Skyrim - Destroy the Dark Brotherhood

This is a video walkthrough for the Skyrim quest 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood'. In order to go this route instead of joining the DB, you must complete the starting quest 'Innocence Lost' to wake up in the Abandoned Shack with Astrid. During 'With Friends Like These', you can choose to kill Astrid instead of the captives, starting the quest to eliminate all members of the Dark Brotherhood for Commander Maro.

The reward for this quest is a few thousand gold, multiple sets of the Dark Brotherhood armor, and a few unique, enchantable clothing items from Nazir. Compared to all of the rewards you will receive working through the Dark Brotherhood quest line, this is hardly worth it. While you may want to see this quest and how it pans out, do it on a separate save or second playthrough. The amount of content, items, gold, and experience you deny yourself by doing this is unmatched, as the Dark Brotherhood quest line is one of the longest in the game.

If you would rather join the Brotherhood, see my guide here:

Complete Playlist of all Dark Brotherhood quests:

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  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    I joined the Dark Brotherhood and the Imperial....

  • hasty boi

    Destroying the Dark Brotherhood was little unrealistic, you just enter their sanctuary and kill them all just like that there should of been more to it, perhaps a chain of quests must be done in order to find and kill each of Dark Brotherhood member.

  • Cadsop

    I think he made this video to show us that they can't be dead thralled if you are past level 40

  • Father Ireland

    Great video but it isn't worth it, the quests are really good, not as good as Oblivion tho.

  • Fadedgogeta

    I find it funny that Astrid can kidnap you anywhere, even when you are sleeping in a bed in the Thieves Guild which usually has 3-4 people walking around the main room.

  • Yeet

    Am I the only that joins, like, everything that can be joined???

  • Coca Cola

    You can either:A- Join Dark Brotherhood, and end up getting over 20,000 gold for doing their missionsOrB- Kill them all and get 3,000 gold.

  • Harry Manocha

    Who else is here solely because they don't want to miss out on the rewards of the dark brotherhood, but want to know what happens

  • Patriot

    Funny thing is I killed the Emperor then joined the Imperial Legion.....

  • Aryon1969

    The one person you don't get to kill is also the oldest person in that sanctuary

  • AndroxineVortex

    by the gods you killed the dark brother hood leader...I'll take my leave then lol

  • RussianPremier

    No matter how many times I play Skyrim, the doors are creepy as F***.

  • TheDarksoul01

    normally i join them, but since i'm playing some1 fighting for the empire and the peace of skyrim i'm going to kill them :Dedit: don't forget that nazir has a curved sword. a curved.sword.

  • TwoShadez

    How could you? You're a monster!Poor Nazir.....

  • Professor Stein

    I wish this questline was more expanded.

  • ogoatgod

    The actual Dark Brotherhood is more fun than brutally murdering them just for 3k gold

  • Yazmarohma42

    Who cares about Shadowmere and a 20,000 gold they are evil cults that is need to be vanquished... Killing all of them is a much more reward than a gold and a horse. I can buy horse and earned gold through selling things.

  • Cielo Pachirisu

    To Oblivion with the gold! I won't let this gang of villains just go around and kill whoever any putz with evil rituals want. Y'know, including me.What is the music of life? Silence, my brother. The silence of the halls in your Sanctuary in a few minutes.

  • S

    what about Babette? Is it just because you can't kill child sprites?

  • TheOnlyExpress

    Wait. So the imperials knew where the Dark Brotherhood were all along, knew the passcode, and did nothing? And why did they need Astrid dead before they could do all this?

  • Lola Bunny

    That's it!?!? I was actually considering destroying the dark brotherhood but if that's all I get is a measly 3,000 gold then I might as well continue doing my usual routine of joining them but it does kind of sucks that you don't do any special missions after you assassinate the emperor, like with the Thieves Guild. I would have liked bringing back all the members of the dark hand, then and only then the guards of Skyrim can say the Dark Brotherhood is back and stronger than ever.

  • LumpinLump

    This was hard to watch. Dark Brother hood quests were some of my favorite lol

  • Kawaii Artist

    Perks of Joining the Dark Brotherhood20,000 goldShadowmere (Horse)And infinite rewards (600 gold each time you kill someone)

  • Josh Reynolds

    the irony of stealthily assassinating the most elite group of assassins in Tamriel

  • Abyssal Nargacuga

    It's more worth it to follow the quest line of the dark brotherhood

  • NerfBeard OP

    Well the way I played it I'm dragonborn and no one kid naps me and forces me to kill someone I do what I want and when I want it. So I killed the dark brotherhood despite all the benefits

  • Joseph Pavelka

    Who else immediately thought "With friends like these... who needs anemones??"

  • zenoist2

    That creepy lizard in Solitude is always my first pick pocket victim.

  • Salad Tongs

    A true Nord doesn't associate with milk drinkers who hide in the shadows and fight like cowards.

  • Jacob Estrada

    3:20 Astrid: Well done...... That's odd

  • vanessa

    I had no idea this questline was a thing, but either way Im staying with the DB because I love my crazy ol Cicero ❤️

  • Insanity Luc

    This is actually a good thing to do.You destroyed a evil organization that was focused on murdering innocent people for coin.And even when you could make yourself rich with the coin they would have provided you, you refused.You chose humanity over greed.

