort of arrangement per YOUR terms. Thanks!


VzRedemption - THUMBNAIL (Screenshot from DREAMBORNE):

  • guillaume dubois

    the frogotten city is a good one too

  • EstariaValens

    No one ever mentions Maids II. It is definitely in my top 3. People think it's a sex mod, but it really isn't. You can do the entire questline without thinking about sex even once. If you haven't played it, definitely check it out.

  • abdul malik

    Can someone please tell me what mod allows me to get armor from npcs that arent normalyl available like deadra armor from deadra.

  • Ondřej Festa

    I love the intro. Great editing :)

  • rajhetti6

    man all the good mods are set to HIDDEN

  • Dillon arqouin

    How many of these mods are for console mainly ps$

  • Elijah Odell

    Ya the forgotten is missing it's a bunch of newly voiced npcs, its own music, and multiple endings

  • Rell

    Nice more reasons why I will never finish this game... over 100 different playthroughs never finished the main quest line... I get distracted very easi...oh look a bird... and it's blue right outside my window... bluebirds always make me think of summertime man I like summer

  • Nero Phix

    The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is horrible lel, 90% is puzzle, terrible voice acting. and its awful until u reach the desert then the ``fun`` begins

  • Malisteen

    Undeath is a big favorite of mine. A must have for any play through as a necromancer, and the main reason why I haven't bothered playing a necromancer in the special edition yet.

  • Milo Neuman

    Clockwork is A+++. Truly terrifying at times, unnerving at others, mysterious throughout... Well voice acted, well designed, emotionally effective... And you get a really sick player house out of the bargain. It's a story that is constantly surprising in a way that the vanilla quests never really are. Top of my list for quests mods, without a doubt.

  • Matthew Kealey

    I'm pretty sure Helgen Reborn is on XBox One also. I saw a YouTube video on Skyrim Special Edition for PC and XBox One and one of the mods was the Helgen Reborn mod.

  • Nick DeTingster

    I don't disagree. But I feel as if you're missing one. A big one. The forgotten City. That mod has truly got to be the best quest mod I have ever experienced playing before. Graphic wise not as much as the dreamborne isles. But the emotional dispute that happens when you talk to each and every character. The fact that each character has their own unique personality, and backstories. Really makes a good quest and detective mod. Honestly just the acting alone should go up as number 1. That mod I would seriously say without a doubt was better than skyrim's whole quest line itself.

  • A Link In The Park

    Undeath is also on Xbox One.

  • IndestructibleMovies

    What happened to Dreamborne? I can't find it for xbox

  • Spinnenhonig

    already got all of these, i guess i got to dig deeper in the nexus and less popular gems

  • Keane Guest

    Why is there 3 pc vanilla skyrim mods when this is top 5 best special edition mods

  • bobby winicher

    grew cowl of nocturnal 8s for xbox aswell

  • jdogzero silverblade

    k thx for only 1 i can use. why does everything have to be on pc or xshitone

  • owen bowe

    They took dreamborne off Netflix

  • Eagle Eye

    I Hate that the good mods are for PC or Xbox one and not all Consles I HATE THIS

  • Calico Elf

    Good poem 0:01 actually 0:00.

  • Adrian

    What the hell is with people nowadays misusing the word "unique"? Unique is an absolute modifier. There are no 'degrees' of 'uniqueness'. Something can't be "very unique" or "the most unique". It is either unique or it is not unique. The word you were looking for was probably "cool".

  • Fupachu

    Varmenia's dream world? its a plane of oblivion

  • Elijah Wilson

    I can't find dreamborne for SE

  • Ambush

    U just earned a new subscriber ! Great video

  • Stacy Bingaman

    What the fuc* 1 ps4 mod come onUuuuuu why dose x box suck but both my favorite games thay have more mods

  • noel stoncius

    I like how it says special mods included but around half of them he's like "yeah only vanilla sorry!!"

  • Dougie Doug16

    plz like. undeath is on Xbox one. just finished it

  • Benjamin Brown

    Amazing! The intro always makes me want to subscribe. Shame I can only sub once..

  • nolaz010

    Upsetting that Legacy of the Dragonborn isn't here

  • Jonah Engebretsen

    This is a reason why I want to just buy Skyrim Legendary Edition with graphic mods.

