Skyrim 5 Disturbing Facts You may Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim Secrets

Skyrim is a world of wonder and greatness, however amidst the chaos of a civil war and dragon invasion, the world of The Elder Scrolls 5 also is ripe with creepy and spooky details. From strange ghosts of the tundra, to odd plotlines in the Dark Brotherhood, today we’ll be taking a look at five disturbing Skyrim secrets that you may have missed.
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    Face reveal at 200k. Also we have a patreon, but more on that later!


    I would be willing to buy a murdered to death t-shirt

  • Hollyballsinhell

    I used to be an adventurer like you... then I got murdered to death

  • Danny Nanez

    "Almost impossible to get into Blackreach"THEN EXPLAIN WHY EVERY TIME I GO INTO A CAVE I END UP IN BALCKREACH?????

  • Michael Angelo

    Froki is the boy grandfather, he lived along many years and visit his son and family in Helgen when the dragon attacked. The father is on the ground telling his boy to run as Alduin burns him alive, the boy runs to his grandfather and Hadvar

  • Ed TheStrange

    The most disturbing fact is that someone at Bethesda wrote two volumes of the lusty argonian maid

  • *Dire Thunders your Waifu

    Isn't Hamin living with Froki now because he was just orphaned in Alduin's attack on Helgen? I don't think this is so much an oversight in Bethesda's part, as it is Froki just not having the proper accommodations for this sudden development.

  • Arch_Saltsworn

    Remember what you had to do to cleanse the sanctuary in oblivion? By law you have to kill every member so that the sanctuary can start anew. Cicero wasn't going crazy, he was carrying out the rite of cleansing.

  • James Parker

    I hate that you can't side with Astrid or Mercer and you're forced to glue your lips permanently to the ass of daedric princes in these quest lines.

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    Maybe all male snow elves became falmer and all females became wispmothers

  • Am Ha

    'Shouldn't necromancy be gender neutral?' The best thing ever saidIt should. It totally should be.

  • I like food

    Disturbing fact: people get MURDERED TO DEATH

  • FerroLux _

    Hm, I feel like that Dark Brotherhood fact was intended to be such as you said. Everyone is like: “oohh the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim is so disappointing, Oblivion did it way better and bla bla bla” but I have always thought: in Oblivion we are shown a Dark Brotherhood at its full strength, destroyed by a traitor, and also we are shown all of its composition (a normal sanctuary, the black hand, the Night Mother’s crypt); in Skyrim instead, we are shown a very much weakened DB, dealing with the destruction of every other sanctuary and the chaos: I think that is the real objective the developers wanted to achieve, they wanted to tell a different story about the DB and put a lot of effort in order to make it clear.

  • Globgogabgalab

    "C'mon guys it's 201 of the 4th era"-Justin Trudeau


    You have officially milked Skyrim more then Bethesda congratulations on the milestone

  • RealBellows

    Holy shit I never thought of that Astrid breaks all the 5 Rules of the Brotherhood, this is some good shit!

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    Loved this video so much I had to unlike it just so I could like it for a second time. Good job Nate <3

  • Andromeda

    Does anyone have a good recipe for guacamole?

  • Rory Donaldson

    Actually, historically, more specifically during the medevil time like the Renaissance era most famlies all shared a bed and only the richest of nobles or royalty had beds for each family member but even then they would share their bed with their servent. Prim apes also sleep together and i find it very lilely this behavious had been going on since humans were humans so I don't see it as weird that the old man and his son share a bed.

  • Chris Gowen

    I think the dragon scene is a reference to the old movie Dragon Heart. In one scene, the dragon tries to eat the hero, but is stopped because he sticks his sword in the roof of his mouth. Of course, that clip and whole thing was waaaaay more lighthearted, but it seems it ended poorly for both of them last time I may be mistaken but the similarities are there to a point

  • Jared Laurence

    Come on guys it’s 4E 201!

  • Marco Rocco

    Oh... Violated the night mother... In her coffin.... Hmmmm!

  • The Daedra

    Idk why, but I'm always on the toilet when I watch one of Nate's videos.

