Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim Official Trailer

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - E3 2011 Trailer.
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Bethesda Softworks' ELDER SCROLLS 5 Skyrim Official E3 2011 Trailer.
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  • unusual hat

    what reason did they have to realease this on 11.11.11

  • Epic Mormon Brony

    Trailer: FUS RO DAH!!Gameplay: Fus... ro dah?Seriously, why not give us the bad ass version of the Thuum?

  • Bright Star

    You know its a good trailer when after so long it still gives you shivers


    Did anyone notice that even the teaser trailer, looks like the final product. EA, take note, because you are Bethesda's bitch, now and forever.

  • Brendan Stanford

    Literally the coolest fucking fus ro dah ever.

  • xSaborTC

    I cant imagine the boner i will get when the ES6 trailer comes out

  • Jake

    As if you'd be able to kill a dragon that easily with a steel sword and that armour..

  • SuperCMTR CT

    I'm trying to play game of but this one player keeps kicking my ass

  • James Bell

    ten times better with subtitles

  • sniffsmurf

    little did people know that this game would take away millions of gamers life

  • Thom Bos

    who can possibly dislike this?do you have an extra chromosone

  • frying pan

    re watch this but put on the subtitles

  • Devin Kinsella

    I think...I think I can say it. In my opinion, this is the best video game of all time.

  • gkx4x

    I Tried Fus roh dah in my teacher

  • Ma77ix


  • Jonathan Kuhl

    The trailer that made me buy the game 6 years ago.

  • Filip

    hospoda mrdalo po pivku hovado

  • Jujda 78

    whos cz? because when you're Czech or Slovak, so it's a lot of fun

  • Flavio Marcelo


  • Machinet

    turn on english subtitles :D

  • Mr. Luna rivera

    who ready for skyrim on the switch

  • InsaneMKX

    I wish killing a dragon would be that easy in the game XD

  • HÁK a RED


  • Sam

    Has anyone actually every killed a dragon on high difficulty in that shitty leather armor.

  • Jinko 00

    I TOTALY LOVE THIS TRAILER <3 It's AwesomeIm glad im playing this game

  • keV Wolf

    It was at this Point, Bethesda showed the World one of the Top 3 Games ever made.

  • DangerDan

    This looks awesome, when does it come out???

  • FlametheDestroyer Dragneel

    I love how people get goosebumps from this, but it pumps me up xD

  • Roasted n' Toasted

    I haven't felt this same kind of excitement since when this first debuted

  • Simon Greenaway

    Bethesda should've gave Skyrim's engine instead of the classic Fallout 3 Engine to obsidian.

  • Rafael Robledo

    Guys i just bought this game for the first time ever on PS4 did i make a good choice

  • Ahmet Açıkyıldız

    Who the hell made this subtitles?

  • Malagana Games

    5 years later, I still think this is the best game ever made

  • Patrick Coutts

    I gotta admit, even all these years later when Esbern says ''it dawned in FIRE'' in this trailer i still get goosebumps. Lol

  • Janessa Candor

    I"in his town he is poo-fucking.. DRAGON BALL -MUSTARD JAR!"

  • Henry Kimberley

    One of the greatest video game trailers ever. Better yet the game managed to live up to the hype and then some

  • YayDude123

    1:05 If you listen closely, you can hear the music say, "THERE'S A GIANT COMING OH MY GOOOOD, HOLY FUCK"The music is trying to warn you.

  • nikki Tuiza

    I hope you guys are watching it with the subtitles!! I LOVE IT

  • thegamingscout

    'wasting 10 minutes of you life for a vid nobody wont watch ' views :3.470.110

  • Mubashir Ahmed

    every time I watch this I got goosebumps

  • Comical HD

    im still crying of laughter from the captions

  • Emelin Striker

    Never put on subtitles before. I did now and I died of laughter... XD

  • Ich mag Kekse

    I hope you all play Oblivion and morrowind

  • GhostsRazor 25

    the only trailer that give me goosebump and tears to my eyes at the same time

  • Stu Pot

    Why is the Dragonborn depicted as a Nord?

  • Sage Casuals

    Ahh 2011. Best year ever. So many memories

  • jason chiasson

    the song is amazing and cool

  • TheLegend27

    I loved the trailer, just would've loved the Dragonborn to be equipped with a full set of iron armor instead of studded armor...

  • Hanzo Hasashi

    Верните мои 3 года жизни

  • Dogmeat

    oh man,time flies like the speed of light.i remember having dreams i was dragonborn after 5 hours of playing it for the first time and going to sleep

  • vjm3

    The closed caption is ridiculous.

  • Deadkill

    2017-Turn on the Subtitles xD

  • l h

    fus ro dah praise the lord f****ing cool oh my god

  • مهند مزهود

    he say hes lord fuckin cool oh my god in the song you can hear it

  • Cody Buckler

    anyone else here that refuses to kill Paarthurnax?

  • Weltall8000

    FUCK, I still love this video.

  • CJay Pace

    Omg watch it with captions it's so funny

  • Prime Ultron

    The subtitles.........

  • hangery tomato Doglas

    On subtitles it says MUSTARD JAR

  • Hagrid Potterz

    This trailer gave me so many chills

  • Nevim Nepovim

    0:47 Hospoda,mrdalo,po pivku, hovado,venku chcalo,nastav pero, sakra,mastnej párek,rozsekej, hajzla chudyho...XD

  • Jordan Saum

    but theres one they fear in there tongue he is dovahkiin dragonborn FUS RO DAH

  • Harz Bennett

    Only arengeir could narrate this trailer

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