Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim Official Trailer

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - E3 2011 Trailer.
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Bethesda Softworks' ELDER SCROLLS 5 Skyrim Official E3 2011 Trailer.
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  • unusual hat

    what reason did they have to realease this on 11.11.11

  • Epic Mormon Brony

    Trailer: FUS RO DAH!!Gameplay: Fus... ro dah?Seriously, why not give us the bad ass version of the Thuum?

  • Bright Star

    You know its a good trailer when after so long it still gives you shivers


    Did anyone notice that even the teaser trailer, looks like the final product. EA, take note, because you are Bethesda's bitch, now and forever.

  • Brendan Stanford

    Literally the coolest fucking fus ro dah ever.

  • xSaborTC

    I cant imagine the boner i will get when the ES6 trailer comes out

  • Awkward Gh0st

    I really wish they would remastered Oblivion with the SKYRIM engine

  • Warwick Main

    This made me so fucking amazed!

  • Sachoune

    And the fear...Here they come with Dovaakhin...Dragon porn...MUSTARD JAR!It's a bot,Fucking cool,Oh my God!

  • Jake

    As if you'd be able to kill a dragon that easily with a steel sword and that armour..

  • Devin Kinsella

    I think...I think I can say it. In my opinion, this is the best video game of all time.

  • ZIKO

    8 more days omg I'm hyped

  • Alduin Akatosh

    I watched this 18 million times and my nipples can cut diamonds.

  • Alex Pindell

    Tbh the best muisc they used for a elder scrolls trailer was with elder scrolls 2

  • Mr. Luna rivera

    who ready for skyrim on the switch

  • Sir Lemon :l

    :50 W8 I KNOW THAT MUSIC!!!

  • HÁK a RED


  • Malik Crim

    Still sends chills through my spine in 2017

  • SuperCMTR CT

    I'm trying to play game of but this one player keeps kicking my ass

  • Sam

    Has anyone actually every killed a dragon on high difficulty in that shitty leather armor.

  • DeLEET Titan

    Whoever made those subtitles needs a fucking award

  • Stu Pot

    Why is the Dragonborn depicted as a Nord?

  • Machinet

    turn on english subtitles :D

  • BonnieEggs12

    OMFG Turn subtitles at FUS RO DAH!! part xD ITS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVA!!!!!!!!

  • radchad23j

    put on captions when dovakhin say fus ro da the captions say MUSTARDJAR

  • Comical HD

    im still crying of laughter from the captions

  • nikki Tuiza

    I hope you guys are watching it with the subtitles!! I LOVE IT

  • thegamingscout

    'wasting 10 minutes of you life for a vid nobody wont watch ' views :3.470.110

  • DangerDan

    This looks awesome, when does it come out???

  • Emelin Striker

    Never put on subtitles before. I did now and I died of laughter... XD

  • Sahil Dogra

    God damn XD someone give the subtitle guy a promotion

  • Ich mag Kekse

    I hope you all play Oblivion and morrowind

  • Da Walrus

    why is he using a banded iron shield? that sucks

  • Sebzett1

    Turn on the subtitles! XD

  • Pritam Khamaru

    one of the best video games ever made in gaming history

  • مهند مزهود

    he say hes lord fuckin cool oh my god in the song you can hear it

  • Tom Courtney-Vincent

    iv completed the game 2s

  • Felipe Sanchez

    there was a sale and I got this for $4 best christmas

  • Aquaman

    2017 and this still gets me fucking pumped. Guess it's time for another replay...

  • Duncan MacLeod

    "I wasted 10 minutes of my life on a video nobody will watch." gets 3 million views

  • TheRainBowGaming

    0:52 turn on subtitles and i says MUSTARD JAR

  • Johnathan Razafimahefa

    Who is the guy who made the subtitles, i wanna thank him.😂


    who watched this with subtitles?


    I love how the subtitles say mustard jar


    Well subtiles guy your wrong people will watch with subtiles just to see the greatest subtitles ever

  • arnaud olivier

    you're a fucking bitch dude.... see the sub

  • Ben Glaspie

    turn on subtitles 4 the video

  • Faisal G

    I don't see the hype

  • Hot Fire brun

    I have pre-order the collector's edition, I wait the 28/10/16

  • CJay Pace

    Omg watch it with captions it's so funny

  • Internet Tuff Guy

    Who the hell Disliked this Trailer.

  • vjm3

    The closed caption is ridiculous.

  • Harz Bennett

    Only arengeir could narrate this trailer

  • LichCraft

    Man I watched this trailer after not playing it for a while and almost cried from epicness remembering back to when I first saw it. This game...this fucking game....

  • Zach Myers

    Bit dishonest, but still a great trailer as it isn't 100% CGI like most Ubisoft trailers. Bethesda and Rockstar are about the only AAA developers that use actual game footage for their trailers.

  • Tom Courtney-Vincent

    i like the bit were the thief cut the dudes frote and then a dwarven hamer crushes something it gos so wee with the music

  • Emanuel Gochez

    Skyrim: And their come he is Dovaking. Dragon Born!Me: And their come he is Nova King. Dragon Ball!

  • Jordan Saum

    but theres one they fear in there tongue he is dovahkiin dragonborn FUS RO DAH

  • Weltall8000

    FUCK, I still love this video.

  • Keizer Sneesar

    Those subtitles didn't go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

  • Nějakej Martin

    Hospoda ! Mrdalo po pivku hovado ... :D

  • WookhieManJoe

    played this on ps3 and was disappointing with the ps3 version and all of its cons like really low frame rate(20 at battles) and shitty color, now doing the special edition and it is AMAZING, im liking that more that i did the witcher 3

  • Leo y Tata


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