SKYRIM - 10 Most ANNOYING Sounds & Noises


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

01:32 - Nirnroot
03:24 - Blacksmith Hammering
04:45 - Lockpick Breaking
05:41 - Running Out Of Magicka / Stamina
07:03 - Conjuring Spell
08:15 - Solitude Drains
10:04 - Spider Eggs / Chaurus Eggs / Mammoth Cheese
11:38 - Spinning Dwemer Blade Trap
13:09 - Clutter Clunking
14:47 - Sprinting Noise

Skyrim Special Edition Playlist -
  • Camelworks

    Which noises / sound annoy you the most in Skyrim?🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫

  • LOLey

    "Is someone there?" "Guess I was just hearing things..."

  • bob appellover

    how about the bear noises?just walking through the beautiful nature of Skyrim when:BUEUEUEE AAAAUEUEUEUFWAAWAWAWAWWAAUUUUHAWJAWJJAWUKAWA

  • Lakiss Kettle

    Sounds I hate. Chaurus scuttling, falmer screeching, Nazeem's existance, and arrows to the knee

  • Jaime Moyano

    Fast traveling to a city like dawnstar and hearing a dragon as you arrive

  • Sean Murphy

    Hello! You are reading my comment. It contains: Random leveled loot

  • Crystal Owens

    The drains were the first thing I really noticed about Solitude actually, I can't believe so many people never realized.

  • ZHC

    steps on platepoison darts release from holes and clink against rocks for like 20 minutes

  • TheDarkSeraph

    #9 never bothered me. It makes the towns feel alive

  • Zigaz Gaming

    Number 1 : Nazeem Voice

  • Rocky


  • noah perry

    Something laying halfway in the water with the endless splashing.

  • theninjawannabe

    at 7:56 does the fire atronach have nipples? or am i imagining things

  • Peter Griffin


  • Simon L

    Nazeem’s footsteps gives me a tumor

  • Hunters Codex

    Will take a guess for number 1: Wolfes trying to annoy you when you are lvl 80 and just want to get to a dungeon.

  • MasterMagiKittyKiity

    “Hmm?” “Need something”Spiders crawlingBears Spectral assassinDragons breathing fire/iceCicero as a follower

  • Storm Gaming/animation

    i heard they're reforming the camelguard. group of sound hunters or something. might consider joining up myself.

  • Glitcherooney

    These sounds bring back memories...😭

  • Altrantis

    I always harvest the nirnroot just so they shut up despite the fact I always ignore alchemy. The fact that the Nirnroot sound is apaprently the song of Lorkhan makes it clear he's the devil and the elves are right.

  • Tom Mcloughlin

    When you pick up gold and it doesn’t make the coin sounds

  • Nicklas Johansen

    What about hanging bones?

  • Final boss

    for me nazeem sound is the worst "Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't."

  • Tejoncita

    ...I just realized the egg sounds are like crunchy cockroaches you step on by accident in the middle of the night with the lights out...MOIST indeed

  • Jacob Springwood

    You should now do a most satisfying sounds list!

  • Shura Yashamaru

    when u waste 20 picks to open a master chest and it has 4 golds and 2 picks in it

  • usern4metak3ns

    the only sound in skyrim that annoys me, I think, is when a neutral dragon is talking in the sky and refuses to land, eventually flying away after talking/mocking you a bunch.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    What about the hidden door to the flagon cistern? That sound is death itself

  • Adaraks

    The orb in Kagrenzel, holy shit is it loud

  • Young Jesus

    I have over 1,100 hours played of skyrim and never before have i noticed solitude has drains

  • Nigel Goodner

    Storing a Deadra Heart and dropping Iron Ingot are also very loud. I hate it when I accidently take the whole container of ingredients. That noise snares my soul.

  • Sean Abing

    Rieklings breathing XD

  • cornelius van boven

    7:31 FLAMING NIPPLES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milk Muhn

    I actually don't mind most of these sounds, kinda like them

  • Gonzo Stonefist

    When you do Dialogue. The lady who screams "Dragon" in the intro

  • MNVinela

    HeyYou never should’ve come here!

  • Krad Hunter

    I can withstand all of these noises you mentioned but to me the most annoying noise in the game is the one that the bears make. God, they are loud, annoying and they're everywhere so you'll be hearing them often, very often...

  • Brian Crosby

    Camel please include Taarie from Solitude i hated her always bringing up my outfit & the blue palace almost as bad as Nazeem!

  • Zachary Fluke

    “Maiq is done talking” "Maiq is done talking”NO MAIQ. TELL ME MORE THINGSSSSSVDUEGF AIGDBIDVWV

  • Zerika K

    I actually find the sprinting noises quite...satisfying tbh

  • Evan Peck

    After the Nirnroot section, I now understand the need for trigger warnings.

