Top 5 GAMERS Who Got CAUGHT CHEATING! (Esports, Livestreamers, FaZe Censor)

Top 5 GAMERS Who Got CAUGHT CHEATING! (Esports, Livestreamers, FaZe Censor)
Top 5:
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5. Player Banned For Cheating Live on ESEA TV:
4. Streamer Gets Caught cheating on stream live using hacks & mods cs:go:
3. FaZe Censor Team Banned from competing before cod champs:
2. League Of Legends Cheaters fined big money:
1. Halo 5 Championship series qualifiers using glitches on map:

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  • Robert Luben

    When I was young Clara stole a whole bunch of stuff from Sears and left it all in my room.

  • Chill/Study Dude

    The only thing I cheat were 999 Rare Candy in Pokémon when I was a kid😂

  • Abhishek RHz

    Who came here after "Forsaken" caught cheating?

  • AnaTheBanana

    Worst cheat for me was using Motherlode to get more money in Sims

  • HimaHyuuga

    I used aimbot while playing cooking mama 😩😩I’m horrible

  • Mr. Putin

    I’ve cheated on minecraft xD Like if u ever hacked on minecraft

  • Axx Kxx

    I dont cheat. Winning while cheating is no victory.

  • MangoliciousBird

    When I was little I played star wars, dont remeber what its called but you could play it online and go into duels with people that was awesome. I was pretty good at the game but then I entered a new server because the one I liked playing on disapeared.So I started to go and duel people on the map. But I couldnt win any fights at all. So my brother came home and I asked him if Ive gotten really bad at it?He took my character and went in to the server and he pressed TAB + Shift to get a console up, and he wrote " /crazycatlady"All the people on the server got stuck in the floor of the map and he told me they were cheating. This was a commando to check for cheats.It made me really happy that he knew about the code. Its a really good childhood memory :D

  • mixy85dc dc

    I cheated with “game genie”and “game shark” back in the day

  • Hero

    They should place the computers inside a room so they cannot watch the radar , anything not made for the players should be hidden , what poor mistake they made , never give a player the chance to cheat , and yes CLARA damn you !

  • Kush Coma

    If you have to cheat, you shouldn't be playing xD

  • GamingWithLogan _

    I’ve cheated, when my brother went to the bathroom and I took the ps4 controller. We were playing NBA 2k18 then I made him go out of bounds.

  • Carlos David perez

    I cheated on plants vs zombies, with that chear engine for 99999 suns

  • Brian Orr

    Hahaha, that last clip was fun :) Breaking outside the map ;) The only time I remember cheating online was on Phantasy Star Online on the Xbox to dupe items and meseta. The whole community was in on it, from what I remember.

  • Daniel Entz

    Where mah script kiddies at?

  • Alberto Salazar

    I did an unspeakable thing.... i cheated in a horrible way.... i looked at my brothers side of the split screen

  • Cody Naughton

    I hate hackers and cheaters because they can't win a game the normal way

  • James Durnein

    Mw2 when it was full of hackers, had to cheat against cheaters just saying, so I used a radar hack 😂


    damn, the CLARA cheater actually turn on the cheats on a live stream? visible in the stream, i did not know that. makes it even more ROFL.

  • Aikhan Sarsen

    It’s not their fault, it’s all Clara’s fault! Wow, stupid Clara!

  • Swavy Beast

    I cheated on Minecraft if that counts

  • Gavin Johnston

    When Pubg mobile first came out I used game guardian (Android only) To get a mod menu Haha ((I stopped using the menu since I got bored and started playing legit))

  • Sydney Alvelo

    Never cheated a day in my life. Never had to. Either put in the work or stay home!

  • LazerAimFire

    I cheated by looking at the other screen in split screen

  • Mykeyboy

    i wonder if Clara died from the girl showing everyone her turning on the hack ...Stupid girl!!

  • De Blank

    Can you remember the old playstation 2 cheat disks? i used them! i'm a bad person

  • TrendCrave

    I kind of ran a glitching youtube channel for 4 years so i tend to enjoy cheating in video games myself

  • ItzEruptzzz

    enabled fly in creative minecraft

  • Nightlord1567

    48k cheaters wowif you liked and didnt cheat sorry

  • Ibrahim Aldaboos

    i used my mom credit card on roblox

  • AJ 10Awesome3Games

    The way I cheated and got banned is I was making a sandwich while playing a minecraft server and was idle for too long.

