Skyrim - Randomness (Part 6)

(LIST OF MODS BELOW) The randomness continues as Kharjo and I face off against dragons, goblins, and a Triceratops! Also, cows save my life on more than one occasion. They truly are the four-legged heroes of Skyrim! Oh, and in case you're wondering, Samuel stayed home on this adventure. Don't worry! I'm sure Grelod is taking good care of him!

Dread Knight Weapon Set

SkyMoMod (Skyrim Monster Mod)

Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement (I'm just using the armor)

A Daedric Weapons Retexture - Flame Blades


Deadly Spell Impacts

Skyrim HD

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res

No More Blocky Faces

Better Females (no makeup just improved textures)


Enhanced Blood Textures

Enhanced Night Skyrim

Realistic Smoke and Embers

(I'm using a lot more mods, but not all of them are in this video, so I just listed the ones that are. Even then, I'm probably still missing some. lol Someday I'll make a complete list.)
  • Mr Monti

    So a dragon, a wizard, and a triceratops walk into a field.You're playing PC Skyrim

  • Nicholas Avasthi

    "Khajiit guard your back" "From COWS?!"I just lost it.

  • Kharjo The Khajiit

    Khajiit guards your back.

  • cats playing jazz

    "Why am I bleeding? Who's shooting at me?"This has been a brief summary of Skyrim

  • Toor Skoboviik

    Someone needs to make a Scatsbury Animated series

  • FlamingNinetales77

    Herewolf, therewolf, where-the-hell-did-it-gowolf

  • Erik Lentsch

    When your level 10 or something and a giant is trying to kill you, "you have been nominated for the next space program."

  • TheBestChris121

    I guess you could say that cow is a MOO-GICIAN ok Im leaving😂😂

  • Lauryn Wood

    5:54You: JESUS CHRIST MY HEADSET!Me: (has volume to the max) JESUS CHRIST MY EARS!XDDDDDD

  • Sans

    when the music starts and you have no idea why

  • Jack Viking

    Erik the slayer that you killed was a character built by a man named erik who died off cancer may 2010, he was special to bethesda.

  • ET

    Guys, I killed Hemiskr and used the resurrect code, And he became the creepy floor priest.

  • Lerd Nerdaderd

    "Wait a second is that-JESUS CHRIST MY HEAD SET!!!"

  • Teiuv

    guard: "i think you're bleeding!"you don't say

  • Vexxy

    10:40 I once attacked a rabbit in Skyrim with just a Fus, and Lydia viciously chased after it.

  • King Blueberry

    Those cows were plotting something, and Kharjo knew.

  • zexionfan15

    "ROAST, you say?" Funniest part of the episode.

  • Industrial Savior

    Kharjo has no mercy for cows.

  • UpbeatCarnivore


  • HeirofRome

    10:20TheScatsBury: What are you two doing....Kharjo hits and kills CowTheScatsBury: OH MY GOD... KHARJO WHY?

  • Sergeant Delta

    Giant: And now,for my next trick,I shall make this werewolf Disappear

  • KittyPawz

    Kharjo is not very fond of cows.

  • Yenius J.K. Wob

    No matter how many times I watch these videos I laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • supersannajin

    I will never not love the Skyrim theme song.

  • Sunset Owl

    Warning do not drink juice while watching from 4:00 to 4:12 your computer will drown

  • TheMaidHatter

    "Khajiit has your back.""From COWS?!"

  • Aki Hauru

    Khajiit guards your back. XD these are just perfect, I don't remember when I have laughed better than this time

  • Allison McWilliams

    Evil beware: We have cattle

  • Etal Petal

    What do you call a magic cow?Co-dini

  • Sophie Sings

    I'm sick and I'm watching this XD it makes me feel better.

  • Christie T

    Hey scats can you plz comeback and make more skyrim randomness videos. I have watched all of your skyrim videos multiple times and would like to see more of these videos.

  • Hirosuke Namikaze

    "Khajiit guards your back.""From Cows?!"

  • Vick Crafted123

    Gians are master golf players

  • TitanGuard

    3:03we all got send to moon by a gaint at one point or another

  • Yukie Dragneel

    Lol! "On you knees and give me head!" XD this is why i love these vids! Scats is just too funny!

  • eldog the great

    when you get hit by a skyrim giant your character flys in the air

  • zexionfan15

    Can someone please make a "Scroll of Cow Shield" mod now?

  • Jeff Sandt

    3:19 the werewolf tuning back to a man and going "HOLY SHIT!" killed me i was laughing until 5:56

  • XxKeyboardWarriorXx420

    I subscribed because kharjo is your follower.. and because you make great vids... Kharjo for hokage!!!

  • Nathan Drake

    5:48 is the best thing in this vid.

  • Bas Barnes

    Holy shit! I think I've played planet side 2 with you on Connery server before! And you were yelling scooma in voice chat. Tell me if the outfit Hellz Angels sounds familiar. Or maybe the username Seagills. I could be horribly wrong. But if I was playing VS with you then, holy shit man! And I could still be horribly wrong.

  • pheonixblood clan

    He is strong in the way of the fart

  • Let's Do Randomness

    7:35 he likes to pet the floor

  • Raven Plays

    Scats: Roast you say? shoutsMe: snot shoots out of nose

  • Kasey Mathew

    Wait a second, is that . . . ?[dragon]JESUS CHRIST!(oh, my headset!)

  • Can of Pringles

    "ON YOUR KNEES AND GIVE ME HEAD!"I had to stifle my laughter lest I be forced to explain to my mother why I'm rolling on the floor with tears going down my face

  • david townsend

    I have laugh so hard in my life that last scenes almost kill me

  • mүskιmαlvα

    i just sneezed and i was like why doesnt my Shout work?😂

  • TheMadHatter30

    he's not the creepy floor guy because you need to resurrect him in a cinematic death

  • LouisAlecTube

    "I hate to brag...but I did that without any cows." Ok ok, subscribed.

  • Andrew Schiavo

    Lol, he has to be killed the same way, and fall on the floor, THEN be resurrected, if you want him to be the creepy floor guy.

  • Sin 9812

    however. khajjkt got your back from cows. in Skyrim I'm a khajjit

  • sa210725

    lol...walking slowly, camera pans to front view of hero walking quietly...JESUS CHRIST..two mega ton dragon drops out of the sky...headsets break... i think i could actually hear you fall out of the chair!

  • Scottish Milkman

    Ho ho ho i am zi go mai i sheet in my armor!

  • StoicSauce

    It's very MagiCOWl

  • CurrentlyScowling

    the guards took me to jail for killing a chicken.

  • Jessie R.

    5:51- Headset messes up from screaming

  • The Drifter

    "wait, is that..? JESUS CHRIST (headset falls off) Nooo my HeadSeT"

  • Wumbo

    Anyone else think he sounds like napoleon dynamite when he says idiot?

  • Vault Boy

    Are you really stuck or is it a joke

  • Shady76

    anybody else think the cows in Skyrim are adorable?

  • RemainSeated

    5:45 made me think of Sctasbury playing a horror game. XD that'd be great.

  • Nabbcat

    I think that in order to get the creepy floor guy, you have to resurrect someone at the very last second of a third person kill animation

  • The Elder Scrolls Unraveled

    I found out how to make the floor guy Kill him in console and don't get out then resurrect with console and he should be the floor guy hoped this helped you

  • McBiashoopdawoop The Nugan

    3:43 holy crap he stabbed his soul

  • damad vidz


  • CelticDragon0

    5:50 cue freak out with mic bumping! Lol!

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