  • Night Hound

    Id rather listen to your puns than a nirn root (i don't know if i spelt that right i haven't picked one in a long time cause i have my sound all the way down because of the plants lol) and i don't mind the blacksmith tbh i really enjoy those noises

  • Yanderette

    Okay I know it's not an ambient noise, but can we talk about spriggans for a sec?

  • TheSheWolf

    7:50 That clarity! The frame rates! The movement! :D

  • Anonymous Fallen Angel

    The drains sound like normal drains after heavy rainfall

  • Dashua

    Personally, I love the sprinting sound, I play a thief character and running is pretty fun, it's especially satisfying when I have invested all of my stats on Stamina, I'm able to reach long distances faster than I would have on horse

  • Kimioko Draws

    What about the noise skeletons make? That creaking drives me crazy

  • Daedric Prince

    I think the most annoying sound is the moans of resurrected people

  • Zip Flippers

    None of these were that bad though

  • KatyBeth

    The sound that annoys me the most, so much so that I have to plug my ears or turn down my volume so that I don't hear it. The sound of falmer cage doors opening. The knuckle cracking, bone breaking, wet noise makes me want to stop playing.

  • Niklas Weigel

    And what about these anoying af bears that are somewhy screaming all day

  • Luke Page

    The nirnroot farmer must have sound proof walls, no way would she be sane with that going on 24/7.

  • Abc123 Xyz8910

    I really hate the spiders walking sound

  • Damjan P

    What am I doing with my life

  • IntrepidMike

    I cannot stand the wolf howl it alway means a pointless wolf battle is coming


    Technically it's a spell but, Lachance, as much as I love you, you're dead, hun. Shut up once in a while.

  • Adam Thompson

    You don’t help my bethesaddiction Lord Camel. I have a noise I personally hate. The quietness between camel videos hahahah thank you Lord Camel your the best. HEARD THEY’RE REFORMING THE DAAAAWNGUARD !!!!

  • FinallyAleks

    Camel, your orchestration of this video deafinitely didn’t fall flat in conducting, at a bass level, what some may conduct as a minor instrument of demonstration, (that may be a bit harsh) but you brought it Bach to a high note without Levin it behind. This performance is well-tuned to my seven-year soliloquy in Skyrim.I see that Flame Atronach, Camel.

  • Katie Zientek

    I hate the sound your horse makes when you take fall damage 😫

  • Brittany Hammock

    Skeleton bones creaking

  • Unfeathered

    I have the Nirnroot chime as the alarm on my phone; works really well!

  • Jorge Filêmom

    The roar of a dragon when I fast travel to a random location

  • Coach

    shoots bandit in face"WHO'S THERE?!?!"

  • Amy Carter

    Shit. I celebrate the sound of the Nirnroot; I NEVER have enough! lolThat jittery plate sound gave me a good laugh, lolzI'm not disgusted at all by the sounds of grabbing mammoth cheeze, chaurus or spider eggs. In fact, none of the 'annoying' sounds bug me, like at all.Yeah, I'm odd, and yes, for being hypersensitive to sound, it is very odd that these sounds don't annoy me, but that's the truth.Now, what did annoy me about the Crimson Nirnroot quest was that I found the first eight with relative ease. After that, finding the rest took me FOUR DAMN HOURS. The crimson nirnroots are quieter, it turns out; you won't hear them unless you're within a few feet.

  • buxycat

    Sounds that are annoying to me:Arvak despawning. (Which is such a shame as he's such a good horse)."You know, if you've got the aptitude, you should join the Mage's College in Winterhold" whilst being head of the Mage's Guild.Nazeem.(The following because I play stealth characters)Hearing my own footsteps whilst under the effect of the Muffle spell and wearing boots with that enchantment (I don't want to turn the footsteps volume down too low as I think I wouldn't hear enemy footsteps).The sound of my dagger being drawn when I'm two feet away from my target's back.The sound of a "silent" dagger kill.The sound of a Soul Trap enchantment after a stealth kill.

  • ReallyCoolName1

    I found that the most annoying sound to me is the weird chiming you hear as soon as you leave Riverwood towards Whiterun. I guess it's just to give you a sense of magic and adventure, but I always tried to find out what it was and what it comes from to absolutely no avail. It irks the hell out of me.

  • 89898Ronja

    Draugr sounds are SO AWFUL...!


    Come ON! Just today I thought: "The sound of Nirnroot is the most friggin annoying noise in the world" and ... boom ... you post a video and Nirnroot is the first sound you mention. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

  • Fivecentlivin Gaming

    All I get when I’m trying to get a quest “What is it”“What is it”I WANT YOU TO TELL ME STUFF

  • Mitchell Ryan

    the thieves guild secret entrance those rocks grinding on each other

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