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This Mask require you to play the "College of Winterhold" questline. To start this questline you need to go to "Winterhold" and talk to "Faralda" who is guarding the bridge to the college. She will ask you to prove your ability to enter the College by casting a spell. This spell will be random depending on your level and perks. If you don't know the spell she requires you to cast you can buy it from her for 30 gold. Then demonstrate the spell for her. Then the questline will keep you going.
By the end of the questline you will need to travel to "Labyrinthian" south-east of "Morthal" or south-west of "Dawnstar" to retrive "The Staff Of Magnus". Morokei is the one wielding this staff so you have to kill him to get the staff. When you do that you will also get the mask. Inside "Labyrinthian" you will have to fight skeletons, dragurs and alot of other enemies. take it slow and you should be able to manage. The puzzels are easy and don't need any explanation.

Magicka regenerates 100% faster.

Weight: 4
Armor: 5
Class: Light Armor
Upgrade Material: Refined Moonstone

Priest Type: Shock/Lightning
Health: 1490
Magic: 545

Conjure Storm Atronach
Chain Lightning
Command Daedra
Greater Ward

Resistance: Immune to poison

Morokei Mask
Staff of Magnus

Soul: Grand

1. ???
  • philoos1

    You have to buy shit to impress her? Sounds like my girlfriend

  • Kristian Friman

    What bow are u using??

  • Markus Lundgren

    You can clearly hear his from Sweden :). His accent 

  • JoeyTheDogCommedy LOL

    Do you have to do the quest and who do I talk to to activate the quest

  • DayOnePatch

    Sorry, but I dont remember. The video is more then one year old by now. =P

  • TheBroChannel0

    What Bow do you use it seems good?

  • DayOnePatch

    I'm sorry I don't know this place. Hope someone can help you out here. :)

  • DayOnePatch

    I suggest you watch the video.... hmm.

  • Lucas Johnson

    What happens if you lost a dragon mask I have it to my follwer and he died so I left it becouse I dident know to was important but I know we were in like a rune it had 3 ghosts it was like a test one was warriar one had two swords and the other one was magic I think if any one knows this place please tell me

  • Triggered

    Do you get this through doing the college of winterhold QUESTLINE??? Everyone who has done the cow usually has this mask.

  • DayOnePatch

    That's an awesome tactic!

  • IwIlLkILlYoU

    i just jumped on a pillar and conjured some atronachas and killed him like in 5 min XD but he still took like 7 fireballs to finish

  • 89MazzaUK

    Fuck, I have no idea where I left this quest line - I got bored of the college, I prefer to bash shit to death with a nice axe. 

  • DragonBorn

    Mother of shit!! She never told me to cast a spell!?!?! She just said proove yourself your dragon born, so i shouted at her and then i got access, theres no hope for me getting this mask is there ._.

  • dharok123456789

    You don't need help, you're Chuck Norris!

  • Chuck Norris

    I haven't got the quest yet please help

  • Jabba419

    For some reason i have two staff of magnus

  • Jesper Schmidt

    I fucking lost the mask...

  • grinding peso

    you live in sweden dont you 

  • TheTyler211995

    You need to have the perk arcane blacksmith to upgrade it. Deadric smithing help's upgrade the mask a lot too.

  • TheWaxLarry

    Does this mask have an armor type? (I know it's light armor) but I can only upgrade it to "fine" and i was wondering if it fell into one of the categories in the smithing skill tree. 

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