  • Allen Garcia

    I got caught cheating in bo3 multiplayer split screen looking at the bottom screen to know where my brother was hiding

  • Mason Faulk

    i mean... i loved using Gameshark..

  • Rahul thukaram

    i think i saw clara in pubg!😱

  • musicfeignraymondify

    Someone tell me how you are to spot when someone's cheating! Does it make them faster, invisible, their guns more effective...what is it?

  • falling skie

    I always screen peeked in halo split screen

  • James Curtis

    I tried an aim bot in Quake 2 once. It was so obvious and stupid looking. Someone could sneak up behind you but your character would instantly spin 180 and rail.. I didn't see the point of using it really. All they do is ruin others fun. It's not like you get sense of accomplishment from beating people using one.

  • edew39I

    I bribe NPCs on a regular basis

  • John Brooks

    Funny how when they get caught cheating it’s always someone else’s fault !!

  • Console MonsterX

    I've never cheated in a game in my life. I find no joy in winning if I would have to cheat. That being said, I used to own at CoD and BF until cheating a hacking became "cool". I used to run a 4.0 or higher k/d in CoD until Black Ops 2. Even then I did well through. I swear I invented the "drop and pop" which is when you use a riot shield, plant it, then aim at chest height through the window of it using a LMG, then start shooting and stand up. Until they started patching it, I was unstoppable. Then of course, about 2 weeks later I noticed everyone was doing it. So to all of you that hated that shit and thought it was cheap, sorry. I started the trend. It was just easy kills. Cheap, but not cheating. People would think they could catch you as you stood up but I always had the advantage because I was already aiming at them, and I started shooting before standing which means no matter how good your reflexes are, my bullets are hitting you first, and, because I perfected it, I was always getting head shots. So, once that got popular, it got ruined. People eventually figured out ways to get me. Usually by finding a way to get really close then strafing. While I could still get the kill a lot of the time. It ended my reign of 30-0 type matches. And, to go even further, I would use my cousin as a pawn and make him guard my room (I usually did it in a room with a window) so if he died I would know there was someone coming in from behind. Actually, I used him a lot in general for this with or without the shield. He sucked so I would use him as an early warning system. And in MW3 I ran my own squad. That was cool. We had about 6 guys that would play (usually not at once) but I would be the main killer, my cousin would watch my back, we had another killer whom we used as a crossfire guy, I had a sniper (he was good but didn't rack up kills. He just did enough for me and my other killer to create crossfires by funneling people to us) a cover fire specialist, (if stuck somewhere, he would use his LMG to spray at everything that moved so that me and the other killer could get away.) And an actual bullet fodder guy. When we didn't know where the enemy was, we would send him outside then he would watch his killcam and tell us what he saw on top of where we saw the bullets coming from. Overall, it was great for me and my other killer. But my cousin hated sitting around to only get kills when people started to attempt to flank me or something. But it worked. We where unstoppable. We rarely lost.We had a few others that would come and go but it was usually a mix of the main 6 that played and it was always me, my cousin, and my other killer. My best match ever though, I had no help, I was by myself, it was Black Ops (best CoD ever made) and I went 42-2. The next was 30-0 but I had help. I know 30-0 is technically a better ratio but 42-2 is better in the real world. I owned CoD until they ruined it. The little kids, the hackers, the people using modded controllers, lag switches..... it just got stupid. And now they are ruining it even more. CoD WW2 was decent until they decided to do away with the special ops. So, even if you had the season pass (which I do) the only way to get the new guns now is through buying crates. I was fine with "get 30 longshots" or whatever they were. But now, you can't get them. Unless they have since changed it. I stopped playing after they did that. I thought about taking them to court but that would cost too much. I mean, I bought a game. I good game. Then, they out of the blue decide to go back to the full time micro transactions with no other choice after saying they wouldn't. Fuck that shit. And it costed us money. I wouldn't have bought the game if I though they were going to change the entire gun getting system mid cycle. Fuck most games now days. I can't remember the last time a truly great game came out. Bloodborne maybe. Even then, there's basically no story. What happened to games like Red Dead (I'm sure this next one will suck and be all SJW in the west), GTAV, The Last of Us (also going to be super SJW bullshit with TLoU2), Bioshock 1 and 2 (Infinite was okay at best), Mass Effect 1-3 (Andromeda was more about SJW bullshit), Alan Wake, Borderlands 2, Dead Space, Skyrim, and so on? I don't think there's been a game that holds a candle to the last gen's best games since the current gen came out. Sure there are good games but none are epic and absolute must plays. The best ones are the "remastered" version of last gen games. Assassin's Creed 2. (everything after 2 was down hill... now they kind of suck. No skill in the free running. You just hold a button. You used to have to be good at it and know when to jump, when to let go on A or the trigger. Now it's just hold it and go. THe combat was great. Wait for attack then counter. Now there's 2 attack buttons and it's the same kill animations over and over.) Bayonetta, DmC, DMC5, Spec Ops The Line. Those were great games. Sorry so long.

