Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim Official Trailer

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - E3 2011 Trailer.
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Bethesda Softworks' ELDER SCROLLS 5 Skyrim Official E3 2011 Trailer.
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  • unusual hat

    what reason did they have to realease this on 11.11.11

  • Ahmad Nusserat

    I'm still wondering why is he wearing literally one of the worst armors in game.

  • Bright Star

    You know its a good trailer when after so long it still gives you shivers


    Did anyone notice that even the teaser trailer, looks like the final product. EA, take note, because you are Bethesda's bitch, now and forever.

  • Brendan Stanford (Peteledete)

    Literally the coolest fucking fus ro dah ever.

  • Epic Mormon Brony

    Trailer: FUS RO DAH!!Gameplay: Fus... ro dah?Seriously, why not give us the bad ass version of the Thuum?

  • xSaborTC

    I cant imagine the boner i will get when the ES6 trailer comes out

  • Ulric Nieminen

    I've never even played any of the Elder Scrolls games, but this trailer gets me pumped up every time.

  • Elijah Neil Fernandez Repe

    This made me so fucking amazed!

  • Jake

    As if you'd be able to kill a dragon that easily with a steel sword and that armour..

  • Awkward Gh0st

    I really wish they would remastered Oblivion with the SKYRIM engine

  • ZIKO

    8 more days omg I'm hyped

  • Sachoune

    And the fear...Here they come with Dovaakhin...Dragon porn...MUSTARD JAR!It's a bot,Fucking cool,Oh my God!

  • Mr. Luna rivera

    who ready for skyrim on the switch

  • HÁK a RED


  • SuperCMTR CT

    I'm trying to play game of but this one player keeps kicking my ass

  • MAGV

    back when trailers didn't have "Pre-order Now" sticked at the end.

  • Sam

    Has anyone actually every killed a dragon on high difficulty in that shitty leather armor.

  • Jordan Saum

    i only watch this video for the fus ro dah

  • redgamekiller

    Never played skyrim, going to download it now, I hope the music in game is as great as this music. :)

  • Martin Kolesár

    Turn on the subtitles :D

  • Machinet

    turn on english subtitles :D

  • Internet Tuff Guy

    Who the hell Disliked this Trailer.

  • Roxy Chic

    I have this game and I love it a lot

  • I am Crane

    I swear to fucking god I am so done lmao it paused at 35 seconds

  • Jason Drake

    fus ro dah definately sounded like mustard jar for a bit

  • Teacups&Chocolate

    5 years and still good

  • vjm3

    The closed caption is ridiculous.

  • Hyper7

    a lot of people say oblivion is better than skyrim. but almost no one can say this oblivion has a better trailer than skyrim. most people didn't even know what elder scrolls was before this trailer came out. they had gotten hype down to a science. I personally haven't played oblivion or finished skyrim, so I can't really say anything about the games themselves, but anyone can understand a trailer.

  • potassium gamer

    watch it first without captions, then with captions. 😂 mus tard JAR!

  • Griffith Femto

    1:15 .....Hardest enemy

  • TheNariman

    who the fuck tried to translate the Song? :'D

  • Jeffry Maiato

    They have to redo this trailer with 200+ mods installed

  • Daniel Rocha-Garcia

    "Dragon born: VOS RODAH!" chills down my spine EVERYTIME

  • LittleBigArt Studio

    Who did the subtitles, cause they ruined it and it got in the way of the trailer!!!!


    Lol put captions on this video you will laugh your ass off try it

  • Stu Pot

    Why is the Dragonborn depicted as a Nord?

  • Keith yip

    Turn on the captions in English and watch the lyricsThen Laugh

  • Patryk Kołodziejczyk

    Anyone know Dragon Language?Daar trailer los Kul. Haters los dii hokoron fah zu'u fin dovahkiin.Ahrk fin Falmers los too.

  • Dev Lava

    Watch with subtitles... you won't regret it

  • Sidney Kirk

    0:44 I swear to god that is the exact pose the doomslayer makes in doom 2016!!!

  • clash royal

    the defeat was nearly delay for the time after ablivion opened when the sons of skyrim would spill their own blood but no one wanted to believe they could exist but when the truth finally dawned it dawned in fire butt their is one they fear in their tong its dovakiing dragonborn fus ro da

  • EpicFace 640

    i wish they had a dragon priest in the trailer. (i love them so much. epic things they are)

  • Andrei Pisoi

    WTF is wrong with the subtitle ?

