Top 10 Elder Scrolls Quests

Whether you’re fighting for the future of Tamriel, serving a Daedric Prince or just getting into trouble, these are the adventures that make up one of the greatest series of fantasy video games of all time! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Elder Scrolls Quests. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list we will be looking over all the entries in the Elder Scrolls series and selecting which missions provided the most intrigue and enjoyment. These can be from any game and any faction, and we will spoiling the quests in their entirety so consider yourself warned! With that said, grab your sword, ready your Dragonshouts and let’s begin!

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  • Bredemann100

    What about the dark brotherhood quest from oblivion.. where you have to sneak through the sewers to kill a prisoner and when you get there you find out the guy you're hired to kill is the same guy who was in the cell across from you and taunting you in the beginning of the game...that was so satisfying!!

  • Kyle Forbes

    "seethis" cringe.

  • Sunny Jay

    Sithis would kill you for mispronouncing his name

  • David R.

    "Seethus"? U ruined it... u ruined it and I'm leaving...

  • StSins

    The guild quests are much better in oblivion

  • Martins Baumanis

    searches for arrow in the knee jokes sees noneGood... good.

  • B.K. Price

    I would probably have included Sheogorath's shrine quest from Oblivion, where you literally make it rain dogs on a village of cats.

  • Antwon DeMarcus

    See-this? Yea.. Someone doesn't play elder scrolls..

  • The Doctor

    did he just say hail seafish?

  • Birlzey

    #1 is a good pick I loved that quest so much a created a separate save so I could replay it :p

  • Zack Tyler

    The quest in oblivion where you jump into a painting and fight painted trolls was dope af.

  • John Blood

    Hail seethis? my man, you completely mispronounced the name of THE MOST important character in the elder scrolls universe.

  • EverythingWright

    It's not SEEthis its sithis. You haven't played

  • Lateralus Encephatalis

    I was into it until he said "Seethis"

  • Jamgram Corkster

    ....Did he say "Seethis"??? ....HAHAHAHA oh boy!

  • Travis Walls

    ....... Say, Sith, from Star Wars. Put an Is at the end. Say Sithis right announcer guy.

  • Survivalist707

    Hail SEETHIS I don't think you ever played any TES game. It's only pronounced one way in all the games.

  • DkHaku

    "Hail Seethus" ?? Did you even play the game? It's SI-TH-IS.

  • Emperor Uriel Septim VII

    "Hail Sea-this" ...

  • Joshua Chun

    I honestly think skyrim is one of the greatest games of all time

  • Daniel Alejandro

    It was a good list, it was good overall but then... Hail Cetus.

  • ThatGUY666666

    How did the Sheogorath quest from Oblivion not make the list? Skyrim's was good but it didn't have the sheer hilarity of Oblivion's.

  • mmiikkee96 bruh

    Lol the rueful axe was shite and the masque of clavicus vile was way better

  • Teija P.

    That Dark Brotherhood quest at the end of the video is my favourite. Oh good old Oblivion. :)

  • Tony G.

    At least Oblivion made it to Number 1. Damn TES game has the best quests ever! The entire main quest quests should be this list lol.

  • Dathremo

    Anyone who actually played the game would know that sithis is not pronounced "seethis"

  • Cody O'Neill

    Hail sethas omfg sithis kill this man

  • FatBox

    No Oblivion love here? I loved Skyrim and Morrowind, but Oblivion takes the cake for me, was the first REAL next gen RPG I ever played.

  • SpankMyBumAndCallMeDaddy

    Skyrims quest were really boring honestly.There were way too many fetch quests and most of the dungeons looked like replicas of each other.

  • Floymin

    This must be Top 10 Weirdest Elder Scrolls Quests because there are a lot better quests that weren't at all as weird as these.

  • DragonFireFeast

    That would be so legit if Bethesda remastered Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

  • Adam Beck

    If EA made Skyrim it would still be in development and all the side quests would be dlc.

