How to get the Morokei Mask in Skyrim - [The Dragon Priests]

Here is a guide on how to get the morokei mask in skyrim. One of the eight legendary masks in the game! Please like and fav this video!

    I'm level 24 and I've killed seven of them.

  • foxit begamin

    my first priest i fighted i just let my follower kill him and i just hided and then i took the finale hit XD

  • Kyle Mann

    i disliked for the half a minute long intro

  • Dan etzioni

    do you have to do the mages guild quest line to be able to get to that dragon priest?

  • wyatt kilgore

    you need the 8 masks and the wooden one takes u back put the mask where it says and u get a special one that is epic

  • KSRgaming mcpe and more

    He can't hurt them and u can one shot his atronotch with bound bow, it's strong

  • SplitViEw :3

    yeah with the mask that takes you back in time is called a wooden mask I have it I didn't know what it did but all I that I knew was that I was somewhere else when I put the mask on and saw the different names for so I set out on my journey to collect the dragon priest masks I just need morokei's mask and I'll have them all.

  • StreetFightingMonkey

    i used 2 daggers to whoop his ass with one hit

  • Ashlee xx

    I can't find my morokei mask 😕

  • Naif I نايف

    HTF do i know where it is

  • Dr Osiris

    Oh u have grown alot on YT i watched ure vids 4 years ago when i played skyrim now i play the special edition

  • black hole

    I'm level 14 and I got three killed

  • Matthew Ortega

    Every priest I fight I use the wabbajack weapon because its easier to kill them with.

  • ivootje88

    wtf is up with the intro

  • Tristan Scott

    thanks im gonna use marked for death on him and WRECK him

  • Daniil Gerasimov

    I didn't get why he didn't use equilibrium with close wounds to get like unlimited magica....

  • vladimir frolov

    It's the wooden mask

  • cody ritchie

    Wtf i still dont know how to het to that part

  • Jack Riley

    and btw i have killed all dragon priest from lvl 20-24

  • BluffableDust92

    Wtf I was against him and he didn't do anything to me

  • dhgodzilla1

    thanks for blowing my eardrums out lol

  • Tyler Caswell

    Where is d dungeon thingy place

  • Sucker Drug G

    where do you get it agian

  • Jack Riley

    get that conjuration to 100 get conjure dremora lord and he dies in like 5 seconds

  • hAiLmetAL

    the fucking intro's so stupid and annoying ..but a very helpful video thanks

  • cody ritchie

    Should have got the ice form shout

  • Charles Manson

    I subscribed then noticed you make a whole bunch of Minecraft videos so I unsubscribe

  • Super Cat

    I thought this game was for nerds but I played it for a bit and haven't played anything else for the last three weeks.

  • bosskinggamer Bossking

    it's hard to kill him depending on what level you are I'm a level 39 and my health is 510

  • Wildeth27

    that mask that make you go back in time is the wooden mask and i have is the weakest defense but when you go back in time i think you fight this dragon that really old or some kind of dragon i dont rember

  • LoUgY

    I can fast travel to Labrinthian, but where's the entrance to the crypt that his video starts in??

  • gameralfa095

    I beat him at level 20 and ihe was easy with the skyforge sword, healing  and fire breath, the fight was quite long though

  • cjc3of3

    Just don't do the quest until you get a half decent weapon. I did it with the Dawnbreaker (Right) and Healing spell (Left). Beat him quite quickly too.

  • AlintheBAWS73 bruh


  • cori kelsch

    Im level 21 and i have a daedric mace

  • Abas Said

    I killed my first dragon priest at level 6 it was vokun

  • Nova Arsonist

    All he did was talk about nonsense where was the Guide

  • llZionicll

    Summons Dremora Lord and uses Fireball

  • Jamison spacebar

    i killed Krosis at level 13 because of swag.

  • John Doe

    Where's the entrance

  • Destiny player

    go to kujvhund or something to get krosis mask

  • Sam Bridges

    oh thats where he is thanks man good look with all your video's and stuff thanks anyway keep it up.

  • KIA hawk

    Krosis is the easiest to get you go to shear point and kill him

  • SpazTaz

    I was lvl seven no prob u use fire bolt easy

  • Dan Le

    You can find labyrinthian when your going to lost valkygg or skyborn altar

  • Joseph De La O

    Instead of using magic how about using a bow

  • The Red Gamer

    You know that map that you made to stop us from complaining? Yeah.. You made me go to Dustman's Cairn. Fairly sure that this is not where the mask is.

  • Goldshine 420

    i dont wanna hate or anything but maaan, half minute intro? whos gonna actualy watch it?

  • TheCryptidman

    The Dragon Priests are extremely balanced compared to most other enemies in Skyrim. If they aren't hitting hard, they can take a lot of punishment. If they're slow and ranged, they have a dragon protecting them. If they, like Morokei, are specialists in magic, they usually have a weakness to heavy armor and weapons. In other words, if you want to fight a player, a Dragon Priest is so well rounded as an enemy that it's very close!

  • TheNinjamanja

    Final aldrin fight is surprisingly easy and I was geniunly disappointing

  • CrenaPT

    I defeated Morokei without losing any health, with fireballs 

  • Gr33n_M4chin3

    it was not actually that difficult i killed him along with the other 7 dragon priests in like 5 seconds with due wielding the nightingale blade and the blade of woe.

  • llZionicll

    Its called Summoned Daedra

  • gavin jordan

    You get it at labirinthiam in the middle you don't need any dragon masks to get it you find it I got my first not wooden at level 8 I just his and shot my bow ( archer)

  • TheEliteGamerGuys

    You can battle a dragon priest right before you open the portal to sovngarde

  • Dragon Slayer

    I know where the mask that brings you in time is. It is near the labrynthian but outside of it where you place the seven dragon priest masks. It either is on top of the thing that you put the masks on or on the ground in that place.

  • Rey Garza

    i kill the guy but the bitch don't got the mask what do i do i got 7 of them just need this mask but like i say bitch don't got it & i don't have it :\ i need help

  • Gavin Brown

    The mask your talking about is the wooden mask. You can find it in labrynthian and it takes you back in time because the thing you put the masks in is old and ruined. Once you collect all of the eight masks, you can activate the ruin and it gives you the ninth secret mask.P.S. he was easy for me to kill and I'm only level seventeen. ( I used beast mode because my werewolf is fully leveled up.

  • DarthCipient

    I entered sneak. Opened the door. Shot him with an arrow. Closed the door, ran away and hidRepeat that about 20 times, and you kill himOf course, after all that hard work, his mask mysteriously disappeared from my inventory. 

  • William McIntire

    i am level 598876 and i killed him but instead i got a magic burrito that shoots lasers from its pube hairs


    I'm going to wait until I am level 20 to fight this guy right now im level 19

  • Ahuntingtosti

    hey guys.. what if you accidentally sell this mask.. is there a way to get it back? i went to the guy wich i sold it to.. but it was to long ago i did that.. :l

  • Morokei

    No one can truly defeat me. I am Morokei, it is impossible to defeat me.

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