The Forgotten Vale - Skyrim - Curating Curious Curiosities


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Curating Curious Curiosities for The Forgotten Vale, introduced with the Dawnguard DLC.

02:21 - Troll's Nest
03:22 - Forgotten Vale Cave
04:49 - Spider Surprise
05:44 - Slumped Skeleton
06:20 - Icewraith Fall
07:23 - Frostbite
08:11 - Snow Bound Betrayal
09:17 - Footlocker Falls
09:53 - Chest to Chest
10:29 - Word of Winter
11:36 - Loot of the Lake
12:05 - Muddy Mortuary
13:14 - Pilgrim's Perish
13:52 - Berried Alive
14:48 - Falmer Graveyard
15:52 - Tide of Pods
16:10 - Hanging Offerings
17:16 - A Miner Discovery
18:01 - Sharpslope Cave
18:52 - Jeweled Skull
19:31 - Glacial Crevice
19:51 - Mammoth Mount
20:56 - Valley of Thrush
21:16 - Major Miner Discovery
22:22 - Ancient Falmer Crown
23:40 - Paragon Portals
24:16 - Amethyst Paragon - Darkfall Grotto
24:53 - Diamond Paragon - Glacial Crevice
25:25 - Ruby Paragon - Forgotten Vale Forrest
26:24 - Sapphire Paragon - Inner Sanctum Vault
27:47 - Emerald Paragon - Forgotten Vale Overlook

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  • Camelworks

    Thank you all so much for enjoying this content! Be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM Leave your thoughts, imaginings and theories for any of the curious curiosities in the video as a comment down below!Time stamps for The Forgotten Vale's Curiosities:02:21 - Troll's Nest03:22 - Forgotten Vale Cave04:49 - Spider Surprise05:44 - Slumped Skeleton06:20 - Icewraith Fall07:23 - Frostbite08:11 - Snow Bound Betrayal09:17 - Footlocker Falls09:53 - Chest to Chest10:29 - Word of Winter11:36 - Loot of the Lake12:05 - Muddy Mortuary13:14 - Pilgrim's Perish13:52 - Berried Alive14:48 - Falmer Graveyard15:52 - Tide of Pods16:10 - Hanging Offerings17:16 - A Miner Discovery18:01 - Sharpslope Cave18:52 - Jeweled Skull19:31 - Glacial Crevice19:51 - Mammoth Mount20:56 - Valley of Thrush21:16 - Major Miner Discovery22:22 - Ancient Falmer Crown23:40 - Paragon Portals24:16 - Amethyst Paragon - Darkfall Grotto24:53 - Diamond Paragon - Glacial Crevice25:25 - Ruby Paragon - Forgotten Vale Forrest26:24 - Sapphire Paragon - Inner Sanctum Vault27:47 - Emerald Paragon - Forgotten Vale Overlook

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    Me before the video: Oooh! A new Camel video!Me halfway through the video: Oh god! The puns! Don't know much longer I can last...Me by the end of the video: brain explodes

  • Shirley Curry

    When I was in Forgotten Vale it didn't look like this. Are you using a mod that enhances the detail, beauty, and daylight of this place? I hated being there, but would love to go again if I could make it look like this. I am playing in SkyrimSE.

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    Or the elf crawled into the dead mammoth for warmth

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    The Forgotten Vale is legit my favourite place in the entirety of The Elder Scrolls!

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    This is the best damn thing I've ever woken up to

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    Y'know, on finding all those skeletons with fire resist potions, I've got a couple other thoughts which might explain it. Now both do assume that said skeleons were once Falmer, ancient Snow Elves.1. Ancient Falmer were weak to fire. It's not unheard of for races, especially elven races to have a weakness to magic, most of all High Elves, so it's not impossible for that to be the case here. 2. The Nords, assuming that said skeletons were being attacked by Nords, were using Thu'um, the Voice. More specifically the Fire Breath shout. Being the most common shout that Dragons use, I can see this being the most commonly known amongst the Nords back then as well. Ergo, the ancient Falmer in their panic whilst being attacked tried to use Fire Resist potions to prevent their death, and were either blasted or cut down before they could.Both could also be true as well. It's very well possible that the Nords knew Falmer were weak to fire, and so went in with the specific goal of primarily using fire in various ways to take them down all the easier, be it through Shouting, fire magic, or more conventional means like fire arrows.

