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Here are my top 10 swords in Skyrim! :D

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  • AMS97PS3

    Windshear is the best - makes Alduin look like a child.

  • Natsu Fullbuster87

    I do not agree with 90% of this video

  • Joseph Fagan

    What if I told you the wooden sword was the best I killed a chicken with one hitDeal with it 😎

  • Stal94

    Sure, they are all cool and neat, but you can easily enchant a better one. That's what sucks about Skyrim. All the daedric artifacts and other cool weapons and armor you get is useless because witl lvl 100 smithing and lvl 100 enchanting you can make better ones with ease. And if you have alchemy too, you can just practically break the game.

  • JackSpad3s

    Dawnbreaker should've been higher up, also do a top ten races

  • Kharjo

    Top ten light Armors and top ten heavy armors that way he can get 2 episodes out of armors.

  • ThereMayBeLions

    Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Grimsever Mjoll's blade?

  • Shadowwolf TD5000


  • Brock

    Do you have to get the Chillrend at level 46+ to get the best default damage for it?

  • Isaiah Seno

    Great video. I am looking forward for your next top ten.

  • ImFieldyy

    Top ten dumbest comments you've seen on your videos, so many to choose from

  • Tom Carter

    Dawnbreaker is number 1 for me :)

  • StrifeSoul990

    Could you do top 10 conjuration spells?

  • bryant magee

    Thanks man. I've been requesting this for a while

  • sean salas

    The Dawnbreaker is my favorite weapon next to Chillrend and Harkon's sword, but it sucks that my character is a vampire.

  • Ickkaarssy

    Damnit Smike these top tens are fantastic. How about... top 10 dual wield combos or top 10 enchantments?

  • K H

    Top 10 bows. If they are even 10...

  • Adam Mcknight

    i have the nightingale blade, and the dawnbreaker, along with others from the list. duel wielding them is awesome, its like night and day together. darkness and light. bloody awesome

  • Logan Setna

    A max level dragonbane can obliterate dragons.

  • Aye Yuh Aye Yuh

    Smike, I'm loving how active you've become with your channel! Keep it up!!

  • LDV Jeetza

    How did Harkon's sword come in front of Chillrend?

  • Brody N.

    Dude are you not aware of smithing and enchantments? Any enchantment you can put on any weapon and one of my best weapons on my main account was just a Deadric sword that ive smithed to like max with a damage of like over 112. I really wouldnt say these are the top ten swords sadly.

  • GumGum User56

    Awesome video Smike Top ten enemies including bosses

  • Doğa Gökhan

    top 10 maces ? please 

  • james Necro

    the nightingale blade is far from the best, thats your opinion but its not a very good opinion, there are plenty of weapons stronger than it that are in game, hell i prefer dawn breaker just because get smithing up improve it and its ability alone makes it op when fighting undead things the nightblade is just stupidly weak

  • LazzieTheCool

    top 10 two and one handed axes plz

  • Michael Pisciotta

    What sword is in the thumbnail?

  • Cloutie1998

    Personally I think the Skyforge steel sword is the best

  • XxKeyboardWarriorXx420

    Cant stand the way this guys sounds, ma gawd!! so annoying.


    To tell you the truth, you can forge your own weapons that are far more powerful than any of these swords.

  • Charles Nelson

    in my opinion the dawnbreaker is the number 2. I say that because harkens sword really only works if you are a vampire, so that can move aside, and just the way I play I love going into Nordic ruins and it is very useful just for the way I play. but of course like everything in skyrim, its all opinion and the way you play.

  • Figga P

    I'm sorry but Dawnbreaker is should NOT have been #10 that sword is beast when ur fighting undead enemies and that explosion is more than just fire damage its a 50/50 chance of casting turn undead or completely reducing to ash ALL other undead within the explosion... So worth a higher number...

  • aCATnamedDOG

    which is more powerful the dragonbone sword or the daedric sword the games says the dragon wapons are the strongest in the loading screens but everybody else says daedric is the best

  • vF Clan

    What about Miraak's sword. It would be the first

  • The Armoured Alchemist

    Hey Smike if your still doing Skyrim video's can you please do a top 10 Skyrim hidden locations? I would like to know if I missed any of them.

  • The Gaming Stalker

    Top 10 followers please

  • N&B Gaming

    I didn't hear the Ebony Blade its my fav weapon next to the Daedric Bow

  • Cryptonix02

    and i'll thee you guyth laterpeath

  • leftyfourguns

    Very disappointed in all the reused graphical assets in Skyrim. Kind of annoying Bethesda is ok with putting out unfinished content and letting modders do the rest

  • DarthCipient

    The Ebony sword was enough for me. No improvements. No enchantments. Just me bumming the living shit out of vampires, falmer, dragon priests and anyone who got in my way.

  • Tyler Smith

    Btw in my opinion if I can make it at a blacksmith and enchanting table, its not unique. grimsever I could easily go make

  • Jettrail

    Dawnbreaker will always be my favorite vanilla sword, my favorite mod sword is the loners sword

  • Super Namekian Green Piccolo

    How do u get Windshear?

  • 1scott921

    Who's brilliant idea was to make unique items leveled...

  • Nico Rindsig

    The best sword is clearly windshear the stagger effect is so op

  • RampageGamer

    I think that the superior steel greatsword is still the best one because it can do 57 damage!

  • CQKhro

    Miiraks sword?? I belive its better than some of these...

  • maniak942

    Harkon sword suck xD. best blades are made by our own 400dmg dragonbone bow, 230 dmg deadric sword .

  • Leo T

    I think windshear should be number 1

  • Gus Linden

    Please do top 10 maces.

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