Fallout 4 - Top 5 Playstyles

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In our latest Fallout 4 video we show you our top 5 playstyles.

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Michael: oldberrychew


  • Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man

    I play as Trump:*Max charisma and luck.*Lightning-slinging Pence-bot companion.*Heavily fortified settlements. Make Boston Great Again!*Big Boy w/ MIRV for when negotiations break down. My nuke button is the biggest nuke button. It’s UUUUGE!*All ranks of Ricochet. Because incoming bullets are Fake News.

  • Aidan Kaiser

    Wow who would have guessed that stealth archer was a top playstyle.

  • McCorkleee

    Am i the only one that doesnt use chems?

  • Michael Ritter

    Quick Tip: Pickpocket enemies wearing Power Armor. Take the Fusion Core, and they exit the Power Armor.

  • MrHuntHunt

    Long ranged sneak builds almost always seem like the most powerful play styles in Bethesda games IMO

  • MigiJoyous

    I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my VATS.

  • Michael Browning

    Lol, so with Kellogs pistol, using the gunslinger style, with all ranks of gun fu every shot after fourth is critical, so you can have infinite shots as every critical fills AP due to the ,legendary effect....OP

  • Mike, from Texas

    •Gun•Sneaky Gun•Big Gun•Melee•Sneaky Melee•Any ComboWow.

  • Monochrome Sims

    Personally, I play the classic 'run away from enemies and/or let your companions deal with them' build.

  • Origulator

    Sole Survivor: ZA WARUDO!SoSu: * does a shitton of jet and then blitz-kills everyone. *

  • Drewbie UnderFire

    the best play style is doing whatever the hell you want

  • Nettle

    It's 3 A.M. bro, you're killing me.

  • Knuckles

    Yeeah, finally. Now, want some meth?

  • iPhoneeditor

    Only viable playstyle in this game is 10 Perception, Syringe Rifle only, on survival mode. Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy casul.

  • FUnk tHE SpuNK

    Love to see people go to fallout vids just to get in the comments and bash the game and the people that play it.

  • Pokémon Trainer Gante

    5. "That's not a knife, this is a knife!"4. "It's hiiiiiiiigh noon."3. "Say my name." ... "You're goddamn right."2. "Your getting mugged!" "No, you are."1. "Sniping's a good job, mate. It's challenging work, outta doors, i'll garentee you'll not go hungry, cause' at the end of the day, as long as there are 2 people on the planet, someone's gonna want someone dead."

  • Blind Roach

    When there are no more builds to do, endorse your builds calling them playstyles.

  • Callum Sear

    Hay fudgemuppet can you bring back the face guides for your skyrim builds

  • MrPinky 3000

    I just started playing my first fallout game n boy I love it

  • Jack Kemnitzer

    I play a weighted charisma + luck + strength build.I have max strong-back and pick up everything to build or sell, I mostly use converted enemies for combat, but also frequently heavy weapons and armor since I can afford to buy them + ammoI currently have 45 thousand caps I don’t know what to do with


    goes gunslinger activates VATS IT'S HIGH NOOOOOOON!

  • Valentine Tarango Jr.

    Just starting to play and I love the game. Thanks for the tips.

  • Scorecatron

    Do you guys think you could make a Skyrim build based off of Talion and Celebrimbor from Shadow of Mordor in the future? I'd like to see your take on it.

  • aFanOfYourNan

    Love your stuff Fudgemuppet Keep it up

  • Hunter Skidmore

    My playstyle. Shootyainthefacetillyoudie

  • Segendo or Panda idk

    I play as my ideal attitude. Be nice, a little sarcastic at times, and only attack others when you need to. Also steal from time to time if you need to.

  • Dmcd Playz

    Looks in commentsImmediately see's people talking about fallout 4's RPG ELEMENTS

  • RS91 media

    nah imma just gonna play with ma super powerfull pipe rifle fully upgrade with 30+ damage and rule entire commonwealth........ damn i died again.

  • Thomas Hoerauf

    I like high int builds. Level quicker, and buff all your weaknesses with power armor. Get a weapon that runs on fusion cores, and you basically never run out of ammo.

  • Bastian Ziegler

    Is there an intelligence build?Pretty stupid if there isnt.

  • Wise Ferret

    My first character was Matt Dillon, the charming gunslinger and his shotgun wielding companion Chester Goode (MacCready.)

  • Satan

    Whoever uses a sniper and vats with it in fallout is really missing out on a ton of fun

  • Alduin

    best playstyle: spam deliverer vats with vats enhanced armor

  • Jewelyn

    my choice is a PA with Gatling laser through science and endurance ... "live long - beat hard" ...