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    Could you do a lore/detective series on the great collapse? Love your vids btw, keep it up man

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    Why can't I stop playing this game and watching your videos just makes me want to play it even more good job camel thanks for enabling my addiction

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    Huzzah! Curating Curious Curiosities are back! Together with Perfectly Pure Puns!

  • 28-decorated-fingers

    12:05. Maybe there is a more or less sane reason why all those skeletons are out there. Every culture and sometimes even some detached little communities have their own traditions of burying their kind. Throwing the body into the water with the most precious possessions of the deceased elf (hence the satchels) might've just been the way snow elves in the Forgotten Vale buried all their dead.Looking at the surroundings, the place is pretty brutal and there were obviously quite some deaths not only from the old age there. Besides, there is so much water in that place, which is no use for elves, especially considering how cold it is, so it wasn't really occupied by anyone or anything, ever. Digging and burying is a very long process, especially with the amount of elves that most likely died all the time, and with how the whole place is basically covered with ice, meaning that the ground was probably almost stone hard. Adding to all that, most of the water is covered with ice, so it's not like you're walking around outside and see lots of bodies lying around in clear water. They're technically buried underneath something too. And, it's actually sort of poetic, just not very common for us. 14:48. Now this. Here, it might be a graveyard. Falmer still went a long way from snow elves, and the culture changed too, so they might've started burying the bodies this way. Or, this might be a sacrificing ritual or something. Maybe those things are not grave stones, but some sort of ritual stones that are supposed to talk to gods or nature or whatever. And, at 18:52 there seem to be the same "ritual stones" around the troll's scull as well, so I can totally see them being a part of the falmer religion or something of that kind. Doesn't mean they can't mark grave stones as well, though, since death and after-life is a huge part of many religions. We might never know.16:10. It might've been a punishment, or that person - whoever they are, might've done that themselves. People, who commit suicide do things like that quite frequently. They mark the place, or take a picture of it and post it online, or just write a goodbye letter. Those are more or less mundane, modern things people do, so what we see in the Forgotten Vale might just be the same psychological reaction, just expressed in a different way, with the only tools and resources this poor person could have had there at that moment.17:16 and 21:16. Here, I'm not sure about one detail, so this whole idea of mine might fall down the drain, but I'll still say it. First, the detail I'm not sure of - how did snow elves transition into falmer? They all collectively became blind, but I suppose that they became this half-sane, half-animal creatures after years, when generations changed, right? If that's true, maybe mining was performed by the 'middle ground' generations. So, sort of the half-falmer, half-snow elf generation that was already pretty basic, like falmer, but still had quite some features and habits of snow elves. The falmer could then just lose the ability or need to mine with time, as the generations changed and they became more and more animal-like, but there was a certain point, when the falmer were just snow elf enough to still mine, but already use the more simplistic weapons and all that. From 24:16 and all the way through to somewhere around 30:00. As for the paragons, obtaining some of which doesn't feel very rewarding, I'm sure that from the story's perspective, there was something very important there and it just got ruined by time or some sort of natural disaster, maybe something else. But, from the game's perspective, I've always found it a bit lazy. Maybe they tried to make it "level-ish", as in: the harder it is to find the frost giant and fight him off, the cooler the prize is. But, I'm not sure how accurate or circumstantial this is, so who knows. Going through all that trouble and not really finding much did feel very shitty, though. Wish there was something more important there. Anyways, those were just some things that came up in my weird brain, while I was watching.As always, fantastic video. I'm sure a lot of work and time was put into this, so I appreciate it immensely. Jokes and puns are on point, as always, so bonus points for that. Looking forward to see more amazing stuff like that in the future!

