Skyrim Dragonborn Kagrumez Resonance Gem Locations

You do not need all 9 gems to complete the quest, you only need 4. You get two at the start from the people you kill. I've shown 3 I found in this video, and haven't found any others.
  • Jack Lowndes

    The guy isn't there for me?

  • Bomb Sqaud

    thanks this helped alot i just killed buddy insted of buying it

  • sperg uprising

    the other one is in fahlbtharz about 1 inch northeast of the water stone (Final room)

  • MMBNMalternateaccoun

    Something weird just happened. I went to Nchardak and got the last gem I needed then exited Nchardak and it teleported me to Kagrumez o. o and I didn't even fast travel.

  • 99brickstudios

    i was there before.neloth had the key. doesnt matter now,you only need 4 gems.

  • 99brickstudios

    i cant get into nchardak do i get in?

  • Marcus Fitzsimons

    The one at 0:42? The quest takes place inside the ruin, are you sure you did it?

  • Marcus Fitzsimons

    There is one in Fahlbtharz, it's on a table about mid-most of the way through the dungeon, It's been a while though, so I might be wrong. But one is definitely in there.

  • Marcus Fitzsimons

    I've never heard people only getting one, but at least you only need 4 to complete the quest

  • Marcus Fitzsimons

    When I made this video, no one knew any other locations, maybe there isn't even any other locations, as far as I know, there only are 5 in the game. Either way, you only need 4..

  • Marcus Fitzsimons

    It seems like a few people are having these problems, you have definitely been in it before, right?

  • Richard's Channel

    Cheers dude saved me some time

  • Alex Drayke

    Just use one of the cubes that unlock the doors. You can one from the main room.

  • MrWalker8800

    found it yesterday while i was looking for that dwarven helmed that blows steam :D (pritty fun helmed btw lol)

  • cheesemonkey1990

    you probably need to have a cube to unlock the door

  • DeReal Brewster

    If it wasnt for your video, I'd be screwed, considering I had to return, because didn't grab the gem before I even left, the first time... Thanks man!!

  • kJayy

    At 0:40 how do you get that door opened I completed all the dudes quests at the mushroom and I only have 3 black books so Idk if that has anything to do with that

  • Beastlypelican45

    Lol im an argonian and I hav water walking boots so SCREW THE CUBES LOL

  • Coolio G

    I sold all my Resonance Gem's {:"(

  • TGOCmusic

    so there is 6 so far tht i am aware of

  • My Business

    He showed two because the other two are at kagrumez

  • 朱庭加

    Thank you, Verry useful

  • SlyDevil13

    I did the quest also and it won't let me back in either.

  • Bison247

    I only got one off the start

  • parkerbot

    you must have closed the door behind you do you still have one of those cubes?

  • Antonio Rubio

    the first time I went to the dwarven ruin of kagrumez the reavers had two stones

  • Raptor Jesus

    Bad, bad, bad mistake buddy.

  • Apex reloadzz

    Neloth walks so slow argggggh

  • The Walking Man

    You can buy one from the merchant who buys east empire pendants from you

  • Mohammed Q

    They theres five gems and the fifth is in nchardak..i never looked

  • Josh Carney

    i got one on a desk beside the helmet 'Visage of Mzund'

  • Cobek Everstein

    you can simply skip a day if neloth is glitching out and not showing up it happened to me then i did this out of frustration an dit worked.

  • herpestain

    theres one in fahlbtharz

  • Jamie Lunn

    thanks so much. you helped me out with nchardak but the guy isn't there when I go to him. does he go elsewhere? please

  • Russianwalrusses

    hey why is the dwarven ruin you were at is locked for me and yes i have done that quest

  • rahul gupta

    it would have bin better if u found all of them

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