  • Teegos

    maybe wispmothers are like hagraven, female snow elves that wanted to ascend to a greater form

  • Leon Löwe

    About froki and the Boy...Camel or someone Else, i dont remember, explained that the Boy escaped from helgen when the Dragon attacked. Froki is his Uncle or something and He just couldnt buy a bed yet i guess :D

  • Regulated907

    if they're related the sleepin arrangement isnt weird at all because in times like that it's more or less the safest way to sleep for the child.

  • Mytru Mara

    Isn't Babette like 500-years-old?

  • MajorMoron

    Are those whispmothers hot or what?!? :D

  • jawrabbit

    if the opposite of the sky is the earth and middle would be the rim skyrim and middle earth are opposites

  • Kadranos

    Shared beds were the IRL norm in Western culture until 100-200 years ago, depending on where you lived. Inn patrons would even pay more hoping to share a bed with someone more affluent. Like Renaissance and Medieval networking.

  • Techy

    Bigger twist - The Dragon being soul trapped means that a dragon was soul trappedSo somehow somebody found out how to soul trap a dragon, and possibly it involved the Nord in his stomach, considering they both ended up there.

  • trainradioable

    Haming was orphaned during Alduin's attack on Helgen, Froki lives in a shack and probably can't afford an extra bed.


    Hamming was at Helgan and is now an orphan, living with Froki. It's even explained if you talk to either of them in-game. He's not a pedo, he just wasn't expecting to be a guardian....

  • Lil Cloudy

    TheEpicNate I was playing skyrim like 20 minutes ago and came across a strange encounter, I saw 3 vampires fighting a werewolf, this was just strange to me and kinda cool considering I've played the game for years and just came across this

  • jawrabbit

    if your gonna murder it might as well be to death

  • Amelia Capone

    Always the best part of my week, seeing those skyrim notifications.

  • Kendal DK

    Gotta pee gotta pee; for the shingles party

  • One does not simply

    Drinking game: Watch all of Nate's Skyrim videos and take a shot each time he says "murdered to death."

  • Skentmar

    Regarding Froki and Hamming, even today, in many 3rd world countries, parents/guardians share a bed for sleeping. In Mexico, for example, you may have 3 generations of family sleeping in the same room. Plus, what is taboo in one place is not necessarily taboo somewhere else. BTW, an extra tid-bit of information for those not aware, Hamming is the young boy at Helgen as you are being carted in who is told to go inside by his father. it's not unusual for a child who has had his parents killed in front of him to not want to be alone at night, at least for a while. Thumbs up overall, though.

  • Son Gohan

    Murder to death row call starting now!

  • IkkezzUsedEmber

    I used to be an adventurer like you, until i got murdered to death.

  • elgars

    I have played skyrim for more than 200h and I haven't seen one Wispmother

  • bob.

    The thing keeping skyrim alive is content creators like you and the fans whom still love to play. Oh yeah also mods but you get my meaning. Channels like this are my reason for continued love of this 7 year old game. So to you I say, thank you. Thank you for keeping someone with countless hours, across many platforms, interested.

  • ForTheRebound

    Plus hamming was present during the helgen attack so for froki to have a second bed prepared for his was unlikely

  • Brian Todd

    The only thing I would disagree with is while the gauntlets of the skeleton were ancient Nordic the sword was not an ancient Nordic sword.

  • Hayden Trisdale

    The reason there is only one bed is beacause Hamming is the boy whose father dies at Helgen while you escape so Froki most likely just hasn't gotten him a bed yet

  • Clasic Nova

    I purpose a theory that the wisp mothers are in fact the lost race of elves that were transformed during the atherium wars perhaps high royalty who would have warn the atherium items.

  • Rubens Dalamaria Cirilo

    Lots of poor families around the world have parents sharing beds with sons, not exactly creepy, just sad

  • jared alesi

    There's only one bed because Froki only took in Haming recently. Haming is the kid that nearly gets torched by Alduin at Helgen in the opening sequence. Newly orphaned, he moves in with his relative, Froki, who is unprepared for a child.

