The Elder Scrolls Online - Cinematic Trailer!

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  • Fedora Doge

    Trailer 11/10 game -1/0

  • Rumana Zahid


  • NotToxicLord

    I can imagine the perfect game: Skyrim, Dark Souls, LoZ, and Lord of the Rings combined

  • Hea Twat

    The concept was good shame they didn't keep there end of the stick


    aq heryer taş toprak bu neyin kavgası

  • Timofey Vareev

    I got it! The damned "shaking camera" is just a limitation effect of the rendering software's trial version. The whole Hollywood seems using it without license, and I see the CGI movies' makers do so too.

  • games n stuff

    the scientific name of the giant beast is flabotronius dodekachinius


    Take note guys... the man with the black cape is talion (and the other black hand), the red haired is celebrimbor (if he were a lady), the metaled army are uruk Captains and the beast is the great white graug. It looks like shadow of Mordor remastered.

  • Wimp

    It's funny how all these freaks look like the tenants of my rental properties.

  • Mournforthelost96

    too bad the game sucked ass.

  • Musa Ceranoğlu


  • Signal One

    последний момент украли из игры престолов

  • Midnight Seeker

    how they are defeating deadra soldiers they are the most powerfull enemy in game WTF ?!

  • ButtonBashingBros

    Make movies, not games.

  • Sarah McDonald

    What does it cost to play this game month to month?

  • handsome boy

    Look like wushu kungfu action movie.

  • Rxonmymind

    Wimps need not apply. A group of hard core fighters. She was absolutely owning them.

  • MrMudNugget

    always the god damn same. Spending more money on the trailer than the actual game.

  • Augerboy320

    soooo all I got from that is that the elven chick is op as fuck and needs to be nerfed

  • ThunderCats

    If they put half the work into the game that they put into this video then ESO might have been a good game.

  • Fernando Silva Cáceres

    lo mejor es que sólo luchan y no hablan. bkn

  • Zach Fross

    The Human guy just became the new Lich King lol

  • rudi sampurna

    what game this is Ps3 or Ps4.. did someone knoow

  • thenateos

    Somewhere between Diablo and Dragon Age, The Elder Scroll's identity is lost.

  • I hate google

    and than i took an arrow to the knee

  • Morok History

    Ага,блять 4100 за игру и + подписка 1100 рублей в год)

  • Hassan Musa

    Wait are those Daedras?

  • Chris Krein

    It's Isengard! 0:07:10

  • Casual Gamer

    This is like the Battlefield Hardline of the Elder Scrolls series. Yeah it may look kinda cool but in reality it's like the disowned younger brother who is a crack addict. In this case a money addict. Looks way worse than Skyrim and was really just a way for another company other than Bethesda to milk the Elder Scrolls franchise.

  • Andy James

    Would someone be kind enough to tell me if this is a movie or game. I've never heard of it but have been blown away by trailer.

  • Ary Ghibriel

    srs why im not watching this when im was 10 ??

  • DODGE GameChannel

    Приглашаю геймеров в дружное сообщество в ВК.Разыгрываются конкурсы на игры и профессиональную гарнитуру,поэтому поспешите,ведь даже сейчас проводится конкурс на 3 игры.Имеются посты Пиарщика,Модератора и Редактора группы,каждому будут вычисляться определённое количество денег.

  • Ricky Esdel

    They wasted so much money on this trailer they should have used the money for the game

  • Richárd Ódor

    Well that was a bit pointless. Doesn't make sense at all...

  • Ennis Jones

    And not one Redguard, Dark Elf, or Orc in sight...

  • jerome dado

    its reminds me of log horizon.

  • Duarte Mata

    So.... Does this actually Exist? 

  • Grisha /

    шо за тупое гавно я лицизрел ? жирный мог просто пернуть и усе враги бы здохли. и что етой шлюхе мешало сразу цепи сломать а ни ждать ?? народ все тупет и тупет вы гавноеды тупые ? или вам нравиться когда вас  гавном кормят ??

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