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Here are my top 10 swords in Skyrim! :D

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  • Natsu Fullbuster87

    I do not agree with 90% of this video

  • Xx EXIL

    What if I told you the wooden sword was the best I killed a chicken with one hitDeal with it 😎

  • ImFieldyy

    Top ten dumbest comments you've seen on your videos, so many to choose from

  • XxKeyboardWarriorXx420

    Cant stand the way this guys sounds, ma gawd!! so annoying.

  • james Necro

    the nightingale blade is far from the best, thats your opinion but its not a very good opinion, there are plenty of weapons stronger than it that are in game, hell i prefer dawn breaker just because get smithing up improve it and its ability alone makes it op when fighting undead things the nightblade is just stupidly weak

  • vF Clan

    What about Miraak's sword. It would be the first

  • AMS97PS3

    Windshear is the best - makes Alduin look like a child.

  • Adam Mcknight

    i have the nightingale blade, and the dawnbreaker, along with others from the list. duel wielding them is awesome, its like night and day together. darkness and light. bloody awesome

  • John Gunn

    i do not agree with this top 10 .@Smkie 

  • Cloutie1998

    Personally I think the Skyforge steel sword is the best

  • N&B Gaming

    I didn't hear the Ebony Blade its my fav weapon next to the Daedric Bow

  • Cryptonix02

    and i'll thee you guyth laterpeath

  • ThereMayBeLions

    Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Grimsever Mjoll's blade?

  • mnv9000PlaysMC

    Smike please stop with the nightengales crap nightengales items are more likely to be the 5th best

  • Kiyoshi Kuroba

    On the ps3 Skyrim, I am level 80, have every perk in one handed and level 100 in one handed, a freaking iron sword does nearly 200 damage for me, and a sword I made myself does over 300 damage.

  • Alex Alexutzu

    you've missed the ebony blade

  • Caleb Warren

    Ebony Blade hands down

  • Christan Grussing

    Chillrend is the best with soul trap

  • IsiahR

    Windshear shouldn't have even been included, it's clearly the most over powered weapon in the game. Its game breaking


    To tell you the truth, you can forge your own weapons that are far more powerful than any of these swords.

  • Vampiric Coffee

    Dual wielding Dawn Breaker and The Nightingale Blade is so damn awesome, its as if you are holding day and night in your hands.

  • Axsinity

    My Favorite thing to do is to dual wield the nightengale blade and the dawnbreaker, because they look like counterparts. It's awesome.

  • qwertopchicken

    swords are week why does anyone use them magic is good at high level but bow is just best over all i am guessing that is next in the top 10's

  • Nicholas Davis

    good job on the skyrim best wepons videoi got nightingale blade

  • Worson

    we Need more skyrim dlcs :(

  • Devin Perez

    can you make a tutorial video on how to get these weapons

  • Sevlocked

    where do you find bloodsyth and soul render

  • Ghost 427

    #1 sword is the ebony blade dude it never loses its enchantment but then again this video is about one handed swords id go with the blades sword without enchantment dont need a high smithing level to make it stronger

  • kv godha

    Where's nightingale blade?

  • Matt Giberson

    the best sword is dragonbonesword

  • Caleb B

    Iron sword > All ;) :)

  • razorback

    what about miraaks sword

  • ShizoniQuiroze :D

    My dual wield buildFull set of deathbrand armor from Dragonborn DLC (40% more dual wield damage dealt)Dragonbone sword on right hand - Legendary upgrade, 239 damage (80% more 1H dmg from 1H enchantments, 60% more damage with 1H from skill tree 1H, 31 points of Shock damage and Fiery soul trap that deals 10 points of fire dmg per sec)Windshear on left hand - Legendary upgraded, 208 damage (Staggers enemy every time hit is successful) 440+ damage from both swords!Ring - 40% more damage with 1H and 20% magic resistanceNecklace- 40% more damage with 1H and 20% magic resistance80% more damage with 1H and 40% magic resistance with those 2 pieces of gearMagicka - 170, Health - 500, Stamina - 540 Total: 200% more 1H damage, armor rating 574, (Over armor cap which is 567) Shock damage adding 31 points of extra damage and 10 points of fiery damage which equals to 41 points of extra damage from magical effects. Playing on legendary difficulty too :3(Killed a revered dragon in less than 20 seconds when landed)

  • Le Doge

    Lol smike my dawnbreaker is way more powerful than nightingale blade XD

  • The Armoured Alchemist

    Hey Smike if your still doing Skyrim video's can you please do a top 10 Skyrim hidden locations? I would like to know if I missed any of them.

  • maniak942

    Harkon sword suck xD. best blades are made by our own 400dmg dragonbone bow, 230 dmg deadric sword .

  • qaz spaz

    the one thing that bothers me about skyrim is that most unique swords are just enchanted reguler ones

  • aCATnamedDOG

    which is more powerful the dragonbone sword or the daedric sword the games says the dragon wapons are the strongest in the loading screens but everybody else says daedric is the best

  • ZaneTCN

    Wait what about WindShear

  • 1scott921

    Who's brilliant idea was to make unique items leveled...

  • Shadowwolf TD5000


  • Solus Darkcoat

    what's the sword that can shoot red stuff? 

  • Michael Pisciotta

    What sword is in the thumbnail?

  • Josh White

    I'm pretty sure that Daedric swords and dragon bone swords are the top 2...

  • Figga P

    I'm sorry but Dawnbreaker is should NOT have been #10 that sword is beast when ur fighting undead enemies and that explosion is more than just fire damage its a 50/50 chance of casting turn undead or completely reducing to ash ALL other undead within the explosion... So worth a higher number...

  • Paul Kavanagh

    Why inst the windsheer number 1?

  • Shadowbro85

    Guys chillrend is the best sword it does the exact same damage as daedric plus if you rank your one handed it will be like shooting a bomb on justin biebers face 

  • Auxilium


  • Da Best Meme

    most of these are horrible against higher leveled creatures 

  • Ericsupreme

    But grimsever is two handed

  • No Bowl lRl Consulting

    I think the muran dagon dagger.

  • christopher tinsley

    speak like a human not a spitting camel

  • Maria De Juan

    2017 still playing the game

  • Shinigami Kiragami

    lol when i end up having to fight people directly i end up duel wielding chilrend and nighting gale blade XD

  • Light Naru

    dawn breaker usually does the explosion

  • Emir Karaduman

    İ think chillrend is the best one handed sword in skyrim.

  • Renaissance Man

    Nah I rather enchant Daedric weapons for better damage and buffs.

  • Edan Hurlbert

    My game gliched and i got 2 dawnbreakers

  • Erica Thurman

    why not dual wield the nightingale sword and wind shear and if you're fighting a dragon instead of the nightingale sword u use the dragonbane

  • Doctor Gaming

    Smike your my favorite YouTuber!

  • THExxGAMER 102

    did they patch the widsier

  • andrei codrin

    best weapon in the game is windshare

  • Michael Bowman

    Windshear has a broken enchantment, it doesn't do what it's meant to do, and Chillrend can do up to 15 damage, with 30 more Frost damage and the chance to paralyze the enemy for 2 whole seconds, not including the time it takes for them to stand up.

  • MrLazland

    Grimsever is a great sword (2 handed) for me

  • Ashley Thomas

    I have the nightngale bow and blade

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