  • The Catfinch

    I think that the reason there is only one bed is because if tou talk to them you will learn that Hamming was at Helgen, and this is where he went after Helgen. So it's quite likely that they didn't have time to purchase or make a second bed for Hamming.

  • machina188

    It's not that weird for family members to sleep in the same bed, especially in ancient times, or if a dragon burns down your grandson's house and orphans him. Just cause there's one bed doesn't mean he's raping his grandson lol

  • VocaloidIchigo

    OI!! @ #2: the reason there's only one bed in the house between the boy and the old man is because THE BOY IS A HELGEN SURVIVOR. his dad was killed by alduin while the dragonborn was escaping(they both even state this when speaking with them). The boy hasn't been living there very long! the old man lived by himself prior to the game's starting scene. you're not exactly gonna be fast at getting a brand new bed up in the isolated area where that cabin is in such a short amount of time. I could argue that they could have made a bedroll for the boy, but as loving a grandfather as he is, it's really not surprising that he'd share the bed. I'd also like the point out that family members sharing beds in medieval type settings, even if fantasy medieval, was very common IRL. it's where the term "bedfellow" comes from. sisters would share beds, brothers would share beds, parents would share with single children. It was a means of warmth in winter, companionship, and preventing anyone from being in too vulnerable a position in case of intruders or bandits etc.... as well as preventing their virgin daughters from being raped or from fooling while yes some gross stuff COULD be happening here, it's really really unlikely in this particular scenario.

  • Ryan_The_Titan

    [write signature joke about Nate saying “murdered to death” here]

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    Never dishonor the Night Mother, to do so would invoke being MURDERED TO DEATH.

  • Alexander Baldwin-McCurdy

    Has the wooly mammoth that's partially frozen and stuck with Spears and axes been mentioned in a video yet?

  • hufdsnhf

    I've put more than 500 hours into Skyrim, my highest leveled character is level 62, and yet I've never come across a Wispmother. Never even heard of them (aside from coming across the book in-game) until this video if I'm being totally honest. I've even completed the Crimson Nirnroot quest in Blackreach, so you'd think I'd have run into the one that's down there... strange.

  • The Dank Elf

    Hey how's it going Nate it's Dank Elf here.

  • Captain Sawbones

    I mean froki and the kid probably slept in shifts - they live in a far off place, and beds are probably expensive. probably they cant afford more than one?

  • Jordango The mango

    4. The book “Black arts on trial” is a play on the book “Darwin on Trial” by Philip E. Johnson. I know this because I was forced to read it at the school I go to.

  • Amanda Goodman

    SPOILER IN THIS COMMENT: Alright,so what I think about The Dark Brotherhood, the leader Astrid deserves to die! I am in in that group and there is scenes where you will kill Astrid, Sithis and the Nightmother could of plotted the attack that took over the sanctuary since Astrid betrayed them both.

  • FavoriteGuyTV

    Hello person in the comments, how is your day?

  • Parrot Gamer

    The "child" in the dark brotherhood isn't a child... SHE'S OVE 100 YEARS OLD (shes a vampire)

  • Cory Dorton

    Definitely some creepy but interesting facts and I think the whole bed thing is easily explained it was probably an oversight and over all the could sleep in shifts

  • Garrison Benner

    Nate talks like Brandon Roger’s Business Woman Character

  • Toggan Reggif

    Pretty sure Froki and his grandson sleep in the same bed is because that was probably Froki's hunting shack that he'd go to once in a while before Alduin attacked, and since Helgen was destroyed, leaving both Froki and his grandson homeless, they have to share a bed simply because that cabin was made for one person, and wasn't really meant to be lived in fully.

  • Randigity Marcum

    I think wisp mothers are the ghosts of snow elf shamans slaughtered by the Nords when Ysgramor returned from Atmora with his 500 companions as why they are all female I think that's obvious seeing as how the all the Falmer shamans added by dlc are female as well suggesting that the female spellcasters held some sort of traditional esteem yet another thing they share with the Drow from D&D sips tea but that's none of my business...

  • quickSpectre

    Early for another great vid

  • Kaidan Shepard

    ' A group of assasins, including a child- ' She is NOT a child, she is a centuries old vampire !

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