  • evilSWA - beyond pandora films

    wow 3 whole steps to complete that one Quest geez really feels like you earned it... Seriously there's always a moment in these videos where you can tell that the dude narrating is just reading something that someone else wrote. Can't imagine why people call this channel out for being clickbait...

  • Nuriel

    Top 10 occasions watchmojo ran out of ideas.

  • Tres 2b

    I liked the one in the thieves guild were u attack golden glow estate

  • Arry

    Pretty much the main ones TBHFaction questsMain quest Civil war questDlc questDaedric lord quests

  • Mathias Purner

    4 Skyrim2 Oblivion2 Morrowind1 Daggerfall1 Arena

  • WhenYouSee A lost kid

    Hmm elder scrollsBut watch mojoTough decisions

  • Nick Cullen

    I don't think you drink skooma I think you smoke it

  • Vazz

    My favorite parts are:2:102:35 3:52 7:378:44(although not my footage)and 10:17( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Extramark9

    The entire Dark Brotherhood questline from Oblivion

  • JZA


  • Soul Hook

    The entire Dark Brotherhood quest line was awesome, but whodunit? arguably stuck out as the perfect one.

  • BroSoldier

    It's not Seethis it's Sithis get it right lol

  • Morgan Aubin

    Too many Skyrim quests compared to Oblivion quests. The Shivering Isles has more awesome quests than the entirety of Skyrim. Sheogaraths Oblivion quest was yaaaay cooler then the Skyrim one, also, "A Brush Of Death" was awesome, then there's the quest where you infiltrate the Blind Moth Priest Chapel, and my favourite quest ever, "Through A Nightmare, Darkly" was much better. Too many Skyrim quests that were only on par :/

  • Andrew Markus

    My favorite quests were the ones in the Oblivion Dark Brotherhood, especially the last few ones that leave you like "Wait, WHAAAT?" Ah men, Oblivion had the best quests ever designed by Bethesda, the DB quests, the one where you are transported to a painting or a man's dreams, the one where you need to investigate a robbery at a palace, the one where you sleep in a mansion you just bough only to wake up overrun by ghosts. So many good ones.

  • Shmole The Friendly Stoner

    i loved your number 1 that was the best quest ever

  • Rolina Eldis

    Bad call - that axe is actually really bad. The mask is the better deal - you can easily find better axes out there.

  • jackeboyo

    I loved the Dark Brotherhood quest where you poison the fake emperor and get ambushed

  • werdman24

    I really like the one in the painting. Awesome.

  • Cancer Police

    Number 1 rule of WatchMojo: In a list about fictional things, they will butcher the pronunciation of at least one name.

  • Alex Hodgkinson

    Whodunit better be first goddammit. Oblivion had the best random quests.

  • Ninja_Goose

    Hail SEEthis? ITS HAIL SIH-THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KaizerDerp

    Shivering Isles Inquisitor quest anyone?!?

  • Kaden Detore

    my first xbox 360 game was skyrim and i did almost every quest on this list. that was one of my favorite games ever

  • Neil Van Kanegan

    "Hail Seethis"

  • noregrets92

    The Elder Scrolls has given us all so many great memories.

  • Talana Thyferra

    There is a mage guild quest in Oblivion, in which the guildmaster tell you to find a ring dropped under a well. That ring weigh 70 lbs. -> encumbered. Encumbered in the water meant you cannot move and cannot breathe. I thought my keyboard died.

  • aryan826

    o come painted troll quest. and through a nightmare darkly where so good

  • Ben Fowler

    Before I clicked this video I said to my self it better be Whodunit.

  • Casey Paskel

    Always felt like the Oblivion quests completely destroyed Skyrim's. Most would probably agree. But the #1 quest is definitely deserved, I used to copy save files to replay that quest.

  • No No

    Whodunit is bugged though isnt it?

  • Ryo Asuka

    the quest on number 2 shouldn't be there, to me the quest was kind of a dull fetch/escort quest.

  • MFBloosh

    I used to be a youtuber like you, but then I ran out of ideas for topics.

  • Warren Jewell

    You killed Barbas?! You monster!

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