Skyrim - Character Start Guide

The race you play as in Skyrim does make a difference.
(This guide is for ALL versions of Skyrim.)

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  • Dan_From_The_Internet

    Abridged character guide: start however you want, you'll be a stealth archer by the end.

  • moises

    I wish I was new to skyrim again, such a great game

  • Fishyviolet

    And here's me being a Kajiit because it's a cat

  • Daniel Morrison

    did you notice he mixed up the images for the breton and imperial

  • Nasu

    Interesting Fact: No matter which build you decide to start with you will still end up as an Stealth Archer.

  • Langers

    I hope you are or will become a voice actor, you need to use it.

  • micronoid

    You won't find a better Elder Scrolls or Fallout guide anywhere on youtube.

  • That1CrappyGuy

    Every time I create a new character I go in thinking "I'm gonna try something totally new and different with a different play style and everything"And then ultimately I find my self just creating another Orc...

  • iMap Abdou

    He's voice and the all the sounds in the video are beautiful, relaxing, clear. it's perfect.

  • Ricky C

    i was a white redguard

  • DarkRogueGamer

    I think you should do a playthrough of skyrim

  • T. Dot

    break me off a piece of that kit kat bar

  • Dan L

    It doesn't matter what race you choose. The race have minimal impact on almost everything when it comes to gameplay and role-playing.

  • Jesu 1603

    Warrior type :Take weapon hit enemy XD

  • Kaylee Keen

    No matter what, I turn into a dual-wielding assassin...Always...

  • Haon Destiny

    any one notice the Breton and imperial default is switched

  • Hugo Druce

    you switched the faces for imperial and breton...

  • Gavin Williamson

    Linkthe1st is back, lads! Ahh, feels like the glory days of 2008-2012!

  • Jonathan De La Cruz

    Welcome back.Happy to see you posting Skyrim vids again

  • Koxden

    If you guys want a fun playthrough play as a warrior, mage, or thief and don't use the skills not connected to your tree. It's limiting but super fun!


    Personally I always go for high elf in skyrim. Having the tallest possible character with the fastest running speed, makes skyrim a lot easier to track through. Its also very good for practicing magic, since you have the high born skill.

  • DEADSHOT_456

    Whenever I start I just end up being a warrior class, no matter what I do

  • goldskull 1111

    "Take weapon hit enemy" lol

  • roomless

    7:00 That's not an imperial, that's a Breton...

  • TheTyrial86

    I think Bretons are a better battle mage or spell sword then redguard, or imperials.

  • Jacob Traxel

    Are you gonna be doing a play through of Skyrim, i think watching you do a full roleplay would be fun

  • Emre Tercan

    just increase your enchanting you can play whatever you like

  • Bishop Craig

    Love is Will, would love to see a playthrough!

  • Steven Fresh

    Hey Will! This is really good! Do you plan to make more guides on Skyrim?

  • Rumpelstiltskinson

    He's back! I always knew this day would come!

  • Bas Bruines

    i think im gonna make a monk...

  • Epic Rhodent

    My heart is melting...

  • Viva Hoodoo

    Can you make a Fallout 4 character guide?

  • Lone Gamer89

    I am going to challenge myself using only archer and thief and I'm choosing the race Argonian and be weird as well use sheagorath staff lol 😁

  • Marcus Arabi

    This guide was extremely helpful since I went into the game blind

  • High/Voltage

    The only real decision is nord.

  • StoneMonkWisdom

    Due to a bug in Skyrim, Imperial Luck is given to everyone regardless of race.(All versions) - At the very beginning of Before the Storm (just after exiting the cave under Helgen Keep), all races get the Imperial Luck ability, the only difference being that Imperials can see it among active effects.(PC only) - This issue has been addressed by version 1.3.1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; it will only be properly fixed on a new game, and cannot reliably safeguard against fixing it if the player is a werewolf or Vampire Lord.(PC only) - This bug can be manually fixed for non-Imperial characters by using the console command set ImperialLuck to 100 to disable the perk, which persists between saves

  • BlackLaser

    I already know all there is to know about building a skyrim character... but I still watched this video^^although you make not very many videos, just about all of your videos are awesome^^

  • The Swartz

    @5:20 "a play style any idiot could understand it"The ONLY way to play!Go Nord or Go Home!

