Skyrim - 5 Argonian Facts - Elder Scrolls Lore

5 facts about the Argonians of Black Marsh!


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  • Graenolf

    "Merry Swamp Day! Remember to put centipedes in your pillows or the Hist will only give you a lump of troll fat."

  • Pr0fila

    My first elder scrolls character ever was an argonian in Oblivion and you know what I called him? Shadow. And sure enough his Trait was the shadow so he could turn invisible once per day. And sure enough the first thing I did was join the dark brotherhood. I guess 10 year old me had an understanding for immersive character building

  • Fieldy Znuts

    if i could liquify elder scrolls lore and inject it into my veins i would

  • Armoured Productions

    Fact 6: When the Oblivion Crisis erupted in full, other provinces like Skyrim struggled to fend off the Daedric Invasion, even Falkreath and Windhelm nearly being overrun, but the King of Argonia recalled all his forces and many Argonians back to Black Mash. From there, instead of waiting for an Oblivion Gate and facing the invaders, once the Gates opened, legions of Argonians zerg rushed straight into hell and fought the Daedra so much and racked up so many kills that the Daedra cancelled thier Invasion of Black MarshBadass indeed

  • Mr. Clem

    No mention of them being the only race in Tamriel to invade Oblivion plane and force Daedric Prince to close their own gates?

  • Archoridlol Archorid

    The improvement in grapichcs from 2006 to 2011 is the reason argonians look diferent.

  • Andrew Durkin

    The Argonians have and always will be my favorite race. Thank you for making this video.

  • Cause Fuckit

    I think their "wings" would be like velociraptor feathers on their forearms

  • Mr No Buddies

    I need more content dealing with Argonian Lore and Hist-ory.

  • Nick Cullen

    Fun fact there're a book called the lusty argonian in skyrim

  • Matthew B

    The best race in my opinion. In my skyrim I am roleplaying as an Argonian which is descended from dragons allowing him to use shouts and communicate with dragons

  • Cody Rhodes

    #6All Argonians are surprisingly and innately excellent stealth archers.

  • Jimboola

    Argonian FOR THE WIN! #BestisBest

  • Holographic Games

    I want the next elder scrolls to be argonia now

  • Tadhg McElligott

    also the argonians were never conquered by the Empire. the argonians did let them build some ports there but as soon as the empire tried to march into central blackmarsh they were always stopped pretty quickly

  • Wren Wrenwood

    Wow thanks for the info. I keep the Argonian Maid by my bedside.

  • Some loser

    When can we get 5 facts on sweetrolls, based Fudgemuppet?

  • SnipingHunt01

    I knew all of these. Argonians are my favourite race to play as and after trying out all races I've stuck to only ever playing as argonians and this has stuck true for oblivion, Skyrim and eso. Whenever i play a new build i always change the backstory so i can justify being argonian

  • Levi Harris-Hale

    God I feel like scum my most played races have always been High Elf and Redguard. Only other ones I ever play are Orcs and Khajiit. My first is always a Dunmer tho.

  • Perfect Posture

    I have an Argonian mage character named Omar that was born in Hammerfell. He wasn't actually exposed to the Hist. Before you tell me that's lore-breaking, there is an Argonian in the Elder Scrolls that was born into slavery in Morrowind. His name was Ja-Reet. So, thankfully, my character isn't completely lore-breaking, he's only just an anomaly.

  • Siluvian

    You forgot Argonians are often sought after for their skills as a maid.

  • DaemonPrimarch

    Let's be honest, the real reason Argonians are so popular is because of a certain series of books starring Lifts-Her-Tail.

  • Dylan Woodward

    I wondered why Argonians in Oblivion looked more dinosaur like.

  • Hans the Gas masked Nazi Vampire

    and here i am, an argonian to the heart.... and i approve of this video, but you revealed the Saxhleel secrets, i am sending An-Xileel agents to assassinate you

  • Mikey Moo-fat

    so that's how a game in blackmarsh would work. the different races would be different tribes of argonians. cool.

  • Josephi K.

    Fact #6 You can make the perfect waterproof purse out of their scales

  • Sora Okamichi

    You should do a fact list on Kahjiit!Edit: Make it more than 5 facts plz!

  • William Foster

    This was a really good video. Love learning about the lore of the Elder Scrolls series, especially race wise. Yal should do this for the others too, especially Khajit and other beast races.

