[Skyrim] Dawnguard Complete Vampire Questline (Main plot only)

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC - If you choose to side with the Vampires.

• About Siding with the Vampires •

Includes the entire Vampire questline in Skyrim: Dawnguard. I condensed the scenes as best I could to avoid including battle sequences. No side quests were included in this video.

A future edit of this description after upload will include the time stamps for each mission.


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  • Kitnami Asmr and Games

    2:01:50 XD He is standing in her father's remains face palm

  • Julius Jay

    Will the Sidequests ever end??? I always getting new shit!!!!

  • Isaiah Nichols

    I found this video not useful at all because of all the cutting

  • Carmine Lombardo

    All vampires must die. For the Dawnguard!

  • ShootInPutIn

    Vampire storyline made no sense. It is completely unclear why does Serana want to give Harkon the bow and help with the prophecy in the first place, and then suddenly decides not to, when the whole point of her being locked up is to stop him from prophecy happening- she knew all of the negative things about the prophecy, and yet she still wants to do it? Also, she knows the consequences of prophecy being fulfilled, yet both her and the dragonborn seem to be completely careless about that one bit. They bring all the elder scrolls into the castle, but Harkon somehow does not notice it, does not ask for them, or try to ask them where did they get them. Then, in the end, they suddenly decide to kill Harkon, and he somehow knows they won't give him the box and is not surprized. Also, i don't get Serana's morality. She doesn't seem to express any clear moral stance. She flickers between completing the prophecy and stopping it as if it were some trivial matter. Really shabby writting.

  • Tsumefan2

    so you kill harkon in either storyline? did you know you don't really need harkon to become a vampire lord?

  • Mercy OnOasis

    omg plot twist. there should be a part where the vampire should be the dad of the dragonborn but thats a terrible idea


    are you using a custom animation when NPCs talk? if so what is it? (=

  • ken edwards

    well that was oddmy computer just turned off after the banged i heard near garry middle school

  • wisnu zainesta

    thank for whoever posting this videosno commentary perfect, I hate loudmouth


    I say to Harkon well yeah Molag Bal may be father to you vampires but I am his Champion


    So is it kinda advised to start this after beating the game or is it ok to start it whenever?

  • Maylin Scott

    Rin Sama thats not a bad idea also i think the dragonborn should have decended from the gods

  • Tristan Redlaczyk

    Ok so I started these quests and I have become a vampire lord but everytime I go in the sun my blood boils and my stamina won't re charge. So I was wondering if once you complete all the vampire stories dies that go away? Or should I just cure myself from being a vampire cause it annoys me

  • J M

    Damn this is great! Was looking for the vampire version! Deserves more views, thank you!

  • Dani Ngo

    how do you feed Dexion Evicus

  • The Cobra Instinct

    \/: | : Random thingy /\

  • Jonathan Hsieh

    if you had a elder scrolls from the main questline you could give it to him right there and you wont have to go into blackreach and kill dwemer stuff and falmer

  • DEADtoRISE08

    I liked Paarthunax but I feel sorry for DurnehviirZu'u haalvut hin faaz Durnehviir hi los med dii dovah fahdon

  • howdy folks

    join the dawnguard .soon as you can youwon't regret it

  • Louise Kenyon

    What armor are you whering

  • Fragonus

    At least the vampires will be a bit happier without Harkon. What about the Dawnguard?

  • coolman's Kappa army

    i am sad that you cant marry her

  • MrFrisMich

    can i only enter her castle after ive continued the main questline of the game until everyone sees, that im the dragonborn? like after ive seen my first dragon?

  • Gaming lizard

    how can i do the dawn guard quest.

  • leni kaufusi

    How come when I returned with the chalice to the castle all the vampires in there started attacking me?? Even the guy that sent me out on the mission wanted to kill me. Someone pls tell me

  • Shiro Yatagami

    why was the entire bar yellow

  • ThaEpicFail

    My game is stuck on the last quest before you kill Harkon. I have Auriels Bow and talked To the snow elf but i cant speak To serana To kill Harkon?

  • Jaden Calhoun

    is there a level requirement

  • GodePlaysGt 25

    A bow from the mother and a sword from a father that is a true weapon of a vampire

  • Solo Rogue

    Been awhile since I saw this all so vanilla. Thanks for sharing it.

  • GoldenMan1002

    Can you become a werewolf again after this?

  • SIVA Corruptor

    Where you using Ultimate Perk Ordinator Mod?

  • Tyler Umbarger

    so it looks like this was the best ending. ive only played the side of the Dawnguard.

  • J. D

    I like all about the game but when ski on the map I don't know where you are playing the game

  • hafizuddin kaha

    I want to know if this Skyrim Dawnguard was included in the original one or it was a mode..Can someone tell me because I haven finish the game yet..

  • Ioane Kordzadze

    guys when i bring serana to castle and when i accept to be a vampire lord harkon says "be still" and he just stands there. it happened on my secend profile. please help me..

  • Mr. Snow Show York'eso .|.

    Why Serana's eyes are red and her mother's yellow despite being both nord?

  • PerKarlsson

    after killing harkon, you can do smaller quests with various vampires within the castle, when do they end? 

  • JinaSolo

    There was a whole bunch of "train, you are weak..."  Why did you never select that?  Or do we just not see the selections?

  • Phak Kethu

    when I choose lets go,,she said "well, I can't get anyone to bla bla bla", what happen??

  • Wes Ray

    Nice armour nightingale of Nocturnale

  • Wes Ray

    Dawngaurd is a addon not a mod

  • Wes Ray

    Nice armour nightingale of nocturnal

  • Auri El

    Well,you're a bit long late,I decided to forget about it,I just seen guys replaying the story with the things that they had

  • Matt Isgrig

    What the fuck do I do with the elder scrolls?

  • Voidcube

    Thanks for thos video! It helped me soooo much! 3

  • Christopher G

    What is that Armour your wearing when you get stabbed in the hand at that altar ?

  • Daniel O'Brien

    make multiple save files

  • Auri El

    do you know how to replay the storyline,i seen people play as either side then after they complete it they switch

  • usscushing

    I keep having trouble in curing Harkon's daughter of vampirism any help would be greatly appreciated

  • jokamutta

    Can you get a house in the Dawnguard DLC ?

  • masterofsniping1234

    is skoama the same as shrooms

  • Pikalika

    Well mom did said "one last video before you go to bed"

  • Ashe | Lady Insanity

    It's the latest DLC from Bethesda.

  • ricaydo van beek

    is dawnguard a mod or something? beacuse i never heard of it before :S plz somebody answer this

  • Ashe | Lady Insanity

    I will definitely have Leviathan uploaded the day it comes out :)

  • Ashe | Lady Insanity

    Tolan's wearing Paladin armor. It's from a mod which I believe replaces all Vigilant armor, but to be frank, I'm not exactly sure which one. I think it's the Divine Aegis one.

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