Spider-Man PS4 | 60 Easter Eggs and Secrets

Marvel’s Spiderman on PS4 is a bloody great game. As it’s a Spidey superhero outing it’s jam packed with references to the marvel universe but there’s also shed load of nods to video game, movie, music and some random occurrences that I think you should see for yourself. Here are ALL 60 easter eggs and cultural references we found in Marvel’s Spiderman.

1. Twin Towers in the reflections
2. Tome Raider Store - Tomb Raider
3. PSX
4. SupaBoy SNES Handheld
5. PS Vita / PSP
6. Captain Qwark
7. Ratchet and Clank
8. Tony Hawks / McMarx
9. GTA IV Nico and Roman
10. Spiderman 2 Balloon Boy
11. Spiderman 2 Pizza Delivery
12. Upside Down Movie Kiss
13. How to stop a train Movie reference
14. #fingerGuns
15. Ghost Busters
16. The ugly truth
17. Lethal Weapon movies
18. Insomniac office
19. Insomniac Radios (not Radars)
20. Photo Mode - Rocket - guaranteed to kill spiders
21. 3 chest hairs / 100% completion
22. Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
23. Greg Miller's Shirtless Spider-Man
24. Avengers tower! sorry
25. Power Rangers
26. Tony Stark job offer
27. Reed Richards needs a new suit
28. Damage Control
29. Roxxon
30. Uncle Ben's Grave
31. Stan Lee Cameo
32. Fisk's Cane
33. Fisk's Cello
34. Goblin Grenades
35. Spidey Squad
36. More Spidey Squad
37. Electro - Original
38. Vulture - Original
39. Rhino - Original
40. Curt Connors - Original
41. Mysterio
42. Screwball
43. Chameleon
44. Flash Thompson
45. Eddie Brock
46. Venom
47- 50. Dare Devil
51. Rand Tower - Iron Fist
52. Jessica Jones PI
53. Charging Bull / Lock Jaw
54. Dr Strange / Sanctum Sanctorum
55. Symkaria smokes
56. Symkaria Embassy
57. Wakanda Embassy / Black Panther
58. Justice League
59. Bat Signal
60. Spidey Mobile
61. Hidden Photo Challenge / Empire State University ESU
62. The saddest easter egg.... ever

Ok 62. I can't count

This is an extra Hello to the guy stealing my easter egg lists again. Enjoy,

  • This is sparta btw

    “I’m too old for this OOF”

  • rG Jamm

    R.I.P Stan Lee ❤they need to update the game to where if you finish the game you can pay your respects to him

  • ShadyJed

    Sad to play Spider-Man now since Stan lee just died yesterday and I beat the game yesterday...

  • Brooks Williams

    Has anyone noticed that when you get to Normans Penthouse and use the prototype combat helmet, the top HUD reads "GG14071964" which more than likely stands for Green Goblin and the 14-07-1964 is the date of Green Goblin first appearance in the comics

  • Kevin Alvarez

    Its clobberin time not morphing time

  • PlayStationGrenade

    Its clobbering time! It's been too long since our last easter egg hunt. Did you find any others I missed?

  • Isaac Whittaker

    Another hidden easter egg that not much people know about is one of the civilians yell out. "I know you saved the city but don't think for a second that means anything, I'm watching you like a "HAWK". and the person who voices that character is troy baker and he's the voice actor for Hawkeye in avengers assemble and in alot other animated incarnations.

  • Jorge Humberto Esquivel Puente

    I'm amazed from the amount of detail this game has, but nothing beats the three chest hairs part lmao

  • super falcon 65

    Hey I know a guy with a way CoolER shield.Referencing captain America

  • stoagy mahalo

    9:30 its clobbering time .... ahem

  • Awesomo 360

    Would the ”it’s webbin time” not be it’s clobbering time that the thing says ? Since they’re both marvel

  • SomeGuy Who Is Lame

    See, i thought I was nearly done with the game after playing for 15 hours and I checked my progress... I was only at 55% after playing countless missions.

  • Scorpion 77

    R.I.P stan lee You will never be forgotten

  • MrMainandSmash

    You forgot that in one mission Peter even makes a quip that was a reference to Duke Nukem.As well, some of the backpacks contain references to some of Spidey’s villains that aren’t in the game, specifically Mysterio, Lizard, & Sandman.Also, in one of JJJ’s broadcasts he makes a reference to Nazis made of bees, referencing the villain Swarm.As well in the mission Spider-Men, the fake Spider-Man mentions that he was trained in the Chikara Dojo, which is the dojo owned by Colleen Wing in the show Iron Fist.

  • Chris Howker

    it's morphin' time? you mean The Thing's (Ben Grim) it's Clobberin' time maybe? sticking within Marvel at least

  • cris valtierra

    The “its webbing time.” I thought it was from the The Thing’s catchphrase. “It’s clobberin’ time.”

  • Dat Boi


  • HpKing 2010__

    They should've had a reference to the Ultimate Spider Man Game......alternating between Venom and Spider Man at will was the Best..!!!

  • Maya Hasnu

    So no one's gonna talk about GTA 4?

  • Itz Dusty

    Why does Spider-Man never sleep in this game Because he’s a insomniac

  • Supercoolcadenoasis 8

    "Its webbing time" could be a reference to the things catch phrase "Its clobbering time!"

