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Featured Mods:

Vivid Weathers SSE

Unbelievable Grass SSE

Realistic Water Two

Real Roads
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(sse version is available as optional download)


Real Lighting ENB

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

Rustic Clothing


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  • AaronShenghao

    Wake me up after SKSESE (Skyrim special edition script extender) is out

  • novocaine

    um.. i expected to be more in this list than just graphical mods

  • Hudaifa Bushiha

    That homeless dude at the end is getting it tho

  • Matthew Mendez

    Amidianborn armors can be used in SSE, just untick the .esp's it adds.

  • Khoa Tran

    It has immersive in the title so you know it's good - Brodual

  • Pablo Mendoza

    Amino is slowly conquering every YouTube video

  • Danny

    Probably should update this mod list considering half of them are hidden or not for SSE anymore

  • Kozzy Bay

    I wanted you to know Brodual,that you are the best Skyrim modding channel and I really envy you for your integrity of keep releasing amazing videos.Keep it up buddy!

  • Andre Vieira

    So many of my mods aren't on the SSE yet. i can't decide which I should play :(

  • Arthfael Online

    i used smim but my game was crashing too much for me. but then again i'm trapped on xbox.

  • Corgi

    You guys really should've included inigo though

  • Maltezerz Bob

    lol wtf real road and grass are hidden in skyrim se nexus ???

  • Zerberos22

    roggvir is going to be exicuted... hey everybody lets dance! :D

  • RhexxThe Greater

    Im supposed to be watching youtube but this one youtuber keeps kicking my notifications' ass

  • Resdyne

    What is the performance I'm pact using real lighting Enb

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    So when is Sacrosanct part 2 coming up?

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Where's part two of Sacrosanct?

  • Zzarcon1

    All of this and still no SKSE?

  • I need muh memes

    Brodual reply or ill cry like a baby

  • Byron Horde

    Being one who didn't have to pay for this game, I am not wanting to play it. The mods still have a LONG way to go until I decide to do so. Until the mods catch-up, I'm content with playing the original Skyrim.

  • Arc27x

    what about the S.E.P.T.I.M. mod overhaul? Is it good? needs a strong pc? pls answer me.

  • Ishibrows

    I just want to give you a heartfelt thank you. On the Elder Scrolls Amino, I am BosmerAssassin and I am a thane. As a thane, it is my duty to greet every new member to our community. Today was quite a lot of work, and I've greeted 50+ people. I think this made us surpass the 6k member mark, too! Thank you so much for mentioning us. It really means a lot <3

  • Tonyo Allie

    The problem I have with SMIM mod is it can and will eat up your VRam. I would only use it if.. If you're not going to have a lot of NPC mods, scripted mods, and you keep a decent light load order. Unless your computer is a monster and you've got a 6g Vram or higher. I wouldn't go hardcore with the SMIM on along with Noble 2k. It will eat your Vram. Remember number one rule of modding. Know your specs, and know it's limits.

  • Red-Rook

    just a heads up for you kids out there on YouTube. if an ad survey on YouTube asks you which of the list of items have you heard of.and you click "none of the above"!!!you've just enabled Youtube to give us more advertisments to have to sit through!!!! 😬😫😲😟😭😓😢🤑😡😡😡😠😠😠😧

  • Dawson Kay

    aamidianborn still works! I have it in my load order with no problems!

  • Lord Gronor

    Still waiting on SKSESE (xD I love that) to be released

  • Daaz

    Thanks brodual, when i am going to have my new gtx1060 graphic card i'm going to download allo fait these! 😃

  • Nathan

    I am still waiting for enderal

  • Zach Baker

    Where's the other half of sacrosanct

  • Blutonic

    Aw, Unbelievable Grass is hidden for some reason

  • Panus Il Grande

    Could you do a fo4 one? Thanks.

  • samuraikatana1

    I'd love to use WICO, but it has a ton of bugs and the author has abandoned it.

  • memberberrie

    so.....where is inigo?

  • 1111 JTD

    aMidianBorn still works, currently using it on SE

  • Daaz

    How did he get that enb result ?

  • CORV1990

    sacro sant part 2 plzzz

  • Volumegod

    You're a good man Brodual. Why do you keep referring to yourself as multiple people?

  • Daeven Ville

    It's important to point out that Real Roads fucks up the intro on the cart, making it roll around.

  • Linkless 77

    Is anyone else encountering periodic freezing after playing for a few minutes? I'm at my wits end trying to figure it out lol

  • quebecmanx

    You guys make it sound like SMIM is a must, even tho it has a significant performance impact. Those fences with a zillion polygones are a waste of memory.

  • SerArthurDayne

    My Sky SE wont even get to the start menu

  • Frederick X.

