Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim Official Trailer

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim - E3 2011 Trailer.
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Bethesda Softworks' ELDER SCROLLS 5 Skyrim Official E3 2011 Trailer.
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  • unusual hat

    what reason did they have to realease this on 11.11.11


    Can't believe that I must wait another 6 years for TES VI

  • Verito RC

    0:50 the end of the school/el fin de la escuela

  • JohnWest

    I am so glad to don't see anyone asks "who are watching this 2017"

  • Gato Abogado

    What´s the name of this guy´s voice

  • Lord Magikarp

    This trailer makes me tear up

  • Dianne Hijosa

    at 0:52 he's saying mustard jar

  • why won't the voices stop

    it's been 6 years or so, and this is still my favorite game, this game is so amazing

  • Papa Emeritus III

    Man this brings back so many memories... I have literally done everything you can do in this game (4000+ hours) Sometimes i wish i could just turn back time :(

  • EssCee96

    I had so many goosebumps I came.

  • GodePlaysGt 25

    Yha like all the dragon borne are being hunted and where scattered all around the world in eso VI

  • AmruDevil

    6 years, i'm still playing it over and over again

  • The Seeker

    anyone else shout when he shouts or is that just me?

  • ChiefDerpy 1st

    I got the theme song stuck in my head... great.

  • Jay Benn

    Elder Scrolls 6 will release in 11/11/2111

  • SilverClips

    After re-watching this..i can only imagine...Think of what 6 could be like.

  • Cloudrunner5k

    years and many of hours of game play later, did the trailer to Skyrim justice

  • ClapSoap

    trailer of starting the memes

  • Mahooni 4

    Skyrim or Witcher 3.. can't decide which is my favorite of all time :(

  • Dan McMaster

    Anyone else tear up at the end? This game is fucking perfect

  • Saltiest Salt

    i can't believe its already been 6 years. This game has a spot deepp deep in my heart

  • Nicholas Harman

    the best of the Elder Scrolls right here baby,TESO is nothing, everything before is good, but skein guys,Skyrim is officially the best

  • Filip Novotrik

    good, but learn czech, please and check the song :-D

  • Jack Fox

    5 years later, and it still gets me hyped to play skyrim.

  • Clorox Gaming

    There is an ad in an ad...

  • GameKiller67

    can't wait for this game to come out!

  • A.m The boss

    For now this tralier is epic on 2017

  • Jigsaw0097

    This trailer still brings a tear to these eyes. So epic...

  • Mink Thaitrong

    Who else is here from this post of 9gag?MUSTARD JAR!!https://9gag.com/gag/appWQZ8

  • swagmaster2121

    they did a fucking fantastic job on this trailer

  • Michael Ballack

    still coming here occasionaly just to watch this #2017

  • Hooter _ guy

    And thus a meme was born..

  • BuckShoticus

    Lol, who down voted this? I just don't get it.

  • Rare PEPE

    who is also whatching the trailer 2017?

  • Joseph Willems

    Came out 6 years ago but it still gives me the chills.

  • maellen19

    Looking back on this makes me want to replay the entire story

  • Itz Jkz

    FUS RO DAH jesis my goose bumps turn into mountain when that happens

  • Tuhan Sagichnicht

    1:27 finally found the last nirnroot I needed.

  • Alex Smith

    Omfg I can't believe this game is now 6 years old now.....

  • David Reuters

    tun un on a dragon nailed it

  • Caleb andFriends

    Still best trailer ever in my opinion.

  • EquinoxFlame

    FUS RO DAH (Poops A Sword!)Praise The Lord!Fucking Cool!Oh My God!Me Gusta!Guan~Tanamera!Are Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!Cause They're Top End Wings On My Buttery Fork!Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, Not A Single Sardine!For The Knight!Or The Wolf?Or The God Of The Sky?For The Glory Of Justice!For The First Pizza Slice!Dovahkiin, For The King!For The God Of The Sun!Ooo-aaa Ooo-aaa Ooo-aaa He yah!Ooo-aaa Ooo-aaa Ooo-aaa He yah!

  • Yuri Garcia

    There is Where the meme "FUS RO DAH" series Starts.

  • Andy B

    Shit, 6 years later and this still sends shivers down my back and brings a tiny tear of awesomeness to my eye! :o

  • SuperDragonBlader

    Iron Helmet, Studded Armor, Iron Boots, Banded Iron Shield, and a Steel Sword. That's what this Dragonborn is wearing.

  • sirolkoCZ

    HOSPODA ! mrdalooo po pivku hovad, nastav péro , rozsekej hajzlaa chudýhoo !

  • Gracz

    God trailer, i like SKYRIM

  • Todd Walker

    i wish fus ro dah wasnt totally useless against dragons

  • Jack the Beatbox


  • Green Green

    In their tongue is toe fucking dragon porn! MUSTARD JAR!

  • el kiri :v

    this trailer stills being beautiful :'3

  • GordonMarine

    0:51 FUS RO DUH!!!1111

  • MrBlackMysterious

    Watching this in 2017...... goosebump level over9000

  • denteck

    0:52Praise the looooordFucking cooooolOh my goood

  • Anass Eddini

    dragonborn :mustard jar

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