LITERAL Skyrim Trailer

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Literal Skyrim Trailer

Music remade by Brennan Anderson

Bethesda Game Studios
Should probably fire their helicopter cameraman
Ominously lit carving of some dragons
Cameraman running through the forest
Slow zoom on a carving of Gandalf and his friends
Confused dragon trying to mate with some birds. The first Tie-Fighter
Overworked cameraman running through the snow
Carving of an ancient tug-of-war (slow dramatic zoom)
Running towards a tiny hill. STOP!! That's a cliff
Carvings of dragons breathe carvings of fire
Dude, turn around or you'll die
Shaky rocky formation
Pan down then it opens its eye
Pull out your sword on a ledge
Carving is rooting for the dragon
Sword-fighting a dragon in the snow's gotta be cold. OR NOT!
Show the fire carving burning the shield carving
Leg carving. Medium-shot carving
He's regretting wearing a sleeveless tunic for this fight
VOICE ATTACK! But his voice went too far right
It went to a mountain town and a forest. Stop for the night
In the morning, pass the windmill to a natural stone rocky formation bridge
Then it snows on a stream.
There's a giant. Follow him, then him.
Shave a dragon, and a werewolf, and the patron is next
Battle axe! Help him floss!
Shoot a frostbit at a wall, spin attack (FAIL!)
Fire-bomb, dragon leaves when his barber is done
Shoot a puppy with an arrow, make a ball in your hands (Get stabbed!)
Dragon wants a refund, sneak-smack a big spider
Then barber gives dragon free touch-ups on his way out
That's why you should sit still at the barber
Dragon's soul tells off the clumsy barber
Then it goes through the trees to tell its back-up "Thanks for nothing."
Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls, V. 111111. Dots.

© 2011 Tobuscus
  • Frektel Films

    ugh its been 4 years already :O

  • a duck

    Man, weird to think Skyrim is going to be four years old this year...

  • Feferi Peixes

    I watched this years ago...unaware that this game would become one of my all time FAVORITE GAMES.

  • Liberty Prime

    1:28 "And a Werewolf!"Frost Troll*

  • B380z

    anybody come from skyrim remastered?

  • Whion

    Can people stop coming back to this video to say things like "it was a frost troll", "magelight", and "fire scroll"? When you watched the trailer, you would've assumed the same thing.

  • Cat in a box

    That was very silly. But I like it.

  • Mr. Nobody

    They should really do a remastered skyrim for PS4 and Xbox one.

  • -Cubes In Minecraft-

    Can't Wait for Elder Scrolls 6!

  • Phantom Dovakiin AJ

    Who's watching after skyrim legendary addition

  • Amber 16

    I remember watching and laughing so hard at this when I was younger. I didn't even know what the game was called or about then but now I have played over 1000 hours of it lol.

  • AxeSkuII

    Wasn't a frostbolt... it was Magelight :3

  • Chris Constanti

    It may have been 4 5 years since skyrim came out but its still my favourite game reply if you think so

  • sonofaballer96

    When this came out I couldn't watch one of the official trailers because I wasn't 18, so I used to watch this. I'm 20 now btw, I still remember all the words to these, I can't believe all these years have passed.

  • Flynn Charles

    I bought this game because of this video

  • Shades

    Anyone come here after the release of Skyrim Remaster?

  • Jammapanda

    I love Skyrim and I started laughing so hard when I saw this

  • Ty YuZekken

    Follow him and then him XD LMAO

  • The Sexysanghieli

    "Shoot a puppy with an arrow." that's so mean!

  • Diamond Warrior

    But, there's one they fear. in their tongue is tobykiin. Dragonborn.

  • Sam B

    Wow to think that playing 4000+ hours of SKYRIM hasnt scrambled my brain, wow

  • Rizal Faizin

    Bethesda gonna love this....

  • GodismyJudge75

    Did anyone notice that he called a troll a werewolf?

  • Bhris H

    Who else sang the whole thing

  • Aiden Harris

    My god... 2011, seems like yesterday. This makes me feel old.

  • firstname lastname

    toby is too good fort those allegations to be real

  • Cactic Cactus

    Memorized this song and sung it for talent show :D

  • Giovanni Perna

    Make a literal trailer for Dragon Age! :D

  • Vixen Dais

    damn I remember watching this in intermediate school

  • Grotty Statute

    Shall we make a comment train?I'll start:Bethesda Game Studios...

  • Alex Dunaway

    watching this to get me even more pumped for the remastered version

  • Peyton Schmidt

    still the best, the fallout 4 one was kinda lackluster

  • Gojirex

    1:28 - 1:33 he got literally everything wrong.

  • Bill Sci The Nyeence Guy

    There is one they fear.... In their tongue he is Dovakiin........dragon Born!FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Valory Willbanks

    "11 11 11. Dots." my favorite part.

  • TheWisePug

    remember learning the lyrics to this song when skyrim was a new game?

  • Hayate

    soo, everytime i think of skyrim this song pops in my head. thanks tobuscus!

  • Lopd Tachanka

    111111, Dooottttss funniest part

  • The-Enchant-Bros.

    You should do TitanFall XD

  • Jason V

    That's why you should sit still at the barber. 😂😂😂😂

  • D.Sé'astiapo Sçalia

    Toby still love ya man

  • Deonta B

    i wonder how many kids just made youtube channels just to comment on toby's vids.

  • Atsuma Komatsu

    Song was so very almost good! It hit a major fail once it started including the barber lines. However it is redeemed in my eyes thanks to the introduction to oliveology. Oh how that towel teases. Now that is a product worth trying.

  • Cheesy walnut

    2011 tobuscus please come back

  • HinchyFilms

    I was going to play this game, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Itz_ RAY

    2018???????? EDIT: THANKS :D

  • Creditø

    Dragon leaves after the barber is done and Dragon needs a refund Lol

  • Hate Myself hahAHAHAH

    Elder scrolls online literal trailer!!!!

  • Divdivs The Vaporeon

    who else still plays skyrim in 2018? XD

  • Wyatt Richardson

    but in their tounge he is dovahkiin! Barber!!!

  • Abbigayle Philippe

    Lol i love this so much!!!!

  • trman

    In my opinion, the best literal trailer

  • gamecrackTV

    this Video has more views than the official skyrim trailer O.o

  • CatOnAComputer

    6 years. I remember watching this when it came out. Damn time goes fast!

  • El Jugador

    S T O P!!... T H A T'S A C L I F F...

  • Synnek

    LOL he thought the troll was a werewolf at around 1:26

  • Velcon

    I can never watch the original trailer the same way again...The lyrics play over and over in my head gg.

  • Aubrey Wicks

    When I saw the trailer I was like no way it's gonna look that good

  • Ashley George

    LMAO "Voice attack!"

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