Skyrim - SECRET BOW - Glass Bow Of The Stag Prince (LOCATION)

A video showing you how to get one of the most unique bows in the game. Note: Must have Dragonborn DLC and several Pickpocket perks.

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  • dobby .co.uk123

    Then you get arrested and loose the bow as it is stolen nice one

  • AndroxineVortex

    Nice job with the misleading thumbnail.

  • Lukas Pettersson

    For all you people commenting that the bow is fake, it's not, it's 100% real, in the game.Something that however is fake, is the scope, it's a mod.

  • JakPot

    I came for the thumbnail

  • Jude Curtis

    Hey ray, you can also hit him and when he equips his melee weapon use bend will shout on him to make him friendly and you will be able to buy it from him. :)

  • DodoFTW

    This video will receive likes if u remove that thumbnail....Damn they don't have common sense

  • Grayson Gardner


  • Hershiser is anó̱teros

    I thought it might be a good bow but only 25 health and stamina max after 100 animals is kinda meh.

  • 5ubject

    You dont need to have several pick pocketing perks to obtain the bow. If the seller of the bow is using the bow as his weapon (meaning it wont appear in shop) it's very simple to get the bow back into the shop. Simply take an iron dagger and pickpocket it onto him until the ~40% chance allows you to pickpocket the dagger into him. Then, hit him once to get him angry at you, but you must be standing close by as this forces the AI to pull out a melee weapon. Once he pulls out the dagger you gave him use the shout you use to finish the DLC. (Spoiler: the shout is Bend Will, and will force him to calm down and allow you to shop once more)

  • Baja Mack

    This is the worst way to do this so don't do it! I assumed this guy understood the mechanics of this game, but obviously the only thing he's good at is modding. If you do it this way, you need those perks on pickpocket which are useless and the item is marked stolen. Look, its simple. To avoid getting it as a 'Stolen' weapon do this: First, make sure you have at least 2 of the 3 Bend Will shouts. Second, almost at any level past 10 you should already have either Ice Form shout or Frost Breath, but Ice Form is better. Third, Ice Form shout him and then crouch to pick-pocket. As soon as the ice starts to melt go ahead and 'reverse' pick-pocket a small weapon ... iron dagger works best. Fourth, after he comes out of the being frozen solid, equip the Bend Will shout. Fifth, get in close combat range and hit him with a weapon (don't worry he won't die cuz he is an essential NPC). He will now unequip the bow and take out the dagger you gave him. Sixth, now hit him with the Bend Will shout and holster your weapon. He will holster his. Now, just check what he has to sell and the Bow will be in his inventory to sell. Buy it! Its not stolen so you can't have it taken away and you don't need all those annoying pickpocket perks. NOTE: I use this method to pickpocket almost anything that I can't normally pickpocket. Also, when you're done, just hit him with the Ice Form again and right as he is unfreezing, go ahead and pickpocket all your money back. He won't get hostile even if its 0% chance to pickpocket his coins. He will be too busy unfreezing. You're welcome!

  • XbRaWlErXD

    Can you just kill him for it?

  • Vanity's Fantasy

    wow nice glass bow there WOW never seen that before lol

  • Aleksei Kosvlov

    Wtf he had enough perks, why did he made all those skills legendary?

  • exactly777

    came here to see the pissed off randies who fell for the clickbait thumbnail

  • Bernler75

    Hmm... Never used the legendary skill system... Say if I have the full Smithing tree, could I make it legendary and still keep my armour and weapons ?

  • Spicy Memes

    The bow is from a dlc but the scope is from a mod

  • Jesse Sessions

    Place A Dagger Of Really Any Kind On Him Using Pickpocket. Then Buy It From Him. I Gave Him A Legendary Glass Dagger And A Legendary Glass Shield With 48 Shock Damage And 48 Frost Damage On The Dagger And 48% Shock And Frost Resistance On The Glass Shield Seems Like A Fair Trade To Me. LoL. :-D

  • PsychoGamer2100

    could you get that bow from just killing him?

  • Draconis Nox

    level 81, max everything stats....why do you bother playing at all?