  • sam lawton

    2 brotherhood assassins have been sent to kill me before Will this mess up the Dark Brotherhood questline

  • Cheesus Crust

    I'm sorry, but the Dark Brotherhood are nothing but a unethical group of merciless and savage murderers who only care about how fat their pockets are with Imperial coin. They take a sadistic sort of pleasure in seeing the blood of innocent people spilled, and relish in death much like a sociopath.

  • Nevieth

    In fact you can actually do this to the Thieves Guild too, on one of my playthroughs I accidently smacked the main guy outside, killed him... and got a quest called "Destroy the Thieves Guild" or something like that. Pretty awesome how you can actually choose to bring forth evil like the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, or you can actually destroy them.

  • Quarion21

    After trying to raise one, we get the picture... 4 times is unnecessary

  • Josh Phoenix

    I didn't really like The Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, they seemed more like a bunch of random loosely strung together Assassins instead of a Cult of some kind. Sad, they used to be my favourite guild in Oblivion

  • Kvp 311

    Screw that they're awesome dude their quests are so good

  • Radial Beast

    You killed my homies that's not cool man

  • Tom Carter

    This cave will not be their sanctuary, but their tomb!

  • Miguel Conceição

    I don't care about 20k gold or 2 followers, i just want the mountain climber indestructible horse!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas De Moss

    Does anybody else join the dark brotherhood just because you like being an assassin and having cool assassin friends?

  • TechGuide

    If you go with the dark brotherhood storyline its more fun and has a lot more money in it.

  • Jan Brüggemann

    I didn't even know this was an option

  • E RG

    naw not worth it shadow mere the wind shear and dope clothes lol just not worth it nice to know what happens if you do take this path though

  • Sav Leek

    my brothers and sisters all slain. 😢

  • David virgillio

    I kill them because they kill the empire, if they don't kill the empire i would join them. its complicated because in the civil war i sided with the empire.

  • MojaKann

    i think it would have been cooler to have to kill each assassin one at a time while they were out on a contract of their own. e.g. 'Kill Veezara before he completes his contract' or whatever, and you'd get a bonus if you did it undetected or if he didn't finish his contract idk 

  • Sophia M

    i'm glad i killed these basterds with my werewolf powers.

  • Luke wahl

    Everyone saying this isn't worth it- maybe to you it's not, but to others it is. Like, let's say you're role playing a good guy, you just saved a lot of people.

  • Elliot Baron

    this doesnt make sense. how do u just know where the sanctuary is. and how do u know the password. and if it were that easy to kill the dark brotherhood wouldnt the commander have just done it himself. i love skyrim but they put no thought into this at all

  • yosharian

    People whining about the relative benefits of this quest vs completing the DB questline are forgetting two crucial things.  1) this is an RPG (even if it's RPG-Lite most of the time) and thus having the CHOICE to join or destroy the DB is EXCELLENT (and should be an option with other factions too!).  2) Some people have completed the DB quests before and don't particularly want to go through them all again - for these people 'Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!' offers a flavour/role-playing option as well as giving a bit of cash and satisfaction (kidnap ME?  Die Astrid you arrogant bitch!).  Frankly, I really enjoyed smashing those smug bastards' faces in, especially Arnbjorn.  It's only a shame you can't bury Cicero in the ground as well (he fucks off to the Dawnstar Sanctuary, never to be seen again.)

  • The Watlingtons

    I completed the db questline once..I destroyed them on every play through afterwards...Killing people i know nothing about for money just didnt fit the roleplay.

  • Eli Kroitor

    I cant kill the vampire girl because killing children is wrong, so killing grown ups is ok? thanks bethesda! I grow all my morals from playing your games!

  • Bogdan Milen

    what does dead thrall do .... i never used this when playing !

  • cristo alachouzos

    i would never do this in any play through the brotherhood is just that important to skyrim and me

  • Rico Von cargo

    Can get much more if you just do the darkbrotherhood quests

  • Blue Whirlw1nd

    After you kill the lady you can just go sleep somewhere. For an hour and youll end up in the shack.

  • Enclaveversion

    I killed the dark brotherhood because I don't want to become hated by other characters

  • Jason Sulham

    i usually kill grelod before i go to windhelm and talk to aventus

  • Paravant

    Dark Brotherhood gives you more than 20.00 gold and this guy... 3.000! OMG! What a waste.

  • Red Crumb

    but you get 1000 gold from every assassination and there is an infinite amount, literally.

  • SerbianBasketball94

    if you got 50000 gold i would do it, but it seems like a rip off

  • Exone

    I wonder how one can sleep during the nights after killing Nazir, I mean NAZIR! He is such a nice and cool guy.

  • EpicShadow Dragon

    I could never do that. I like Shadowmere and besides I love the Dark Brotherhood. Thanks veido. I always wondered what happen if you killed Astird.

  • Jacob Evans

    Only 3,000! You complete their storyline and get paid 20,000 plus 750 for every contract xD

  • Kimani Reid

    another corpse for the pile lol thats funny to me for some reason😂😂

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