Top 5 GAMERS Who Got CAUGHT CHEATING! (Esports, Livestreamers, FaZe Censor)

Top 5 GAMERS Who Got CAUGHT CHEATING! (Esports, Livestreamers, FaZe Censor)
Top 5:
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5. Player Banned For Cheating Live on ESEA TV:
4. Streamer Gets Caught cheating on stream live using hacks & mods cs:go:
3. FaZe Censor Team Banned from competing before cod champs:
2. League Of Legends Cheaters fined big money:
1. Halo 5 Championship series qualifiers using glitches on map:

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  • Alberto Salazar

    I did an unspeakable thing.... i cheated in a horrible way.... i looked at my brothers side of the split screen

  • Dalton Craig

    Has footage of herself turning her wallhack on.blames friend

  • Marine Kitty

    Because I totally invite my friends over to my house and let them play on my pc.

  • beardedvillain0

    The last game I cheated on was the first contra, 99 lives. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b start. #OG

  • RiftZM

    Asians cheating in games? That never happens.

  • JustSome Dude

    I had a bike stolen years ago...starting to suspect Clara.

  • michael palermo

    I suck at pvp and battle royale and stuff but I still wouldn't cheat, it's not worth it

  • Kelly D. Rodgers

    The worst cheater imho, is that raging woman who turned on her wall cheat, then blamed her friend.Her friend aught to ghost out leaving this woman alone.She deserves a permaban.

  • Kevin Corso

    Clara stole a bunch of $ from my girlfriend and put it in my pocket. She event spent some of the $ on drugs and must have put them in my food or something. She really needs to step up and take responsibility for her crimes.

  • ArcTIC-_- BreeZE

    hardscoping in a quick scope match


    damn, the CLARA cheater actually turn on the cheats on a live stream? visible in the stream, i did not know that. makes it even more ROFL.

  • Vivitate

    I love how the keyboard is backwards in the thumbnail LOL

  • Christian Maynard

    Imagine skipping playoffs for your girlfriends sisters birthday lol

  • kappakumplete

    I cheated on an ex girlfriend.......with Clara

  • LazerAimFire

    I cheated by looking at the other screen in split screen

  • Ryan Stewart

    I spawned guns ammo and a helicopter in GTA vice city

  • John Brooks

    Funny how when they get caught cheating it’s always someone else’s fault !!

  • nic decker

    faze censor really you had 3 possibilities 1.) not cheat and try .2.) cheat 3.) forfit gahhh

  • Deadric13

    I’ve only used cheats in single player games for more fun :\

  • GamingGod45935


  • WormsWeGot

    Closest I've gotten to cheating in a game was (guess the game)player.additem 0000000f [insert number here]

  • De Blank

    Can you remember the old playstation 2 cheat disks? i used them! i'm a bad person

  • Miguel Sanchez

    looking on minimap = done that on (snes) SuperMarioKart! BAN ME!

  • Allen Garcia

    I got caught cheating in bo3 multiplayer split screen looking at the bottom screen to know where my brother was hiding

  • S Quu

    The name of the girlfriend's little sister whose birthday Apathy had to go to? Clara.

  • Meme Master

    I used to hack on ROBLOX phantom forces and use aimbot wall hack and esp

  • Questknight12

    using the sightlines shoudl not have been called. That was total crap because that was the fault of the organizers.

  • Trenton Streator

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!? LMFAO HLG in Esports!? Now i've seen everything!

  • Penis

    PLOT TWIST: She IS Clara.

  • Issaka Ismaila

    The only games I cheat is GTA games


    Top 5 youtubers who've sworn

  • Eric B

    Clara.. I can't believe you're friends with that biznatch

  • Greg Williams

    I was playing Fight night champion.....and I cheated by using young George Foreman That is all

  • James Curtis

    I tried an aim bot in Quake 2 once. It was so obvious and stupid looking. Someone could sneak up behind you but your character would instantly spin 180 and rail.. I didn't see the point of using it really. All they do is ruin others fun. It's not like you get sense of accomplishment from beating people using one.

  • TordEddsworld {•DiamondKind•}

    In Mario kart, in 1st place, I'll see a blue she'll coming so I go of the ledge or move back into second great cheat. I know right

  • Farhann Aulia

    Once in my life, and its was game shark of ps 1To complete the bishi bashi

  • Clus

    gets fined by E-Sports during fortnite tournament "do yall accept v bucks?"

  • [SN] skie

    I always screen peeked in halo split screen

  • Roland van Binsbergen

    I was always cheating with Age of Empires II 😅

  • tincan tincan

    i tried online champion boxing again full of BIG DOSSERS throwing power ko in round 1 for 10hours solid wats the point

  • I Bohemian

    One time when I was playing Mortal Kombat, I disconnected my friends controller.

  • HikaniX12

    You sound like Ben shapiro but with a deeper voice

  • Robert Luben

    When I was young Clara stole a whole bunch of stuff from Sears and left it all in my room.


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  • Aikhan Sarsen

    It’s not their fault, it’s all Clara’s fault! Wow, stupid Clara!

  • Brandon Diaz

    I decided to cheat by abusing a inventory system and getting weapons i wasnt supposed to, like nukes.

  • I__Am __Takeo

    This dude still calls his channel shrink rave 😂😂😂

  • Ethan Paglione

    The only person i caught cheating?My ex girlfriend

  • myname aguilera

    I cheated on "dark souls" games lol sometimes I would get stuck and spend hours in the same boss. So I would cheated to level up quick and then beat the boss 😎😂

  • Painex

    I used the Health and Money cheat in San Andreas.

  • Justin conlin

    isn't this "Xtimus" making this video who was banned from Diablo 2??? 😂

  • 67Nate

    who tf was bluepants5?? 😂

  • Penguin Zif

    I was playing split screen against my bro he kept beating me so I farted he dropped the controller and ran and I got the win

  • Orange Juice

    Ya see i dint have nothing to say.. Cuz i never got cought 👌🏽

  • Nerd of Skittles

    I've modded on mw2 with a USB stick on PS3. Lol. Besides that, nothing.

  • Dalton York

    I put in cheat codes in Banjo Kazooie in Treasure Trove Cove's sandcastle :/

  • James Benson

    Do you guys ever get that glitch in csgo where it shows eveyones ranks?


    I used a khan glitch to get my time up hehe🤣

  • depressed

    I buyed a mod menu service on bo2 and got all my guns diamondDamn i miss those days

  • Doctor Wyvern

    I used to use cheat codes all the time on Sim City 2000 because I didn’t know how to manage the city budget.

  • Jasmine Barkley

    The Clara one was the funniest 😂😂😂

  • Clark Aguilar

    Whosyourdaddy in warcraft😂😂

  • easin haque

    10k cheater???thats too much

  • Jurij Aleksiejewicz Gagarin

    In Maple Story Global I remeber one guy names Tiger. He was a pretender to be the first playr who is gonna to reach 200 lvl (teh maximum in game). He leveled one lvl per day (in old version of maple story you used to collect enermous amount of exp to get lvl up). I was checking the ranking day by day to see what lvl he has and one day he disappear. Next I read he got banned for cheating.Maybe old maple story players remeber thus guy :)

  • Yarne Nulens

    Legend says, She still texting Clara

  • Kush Coma

    If you have to cheat, you shouldn't be playing xD

  • crazysam871

    I admit my guilt! I looked at my friends split-screens while playing Golden eye!

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