Skyrim: 5 Misunderstood Bad Guys Who Weren't Actually Bad - The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game ripe with villains and evil doers. However not every antagonist encountered in Skyrim is actually evil, some are just victims of circumstance, or even acting in the right. So today we explore Skyrim's lore and story to dissect 5 bad guys who weren't actually bad, just misunderstood in The Elder Scrolls 5.

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  • JimMcnugget

    Nazim.He's married to a women who doesn't love, and when he tries to connect with the dragon-born he realises that you don't get too the cloud distrect very often..

  • Chewy Yoda

    who the hell thought Maro was a bad guy??

  • max van dijk

    3:23, Nate, my beloved son, i am really appreciating the hard work and time you put into your videos. I finally have a son whom I can be proud of.Your beloved father,

  • Ben Glaser

    I think it's made clear that Commander Maro isn't technically a bad guy. Even though he is the antagonist of the Dark Brotherhood quest line, YOU are the murderous sociopath intent on ending an empire (much like the Mythic Dawn in Oblivion). He's doing his job: protect the peace, and protect the emperor.

  • Alno Highking

    Can you do a list of five heroes who are actually vilains? Or something similar. Nice video bro.

  • Max Jr

    Maro is not a bad guy at all though, antagonist doesn't mean villain. The player is the villain...

  • The Nothing Nobody

    "You never know a guy until you've taken a walk in his shoes."You forgot the end to that quote, Nate: "...that you looted off of his dead corpse."

  • Diego De Luque V

    I mean, if you read Cicero's diaries you can follow his journy to madness. I feel pity for him.

  • CtrlAltPhreak

    You know what they say. Never judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. By then, it doesn't matter what you say. You're a mile away and you have their shoes.

  • Sir Xander

    Astrid is the villain, she betrayed the family and thus shall be executed

  • Lanoira13

    I personally like Cicero a lot.

  • Stewart Bates

    One person I felt mis-understood: Emperor Titus Mede II. Think about it, as the target of the Dark Brotherhood questline and the guy who signed the Whitegold Concordant he receives a lot of hate. But when you get down to it he didn't have much of a choice in signing the WGC, being as his army was too exhausted to fight (Yeah where were the Alik'r then?) and he needed stability in the Empire. Now some councillor wants him dead, but why? We know the Thalmor are shifty, so what if it's them wanting him dead to get a more pliable leader on the throne and had an agent in the Council make an offer to the Brotherhood. So with his final hours, what does he do? Instead of fighting back, he pleas with you to kill the contractor knowing it likely they were the Thalmor agent! It's only a theory, but using his life to stall the Thalmor plot would be quite honourable, no? :P

  • XxHarounXx

    I'm glad you didn't add nazeem. That guy was pure evil

  • JPZ

    Thought Lucien was ganna say "there is a disturbance in the force". lol

  • Nicholas Morgan

    Maro doesn't belong on the list. He's the main antagonist. Villain and antagonist are not always the same thing (though they usually are). With the dark brotherhood, you're part of a murder cult of assassins who kill for the glory of Sithis and the Night Mother. The player character is the villain of the Dark Brotherhood questline. Misunderstood villain isn't something you can really call him because he was never villainous in the first place.

  • Mauro Molinero

    never thought of maro as the bad guy. he is the law. just that.

  • Benji Tamm

    Braith is the ultimate Antagonist, the Real villain, the Prime evil

  • riicky83

    Braiths problems actually comes from the constant bullying (and deaths) from MRX Mods.

  • Jose Martinez

    With Braith, I didn't know the relationship between her and her parents. I always thought she would bully that boy because she said, "I wouldn't pick on him if he just kissed me." I always pegged it as a crush and she didn't know how to express herself.

  • Snooderblade

    Damn Nate only 44 seconds in and youre already trying to tell me that Braith isnt the most evil villian in all of TES?

  • Troper H'ghar

    0:40 "you never know someone until you walk a mile in they're shoes" Which is why my dragon born always steals your boots when she kills you

  • SirSirupy

    I don’t get how you could even begin to consider Commander Maro to be evil. He wanted to destroy a murderous cult that worshipped a violent god and carried out murders in the name of a sadistic religion. He wanted to protect the empire he loved so much. Poor man. This is why I always side with him and destroy the Brotherhood.

  • Adenite 95

    "For God's sakes, my OWN father doesn't even do that" Hahahahahahaha, great video mam.

  • Jason Watson

    I mean really Alduin was just fulfilling his destiny as the world eater

  • ArgentDeer

    7:39 Lucien, I hear your advice, but I don't know if I should trust someone who teleports.

  • JotaDeeMeO

    I sense a Disturbance in the for-... Void.. I mean.. the void, a disturbance in the void..


    "There is a disturbance in the void""There is a disturbance in the force"STAR WARS Easter Egg anyone???