  • مهند مزهود

    he say hes lord fuckin cool oh my god in the song you can hear it

  • Neimos

    This is the most epic trailer of all the games I've ever played. Still got chills after 5 years.

  • Weltall8000

    FUCK, I still love this video.

  • nameless guy

    Subtitles are the best thing about this video...

  • Hot Fire brun

    I have pre-order the collector's edition, I wait the 28/10/16

  • Gik fakovich

    Фусрода! Уу здесь народ кофейку он нальет !

  • Bene Bean

    the fucking captions are so funny

  • Andrewf5251

    when this comes out ?

  • Pedro Rodriguez

    Just saying, I have a theory that the next Elder Scrolls will take place in the Aldmeri Dominion, Elsweyr in particular. For those who don't know elsweyr is home to the khajit (the cat people) and is a province of the Aldmeri Dominion which is the Empire governed by the Thalmor. I had done a lot of research about past games in the series, and actually many of them hint at the series next installment location. I noticed how many of the Khajit mentioned what there home was like and how they missed it so much. Still not convinced? Of course it is common that all races would talk about their home and how they miss it correct? But one character in particular did not seem to talk about her home as she is a nord and from skyrim and she also stood out the most as she talked about a place that wasn't her home and hints that she might travel their for business her name:Ysolda. Another NPC found near markarth in a traveling caravan gives you the dialogue option to talk about his home. However when asked about it to many times, the dialogue option ends automatically with the Khajit Risaad saying something along the lines of "But let us focus on the present, you are making Risaad home sick." Now of course there are thousands of npcs all over skyrim but I talked to many different races and none other than the Khajit really talked about their home all that much. Another thing I found so strange at first but when I did research I was able to connect to were the thalmor. The thalmor have never appeared in any other main elder scrolls game besides skyrim. Now you may be thinking that the thalmor play a minor role in skyrim due to the little information that is known about them and how they hardly play a role in the main story line and civil war story line as well yet they still seem to be everywhere in skyrim. Coincidence? I think not, see the thalmor are the governing body of the Aldemri Dominion, a dominion or empire that consists of The Summerset Isles (High Elves), Valenwood (Wood Elves), and Elsweyr (Khajit). Now, with the info we have we know that the Khajit talk most about their land and even have more races talking about like the Nord Ysolda who trades with the Khajit for good profit meaning that people are starting to think about traveling to Elsweyr which is governed by the Thalmor, a government that is known to be on bad terms with both sides of the civil war quest line therefore to the protagonist and have a particular hatred for men and believe in Elven supremacy and seek to ban the worship of talos and are the government representation of the Aldmeri Dominion which governs Elsweyr. Now I know that we are just scratching the surface here but I think we could be really on to something. I mean it just all seems to fit, a government that we don't know much if but could definitely pose a secondary antogonist for the next game who make a sudden appearance in skyrim (Thalmor), a group of business men and women originating from the land of Elsweyr governed by the Aldmeri Dominon and when asked about their homeland are most descriptive about it yet do not try to reveal to much of the land (Khajit) and finally different races like nords who are all of sudden starting to mention about the land of Elsweyr and how they are making good business opurtunities, encouraging them to migrate (people like Ysolda). What do you guys think?

  • Emanuel Gochez

    Skyrim: And their come he is Dovaking. Dragon Born!Me: And their come he is Nova King. Dragon Ball!

  • Zach Myers

    Bit dishonest, but still a great trailer as it isn't 100% CGI like most Ubisoft trailers. Bethesda and Rockstar are about the only AAA developers that use actual game footage for their trailers.

  • chrisvrose

    the subs are awesome tho

  • Pokemon Trainer Hugh

    Theres one they fearIf their tongue is toe fuckingDragon porn!MUSTARD JAR!

  • A Snow

    Could have done without those stupid captions the whole time, 1) Quite distracting 2) Detracts from one's genuine impression for viewing a trailer. 3) Those captions were very dumb, I feel dumber now having watched that. 4) I'd suggest not doing that, ever again; for the sake of society as a whole.

  • Fidel Castro

    Watch this with subtitles

  • Yura Rudak

    Po-fucking dragonborn GOTHA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michał Brniak

    best subtitles ever XDDDDD

  • HawkRX48

    subtitles were too good

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