    As much as I love the ENB, it doesn't work well with combat mods that increase lethality. Lower FPS = less responsive attack animations = death by lag :(

  • Unique Individual

    Why does he always say "we" all i ever hear from this channel is him, so where are the other people? does he have a mental problem or are there people doing something for him (like editing etc.)? yes the mental illness part is just a joke

  • 6969 subscribers Without a video challenge

    Is the skyrim tamrial online mod on Xbox? Or gonna be added? Btw nice vid

  • Ryū the anti-social weeb

    could you please stop saying we or us

  • francisofthelamb

    brodual notice me papi

  • The_Sandwich_Qween 216

    Notification squad! You here?

  • Project Scrolls

    I absolutely freaking love noble skyrim HD, its the best texture replacer we've yet to use!

  • Geovane Rocha Moraleida Gomes

    Are you using a camera mod?

  • Christopher DeJesus

    SMIM Part"If you don't already have this installed, you must be new to this channel, and to Skyrim modding altogether."SHOTS FIREDXD, great video.

  • Journeyman John

    Oh man, I'm going to have to pick up that rustic clothing mod

  • Nate Graves

    AmidianBorn works just on the Special Edition regardless, it’s only textures, there isn’t much to port


    can you please add REALISTIC WATER ONE 4K ENB WATER , By Nesh vorontsov in your mod list for skyrim se, or on nexus zlidarklordnesh

  • Succulent Orange

    100th dislike, so I'm going to give a reason: You've just made it blurry, that's not a good mod. I hate depth of field so to get it so extreme that you can literally only focus on the one item in the centre of the screen makes me feel like I'm watching a TV show where the producer doesn't think I'm intelligent enough to know who I'm supposed to focus on, so he's made it blindingly clear.

  • Thomas Rhind

    My big issue with vivid weathers is the fact is moves the fog distance way back which, especially in the snow areas in the north, makes ugly LODS really apparent...

  • W0ut3er

    What Anti Aliasing are you guys using? When I use TAA the leaves on trees get brighter when I move the camera, while with FXAA the leaves are always bright. Do you use nvidia AA, does your ENB implement it or do you use one that the game provides?

  • Wright

    Even though Real Lighting ENB is designed using Vivid weathers, it looks so much better with COT. I used Vivid weathers for a bit and it was awful, the nights are always weird, either extremely bright blue/green spacey nights or bright pinky-purple, and none of that light is reflected on the actual land you're walking around in, it's just completely seperate. Also the weather cycle through night stays constant and the same past about 8pm, then once you wait from 5-6am it instantly goes from pitch black night to bright morning sun. CoT has realistic weathers that actually follow an hour by hour cycle, looks so much better since I changed.

  • MrLaimis911

    For me vanilla Skyrim looks better and is better to play than with mods, enb and all graphical mods are good for screenshots but breaks the game making it too dark or overdone. Textures maybe are lower resolution but more beautifully done in vanilla. I'm only using mods with gameplay changes such as weight limit removed, unlocked perks, distant decal fixes and few others.

  • Kozak Archer

    I'm not sure if you guys know this but Amidianborn Book of Silence for the original Skyrim works with Skyrim Special Edition. Just download it manually then just add mod from file with Nexus Mod Manager. in case you guys didn't know.

  • MrKyel17

    Nothing like a group dance party during an execution.Thanks for the mod list. The release of SE has brought me back into Skyrim, and am agonizing over what will make my game look the best. This was helpful.

  • GrumpyBadger117

    as someone late to the party, and just getting into modding Skyrim, I'm just wondering why eitherA) videos like this do NOT show mods in load order?orB) why it isn't explained clearly whether or not they are in load order?because I get the "gist" this isn't my first modding game, but... yeah, it's confusing lol

  • M M

    1:59 how did you get that sky ? and which one would you prefer playing, original or SE in terms of immersiveness, i heard that the SE is much more compatible and has much shorter loading screens so its better for immersive playing right ?

  • Garuda002


  • JimmyWatchingGames

    how did they increase their draw distance? changing uGridsToLoad doesnt work. Is there anyway to just load in more grass? and what is the performance effect after doing this?

  • Throttle Kitty

    For some reason, I have taken a sudden liking to RLO over ELFX in Skyrim SE.I always loved ELFX more, but RLO is a bit milder, and seems to work very well with SE.I remember trying RLO before with Original Skyrim and my load order did NOT like it! >_<

  • That0wlGuy

    I know I'm probably a potato, but I can't find Windsong and rustic clothing in the mod section of skyrim remastered. Did you find these mods there and downloaded them, or did you install it in another way?

  • Samaritan _978

    I have the weirdest crush on Jarl Ballin right now...

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