The Elder Scrolls Online - Cinematic Trailer!

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  • Chris Krein

    It's Isengard! 0:07:10

  • Punk Paranoid

    best trailer, worst game

  • Ricky Esdel

    They wasted so much money on this trailer they should have used the money for the game

  • ButtonBashingBros

    Make movies, not games.

  • Tri Alin Arsalaan

    Aragorn, The Elf, and The Dwarf

  • Zach Fross

    The Human guy just became the new Lich King lol

  • Avelin TM

    worst game ever. trailer dont have anything to do with game. skyrim is the best. we want new skyrim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Slegi

    No idea what just happened but it was freakin epic.

  • ThunderCats

    If they put half the work into the game that they put into this video then ESO might have been a good game.

  • Vinset J.

    THEY MAKE the best cinematic trailers ever!.but the gameplay is not even close...

  • Mar Dub

    I literally just blew a load in my pants!

  • syncha G

    90% of the production budget was probably spent on this and that's why the game sucks.

  • minh le

    Arrow to the freakin kneeeeeeee

  • I hate google

    and than i took an arrow to the knee

  • MrTheBeast

    The elder scrolls online full movie game WTH try marketing that nonsense title

  • Nemanja Nikolic

    best trailer ever but worst game ever

  • Falkon Games

    I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but, I really hate ESO. It's like they said, "Hey, you know that really popular thing we made? Let's make a game that encompasses all of what we've previously made, make it all drag on, and use crappy animations and systems. What? You don't think that would sell? I know, throw a bazillion dollars into an eight minute cinematic that doesn't represent the game at all. That'll work."

  • Sarah McDonald

    What does it cost to play this game month to month?

  • Wolo lo

    So im not gonna be hailed as a hero anymore? D:The king's last words was ''Close shut the jaws of oblivion'' And i did it.But they have returned?? May the gods be with us...

  • anartismal

    i really hope the fix the fighting mechanics, i dont wanna just play runescape with better graphics...

  • White Snow

    wenn das spiel doch nur halb so geil gewesen wäre wie der trailer...

  • xedinn91

    серьезно? маг из другого мира создает повелителя мертвых, который предает свой народ и ведет за собой армию? ничего лучше как слизать сюжет с варкрафта не придумали?

  • Divided_Kingdom

    if they spent as much time and effort on qaulity control... 

  • Divided_Kingdom

    if they spent as much time and effort on qaulity control... 

  • マン爆笑

    is that elf what? a bosmer? altmer?

  • Johnnie Walker

    So long battle - all that needed to be done was one "Fus Ro Dah" 8-) :D

  • rainilson souza

    muito bom pena que e um jogo se fosse um filme seria o filme.

  • Cheek Loins

    A gateway to oblivion has been open! The Daedra shall finally claim the mortal realm!

  • thenateos

    Somewhere between Diablo and Dragon Age, The Elder Scroll's identity is lost.

  • Morok History

    Ага,блять 4100 за игру и + подписка 1100 рублей в год)

  • Brett CK

    she should've taken that arrow to the knee

  • Adam Ošťádal

    The Imperial city looks really nice.

  • mancsakacarl

    The ps4 can do graphics like this but it would take too much time and resources to make a game with this quality.

  • kingmcbrian

    i wish the graphics aactually looked like this :(

  • DoctorKosmo

    7:43 that is a hell alot with Draugrs(at least they remind me about Draugrs). Better call Dragonborn!

  • Danylo Gurianov

    it looks like complete movie.

  • LatinoBadass

    i miss the old times when game trailers used in game footage and in game graphics instead of CGI scenes to lie the fans about the action, looks  and intensity of the game 

  • Timothy Felker

    What the Hell did the Imperials do to make all the other races create alliances to march on the Imperial city?

  • Jason Firth

    this is not full its only half

  • Umar Wright

    If the game really looked like that it would have been awesome. Heard it sucked though but never played it doesn't look as good as other elder scrolls games.

  • Corbin Mcgrowder

    This would have made and Epic movie, dont know much about the game but this i love.

  • De`Quan Lucas

    Is the giant thing a alien because it was from outerspace or is a monster because it is a monster???????????????????????????

  • Chris Cabria

    So is that based in the land of the game in oblivian

  • slade9088

    if only the movements in skyrim were as flawless as the one in this video. Especially the Graphics

  • Adam Todd

    this is better than most movie trailers

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