  • Hothy Memster

    vaermina's dream world?

  • Zenoxs 0

    Damn somehow got shivers during the intro xD, its just insane that a game which is 5 years old but which I've overplayed to hell is still just as fun as it was when it came out and will continue on for years more.

  • chill the Meerkat

    Wow! I played so many story mods... but none of these! Thanks for the great tips, I will try all of them! :)

  • ArchFiend

    undeath quest mod is bullsh1t i cant even understand its to dark and stuttering less lag in apocrypha

  • Ben

    Great video - would love to see more like this :)

  • Tristen Gorden

    Can't find dreamborne on xbox

  • Peraz

    To people who play on consoles, do the loading screens still last like 3 minutes? I used to play skyrim on ps3 but it was so bad

  • James Little

    What graphics mod you using?

  • Sam Almonrode

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat no forgotten city

  • Blaze Master

    "why have mids when you can have dlc?" -said the console paseant

  • Sean Legghette

    Maids II Deception is loads better than Falskaar-Better plot-Much better characters- Romance- Better antagonists- Puzzles- Better locations- Longer- Better for replays -Lilith>every Falskaar character

  • Liam Donaldson

    molag bal's inferno is fun

  • Only1 Clan Member Only1Anonymous

    Hey hey everybody helgen reborn is on xbox one i dont know about ps4 though...

  • Peraz

    Gray cowl of nocturnal is amazing. 100% the best quest mod I have played

  • Dazerlythan

    What's your graphic modlist ?

  • Kyler Garcia

    I searched for dreamborne and no mods popped up for me... on XB1 SSE.

  • gic Rit

    I put over 3900 hours in skyrim and I was 7

  • Mildewykey171 60

    Actually, the gray cowl of nocturnal is on the Xbox one version

  • Wesley Dollahon

    you forgot clockwork :I

  • ErehcVA

    Undeath has come to Special Edition by now. I know it's on Xbox One since that's what I played it on, but I dunno about PS4. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and the anticipation of becoming a lich. Too bad my game freezes every time I try to fast travel from Scourg Barrow.Kind of a bummer when it's literally impossible to progress because of some stupid bug.

  • joe cross

    voyage to the dreamborn isles isnt of special edition anymore, the author took it off the nexus dude?!

  • TheShadow3130

    Helgen reborn is deleted

  • Vassala

    Voyage To the Dreamborne Isles seems to have been taken down...

  • Lynx Gaming

    I wanted actual quest mods. Like clockwork or the forgotten city. I know it takes time, and money, but that type of stuff is amazing.

  • Krimzo cast fireball

    Are there any quest mods/new world mods that get started or can be started from the start of the game. I'm asking because I am going to get skyrim special edition on Xbox but I have already played through it and I don't really want to play through the whole thing again.

  • A Piece of Darkened Biscuit With Cheese Spread

    An xbox one version of undeath was made called "Undeath Remastered [Xbox One]" for anyone who didn't know

  • SNK Money

    The voice acting and script for Helgen reborn is probably the worst out of any type of quest mod in skyrim. Korst (which is an npc who becomes part of your army in the mod) sounds like he's trying to do a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression the whole time. It's got a great story but the script is god awful and the voice acting is probably worse

  • Owen Jordan Jordan

    If the Forgotten City isn't on here, I will become very triggered.

  • Albert Plante

    The gray cowl of nocturnal is now on xbox one

  • Faraz Niayesh

    What grass mod are you using in Dreamborne Islande ?

  • Rem Boggs

    If anyone is still here I can't find dreamborne so anything that can help me find it would be amazing

  • kJayy

    do you know as of now, Helgen Reborn on console now?

  • A M

    Dude, your videos are fantastic! They offer a positive light on many mods that I would not have tried or considered trying at a much later date. I REALLY want to watch what you have created! BUT there are some details that I wish you wouldn't spoil, for instance telling everyone where a difficult to find item is in the railroad to blackreach quest. I'm sure people other than myself would appreciate if you were discreet with details such as that. Also please be careful with some of the content you reveal. While there's no dialogue in the shots you've shown for Enderal there are certain aspects of the game that are not going to be as shocking once I get to those parts now that I've seen them.

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