  • The Elder kraken

    One does not simply use mods and call it reality...

  • yusmeli roque

    I really hate it when I have to go to some other place that I don't know how to get to there

  • Shadow Wolf

    You don't need to pickpocket the guy to get the bow I punched the guy he put the bow away and fought me using his fists so I used bend will on him and bought the bow

  • XoLZi Overwatch

    It's not clickbait it's a scoped bows mod

  • SquishyBiscuit

    In Pc you could just kill him with console, or another way without all the perks is too attack him, make him draw his bow then use the disarm shout and pick it up once he has dropped it.

  • Tempest

    can we like get that reticle mod for console?

  • Madcombat977

    What about the instakill ability of Mehrunes Razor?That can kill "Unkillable" NPCs

  • Nightingale Order

    the bow is not fake I have it on my character and it's a good weaopn

  • Pizzagulper

    I went there, but he never showed up. what do i do?

  • Undertale Plush Adventures

    OMG shut up guys the bow is real it just dose not have a scope that's a mod

  • Cubing Channel 123

    Can't you just kill him?

  • FNGpenguin

    The thumbnail is an old mod on the previous Skyrim.

  • John Cambell

    You could sell it at the thieves guild to Tolina and then buy it back and then it's not stolen

  • Harvey Sun

    What's with the hate? The bow exists, just go get it yourself you fools.

  • ForemostCrab7

    already knew the thumbnail was click bait but idc, what im wondering is, it get more powerful the more animals you kill, does the extra damage work on non animal enemies/npsc aswell?

  • Erik Lentsch

    gosh I hate missleading thumbnail pictures

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    Whenever the dude spawns at the Ramshackle Trading Post, make sure the Dragonborn has at least 2 of 3 of the words of the Bend Will Shout (2 of the 3 words work fine) on him, then you can Bend Will the merchant guy who stays there at certain times - and you won't run the risk of killing him. :) My current dilemma is trying to find the flying mage (which is a reference to Tarhiel of Morrowind), and separately the lunatic guy who is in rags who then randomly attacks the player-character who has directions to a black book in Tel Mithryn tower, but both the dang guys won't spawn ANYWHERE, and I've walked around the last few days trying to find those two morons.

  • Big O

    Is it a mod? Please tell me it's not a mod.

  • TheKaneECO

    Why the Fake Thumbnail?

  • RedEyes

    im more of a swordman... but it's cool... by the way in a playthroug i grab some hemlet of waterbreating... and i was totally happy... but shit happens and i lose my save... im now at lv 50 and still can get that enchanmet... i know about the ebony warrior having one... but is there no other way to get it (as loot or something not just typing player.additem)

  • Ender Infected

    Does it still work if u kill him?

  • GoldenSpade 48

    Lol nice holo sight mod

  • Luke Bottoms

    that bow gives u increased power for every 20 animals u kill with it..... but I don't think ive killed 20 animals in general and ive played that game for over 50 hours

  • The Great Gamer


  • lil chicken

    thumbnail is from dying light

  • Galaxy God9000

    This person is lying I have skyrim(Legendary Addition too) and there is no secret now like that

  • C-Cyanide

    This video was very helpful

  • aditya adit

    nah, i just kill him😂😂😂😂

  • Little Shaman Productions

    how is your inventory so cleanXD

  • Chris Ferguson

    is this available without the DLCs?

  • FranZB

    please report this tipes of clickbaits

  • ScrubGaming

    hes not coming to the shack for me

  • WindyWind

    Hes not comming there ;w;

  • Grease

    Can you get it if you kill him

  • Ptvcici

    is this a mod?i'm just curious cause it kinda looks like it...

  • Synjon Kane

    wast of time its a mod

  • TheMothSniper11

    Thumbnail don’t even look like Skyrim

  • Mat Pat

    Can't you just kill him and take it off his body

  • Kyle Mitchell

    is it only available when level 81?

  • Sir Hatty Hattington

    just pickpocket an iron dagger into him, attack him once, use bend will, and buy the bow off him. its only 1000 gold

  • DUB

    which dlc is to the raven rock?

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