[Skyrim] Dawnguard Complete Vampire Questline (Main plot only)

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC - If you choose to side with the Vampires.

• About Siding with the Vampires •

Includes the entire Vampire questline in Skyrim: Dawnguard. I condensed the scenes as best I could to avoid including battle sequences. No side quests were included in this video.

A future edit of this description after upload will include the time stamps for each mission.


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  • Tsumefan2

    so you kill harkon in either storyline? did you know you don't really need harkon to become a vampire lord?

  • DEADtoRISE08

    I liked Paarthunax but I feel sorry for DurnehviirZu'u haalvut hin faaz Durnehviir hi los med dii dovah fahdon

  • GlazedXDonut

    Will the Sidequests ever end??? I always getting new shit!!!!

  • Tristan Redlaczyk

    Ok so I started these quests and I have become a vampire lord but everytime I go in the sun my blood boils and my stamina won't re charge. So I was wondering if once you complete all the vampire stories dies that go away? Or should I just cure myself from being a vampire cause it annoys me

  • GoldenMan1002

    Can you become a werewolf again after this?

  • Ian Baldacchino

    Where you using Ultimate Perk Ordinator Mod?

  • kenny edwards

    well that was oddmy computer just turned off after the banged i heard near garry middle school

  • Maylin Scott

    Rin Sama thats not a bad idea also i think the dragonborn should have decended from the gods

  • Bernardlv.

    how the fuck do you have 91899 health and 18988 stamina in vampire lord!? nigga I. gotta know plz

  • Kitnami

    2:01:50 XD He is standing in her father's remains face palm

  • Ana Chan

    omg plot twist. there should be a part where the vampire should be the dad of the dragonborn but thats a terrible idea


    So is it kinda advised to start this after beating the game or is it ok to start it whenever?


    are you using a custom animation when NPCs talk? if so what is it? (=

  • Sjtjekotjikhin

    fck that quest valerica just stands still when it tells me to follow her so many bugs in my game fcking stupid

  • Jose Abraham

    I like all about the game but when ski on the map I don't know where you are playing the game

  • Ioane Kordzadze

    guys when i bring serana to castle and when i accept to be a vampire lord harkon says "be still" and he just stands there. it happened on my secend profile. please help me..

  • ThatKawaiiKid

    why u let the imperials win i will spill your blood 4 the stormcloaks!

  • hafizuddin kaha

    I want to know if this Skyrim Dawnguard was included in the original one or it was a mode..Can someone tell me because I haven finish the game yet..

  • Tyler Umbarger

    so it looks like this was the best ending. ive only played the side of the Dawnguard.

  • Mr. Snow Show York'eso .|.

    Why Serana's eyes are red and her mother's yellow despite being both nord?

  • Isaiah Nichols

    I found this video not useful at all because of all the cutting

  • Wes Ray

    Nice armour nightingale of Nocturnale

  • PerKarlsson

    after killing harkon, you can do smaller quests with various vampires within the castle, when do they end? 

  • Phak Kethu

    when I choose lets go,,she said "well, I can't get anyone to bla bla bla", what happen??

  • Wes Ray

    Dawngaurd is a addon not a mod

  • JinaSolo

    There was a whole bunch of "train, you are weak..."  Why did you never select that?  Or do we just not see the selections?

  • Dani Ngo

    how do you feed Dexion Evicus

  • The Cobra Instinct

    \/: | : Random thingy /\

  • Wes Ray

    Nice armour nightingale of nocturnal

  • Jonathan Hsieh

    if you had a elder scrolls from the main questline you could give it to him right there and you wont have to go into blackreach and kill dwemer stuff and falmer

  • Auri El

    Well,you're a bit long late,I decided to forget about it,I just seen guys replaying the story with the things that they had

  • J M

    Damn this is great! Was looking for the vampire version! Deserves more views, thank you!

  • Matt Isgrig

    What the fuck do I do with the elder scrolls?

  • Voidcube

    Thanks for thos video! It helped me soooo much! 3

  • Christopher G

    What is that Armour your wearing when you get stabbed in the hand at that altar ?

  • Daniel O'Brien

    make multiple save files

  • Auri El

    do you know how to replay the storyline,i seen people play as either side then after they complete it they switch

  • usscushing

    I keep having trouble in curing Harkon's daughter of vampirism any help would be greatly appreciated

  • jokamutta

    Can you get a house in the Dawnguard DLC ?

  • masterofsniping1234

    is skoama the same as shrooms


    I say to Harkon well yeah Molag Bal may be father to you vampires but I am his Champion

  • Pikalika

    Well mom did said "one last video before you go to bed"

  • Ashe | Lady Insanity

    It's the latest DLC from Bethesda.

  • ricaydo van beek

    is dawnguard a mod or something? beacuse i never heard of it before :S plz somebody answer this

  • Ashe | Lady Insanity

    I will definitely have Leviathan uploaded the day it comes out :)

  • Ashe | Lady Insanity

    Tolan's wearing Paladin armor. It's from a mod which I believe replaces all Vigilant armor, but to be frank, I'm not exactly sure which one. I think it's the Divine Aegis one.

  • Xerus

    I haven't started the quest like yet but does that guy ..Iolan.. at the start wear that armor or is it some replacement armor mod?

  • FalloutSector

    wow this was amazing thanks also LEVIATHAN!!!

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