SKYRIM - 10 Most ANNOYING Sounds & Noises


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

01:32 - Nirnroot
03:24 - Blacksmith Hammering
04:45 - Lockpick Breaking
05:41 - Running Out Of Magicka / Stamina
07:03 - Conjuring Spell
08:15 - Solitude Drains
10:04 - Spider Eggs / Chaurus Eggs / Mammoth Cheese
11:38 - Spinning Dwemer Blade Trap
13:09 - Clutter Clunking
14:47 - Sprinting Noise

Skyrim Special Edition Playlist -
  • Camelworks

    Which noises / sound annoy you the most in Skyrim?🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫

  • Shura Yashamaru

    when u waste 20 picks to open a master chest and it has 4 golds and 2 picks in it

  • Equinoxidor

    how about the bear noises?just walking through the beautiful nature of Skyrim when:BUEUEUEE AAAAUEUEUEUFWAAWAWAWAWWAAUUUUHAWJAWJJAWUKAWA

  • ZHC

    steps on platepoison darts release from holes and clink against rocks for like 20 minutes

  • Jaime Moyano

    Fast traveling to a city like dawnstar and hearing a dragon as you arrive

  • noah perry

    Something laying halfway in the water with the endless splashing.

  • Rocky


  • minecraft zombie

    I think the most annoying sound is the moans of resurrected people

  • MasterMagiKittyKiity

    “Hmm?” “Need something”Spiders crawlingBears Spectral assassinDragons breathing fire/iceCicero as a follower

  • Michael Clauss

    I found a nirnroot FARM by Riften. Unbelievable. Someone decided to dedicate their life to cultivating ear rape

  • Kimioko Draws

    What about the noise skeletons make? That creaking drives me crazy

  • Yanderette

    Okay I know it's not an ambient noise, but can we talk about spriggans for a sec?

  • Storm Gaming/animation

    i heard they're reforming the camelguard. group of sound hunters or something. might consider joining up myself.

  • Jacob Springwood

    You should now do a most satisfying sounds list!

  • Jorge F.

    The roar of a dragon when I fast travel to a random location

  • Oswald Knight

    Actually the mamoth cheese sounds makes me hungry...AlsoA NEW HAND TOUCHES MY BEACON

  • Mire Vale

    I hate the sound your horse makes when you take fall damage 😫

  • Saturn Cassettes

    Okay but have you ever ran on stone barefoot? SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP

  • void puppy

    Yall really aint gonna talk about the raspy breathing your childs "pet fox" makes

  • Lucas Kettle

    Sounds I hate. Chaurus scuttling, falmer screeching, Nazeem's existance, and arrows to the knee

  • Coach

    shoots bandit in face"WHO'S THERE?!?!"

  • sonicj Polygon

    eurolund graymane saying "gods be praised" any time you buy stuff from him

  • Anonymous Fallen Angel

    The drains sound like normal drains after heavy rainfall

  • I'm not gay, but

    Rieklings breathing XD

  • Joeri Van Aalzum

    Using slow time shout while talking to Herma Mora....MOOOOOOOOOOOORRRTAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Nonso

    Nice compilation. Well made video as video as always. But clearly you've never got yourself a warhound. Don't get me wrong, hearing dogs bark as you wander through the streets of skryrim's cities gives us a nice realistic feel of having our k9 friends in the game.But having a warhound follow u around everywhere, constantly barking every 2 seconds regardless of whether or not there are enemies in the vicinity.. nothing else is more deserving of the number 1 spot in my humble opinion

  • Joaquin Pirotto

    Am I the only one who hears a woman moaning in the Solitude's sewer sound??

  • Brittany Hammock

    Skeleton bones creaking

  • Tom Mcloughlin

    When you pick up gold and it doesn’t make the coin sounds

  • KatyBeth

    The sound that annoys me the most, so much so that I have to plug my ears or turn down my volume so that I don't hear it. The sound of falmer cage doors opening. The knuckle cracking, bone breaking, wet noise makes me want to stop playing.

