Skyrim Movie Trailer 2012 :)

From fan to fans

От фаната фанатам

Of course it's fake, but it reflects the essence of the game and what I would like to see in the movie:)

конечно это фейк, но он отражает суть игры и того, что хотелось бы увидеть в фильме:)
  • Anatoliy Novikov

    Это типа должно быть смешно? Или ты серьёзно надеялся смешать игру пристолов, тот уже забоянивший видос и ещё пару известнейших фильмов? Нет, блять серьёзно?

  • Jason Brody

    Yeah that's what skyrim needs, a bald headed Asian who shoots air out of his hands

  • Herz 666

    сука блять всё спиздили пидарасы

  • Maddie Haag

    Skyrim should have a real movie.

  • moustafas

    thor u are dragonborn?

  • Maky B

    if only this was real >n<

  • Mikkel

    This is just a bunch of random clips from movies with music over it.

  • Jorge Colde L

    I liked so much this trailer. With other moovies we see a lot of things of Skyrim: Snow, nords, dragons, big guys, vampire, wolf men, magic, etc.Very good the magic flems, snow and electric.PD: I´m sorry for may bad english.

  • Paul Albrecht

    this is game of thrones

  • Crystal Thunderheart

    Well... That's one way to sum up the game.

  • Parasitisch

    Mh. Avatar and game of Thrones xD

  • Mr Robovter

    Das ist aus Game of Thrones Avatar und noch anderen Dislikd

  • Uᴄʜɪʜᴀ Iᴛᴀᴄʜɪ

    какого фига в видео фильмы- джек покаритель великанов,повелитель стихий ван-хельсинг,человек волк,игры престо лов и т.д???

  • uchiha RGC

    cant wait to see this film

  • Lazer

    Фильм в принципе будет? В самом начале откуда взялось про довакина?

  • Madison VanBeest

    fake  I saw jack the giant slayer

  • DC Industry

    Jack the giant slayer too

  • BlueBeastGames

    Guys.. if you read the description then you could see he says its fake. dumb asses.

  • Berni Augustyn

    fuckthatass u can't Compare thoroughly and dragon born u retard y use thor

  • Ethen Chambers

    This trailer is just a combination of a bunch of movies

  • Jack Flanagan

    It's obviously just a stupid lie. It has way too many scenes from other movies. Seriously?

  • Real Pepe

    What kind of faggot gives like to this video?BTW Skyrim don't support your language so if you include that in your so called trailer it's fake.

  • Assassin12 AC

    really game of thrones :(

  • Kevin Rose

    dafqu is with thor and avitar

  • marten prince

    Cool it has things from avatar and Thor

  • Artem Rogulin

    This is just a video about skyrim from 1 fan. Whe are you so angry? Because there are only pieces from films? It's only because 1 person can't make a movie! Only studio with money can do this! He just do it for fans who like skyrim not for people who want a film! He shows how film should be(as game)!

  • Kalina Tankova

    eragon!!!!! eragon eragon eragon!!!!

  • MDS Crew

    why so many dislikes =(

  • Ellias Portugal


  • Merdan Nowruzow

    Дибил ты смешал игру престола и Джек покоритель великанов и аватар и вонхелсинка ну ты лох

  • Fantom _3465

    Тут была часть фильма Аватар

  • OnlyChaos

    ну не на фильм но на сериал потянуло бы


    Пацан извини ну наебать не получилась

  • sherry lee

    The guards In the towns never ran from dragons when I play. True badass, since they have no magical armor, weapons or shouts. Just brave hearts.

  • Austin Shank

    In the game, the civilians would run up to the dragon and punch it and die.

  • Tirion Fordring

    Мне кажется Игра Престолов и фильм Повелитель Стихий тут лишние.

  • Amirul Haziq

    the thumbnail is my profile picture😊😊

  • NVMGaming

    This has more copyright then saying the word apple in a Samsung ad

  • Sauron

    Глупо было надеятся на что-то большее....

  • Larissa Suzana

    a parte boa e que eu sei o nome de alguns desses filmes e series eu queria saber o resto alguem diz

  • Ancient Flames

    What is that one movie towards the end of the trailer where that guy runs and slams down that staff thing?

  • Nevurianfull

    bueno esto no existe, pero no le quita merito hacer un trailer falso y uniendo escenas pero esta bien supongo.

  • Leon Channel

    бля это ванхельсинг,игра престолов и аватар ну и конечно же скайрим нафига это было скрещивать ?

  • mad scorpion

    it's showing avatar stuff

  • MasterMelon

    DRAGON!!!!! HOLY JESUS!!! I NEVER KNEW!!!!! DRAGON, DRAgon, dragon.

  • MasterMelon

    the pictures in this fake trailer are epic and all, but i dont friken get the LYRECS . I mean its dragon language but y dis?

  • MasterMelon

    they should add the dark brotherhood in here

  • MasterMelon

    since when do they need spellusers? i thought skyrim was pretty much about slaying dragons, not shooting fire and frost towards some retarded people.

  • ShadowOverDark

    Причём тут игра престолов?

  • Dmitriy Ivanov

    ЭТО ШЕДЕВР!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aleksandr Kozlov

    Как думаете будет-ли Мирак в фильме если бесетка будет делать фильм

  • Channel by Anime and Games

    что это за дичь? это клип по skyrim у, игра престолов и ещё какие то фильмы

  • Carlos esteves

    It is a trailer does it need to be three minutes long

  • Cat Crazy


  • GojiraMeister Archives

    what would Argonians look like?

  • Pieter Marais

    Skyrim need a moviea awsome movie!!

  • Zikkeboi

    Game of thrones the movie. that's what this is. (Do not take this comment seriously, it's just a joke) :)

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