Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Official Gameplay Trailer

Prepare for dragon slaying adventure in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. See the first gameplay and the amazing graphics of the new sequel to the epic RPG series.

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YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1
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  • JeysonPscV2

    WARNING: this video contains an extremely high level of epicness.

  • Decaticon

    the theme song is sooooooooooooooooooo freaking hype

  • Darlaimerner

    Kill dragons? Pfft. Boring. Now, Kill dragons and absorb their souls to power your ability to scream violently at other dragons and humanoids? Now we're talking.

  • Kay

    This is the same game where you can learn chemistry by eating bees

  • NikoDeus

    2018 and still playing, who else :D

  • Amy Jane

    6 years later.....i still get goosebumps.

  • Smiley the Smile

    Well, my old friend...You finally have a worthy successor.

  • Celestial Dragon

    Wish game trailers were like this again, mixed with cinematic and gameplay footage + a build up in suspense. Trailers these days are all cinematic slapped with some edgy rock n roll music. Only one I've seen so far is the shadow of war trailer which comes close.

  • ThibautVDP

    7 years... has it really been that long?

  • Ramsess One

    looking back at this makes me realise what passion for a video game means

  • daniil pl

    тоже ищешь русские коменты

  • TheGodOfHipFire

    And that my friends, is how you make a trailer.

  • Lachlan Hurburgh

    Still one of the most exhilarating game trailers around, that build up is so good

  • Dominic Idiot

    watches the trailergets motivatedrushes to PC again

  • VirginGod

    2017 and it's still lit.

  • Roro Liza


  • Eric Vicenty

    Makes me cry every time

  • Dealwithitdog

    I wish I could remove all memories of playing Skyrim, purely so I could experience it for the first time all over again.

  • aryan826

    Happy 6th birthday skyrim! <3

  • Majd BHS

    Dovahkiin ! Dovahkiin ! nal ok zin los vahriin wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal ahrk fin norok paal graanfod nust hon zindro zaanDovahkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal ♥♥♥

  • FustyMcGroinks

    Anyone get after seeing The Elder Scrolls 6 tease?

  • CommanderASN

    Almost forgot to watch this today

  • Max Snodgrass

    "But, there's one they fear. In their tongue is Dovahkiin, Dragon Born!"Extreme goosebumps

  • S Haddad

    When I played Skyrim for the first time I didn't expect to face dragons again until much later in the game at a more advanced level, so when I learned that another dragon was sighted over the western watchtower and that I have to go fight it while still at level 3 I was extremely thrilled and scared. This was my most memorable moment of the game!

  • tater tot

    1:08 is the entire highlight of skyrim

  • GLP Matty

    When Bethesda was cool

  • Batik Daurov

    2018. Not a single game has surpassed Skyrim!!!

  • Anu X

    To this day, everytime I look at this trailer, I get goosebumps every single time

  • Dropman

    Like, if you're watching after TES 6 teaser!

  • Eagle Man

    It's 2018 and I have to say a shiver went up my back once again, so epic.

  • Timoshi Itsuka

    WTF It's already 2018, and I still haven't slain Alduin, because of the many side quest that I dont regret accepting them because ENDLESS ADVENTURE IS TOO FCKING AWESOME!!! <3

  • Mark Frohnholzer

    this game never die :D

  • duckling plays

    I just had a nerd gasom

  • Metal Blade

    Who else quotes these 3 lines when it happens in the music?"But there's one they fear. And their tongue is Dovahkiin. DRAGONBORN! (Shouting Fus Ro Dah is optional)

  • Rozhino Shamal

    Should I get skyrim now?

  • Aleks Bro

    6 years later 500+ mods later and this game is like it was made in future i still play it to this day

  • DanDoesSkyrim

    Goosbumbs everywhere at fus ro da!

  • Kyle Caldwell

    YOU Committed Crimes Against Skyrim AND her PEOple What say you in your Defence

  • Mythios

    2018 and still waiting for TES VI

  • MinniMaster


  • Jorg Ancrath

    2018 and I am still watching this

  • tarik the creator

    Happy 4th birthday to Skyrim! This is still one of the best video game trailers ever.

  • Colin l

    So much nostalgia gives me a warm smooth feeling inside

  • Dricko Hanes

    2018 squad where you at???

  • royal griffin

    They just announced Elder Scrolls 6 at e3

  • Fellow Youtuber

    7 years....and still the best game I have ever played

  • Neatsp

    The Witcher 3 could never beat this masterpiece.

  • GameTitan

    AH!!! MEMORIES! I still remember the time when I first played Skyrim, I went to Riverwood and because I had no clue about how the game works, I accidentally killed a Chicken and got massacred by the town!

  • James Terrance

    This made me crySo beautiful after all this time this can make you cry.

  • Sour Pickle

    I just ordered this and It is my first rpg. Really excited even more after reading so many positive comments about this game.

  • Mark Jayson Aquino Miranda

    2018 here, can't wait in Elders Scrolls 6

  • MohammadReza Bagheri

    just installed the game again in 2018

  • Rohan Sharma

    Never should have come here! 😂

  • Stephanie Reinald

    Who's here in 2018 :")

  • Marco Vinicio Rivas Cruz

    1:06 Dovahkiin, Dragonborn! MUSTARD JAR! FUCKIN COOL! OH MY GOD!6 years later and I still think he's saying mustard jar

  • burnt f1ames


  • Jiren

    This has always been my favourite game

  • rickroll11112

    It's 2017, and skyrim is no less freakin cool! BUT, I want ANOTHER ELDER SCROLLS AHHH

  • tall midget

    when he first shouted at the cragon it gave me chills

  • Captain Hawke

    2018Still one of the best game that ever exist

  • Quyen Tran

    Soundtrack made 80% view of this traler

  • Blixen

    Still better than most trailers today.

  • GammaCatch

    Epic. THE best Elder Scrolls gameplay trailer.

  • vorpaljavelinal 2

    6 years later and I'm still playing this on the ps4

  • Roro Liza

    If u give up with ur life just play this game cause it will take u to a different world it's totally gonna takes all of ur time except for sleeping lol but really it's a very huge and wonderful game sure gonna loved it !

  • Helmet Boi

    Guard:"You killed a chicken........BY THE ORDERS OF JARL,STOP RIGHT THERE".

  • Nanami Chiaki

    I don't mind the adsI don't mind the bufferBut when the ads bufferI suffer...

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