Top 5 GAMERS Who Got CAUGHT CHEATING! (Esports, Livestreamers, FaZe Censor)

Top 5 GAMERS Who Got CAUGHT CHEATING! (Esports, Livestreamers, FaZe Censor)
Top 5:
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5. Player Banned For Cheating Live on ESEA TV:
4. Streamer Gets Caught cheating on stream live using hacks & mods cs:go:
3. FaZe Censor Team Banned from competing before cod champs:
2. League Of Legends Cheaters fined big money:
1. Halo 5 Championship series qualifiers using glitches on map:

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  • Robert Luben

    When I was young Clara stole a whole bunch of stuff from Sears and left it all in my room.

  • Axx Kxx

    I dont cheat. Winning while cheating is no victory.

  • Dalton Craig

    Has footage of herself turning her wallhack on.blames friend

  • Abhishek RHz

    Who came here after "Forsaken" caught cheating?

  • Cody Naughton

    I hate hackers and cheaters because they can't win a game the normal way

  • Mr. Putin

    I’ve cheated on minecraft xD Like if u ever hacked on minecraft

  • RiftZM

    Asians cheating in games? That never happens.

  • beardedvillain0

    The last game I cheated on was the first contra, 99 lives. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b start. #OG

  • michael palermo

    I suck at pvp and battle royale and stuff but I still wouldn't cheat, it's not worth it

  • Kevin Corso

    Clara stole a bunch of $ from my girlfriend and put it in my pocket. She event spent some of the $ on drugs and must have put them in my food or something. She really needs to step up and take responsibility for her crimes.

  • Kush Coma

    If you have to cheat, you shouldn't be playing xD

  • Issaka Ismaila

    The only games I cheat is GTA games

  • Marine Kitty

    Because I totally invite my friends over to my house and let them play on my pc.

  • Donald Trump

    I bought the Call Of Duty company and changed my K/D to 420.


    damn, the CLARA cheater actually turn on the cheats on a live stream? visible in the stream, i did not know that. makes it even more ROFL.

  • Alberto Salazar

    I did an unspeakable thing.... i cheated in a horrible way.... i looked at my brothers side of the split screen

  • James Durnein

    Mw2 when it was full of hackers, had to cheat against cheaters just saying, so I used a radar hack 😂

  • K L

    A cheater is a loser that can't do anything right in life even on the game. Imagine the person cheating on the game that will tell a lot about the person in life. I learn people personality through games.

  • Mason Faulk

    i mean... i loved using Gameshark..

  • TrendCrave

    I kind of ran a glitching youtube channel for 4 years so i tend to enjoy cheating in video games myself

  • John Brooks

    Funny how when they get caught cheating it’s always someone else’s fault !!

  • Noah Santiago

    I would cheat by looking at my brothers screen on split screen COD

  • Painex

    I used the Health and Money cheat in San Andreas.

  • Unicorns Of Bronze

    legend has it Clara is still recovering from getting hit by that bus"yo everyone just saw me using that hack on live stream so now I have to rattle off 50 excuses and pretend people don't have eyes. Or brains"

  • J Wilson

    I've now seen the "Clara did it" vid a few times, can someone explain to me how she's able to stream again? Twitch teaching people they can cheat but as long as you change your name and hair color it's a clean slate? What a joke lol

  • Im Vivitate

    I love how the keyboard is backwards in the thumbnail LOL

  • De Blank

    Can you remember the old playstation 2 cheat disks? i used them! i'm a bad person

  • Ibrahim Aldaboos

    i used my mom credit card on roblox

  • Burning Blood

    I once was at Anor Londo in Dark Souls 3 and I started to fight a cheater. They had given themselfs infinite health. They sucked at pvp though. I sent them off a cliff with the weapon art on my Crystal Astora Greatsword+10. It was funny. Especially when they sent hate mail after that. They need to GIT GUD.

  • Spicy Dispir

    Dude when I was young Clara put bo2 mod menu on my Xbox.

  • James Curtis

    I tried an aim bot in Quake 2 once. It was so obvious and stupid looking. Someone could sneak up behind you but your character would instantly spin 180 and rail.. I didn't see the point of using it really. All they do is ruin others fun. It's not like you get sense of accomplishment from beating people using one.

  • CometZ

    2nd one its not cheat engine lmaoo its

  • RennsReviews

    I was expecting a clip of Dr disrespect

  • TruthSeekingMissile

    This guy is secretly James Allsup

  • Aikhan Sarsen

    It’s not their fault, it’s all Clara’s fault! Wow, stupid Clara!

  • William Clontz

    Too Many goddammed ads

  • Filius Tenebrae

    I never cheated on video games. Thats for losers. I cheated on my wife. Go big or go home.

  • Leviacide /:CM

    I cheated (exploited) on Roblox: Arsenal... I’m now LITERALLY ip banned off the Roblox platform...

  • Moon Light

    Cheating is for noobs grow a pair and become l33t

  • Swavy Beast

    I cheated on Minecraft if that counts

  • LazerAimFire

    I cheated by looking at the other screen in split screen

  • Iavn Rodriguez

    7:42 Anyone else see TSM in the back

  • Questknight12

    using the sightlines shoudl not have been called. That was total crap because that was the fault of the organizers.

  • Sayed Almosawi

    The only game I cheated on is Pokémon😂

  • Allen Garcia

    I got caught cheating in bo3 multiplayer split screen looking at the bottom screen to know where my brother was hiding

  • Frolic the Cat


  • CreativeNick

    Oh yeah well I used Inspect Element.

  • falling skie

    I always screen peeked in halo split screen

  • Daniel Entz

    Where mah script kiddies at?

  • musicfeignraymondify

    Someone tell me how you are to spot when someone's cheating! Does it make them faster, invisible, their guns more effective...what is it?

  • Robert Bohannon

    There was one time my brother, his girlfriend, her dad and I were playing Black Ops 4 and I was cheating and what I did was basically the cheesy things like giving everyone the wonder weapon, opening every door, giving points, spawning max ammos and insta kills the basic things. Like creative mode on Minecraft. So we can see the easter eggs for mostly zombies. I don't want to cheat on like ranked because of getting banned or yadda yadda. like this comment if your okay with this. PLZ.

  • Ethan Paglione

    The only person i caught cheating?My ex girlfriend

  • DaughterOfRnbSoul

    I bought 20million gil on FF11 mmo 9years ago😎

  • 1-800-BIGMIKE

    Dude we’ve all seen the Clara one 800 times did you really have to include it? We all have to skip it now it’s really inconvenient.

  • Lyle James

    Only time iv cheated is using infinite rocket glitch on mass effect 3, was sick on not getting the weapons I wanted on the random loot boxes. So I made so much cash using that glitch to improve chances. There was no competitive component to the multiplayer, was all co op and all people in the room were made aware what we were doing so yeh, no guilt lol

  • Bazooka-Goes-Boom Kaboom

    I cheated on a game by cheating on my girlfriend while I was playing the game. Does that count???.

  • VFX Todd

    Faze Censor admits on screen that his team consciously cheated. Just because he doesn't normally play for the team is completely irrelevant and doesn't excuse cheating. "I was put on the spot." What BS. Of course he got banned. Hello?

  • Drew Trailer

    On Madden I used to rough the kicker on extra points. Used to injure him. In case it came down to a fg

  • Matthew Giese

    I have cheated on single player but I do not on multiplayer, it's immature I think...

  • JustSome Dude

    I had a bike stolen years ago...starting to suspect Clara.

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