  • LandandSea

    you know I never have killed Cicero. I always spare him. I don't why though.

  • Average Donkey

    Ah yes....murdered to death...My favorite

  • Jack Rooker

    Commander Maro is not a villain...

  • Incarnation_Of_Immortality

    The "ChickenMancer" wasn't a bad guy. All he was doing was practicing magic on some dead poultry. I could understand why he attempts to attack you on sight, well it's a scripted encounter so you'll have seen him use necromancy....which is taboo no matter what it's on.. so he would attack you on sight.

  • I sense a mystery

    I loved Cicero from the start. I never understood all the hate for him, and how people could choose to kill him. Shame on you! ^^

  • e bordz

    You realize the dark brotherhood is the antagonist and Maro is the protagonist.

  • Sundqvist

    Commander Maro is okay! Destroy the dark brotherhood FTW lol.

  • Adam Case

    One big problem I had with this video a few times is you called these people villains, or the bad guys, and you did use the right word antagonist a few times, but still... I know I'm nitpicking.

  • MliffinDnuder

    I wish you could marry Cicero. He is the best. Maybe if I pose as the nightmother, Cicero would rub oil all over me <3

  • Raze Ninjato

    2:27 The first swear word from Nate?

  • Blob Glob

    Both the emperor and cicero attacked me after I failed to pickpocket them.

  • fireblast133

    Honestly the Dark Brotherhood was the best questline story wise. Thieves coming in a close second. Poor Maro though.

  • JoJo is not an anime

    Sometimes we are the bad guys

  • philip sturgeon

    i used to always kill Cicero but now i spare him

  • Dovahskii

    Hi (Sorry for my bad English)

  • Arvind Raghavan

    I never liked killing commander Maro

  • Matthew Tallent

    6:24 murders innocent people to death

  • Behaka Feh

    Cicero has been my favorite character since I first played the game and he's always my follower once I beat the dark brotherhood (I've replayed Skyrim a lot lol) I feel like he's so misunderstood and his journals explain some of that too. He just wants to keep the Dark Brotherhood's authority the way it was created and not have Astrid mocking their "leader" if that's what you could call the night mother. He's also really entertaining as a follower when you're listening to someone talk forever and he starts mumbling in the background or often times yells "let's kill someone!" He's also a really good follower I've never had him die on me like other followers (I'm not even sure if he can unless you kill him)

  • Patryk Rogala

    Great video as always Nate, thank you for bringing us this content. I recently bought a gaming PC so I can play Skyrim in your 4k setup. Keep doing what you're doing!

  • Chris Gonzales

    early, but no creative abilities for comments.

  • Sebastien Nortje

    This is great. Is your next one going to be about 5 Bad Guys who are just d**ks?

  • Vault-Boy 76

    You mean "You never know a man until you kill them and take their journal"😁

  • Suicideassassin 6

    Mauro didn't attend my wedding :(

  • Ivan Glamdryng

    Thank you for the video. I am still new to Skyrim so you putting these videos out gives me something extra to look out for when I get to play.

  • OneEggrollBoi

    6:26Well I on the other hand murder people to life

  • Travis letchford

    Doesn’t Breith actually like Larz

  • Dush Dj

    At first, I wanted to kill Cicero so bad, but then I read his journals in his room in the sanctuary, and only felt pity for him, and I ended up having him as a follower.

  • Derp Lord

    the enemy of your enemy iiissssss your enemy

  • Nemenon

    Maro doesn't even come close to being a "bad guy", you murdered his son of course hes going to be pissed.

  • Jehtte

    Cicero was legit one of my favorite characters. 0/10 did not kill him.

  • Kait

    YESS THIS IS LITERALLY ALL I PREACH ABOUT SKYRIM, I love you man, keep up the amazing work

  • Håkon Andreas Olaussen

    2:26 really took me by surprise hahaha

  • Blu Rain

    I mean... the Dark Brotherhood is the villain, not the people trying to stop them

  • Unity4213 gaming

    Cicero. Thats my boy, cicero is my favorite companion

  • Jaydan Sucks

    I'm so early at 90 comments elelelellelelee a killa meh

  • kervey gonzales

    I always use eject player push on braith 😂

  • River Doherty

    Are you kidding? I love Cicero.ive never killed him nor have I wanted to. Him and veezara are favorites

  • Leo's Champion

    Lolol Nate my boy you went Savage on Maro and I love it!!!

  • David Harris

    Nazeem, wait, no he's actually evil and must die.

  • TheMoonLanding

    Bro hearing you say the c word, despite it being censored, gave me an aneurism

  • Big McLargehuge

    I cannot remember the necromancers name but she is trying to raise and army of Draugur to destroy the empire after her husband was killed suspiciously. I always feel bad for having to finish that mission.

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