  • Skirmixstudios

    Argonians are my second favorite race, only beaten by orcs :)

  • Louis Oslan

    Early as the snow elves

  • Trey

    Really was hoping for a mention of their weird ass three word names

  • Nilus

    Argonian race best race!

  • TyranusRex721

    Argonians are my favorite race in the Elder Scrolls series, but I feel like Bethesda does not give them much love. They use to be known as masters of guerrilla warfare and the skills and attributes reflected that. Now they have lost their poison immunity and all their combat skills. I would like to see that stuff (mainly spears and medium armor) return to Elder Scrolls 6 as well as being able to choose the kind of tribe your Argonian is from. But I doubt either is going to happen.

  • Brick The Siren

    to be fair palegious was mad and may have spoken in odd ways for reasons other than to mock the argonians.

  • lolguy00

    the nagas are a complete different race!

  • Luis Tabares

    I chose an argoinian as my very first skyrim character. I didn't know about their special perks at the time I just chose it solely on how badass they look.

  • FlamingPheonix8529

    do you think you can do 5 khajiit facts?

  • fugy fruit

    Sort of sounds like Orcs with how they're treated

  • chase1146

    I love how there's the reference to Annaïg and mere glim when talking about the language

  • Mikey Kirkland

    Argonian fact #6: they are the best race in all the games. period

  • swordphoenixalexande

    Elder Scrolls 6- Black Marsh....yes please

  • Sunset Rider

    Great stuff! Unique content and I didn't know any of this stuff. Would love to see more in-depth videos on the lore mentioned here!

  • Justin Farrar

    They get a bad wrap, but I personally like Argonians. I really hope we get more races the next time around.


    please do facts about Khajiit

  • McGoldenblade

    I demand a Lusty Argonian Maid build.

  • CapitanTalonumi

    5:01 of 7:23 was used for one fact number that had 12 mini facts

  • afrosamurai3847

    Ah what about Argonians wooping some daedric ass in the Oblivion crisis?

  • Matt W

    i play as argonian however i distrust any other aronian becuase they look mean

  • Over It

    I always liked to main a Argonian and join the Dark Brotherhood, would like to know more about the Shadow Scale :^)

  • Thomas Pease

    This is really good guys!

  • Ghosty

    Hey fudge, I have found a speech exploit, the video is over on my channel, thought you could remake it as u will reach way more people with it than I can

  • 77gigawatts

    Argonians are the best

  • Über Kirbeeh

    Instead of just staying in top 5 or 10s can you make vids talking about everything there is to know from each main race of Tamriel?

  • Nuclear Shadowscale

    I approve of this video

  • Mr EggHead

    Hey fudgemuppet when are ya gonna make a remastered thief build?

  • Dragonvarine

    Do a video on Orcs please

  • Steel Krakon Lord X84

    This is off topic but why don't Bretons have a afterlife? Like what the heck

  • Coca Loca

    Was that Skywind footage I saw on this video ? :3

  • CT-7270

    Jel kee suk native language sekl saxheel'eth! That is Jel for: Jel is the native language of Argonians!

  • angry libtard

    We should kick those gray-skins out of our city, just like we did to scalebacks

  • Mike, from Texas

    Yes!!! Do Khajiit or Dunmer next!

  • Dr_T-Bagger

    Can you do Khajiit? (and all races??) This was fantastic. Thank you!

  • DLAlucard

    A very neat set of facts.

  • jjfajen

    Another awesome fact about argonians is that during the Oblivion Crisis they actually held their own against the daedra. The daedra actually closed the oblivion gates in Black Marsh themselves for fear of Oblivion being invaded by argonians.

  • Giggles

    I don't even know why but does anyone really like Madesi from Riften? I love the way he calls you friend

  • Scarthen

    Argonians are my fav and looking at these cool designs I decided to start over and give my guy some cool designs

  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    Argonians looked their best in Morrowind where their faces resembled a sort of iguana-puppy.

  • SixWingZombi

    Aw man, I really thought you were going to mention the Argonian counter-invasion of Oblivion that nearly overwhelmed the Daedra.

  • Peter Vlčko

    they should go and build they cities under water tamriel is surrounded by oceans and they breath under water so why not. and they have peace of mind and what more they can easily overwhelm like that all nations due to difficulties related to the fact of that kind of civilization. such jar jar binks nation but more badass

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