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Here are my top 10 swords in Skyrim! :D

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  • Shadowwolf TD5000


  • Kairanz dearo

    You fucked up by not adding the Windshear and making it number 1.

  • xXMLGMASTERXx yolo

    2017 still playing the game

  • christopher tinsley

    speak like a human not a spitting camel

  • Shinigami Kiragami

    lol when i end up having to fight people directly i end up duel wielding chilrend and nighting gale blade XD

  • Emir Karaduman

    İ think chillrend is the best one handed sword in skyrim.

  • ZaneTCN / The chubby Nugget

    Wait what about WindShear

  • Renaissance Man

    Nah I rather enchant Daedric weapons for better damage and buffs.

  • Doctor Gaming

    Smike your my favorite YouTuber!

  • Caleb Warren

    Ebony Blade hands down

  • Edan Hurlbert

    My game gliched and i got 2 dawnbreakers

  • Natsu Fullbuster87

    I do not agree with 90% of this video

  • Erica Thurman

    why not dual wield the nightingale sword and wind shear and if you're fighting a dragon instead of the nightingale sword u use the dragonbane

  • NB Vlogs

    I didn't hear the Ebony Blade its my fav weapon next to the Daedric Bow

  • Nicholas Davis

    good job on the skyrim best wepons videoi got nightingale blade

  • Light Naru

    dawn breaker usually does the explosion

  • MrLazland

    Grimsever is a great sword (2 handed) for me

  • andrei codrin

    best weapon in the game is windshare

  • BrewNCode

    which sword can make gain Magicka?

  • Ashley Thomas

    I have the nightngale bow and blade

  • Soldier Jackson

    Dragonbane+all words of power for Marked for Death=op dragon slayer (Dragon Aspect helps too, it makes your shouts and power attacks stronger)

  • Michael Bowman

    Windshear has a broken enchantment, it doesn't do what it's meant to do, and Chillrend can do up to 15 damage, with 30 more Frost damage and the chance to paralyze the enemy for 2 whole seconds, not including the time it takes for them to stand up.

  • Ty Palmer

    Dragonbane, Chillrend, Windshear, and Miraak's Sword. Ah, I'll also throw in Bloodscythe and Soulrender as my favourites. :)

  • MarynElijah

    OH COME  ON YOU FORGOT TO MENTION BLOOD SCAL BLADE AND ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION THAT WIND SHEAR DOESNT RUN OUT OF CHARGE btw if ur wondering how to get wind shear its on the katariah  the dark brother hood questline

  • Ronald McArnold

    i got chillrend and nightingale blade idk which one to use

  • razorback

    what about miraaks sword

  • mark Javier

    Smike there is a greatest one the keep burns enemy it's look like a pale sword but stronger than i believe

  • Michael Pisciotta

    What sword is in the thumbnail?

  • Logan Johnson

    1 windshear2 Nightingale blade3 dawn breaker4 Mercer Freys Dwarven sword of devouring

  • Ty Palmer

    Harkon's Sword? I really like the Akaviri-inspired design, but the base damage is notably low.

  • JackSpad3s

    Dawnbreaker should've been higher up, also do a top ten races

  • Da Best Meme

    most of these are horrible against higher leveled creatures 

  • XxKeyboardWarriorXx420

    Cant stand the way this guys sounds, ma gawd!! so annoying.

  • THExxGAMER 102

    did they patch the widsier

  • Jettrail

    Dawnbreaker will always be my favorite vanilla sword, my favorite mod sword is the loners sword

  • Xx EXIL

    What if I told you the wooden sword was the best I killed a chicken with one hitDeal with it 😎

  • Rittvic R

    So which one is the one-handed weapon thats considered OP and dope?

  • IsiahR

    Windshear shouldn't have even been included, it's clearly the most over powered weapon in the game. Its game breaking

  • Skyrim Glitches

    How to be an angel warrior in skyrim- use daw breaker and spell breaker with ancient calmer armor and that circlet that's in the DRAGONBORN or daw guard dlc

  • sam martini

    I have all of theses so words☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Goldie Bear

    The ebony blade is op tho

  • Jose Salinas

    windshear should have been first.

  • Τζουλιανο Χοτζα

    How the set u wear in this vid is named?

  • RedBlack Ninja 21

    wind shear is the best

  • HupfDole87

    WAIT. that means if i encounter a weapon early on i will get the weaker version of it?? thats just bullshit!i already got frostbite and that one hitkill dagger.. so i wont be able to get the strongest version of these weapons..

  • Liam Diaj

    smike's name is actually shmike

  • william cassity

    what is the sword on the cover

  • IsiahR

    Doesn't the buff increase as you level? Say if your level 41 and you pick up the nightingale blade, when you level up doesn't the ability than upgrade to its max which requires you to be 42?

  • Brock

    Do you have to get the Chillrend at level 46+ to get the best default damage for it?

  • ThereMayBeLions

    Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Grimsever Mjoll's blade?

  • Ahtu

    Ok guys i need some helps, tips or advices! I have nightingale sword and also this chillrend sword. But the probelm is the enchanment runs out like in 10 swings? Can i extend that anyway or is that the case? And yes im kinda new. I would appericiate some help! :).

  • Zorkol 27

    where i became the windshear

  • CodeREVKids Genius

    Dang it! I thought the Dragon bone Sword should have been #1!

  • Kiyoshi Kuroba

    On the ps3 Skyrim, I am level 80, have every perk in one handed and level 100 in one handed, a freaking iron sword does nearly 200 damage for me, and a sword I made myself does over 300 damage.

  • Paul Kavanagh

    Why inst the windsheer number 1?

  • qaz spaz

    the one thing that bothers me about skyrim is that most unique swords are just enchanted reguler ones

  • Ender Boy

    why would i use these swords when i could use my dragon bone sword that does 400 damage

  • Sonicfan 82

    i sold the pale blade to balimund

  • Vampiric Coffee

    Dual wielding Dawn Breaker and The Nightingale Blade is so damn awesome, its as if you are holding day and night in your hands.

  • Red Polscorp

    What avout Miraaks sword? Its quite good in base damage.

  • Andrew Marshall

    Where does Dragonbane come from?

  • Jesus Olivo

    Dawn breaker should be number2😒

  • Trolltew

    Best sword ( maybe ): My daedric 1 hand sword ( upgraded ) with 234 damage + 30 life damage + 47 lighting damage. BEAT ME !

  • Cloutie1998

    Personally I think the Skyforge steel sword is the best

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