Skyrim: 5 Funny Hidden Secrets and Details in The Elder Scrolls 5

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim takes place in a rather harsh, and serious environment, and laughter isn't exactly a sensation that occurs often. However, hidden away in secret crevasses, there are quite a few things and details worth cracking a grin over. So today we take a look at 5 funny hidden things in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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  • I am Nobody

    So guard was trying to hit me, I dodged, arrow struck other guard, who decided that who cares about criminals, as he started to bash the others guards skull in with a hammer, eventually this turned into big battle of guards, the one survivor left after all this bloodshed (the one who started a fight to be more precise) hid his battle hammer, walked up to one of the corpses, and exclamed "What happened here!?" He repeated that for every corpse in the area. I had a good laugh.

  • The Daedra

    I've recently encountered the Headless Horseman... but he was not on his horse, instead he was chasing it.

  • Adam Thompson

    I love catching up with M’aiq the liar on my travels he’s such a classic every time lol

  • El Spoggerino

    I hope in TES VI we'll see a Bosmer plummeting to the ground, only to slow down at the last few feet and land safely before spazzing out in glee.

  • Leto85

    Potion of True Shot plus The Lusty Argonian book 1 and 2... fastest way to level One-Handed skill.

  • MediocreDragonborn

    Those two going to vittoria vici's wedding didnt make ten steps after calling me a peasant

  • Michael O'brian

    When I found the flying bosmer mage in solstheim, I thought it was just skyrim physics at work

  • XSoulbound __

    Not so much am Easter Egg, but I always laugh when a merchant says the "we're the only ones who aren't complete fools" line, while standing with a bucket on his head in a newly emptied shop

  • Logan Sanders

    So this one time a few years ago i was playing skyrim, and the random encounter of guys walking up to you, pronouncing how joyous a day it is and offering mead. However, after accepting the mead, they wandered off only to be attacked and slaughtered by a saber tooth. It was the saddest and funniest thing in skyrim I've ever seen.

  • TheSpartanFactor

    In Alvor's house, in Riverwood, by the master bed there's a basket with a few stamina potions inside. My 13 year-old self found this very amusing in 2011, and I still do in 2017.


    0:39 - "Casting a spell nearby a child has a small chance of prompting an erection." Was almost 100% sure he said that the first time round.

  • Lola McCready

    Never seen the robbed nobles after the wedding before however, when I killed the bride I had Serana as my follower and I didn't realise until I had ran out of Solitude that the wife was following me since Serana reanimated her...

  • Hailey McLean

    I was walking through Solitude, then saw two guards walking into each other. Being the bum I am, I used Unrelenting Force on them. They fell onto each other with a grunt, then couldn't get up. It literally looked like they were banging. The game broke and my time was filled with grunting the entire time I was in Solitude- Even if you left and came back! I died laughing, it was hilarious!!

  • Fabien Dussere

    Youtubers on Bethesda "they keep milking Skyrim". Youtubers keep making Skyrim videos...and I keep watching

  • Minouet

    Noble from the last entry of the video: Don't bother us, peasant!Me: ...I am literally a thane of Solitude.

  • Arch_Saltsworn

    I remember a vampire attack in Morthal where Serana spontaneously zombified a chicken. I just saw a rez-ed chicken sprinting down the docks. Died laughing for a half hour.

  • DJ Butterscotch

    A guard told me she doesn't like two handed wepeons,she had an iron battle axe equipped.

  • enoughofyourkoicarp

    Not exactly a scripted event but still awkward:Me: just finished killing a dragon, about to loot it's corpseSmall voice behind me: Mommy says I shouldn't talk to strangers.Me: ...... k

  • Kentro

    Has noone ever tried to save the flying wizard from death and try to interact with him????

  • Ťhę Ğenji Öf Şmüt

    Hey Nateif you have the fade other spell (only by console commands)and cast it on the kid you won't get the (lie) Right next to "Trust me, You're invisible"Great video as always

  • Its Me Dio !

    now its not exactly a detail or easter egg but cracks me up every time it happensenemy shouts "YOU WONT KILL ME" as im stabbing my sword into their chest or chopping off their head from a finisher lmao

  • Blutige Tränen

    Don't forget that the wood elf's name "Icarian" in ESO is an allusion to Icarus who flew too close to the sun before his wings were destroyed and he fell back to the earth.

  • Ghost

    I still find the Skyrim phenomena of mammoths randomly teleporting into the sky and falling to their deaths incredibly funny

  • Ninja Ninja

    I ran into someone about to use that "touch the sky like a dragon spell" but before they cast it a giant I had unintentionally aggro'd came over and shot him into the sky farther then he would have gone with his spell......he didnt return.....


    I ran into the silly wizard in solestien , he just yelled then poof he was falling from the sky , ...i laughed soooooo hard when i realized what had just transpired

  • Raven Wolf

    Reminds me of when I stepped on Barbas while walking on a Horse, and as a result went shooting straight up into the sky, killing my Horse

  • Diego Verhaegh

    No way are you kidding me?I did the dark brotherhood questline and met the 2 people going to the wedding. But later I came across some odd people who said they had nothing to steal, but I didn't line these two encounters up. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Grimsly The Great

    One time this guy came up to me and said: "Here: Take this!" and something about if someone else came up to me and asked if I saw him to tell him that I didn't. But it went horribly wrong, as the guy got killed by 3 horkers, his body got stuck INSIDE of a one, and it went flying over a mountain range. Best. Thing. In. Skyrim. Ever.

  • Ajavisk

    For the kid thing: There is a unused spell that turns other people invisible, and as far as I remember, there is a interaction between it and the interaction

  • coldph0enix

    A fox went by me with it's feet walking backwards but it's body was still being propelled forward. All the while it's head awkwardly tracked me as it passed by. It was all twisted up for a few moments before it returned to normal. Hilariously random but also kinda testifying.