  • JustSome Dude

    I had a bike stolen years ago...starting to suspect Clara.

  • Robert Bohannon

    There was one time my brother, his girlfriend, her dad and I were playing Black Ops 4 and I was cheating and what I did was basically the cheesy things like giving everyone the wonder weapon, opening every door, giving points, spawning max ammos and insta kills the basic things. Like creative mode on Minecraft. So we can see the easter eggs for mostly zombies. I don't want to cheat on like ranked because of getting banned or yadda yadda. like this comment if your okay with this. PLZ.

  • Ellie Blue

    In sims 3 i always cheat

  • Ryan Xiong

    I cheated in the Sims 4 ._.

  • Gazza Rover

    I got caught cheating on your mum!!

  • Ethan Paglione

    The only person i caught cheating?My ex girlfriend

  • SpunkyCats

    I used to hop the wall on Wario’s track on N64 Mario Kart. RIP

  • DaughterOfRnbSoul

    I bought 20million gil on FF11 mmo 9years ago😎

  • Aidan Brunelle

    I use hacks on your mom

  • Penis

    PLOT TWIST: She IS Clara.

  • Arsynic

    I sometimes cheat in single player games like Skyrim. Does that count?

  • Hybrid Spektar

    I only cheat in single player games. Mainly when it comes to puzzles I feel like I'm too stupid to understand.

  • Anonymously Yours

    I'm shit at every game and don't do good at all in games keep changing games there you go that sums up if I have used cheats or hacks in games! man if I can't win for me the game is shit and I rage quit playing that forever! 😂😂😂

  • John Doe

    back in dayz mod if you logged out with 1 bullet left in the mag, when u logged back in it would be a full mag. i would leave 1 bullet in all my mags lol

  • Babiker Farah


  • Joe K

    Does cheating on your significant other using the single person hack count?

  • VFX Todd

    Faze Censor admits on screen that his team consciously cheated. Just because he doesn't normally play for the team is completely irrelevant and doesn't excuse cheating. "I was put on the spot." What BS. Of course he got banned. Hello?

  • MrTangerillo

    I've been caught hacking on stream, In GTA 5. I loaded a menu into GTA 5 to spawn things on top of another hacker to lag him out of the server. After he started messing with my friends and I during a stream. It was a temp ban for 30 days, but oddly thanked by the person whom banned me, as the admin was literally in my stream and had to ban me (Small stream about 23 or 25 people viewing), So I really didn't think I was going to get banned... :') I was also banned on PlayStation Network back when Jail Breaking the PS3 was a thing on Firmware 3.55, Oh the glorious days, back when you could literally load a game from your flash drive onto a custom PS3..But.. I normally only dabbled in it when I had more than 1k hours in a game and became bored with the normal mechanics. I remember hosting Zombies lobbies in MW2 private matches. That was the shit, I am really happy though, that it is harder to do things like this now.

  • James Benson

    Do you guys ever get that glitch in csgo where it shows eveyones ranks?

  • ArshiA Adhami

    3:03 she knows she is streaming right?

  • jacob bech

    I used to cheat at Goldeneye N64 playing split-screen. I peeked and my opponents side of the screen all the time to find them quickly. Needless to say - fist fights were involved. Good ol' days

  • Greg Haney

    90s man. That fukn game genie

  • RennsReviews

    I was expecting a clip of Dr disrespect

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