  • Haveafastbath

    Ahh strife you legend! Thanks for the video! You are the best and most informative dude at guides. :-)

  • Samuel

    An incredibly informative, useful and cinematic video. Reminds me of your older game guide videos Will, and I loved those. Keep these coming!

  • Banana-Juice Onesie

    I always play as Argonian or Kajiit XD I like to steal everything!

  • Hi How Are You?

    I don't get the stealth archer memes. I have never played a stealth archer.

  • Killswitch Haze

    I am going back to skyrim. You're voice is absolutely beautiful. I am honest. Lol

  • Windsbee

    The thing with Skyrim is, you can pick a Nord and be a succesful stealth archer, no problem. It's only at the start and at higher difficulties that the starting powers actually matter. For example, starting out as a High Elf and get the extra mana, is great for legendary difficulty. However with the use of mods, one can simply customize your playthrough to your liking.

  • Nigel McKernan

    Goddamnit I miss your guides, Will. Excellent and insightful as always.


    Oh jeez, this is a lot of choice for someone who’s never played an rpg

  • chilling-boy

    I can't decide what to play i have the game in a vew hours

  • Kince Da Femboi

    lol I chose an argonian yet I'm a warrior character, using both light and heavy, one handed and two handed


    Loved this. good to see you going back to your roots. Not that current content is bad, it's just not geared towards me. Hoping for more!

  • DragonLightz

    A very professionally done video - excellent!  Thank you.

  • Sam Richardson

    I hope strife does a skyrim play through :)

  • Paul Clarke

    Just started Skyrim last night on Xbox, your channel is literally my guide right now 😂 it’s difficult because the land is so big and the choices are endless, it’s mind boggling

  • Danny Lin

    Amazing video! I remember your old oblivion and Skyrim guides( especially the stones of barenziah)I think that's how it's spelled

  • Bluegambit

    These high quality videos are always entertaining! I put down Skyrim a long time ago, but this video kind of sparked my interest in going for a walk around the chilly north one more time. Outstanding job, Will.

  • Blake Bauman

    This videos quality was astounding.

  • Thomogon

    As of now I'm trying to complete the vanilla game for the very first time. I play an Imperial specialising in one-handed swords and shields, restoration spells healing and lesser ward, Alchemy in the form of buff potions and poisons, enchanting in the form of damage dealing/draining, cash making or even soul stealing enchantments. After I finished this playthrough I'm going to settle for a while, play something else and then come back and do a homebrew/modded run where being OP is the main quest of the game. Becoming the daedric equivelant of god or satan is the way to go and there are a few rules outside of the goal and that is 1. the only sword you may ever wield is a lightsaber, 2. the only magic arts you may use are the dark and destruction arts, and things that make uncle sheo happy 3. become so godlike that you don't even need armor, you can bassically just wear clothing or undercloth and 4. everyone that doesn't bow to the player has to die or, if they are of great use, should be made your bitch and abused for either money, power, both or just your personal entertainment.

  • Adem Bolat

    Wow Will your vids must take so much time and effort! it's pretty upsetting to not see the view count higher. you rock man!

  • Yann Prunier

    Did you notice that he mixed up the Breton and the imperial.

  • Date Masamune

    M'aiq is sweet as fUCK-

  • Action Man

    you are back!!!! thank god

  • guitarthief

    Mine imperial with two handed & conjuration specializationThe concept is simple:Create conjure for punching bag, while i hit enemy with big damage of 2 handed weapon safely

  • SshotaLover

    Was missing this kind of video Will!!! Thank you so much. I also Liked the video before even watching xD.

  • I Sir Laughsalot

    ZOMG I never thought he would make this.

  • Max Meng

    still my favourite intro, wise and calming

  • AtlasoftheMoon

    so glad your doing skyrim!!!!

  • LoneDrifter

    Made an old imperial who is all about justice XD kills dark brotherhood and kills the thieves guild. Joins conpanions and fights on the side of the imperials.

  • Blake Bauman

    I played Skyrim for 30 hours, it glitched up, my world got deleted. Now I'm back with the Special Edition SO HYPED

  • pinky

    you said Orismer instead of Orsimerthey come from Orsinium if that helps remember ;)

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