  • Abc123 Xyz8910

    I really hate the spiders walking sound

  • white storm

    Nirnroot Hamskir guy (the guy yelling at the shrine of talos in whiterun) Falmer Chaurus Dwemer Hellspawn Dragon Screaming In The Distance The Baecon

  • Alyssa the awkward skat

    I hate when a follower keeps making the same random OHHHHH it is soooooo annoying

  • Zachary Fluke

    “Maiq is done talking” "Maiq is done talking”NO MAIQ. TELL ME MORE THINGSSSSSVDUEGF AIGDBIDVWV

  • Em

    The lockpicking part gave me anxiety bc i kept waiting for the lock to open

  • adam wills

    I wonder how that old chap is doing still hammering away I suppose

  • slaNt slicky

    6:43 "bew bew bew bew bew" -Camel 2018

  • Lorena Molina

    "EVERYTHING'S FOR SALE!" "Do come back...."I hate Belethor so much

  • Luke Page

    The nirnroot farmer must have sound proof walls, no way would she be sane with that going on 24/7.

  • Gavin Blackshear

    Remember when nirnroot was actually rare?

  • 89898Ronja

    Draugr sounds are SO AWFUL...!

  • Shade Lotus

    Trolls, spriggians, gargoyles, uh...what else alchemy glass clinks, vanilla dog barking, druagar, Mud crabs, what else groaning of certain npcs, Horses.I can still keep going >:"^|

  • hshhszdhenandbhfn G fc h f

    And what about these anoying af bears that are somewhy screaming all day

  • LOLey

    "Is someone there?" "Guess I was just hearing things..."

  • Fivecentlivin Gaming

    All I get when I’m trying to get a quest “What is it”“What is it”I WANT YOU TO TELL ME STUFF

  • -

    Sprinting without shoes just your feet.

  • dogjoy

    I don't know, I love the mammoth cheese sound

  • resistingtaylor

    I fast travel everywhere to avoid the sprinting sound. 🤣🤷‍♀️

  • Mitchell Ryan

    the thieves guild secret entrance those rocks grinding on each other

  • Samone

    Oh the painful nostalgia 😅

  • Pennsylvanian

    *Top 10 Most Satisfying Noises

  • Ross McGarry

    I can hear the exageration in his voice... Especially the words he picks too.

  • Oreo Cookie

    The most annoying sounds:battle music when I'm in a dungeon, it literally starts, stops,starts, stops, and so on. Ceirio, heimskir,and the courio.I like the chorus egg sound, and the spinning trap sound. I also like ninroots.

  • Abc123 Xyz8910

    I love the nirnroot sound so much. Its my ringtone

  • Isham Trivedi

    10:32 - These sounds are satisfying, my friend.

  • JROD310

    You pointed out the sewers of Solitude and now I can’t unhear it

  • berzerkerRick playz


  • Unfeathered

    I have the Nirnroot chime as the alarm on my phone; works really well!

  • Jonathan Wolf

    "You should see me when you get bored, stranger" by Jaree-RaOk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Glory to Russia

    Egg sounds are so relaxing to me

  • morgan darts

    Well for lockpick breaking just got güd

  • Miss Murder30

    The phenomenon of these sounds being particularly annoying may be due to the fact that they are off key sounds..Most ears like harmonious sounds, and off key sounds just create discomfort and uneasiness.

  • Brandon Gray Purdom

    The dwemmer blade floor actually sounds badass.They just hit too hard

  • god _

    the lightning storm spell when it hits basically anything

  • Mavolent

    is your fire atronach...topless? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Thompsonator469

    When your just in your house with a follower and in all the silence they Cough.

  • JordanAlix

    I agree with the mammoth cheese, but find the spider/chaurus egg sound oddly satisfying.

  • Strider Fitzsimmons-Sebring

    Pickaxe sounds when mining.

  • Desert Foxchild

    I love the sound of harvesting chorus eggs.But I also like the word moist.I usually can't hear nirnroot until I am right up on it.I am curious if silent casting and the silent running perk actually negate two of the sounds you mentioned.

  • Queen Of The Castle

    I actually love the sound of Nirnroot.

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