  • dorgesh

    I always felt like Bethesda bit off more than it could chew with the Dawnguard dlc. I much preferred having one intricately detailed area like the the Dragonborn dlc, rather than just having lots of visually appealing but generally uninteresting areas scattered all over the place.

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    the PUNS! love em, and keep em comin

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    Forgotten Vale is an amazing place , I hope they include it in Elder Scrolls VI too

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    I was in there last week now watching this I gotta go back in hahah. Gotta find the books and paragons, I rushed through on Xbox sorry (no mods), I always get lost to, first time PS4 I was in there for hours lol :) thank you Camel

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    hmm resist fire potion maby a dragon? that killed alot there maby explains the corpses

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    Falmer cant bother burying their dead. They already cant see

  • Blaga George

    for that mass graveyard beneath the lake's waters, wouldn't the most likely explanation be that its the two dragon's leftover dinner? sure dragon's don't actually need to eat, but you get the idea.

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    All of those bodies grouped together at the bottom of the lake... very reminiscent of Dunmer burials, eh?

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    I would guess that the skeleton with the great sword in his back was betrayed by the one beside him. Possibly they both came looking for the treasure, one got greedy, stabbed him in the back but didn’t realize the dragons under the ice. Thus the surprised look on his face

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    I was hoping you'd keep this going. I love this series.

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    Am I seeing things, or just communicating with Peyrite!!

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    8:11 My guess is sword-in-back was run down by potion-hands. Potion-hands was then attacked by the dragons, and was killed before he could drink one of the potions.

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    I once came to the overlook without the paragon (I don't have them yet^^) just by jumping around the area.

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    Love this series. I learned so much.

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    I wonder why there are no otherancient falmer ruins in Skyrim and how the forgotten Vale was destroyed. I mean why did the falmer here devolve into the modern falmer. Shouldn't they be (one of the) last ancient falmer community in existence because nobody knows this location

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    I think that spider and hanging corpse could be a lord of the rings Easter egg.

  • Tijn van der Weijden

    Maybe that mass underwater grave is part of the Dragons' lair.

  • Jonathan Fulmer

    I'm fairly certain that most of the skeletons were slaughtered by those two dragons. Because if dragons are eternal, and they live the FORGOTTEN Vale, if they did kill all of the snow elves living in the forgotten vale it is likely that they were not resurrected by alduin but rather have lived there ever since the snow elves. And the blades would not have hunted them down because of course the vale that they live in is clearly forgotten, hence the name: forgotten vale. This is also apparent in the fact that you will find pillars submerged under the ice hinting that something must have had to destroy those pillars and fling them into the water.

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    Literally just about to do this mission👍😁

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    I think the spider suprise area is a reference to The Lord Of The Rings.

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    You keep saying Chaurus Reaper pods, but they spawn Chaurus Hunters.

  • Cheesus

    A mod that plays in the time of the snowelves would be soo amazing !!!Maybe after the Dwemer betrayed most of them and you have to fight their machines, wild creatures and in the and of the story a kind of falmer invasion.With all theses ruins built up and shrines and elves everywhere, man I would love that !

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    Yes finally thought you would never do a video on this place the forgotten vale is my favourite place in the whole elder scrolls series

  • Greg Martin

    The falmer have shamans, which suggests they have some kind of religion. they have altars, but nothing as elaborate or cluttered as the riekling caves, suggesting worship, of a spirit perhaps? Well, what spirits would the falmer worship? the daedra seem likely and the falmeri habit of dwelling in deep darkness and the presence of the chaurus and frostbite spiders they keep as cohorts and sources of weapons, armor, and shelter, might point to some connection to Namira. Or, perhaps, they worship a dark and twisted god of nature, such as Hircine. Or, both, neither, or something else entirely. Who knows?


    The 4 that disliked are clearly terrorist that hate videogames especially RPGs

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