The Elder Scrolls Online - Cinematic Trailer!

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  • Chris Krein

    It's Isengard! 0:07:10

  • Punk Paranoid

    best trailer, worst game

  • ButtonBashingBros

    Make movies, not games.

  • John Slegi

    No idea what just happened but it was freakin epic.

  • Vinset J.

    THEY MAKE the best cinematic trailers ever!.but the gameplay is not even close...

  • Mar Dub

    I literally just blew a load in my pants!

  • syncha G

    90% of the production budget was probably spent on this and that's why the game sucks.

  • minh le

    Arrow to the freakin kneeeeeeee

  • Zach Fross

    The Human guy just became the new Lich King lol

  • I hate google

    and than i took an arrow to the knee

  • MrTheBeast

    The elder scrolls online full movie game WTH try marketing that nonsense title

  • ThunderCats

    If they put half the work into the game that they put into this video then ESO might have been a good game.

  • Nemanja Nikolic

    best trailer ever but worst game ever

  • Sarah McDonald

    What does it cost to play this game month to month?

  • Wolo lo

    So im not gonna be hailed as a hero anymore? D:The king's last words was ''Close shut the jaws of oblivion'' And i did it.But they have returned?? May the gods be with us...

  • White Snow

    wenn das spiel doch nur halb so geil gewesen wäre wie der trailer...

  • xedinn91

    серьезно? маг из другого мира создает повелителя мертвых, который предает свой народ и ведет за собой армию? ничего лучше как слизать сюжет с варкрафта не придумали?

  • Divided_Kingdom

    if they spent as much time and effort on qaulity control... 

  • Divided_Kingdom

    if they spent as much time and effort on qaulity control... 

  • Johnnie Walker

    So long battle - all that needed to be done was one "Fus Ro Dah" 8-) :D

  • rainilson souza

    muito bom pena que e um jogo se fosse um filme seria o filme.

  • Corbin Mcgrowder

    This would have made and Epic movie, dont know much about the game but this i love.

  • handsome boy

    Look like wushu kungfu action movie.

  • Ary Ghibriel

    srs why im not watching this when im was 10 ??

  • Cheek Loins

    A gateway to oblivion has been open! The Daedra shall finally claim the mortal realm!

  • thevoodoo57

    Not a game type person, but good effects, but the camera angles jumping all over the scenes has ruined it, and they seem to have lost their tongues? Do none of the characters speak?

  • MrMudNugget

    always the god damn same. Spending more money on the trailer than the actual game.

  • kylekrb1

    Here comes the lore rape.

  • Mme.Tenebrae

    Wish they made animated movies like that...

  • 游秀

    動畫相當不錯...但是劇情有點弱 怎會有這麼討打的飛船居然開進危險區域 且沒有任何對空的防禦機制 既然如此鬼怪們直接讓他們墜機就好了 不知一群人在蝦忙什麼 還有那搖擺槳難道是翅膀 哈哈哈 十分搞笑的設計

  • matn0v

    Where the EFF are the Argonians, Khajit, and Dark Elves??

  • Mc Squeezy

    wait why is Gandalf wearing dragonborns costume :p

  • Fernando Silva Cáceres

    lo mejor es que sólo luchan y no hablan. bkn

  • القلب النابض

    Give me Nam film please

  • md ibrahim

    These dengar movie nice films

  • الشاعر عبد العزيز الخبصي العقيدي

    استغفر الله الذي لا اله الا هو الحي القيوم واتوب إليه 🌸

  • Tai Lopez

    world's shittiest game

  • Mohammad Alali

    كتوبولنة بس اسم اللعبة

  • Mohammad Alali

    كتوبولنة بس اسم اللعبة

  • Mohammad Alali

    كتوبولنة بس اسم اللعبة

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