  • Brynn Sievert

    I didn't even notice KFC necromancer. I was walking and I was attacked by chickens and my friend called out "CHICKEN NECROMANCER!" So I freed the damn chickens.

  • the waffle cat

    I was walking along a bridge and jumped on a deer skull by accidentand it flew forward hit a rock rocketed and rocketed into the sky all in a millisecond

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I can't Blame the Bandits and Forsworn for Exploiting The Civil War

  • FatSkyrimNerd

    What if I said the chickens beat me?

  • The 2nd legend

    My favorite encounter was in a dungeon in the donguard DLC "I think" it was a dead body at the end of a cliff named "Victim Of Gravity". I busted up laughing for a good minute or two.

  • Mauro Molinero

    have you seen the guy that is walking with a cow that he is going to gift to the giants?i once followed him up for a while since i was close to a giant camp and what happend was hilarious. spoiler alertthe giant clubed him to outer space.

  • Jessica Berry

    A random encounter where a student from winter hold came to whiterun to ask me to teach him about wards lol

  • DakillaTv Gaming

    2:00 but the elder scrolls series doesn't take place on earth.

  • Zacono Senpai

    M'aiq The Liar, is by far my favorite, I love all the hilarious things he says. "Fire plus fire equals more fire, yes?" Talking about the spell combination hype when skyrim first came out just for everyone to found out it didn't work that way xD

  • Bludfeuer

    Icarian... someone who tries to fly and reach the skies... huuuum... it sounds close to Icarus who was burnt because he flew too close from the sun... more than a simple reference maybe

  • WaffleTron

    The only thing that makes me laugh in this game is spawning 10 Belethor's/Ulfberth's, giving one of them 15k health, then using fury so they will try and kill each other. I love doing it on Belethor cause his voice and lines are funny af. Specially when he's angry or scared.

  • Ziheng Lao

    i tried to sneak kill a target, guard saw me and attacked me, then the npcs killed the guard

  • Calmhyperion 998

    that magic that the bosmer did was a scroll from es3 and it allowed one to jump high without being hurt

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    The rich assholes called me a peasant even though I was carrying over 100,000 gold on my person when meeting them, wearing steel plate armor with badass enchantments on it, and a sweet sword. (I had also just absorbed a dragon soul, their guard ran over and said "So it's really dead, then?"

  • Tristan Halbert

    There's a stone under a log bridge over a road in falkreath and should you follow a thalmor prisoner escort encounter all the way up to it,the justiciator at the front of the line will be incapable of passing this rock, and the prisoner and other justiciators just kinda sit there behind her.High elves, everyone. Clearly the superior race in Tamriel.*sets up a lawn chair to watch from a position of higher argonian intelligence*

  • Galimeer5

    Sorry, but after a fall like that, there's no way that mage's body isn't chunky jelly splattered across the snow.

  • Grim Reaper

    I recently found that "flying" mage myself. Made him my dead thrall for a while as punishment for his hubris.

  • Sean Whatever

    For the guy with the flying spellIf you time it right, you can fus ro dah him before he hits the floor, and save him. Nothing happens, but its pretty funny as he just gets up and runs off. I tried to follow him but he turned a corner and despawned

  • Cooter Snooter

    With number 5 I ALWAYS killed them so I never knew they were robbed later in life lmao

  • BoiCalledTroi98 047

    I fus to dahed a bandit to a gate It was impaled to the gate in a folded position and stayed like that forever. Also one time I was killing a dragon in a town with mehrunes razor and a guard walked in front of me and the instant kill worked on the guard so instant 1k fine... thx skyrim.

  • SpeedygunOne

    What tree and landscape mods are used at 5:12 ?

  • XxNexusxX

    I laughed at the farmer sacraficing a cow (and ultimately himself) to a giant.

  • Chris Gibson

    I think its fort dunstad but in a little house theres a sabertooth head above the mantle with some booze in its mouth. I thought that was hilarious!

  • Britannic hayyomatt

    The Bosmer wizard in Skyrim only appears on Solstheim. That's probably why you couldn't find him.

  • FatKidWithFudge

    Watching these vids makes me want to redownload and boot up Skyrim every time. Ah well~

  • mrlordphoenix

    you got bamboozled fren

  • Late Rick

    Last time I was early... I wasn't living underground. Imprisoned by stranger.

  • KayleeDaGamer

    1:41 I saw him once, and I thought it was a glitch so I reloaded an older save from a few minutes before and he was gone lol

  • Mikeztarp

    I remember the guy in Morrowind. He left a scroll that allowed you to do the same thing, if memory serves. I wish this, or better yet, levitation, were available in Skyrim.

  • Patrick Dalley

    Hey Nate its guys here

  • CTG

    20% of the video is the intro and outro lol

  • Justin Smith

    It's not uncommon for mages to fall from the sky. Was in a book somewhere in game I think.

  • White Redguard

    You can hack yourself the spell fade other to make them invisible I want the globs of polygons with pre recorded dialogue to have fun

  • Razor Console

    What if u used the paralyze spell on him the flying bosmer?

  • LifelessTooth

    Why is this not appearing in my subfeed?

  • DSG CubiK

    that mage that flies into the air is an easter egg from morrowind

  • Justinny

    What sword mod do you use?

  • Kyler J

    What about Ulfurs the blinds book

  • CommanderDankeusIII

    ive been playing this game since release, and i cannot take it seriously because of the hilarious glitches

  • Red Polscorp

    Number 5 are descendants of a Lord or lady of Cyrodiil. Jfyi

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