Skyrim Movie Trailer 2012 :)

From fan #Skyrim to fans
От фаната фанатам

Of course it's fake, but it reflects the essence of the #game and what I would like to see in the #movie:)

конечно это фейк, но он отражает суть игры и того, что хотелось бы увидеть в фильме:)
  • Mashup Emotions

    New mashup on my new chenel, заходи, качество повысилось, смысл тоже!

  • Anatoliy Novikov

    Это типа должно быть смешно? Или ты серьёзно надеялся смешать игру пристолов, тот уже забоянивший видос и ещё пару известнейших фильмов? Нет, блять серьёзно?

  • Paul Albrecht

    this is game of thrones

  • Jorge Colde L

    I liked so much this trailer. With other moovies we see a lot of things of Skyrim: Snow, nords, dragons, big guys, vampire, wolf men, magic, etc.Very good the magic flems, snow and electric.PD: I´m sorry for may bad english.

  • Kevin Rose

    dafqu is with thor and avitar

  • Crystal Thunderheart

    Well... That's one way to sum up the game.

  • Jason Brody

    Yeah that's what skyrim needs, a bald headed Asian who shoots air out of his hands

  • Maky B

    if only this was real >n<

  • Assassin12 AC

    really game of thrones :(

  • moustafas

    thor u are dragonborn?

  • marten prince

    Cool it has things from avatar and Thor

  • Parasitisch

    Mh. Avatar and game of Thrones xD

  • Maddie Haag

    Skyrim should have a real movie.

  • Uᴄʜɪʜᴀ Iᴛᴀᴄʜɪ

    какого фига в видео фильмы- джек покаритель великанов,повелитель стихий ван-хельсинг,человек волк,игры престо лов и т.д???

  • Madison VanBeest

    fake  I saw jack the giant slayer

  • Mikkel

    This is just a bunch of random clips from movies with music over it.

  • BlueBeastGames

    Guys.. if you read the description then you could see he says its fake. dumb asses.

  • DC Industry

    Jack the giant slayer too

  • Kalina Tankova

    eragon!!!!! eragon eragon eragon!!!!

  • uchiha RGC

    cant wait to see this film

  • Mr Robovter

    Das ist aus Game of Thrones Avatar und noch anderen Dislikd

  • MDS Crew

    why so many dislikes =(

  • Ethen Chambers

    This trailer is just a combination of a bunch of movies

  • Jack Flanagan

    It's obviously just a stupid lie. It has way too many scenes from other movies. Seriously?

  • MasterMelon

    the pictures in this fake trailer are epic and all, but i dont friken get the LYRECS . I mean its dragon language but y dis?

  • Tirion Fordring

    Мне кажется Игра Престолов и фильм Повелитель Стихий тут лишние.

  • Bandikut iz_Hay_Roka

    Надеюсь, что здесь ни кто не думает, что нарезка из уже существующих фильмов - это трейлер к ещё не снятому ..?Беседка никогда не позволит снимать кино по TES ...

  • Dmitriy Ivanov

    ЭТО ШЕДЕВР!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MasterMelon

    DRAGON!!!!! HOLY JESUS!!! I NEVER KNEW!!!!! DRAGON, DRAgon, dragon.

  • Channel by Anime and Games

    что это за дичь? это клип по skyrim у, игра престолов и ещё какие то фильмы

  • Leon Channel

    бля это ванхельсинг,игра престолов и аватар ну и конечно же скайрим нафига это было скрещивать ?

  • sherry lee

    The guards In the towns never ran from dragons when I play. True badass, since they have no magical armor, weapons or shouts. Just brave hearts.

  • hahni

    It's a good idea--weave together Skyrim and GoT, they're both in the same fantasy realm. Should have kept mostly Skyrim footage (especially the Dovahkin) and just thrown in a few GoT moments. The part toward the end where you start throwing in random clips and then totally dropped the Skyrim aspect (but kept the music) was disappointing. Again, decent concept, but I think you ran out of steam (ha) toward the end.

  • jefthereaper

    Sure its a joke, but Damn I would love to see it happen (but only if Bethesda gets a clear oversight over the project, so they can slap the movie director in the face the moment the idiot thinks he needs to change something instead of just following the basic story of the game)you know, the regular movie business incompetence like giving a dragon 3 heads, or making the final boss some random dude that never appeared in the game.They should totally cast Sean Bean as the Dragonborn, god forbids he actually lives past the first 5 minutes of any other movie, he deserves a big roll where he lives to the end of the movie.


    Пацан извини ну наебать не получилась

  • Sauron

    Глупо было надеятся на что-то большее....

  • Aqtal Over

    Шикарно сделано ! :D Пойду Скайрим играть!

  • Amirul Haziq

    the thumbnail is my profile picture😊😊

  • Artem Rogulin

    This is just a video about skyrim from 1 fan. Whe are you so angry? Because there are only pieces from films? It's only because 1 person can't make a movie! Only studio with money can do this! He just do it for fans who like skyrim not for people who want a film! He shows how film should be(as game)!

  • Pedro Talons

    this "trailer" is like youll be very exited but need to know that in the end the dragonborn will die by a simple sword

  • Larissa Suzana

    a parte boa e que eu sei o nome de alguns desses filmes e series eu queria saber o resto alguem diz

  • Alonso Bustos Torres

    Eso es de Jak el casagigantes no de Skyrim

  • Virtual'naya Shvatka

    Скайрим против Аркс Фаталис

  • Marlo Nurlan Uulu

    Аватар Жек повилител великаноф Скайрим И все такое

  • Marlo Nurlan Uulu

    Аватар Жек повилител великаноф Скайрим И все такое

  • Varsam Grey

    You almost had me like this.....until you brought out last airbender. wtf

  • mad scorpion

    it's showing avatar stuff

  • Dmitriy Grishanov

    там некатарая чясть трейлера из влостилина колец

  • lunchables 4

    Do this some random studio, please. It can be fuckin Michal bey for all I care, just do it

  • Loci Dragon

    Хе*** америкосы,опять они весь фильм искорёжили,мне интересен этот фильм,токо ради драконов а не каких-то кретинов,а они там собираются из всего фильма делать войду гады мл*ть!!!

  • Theo Bullardqp

    Why are so many dislike besides thor slamming his hammer on the ground everything else made almost perfect sense HATERS GONNA RIGHT

  • Madison Gordon

    At first I was like HOLY SHIT I DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS A MOVIE- then right when I saw the ice wall scene from Game Of thrones right when it was starting I was like aawwwwwww

  • myMomSaiDimGrounded

    skyrim ain't a fucken movie it's a fucken game

  • Carlos esteves

    It is a trailer does it need to be three minutes long

  • MasterMelon

    since when do they need spellusers? i thought skyrim was pretty much about slaying dragons, not shooting fire and frost towards some retarded people.

  • MasterMelon

    they should add the dark brotherhood in here

  • Austin Shank

    In the game, the civilians would run up to the dragon and punch it and die.

  • Ancient Flames

    What is that one movie towards the end of the trailer where that guy runs and slams down that staff thing?

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