  • Gussy Twitch y YouTube :]

    There was an easter egg missing: gwen’s death

  • Altahar Zamal

    The anti ock suit's eye lenses are exactly the same as spider man sam raimi trilogy suits and the wrestling suit has the mark 1 web shooters on


    13:06 forgot to say about lady of justice from metallica album " and justice for all.." the poster up in the middle

  • I am JayRts

    I don't know where it is, but I know there's a paper in the game which reads "Missing: Matt Murdock" and above the letters it has his pictures

  • Pham Boy10

    12:43 during this side mission Spider-Man also said some, “Thank God it’s not a lethal protector,” which is obviously an Easter egg for Venom.

  • NinjaFrog YT

    There's a new suit that looks exactly like the suit from the 2002 spiderman movie

  • Erin Rust

    This game is the only reason I want a PS4. I'm an Xbox person.

  • Hinna

    you can see mr. negativ’s phone number when he was caling norman osborn about the attack. the number is 555 01 42

  • Halenriser

    Honestly I thought the Matt Murdock business card was a reference to both Dare Devil and the old Spider-Man cartoon. In the old cartoon, Peter is arrested for something he didn't do and Murdock is his appointed lawyer. Spidey and DD meet because Spidey is also being framed, and I thought at the end, Murdock gave Pete his card

  • Mega Blaster

    I think it is a reference to ”its clobberin time” the fantastic 4 9:17

  • Mr. Wiggles

    I started replaying spider man and when I got to the Stan lee scene I teared up

  • Fortnite and animating jj_dude99

    5:41 also happens in the new spider man

  • Itz Kevin

    Did anyone find illumanati? In this game

  • Jackson O'Sullivan

    I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I’m happy with my Xbox I WAAAAAANNNNNNNNTTTTTT SPIDEEERRRR MAAAANEdit: omg thanks for the likes

  • Super entertainment

    I know screwball by the show

  • Jeff Soltess

    Well one thing that I noticed that not many are talking about is Miles Father voice actor played a role in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. And when Miles Father is being awarded they mention Call of Duty. Someone probably allready said it but I figured I would say it anyway.

  • QuantumKnight

    9:25 or its clobberin time. Cuz he’s an actual marvel character

  • Carl Deaton

    "it's webbin' time!" you mean like marvel's fantastic four's the Thing's catchphrase "It's Clobbering' time!"?

  • Kooale325

    Spider-man!Spider-man!Does whatever a spider can!Everything is going dark.i dont feel so good Mr.StarkOh no!i dont wanna go......not mine btw...

  • XxDinoxX ghost

    If u look in the windows of some buildings u can see action figures of spiderman

  • Gforce Productions

    9:19 I saw that and since it’s marvel i thought it was a reference to The Things”it’s clobbering time”


    9:15 no it’s from fantastic four “it’s clobbering time” (Thing)

  • Shrek’s YouTube

    It’s webbin’ time more like it’s muffin time

  • Erik Kihlman

    What suit is that? (The comic looking one)

  • DaZe Age

    1:29 he looks like the terrorist from csgo

  • BhipsAhoy

    every time i hear stan’s voice, my heart sinks, it’s so sad to see him go

  • Olt Islami

    I swear like no one points out how the church time in the game is the same time gwen stacey died in the amazing spiderman 2 and the comics

  • infinite Codes

    Can anyone donate 10 doller ps4 card because I really what to play truf wars my ps4 username is infinite codes

  • DannyWA W YouTube

    Warning: spoilers ahead

  • Matteo Canova

    I Know I will sound kinda of an asshole but no the twin towers reflection is NOT a 9/11 reference is just a way the game reflects the surrounding buildings you may have seen a similar effect in fps games if you give attention to some rifle scopes

  • Jade Hall

    I initially though the "its webbin time" was in reference to the thing from fantastic four "its clobbering time!"

  • PirateDog

    It was supposed to be “It’s clobberin time!” Ben’s or The Thing’s catchphrase

  • Dr Magicguy

    Hello, welcome to Grena———booooaoaoaooanammmmmm!

  • GamerGuy VM

    R.I.P Stan Lee "Excelsior"

  • Joel Deakin

    Its not a power rangers refrence btw... its the thing refrence who says its clobbering time but all the other refrences are great, good video

  • august

    You forgot ronin suit from first MJ mission

  • Fandom Trash

    Personally, you need to start with Jessica Jones. I think its the best one there! (Mostly because David Tennant is flipping COOT! >.<)

  • David Ibeh

    He has the same amount of subs as MyUserNamesThis


    Ratchet and clank I've played all but 2 that is very cool

  • Tiggytot 5

    You said comment so I did that 😜

  • knux Swedish

    3:37 me: NO NO OH #### NO NOOOOO!

  • Gael Guzman

    An Easter Egg that I think that connects to the first Spider-Man animated series is in the Spider-Men Side mission, in wich the impostor talks in a very manly voice, which I think resembles to Spider-Man's voice in the first animated series. Might not be true but somethingI thought of.

  • Sn0rck

    How could you forget Rocky easter egg?"Yo, Adrian, it's me, Spider-Man!""I must break you!"

  • Gladiator 2819

    Has anyone notice that some lines in the game were use in tasm 2 (game)some get changeLikeYour ok in my bookToWow spidey your ok in my bookDid that hurt o wait i dont careToDid that hurt then you should tell your friendsThere so cute when there asleepToThere so cute when there oblivious

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