  • Hammerin' Hank

    I almost always use the stealth/sniper approach. With my Instigating fully maxed Gauss Rifle I one shot kill pretty much everything, including mythic deathclaws.

  • Zack Kerber

    Do "the man who nuts" build ;^)I am the man who nuts

  • Toastie

    I use a medic build it's basically a chem build Weapons: deliver Pickmans Blade combat rifle and last minute Chems: allPerks: medic life giver chemist iron fist toughness commando sneak gun nut armorer chem resistant hacker locksmith big leagues Leave a like if this build is good PS I didn't include all perks

  • Legions and legends

    I'm fookin' iron man, mate.[I'm not english at all 😁]

  • Lady.Whatever

    I teleport behind my enemies and get x10 damage with the Atom's Judgement (350+ damage). Sometimes I use that gun that spews fire and blows up on impact. Yeah, that's it.

  • Blandon Tennis

    Is there a guide like this for players who don't use VATS? I feel like it slows things down too much and makes it too easy.

  • Owen Morey

    Reba 2 and the tinker Tom special are the best for sniper builds

  • Elijah Fyffe

    I always start with a jack of all trades. But on f04 I'm doing a Kenshiro build.

  • Joseph Doe

    My playstyle is very balnced, i always make sure i have an advantage in every situation.

  • K D

    I'm making a build tomorrow called the ass hole.Unsure of stats but 100% ain't helping Preston just gonna tease him with clearing out the building for him then get the power armour and mini gun and see ya

  • nicol RB

    Blitz perk in a nutshell: teleports behind you “nothing personal kid”

  • Nick Crimson

    Why did I love all the playstyles mentioned? 😂😂 Gonna definitely check on the hunter build again maybe even the Joker build as well

  • Sweetramo and Redolaf

    Clicked video because it showed Fallout Shelter thumbnail?

  • Gallant Gamer

    1:33 what outfit is your character wearing??? I have a Scarecrow theme going on and that would be perfect!!

  • Lyla

    No Heavy trooper( power armor + exploding guns) playstyle ?

  • d san

    Does anyone else not use vats? I feel like it takes a lot of the fun and skill away from the game.

  • 神風

    I'm a sniper in new vegas. I use the Gobi sniper and a gauss rifle. I use lucky for close up

  • Connor

    I play as a mix of charisma and agility based survivor

  • this is so sad

    Am I the only one that never uses V.A.T.S?

  • gaslone79

    the chem build is also good for high intelligence builds like mine. Got the chemist perks and just get very high on tuff fights.

  • Mercury

    I end up playing with shotgun every time

  • mahesh mulik

    Just get an instigating 0.50 cal sniper rifle for the stealth build and you will one shot anyone ie 5.3 bonus for Stealth plus double damage if he enemy has full health

  • Dan Moscaliuc

    If only I watched this video earlier... My fallout experience would be 2x as better

  • AJ Briones

    > Master Yi Alpha Strike> Clint Yeastwood> Rodrigo Duterte's nightmare> Cesar Milan's Legion> All American Widowmaker> okay

  • Jonathan Simard

    whats the point of playing if you only use the VATS to fight?

  • Mathew SVK

    Idea for a build: Spaceman !Weapons: Any type of energy pistol (only pistols) - laser, plasma (shotgun, thrower), gamma, Quantum thirst Zapper and The main one: ALIEN BLASTEROutfits: Spaceman costume (in begining of game Hazmat Suit) Perks: Lot of IntelligenceAlso he will use institute white X-01 power armor without helmet with jetpack !!

  • RolandZ 1228

    Sneaky.Ninja.Melee.Its me.(Not Mario.)

  • A Magic Egg

    My friends: whats your playstyleMe: YES


    * teleports behind you *Nothing personal, kid.

  • Itz_Stelth

    Energy Sniper with explosive Minigun as backup

  • QweAndAHalf

    So Elder Scrolls Stealth Archer: Gun Runners Edition

  • Josué Jiménez

    I always start as a sniper guy and end playing as a first like tank... problem?

  • Just Jordan

    Weird I did the the best build here it's, the Auto Rifle + heavy weapons build. Was not mention here, 0 VATS involved, 0 complication.

  • Michael Mathers

    aren't there only 5 playstyles?-unarmed-melee-gun-energy weapon-explosive

  • formless777

    I have a One Punch Man build. Due to the issue with no power fist in power armor I needed to perk up to manage the Glowing Sea, but I did. All good. The problem I'm having is choosing a final faction. WWSD?

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