Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim Official Trailer

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - E3 2011 Trailer.
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Bethesda Softworks' ELDER SCROLLS 5 Skyrim Official E3 2011 Trailer.
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  • BlockSquad1000

    I want to Fus Ro Dah like that.

  • Michael Ballack

    still coming here occasionaly just to watch this #2017

  • Warfare

    4 years of playing this game now but i still get goosebumps from this trailer :3

  • Patrick Mergens

    Anybody watching this back because of remake announcement?

  • Noah

    It's been five fucking years, and I'm still waiting for my goosebumps to subside.

  • Bright Star

    You know its a good trailer when after so long it still gives you shivers

  • Wolfblood92

    5 Years and still playing. omg

  • ROBANGEL 2012

    Dude to this day still gives me chills down my back from just watching it

  • TheChosenOne

    This game will never die no matter what you do my kids will play this and there kids will think it was sent by the gods.

  • ZIbrahimovic1337/Pascal

    28th October this year Skyrim! Nice to see you again! <3

  • Mob Killer


  • Van Steel

    I will never get tired of watching this!

  • Chase Sanity

    Whether you thought this game was a big let down or was amazing, there's no denying..this was a badass trailer. The music and everything gives me chills every time I watch this 3

  • HÁK a RED


  • Shaun James


  • Jeremy H.

    It's so hard to think this was 5 years ago now!

  • Machinet

    turn on english subtitles :D

  • Kyubit

    probably the best trailer ever made!

  • Tagas

    Never played skyrim, going to download it now, I hope the music in game is as great as this music. :)

  • Jake

    As if you'd be able to kill a dragon that easily with a steel sword and that armour..

  • NEu

    back when trailers didn't have "Pre-order Now" sticked at the end.

  • Spicy Tuna

    I'll never forget when that one guy posted here0:51FUS RO DAHPRAISE THE LORD FUCKING COOLOH MY GODME GUSTAHE'S NOT GAYHE'S A LOOOOOORD(yeah, I'm willing to admit this isn't an original idea but it does leave me in stitches every time I think about it)

  • Daedrean_TV

    the graphics in-game actually turned out a whole lot better

  • ZypoHD

    Sad that the next TES will most likely come in 2018 or 19 :(

  • Ulric Nieminen

    I've never even played any of the Elder Scrolls games, but this trailer gets me pumped up every time.

  • jahpolley


  • Sarah Nolan

    It's hard to believe it's almost 2015, and this game STILL gives me chills. Kudos, Bethesda.

  • Drake


  • Ian

    happy birthday old friend

  • Akuma Shogun

    Omg I remember watching this on the E3. Wow, 5 years have passed and I haven't found a better game for me than this one (Maybe The Witcher 3, but personally I still prefer Skyrim)

  • unusual hat

    what reason did they have to realease this on 11.11.11

  • James Bowling

    Still my favorite video game

  • Hardik Sharma

    the music just adds to the awesomeness and epicness of this masterpiece :D

  • Mehmet Al Sani

    I'm still wondering why is he wearing literally one of the worst armors in game.

  • Awkward Gh0st

    I really wish they would remastered Oblivion with the SKYRIM engine

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bethesda makes the best freaking trailers ever.

  • TrademarkTM

    There is no game in the world that gets even close to this game. By far the best game is history so far. I have put thousands of hours into this game and coming back to watch the trailer just gave a severe case of nostalgia. Thank you Bethesda and I hope the next one is just as good, if not better (although I am not sure how you could top this game) 4 and half good years of amazing memories and moments.FOR SKYRIM!

  • Jordan Saum

    how the fuck can he stop so fast on a icy rock

  • Muhammad Wyndham Haryata Permana

    You know it's a good game when the dev doesn't need to use cinematic approach with crazy CGI on the trailer (I'm Looking at you EA)

  • AKSebi2

    Still one of the best games of all time!

  • Andx56

    one of my all time favorite games in my 21 years of gaming, trailer still makes me pumped to play the game to this day. Time to play the remastered version :D

  • Jean Yatangaki

    Are you serious ? He don't say "Fush Roh Dah" but he say "Mouskotcha" !

  • Daniel Rocha-Garcia

    "Dragon born: VOS RODAH!" chills down my spine EVERYTIME

  • DigitalV3

    Still one of the best trailers out there after 5 years

  • Not Ben Stiller

    I guarantee that I would've beaten this game 100% five times if the shouts were like in the trailer. I mean, really? They went from "*FUS RO DAH!*" to "Fus!...ro DAH!" and thought no one would mind? Come on, Bethesda. That was heartbreaking for me.Plus, I'd love to hear a Marked for Death like in the trailer. "*KRII LUN AUS!*"

  • SuperCMTR CT

    I'm trying to play game of but this one player keeps kicking my ass

  • dustmouse

    Look at that, it's 2016 and this shit still gives me goosebumps.

  • aquiles castro :v

    this trailer stills being beautiful :'3

  • Voyd

    I'd really like the next game to be set in Elswyr

  • Jordan Saum

    i only watch this video for the fus ro dah

  • EliteKillers

    when he said " But there is one they fear, in their tongue he is dovakin, DRAGON BORN!" my nips got hard

  • M K

    Turn on the subtitles :D

  • TrixiePixie

    0:51 most epic moment in gaming history. Legit replayed that moment 50 times over.

  • Ibeware

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then i took and arrow to the knee, ripped that arrow out of my knee, stabbed the shit out of the archer with the same arrow, then continued to be an adventured.

  • Jacob Maiato

    They have to redo this trailer with 200+ mods installed

  • Blunt Blunt

    I still want to put my penis in this game. Dont know how but i really want to

  • EagleSpirit88

    First person to watch this in 2018 🤙

  • I Am The Law

    Jesus this game was amazing..

  • Ace0 Gaming

    This game is the best game of all time, it's too bad they kept milking it

  • Ninjinfox22

    0:51 When the fat kid jumps into the pool.

  • White Wolf

    Skyrim's main theme will never fail to give me goose bumps. What amazing music.

  • Joseph Levi Glea

    i think elder scroll VI will be a long wait. skyrim really live to its expectation until now

  • Name

    I watch this just for the "FUS RO DAH".

  • Mr. Luna Rivera

    who ready for skyrim on the switch

  • T rah

    Who watching this in 2017 "But there is one they fear..in their tongue...its dovahkiin...DRAGON BORN...FUS RO DAAH *epic theme song plays*"

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