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Featured Mods:

Vivid Weathers SSE

Unbelievable Grass SSE

Realistic Water Two

Real Roads
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(sse version is available as optional download)


Real Lighting ENB

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

Rustic Clothing


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  • AaronShenghao

    Wake me up after SKSESE (Skyrim special edition script extender) is out

  • Hudaifa Bushiha

    That homeless dude at the end is getting it tho

  • Matthew Mendez

    Amidianborn armors can be used in SSE, just untick the .esp's it adds.

  • Pablo Mendoza

    Amino is slowly conquering every YouTube video

  • novocaine

    um.. i expected to be more in this list than just graphical mods

  • Khoa Tran

    It has immersive in the title so you know it's good - Brodual

  • Kavou

    I wanted you to know Brodual,that you are the best Skyrim modding channel and I really envy you for your integrity of keep releasing amazing videos.Keep it up buddy!

  • RhexxThe Greater

    Im supposed to be watching youtube but this one youtuber keeps kicking my notifications' ass

  • asherwizz

    Hey! I'm a Curator on the Elder scrolls Amino, Thank you So much for the shoutout! we've witnessed a huge influx of members today!

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    So when is Sacrosanct part 2 coming up?

  • Christopher DeJesus

    SMIM Part"If you don't already have this installed, you must be new to this channel, and to Skyrim modding altogether."SHOTS FIREDXD, great video.

  • Blutonic

    Aw, Unbelievable Grass is hidden for some reason

  • Lord Gronor

    Still waiting on SKSESE (xD I love that) to be released

  • Arc27x

    what about the S.E.P.T.I.M. mod overhaul? Is it good? needs a strong pc? pls answer me.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Where's part two of Sacrosanct?

  • CORV1990

    sacro sant part 2 plzzz

  • Ishibrows

    I just want to give you a heartfelt thank you. On the Elder Scrolls Amino, I am BosmerAssassin and I am a thane. As a thane, it is my duty to greet every new member to our community. Today was quite a lot of work, and I've greeted 50+ people. I think this made us surpass the 6k member mark, too! Thank you so much for mentioning us. It really means a lot <3

  • Tonyo Allie

    The problem I have with SMIM mod is it can and will eat up your VRam. I would only use it if.. If you're not going to have a lot of NPC mods, scripted mods, and you keep a decent light load order. Unless your computer is a monster and you've got a 6g Vram or higher. I wouldn't go hardcore with the SMIM on along with Noble 2k. It will eat your Vram. Remember number one rule of modding. Know your specs, and know it's limits.

  • Maltezerz Bob

    lol wtf real road and grass are hidden in skyrim se nexus ???

  • memberberrie

    so.....where is inigo?

  • Panus Il Grande

    Could you do a fo4 one? Thanks.

  • Dawson Kay

    aamidianborn still works! I have it in my load order with no problems!

  • Arthfael Online

    i used smim but my game was crashing too much for me. but then again i'm trapped on xbox.

  • Andre Vieira

    So many of my mods aren't on the SSE yet. i can't decide which I should play :(

  • Mikha'il Gonato

    Thank you for granting my request Brodual! =)

  • SuperMiniPenguin

    How do I get NobleSkyrim HD2k for special edition?

  • Zach Baker

    Where's the other half of sacrosanct

  • Dream you

    Your voice is very smooth and pleasing 👍

  • BioGoji

    Thank you for the list. I've been waiting for this.

  • Daaz

    Brodual what's you're enb config?

  • Andrew Lee

    Hi Bro,Did you turn on godrays in your settings? Thanks!

  • Nathan

    I am still waiting for enderal

  • Borh

    Hey Brodual, Love the video. Can you perhaps tell me/us your settings for each of the mods (INIs and such)

  • Jo Hamburg

    Why don't you use Skyrim Flora Overhaul (trees only)?

  • Zzarcon1

    All of this and still no SKSE?

  • Project Scrolls

    I absolutely freaking love noble skyrim HD, its the best texture replacer we've yet to use!



  • SabirDinamyte

    I have a Ryzen 5 1600 and a RX 560 2GB. What kind of performence can I expect of skyrim SE with every mod listed in this video?

  • AntCotBoi

    how do i use a mod of original skyrim with special edition?

  • Daler Ronadlo Mehndi

    Hmm...looks nreally natural and I love it.I guess I'll go with this, simplicity is great right?

  • Jackery Fox

    amidianborn's armor and weapon textures work fine in SE, I tried manually adding em and so far they work perfectlty fine

  • I need muh memes

    Brodual reply or ill cry like a baby

  • messykiller007

    Thank you for this im just starting my next play through :D

  • PaladinMthe13th

    Thanks for posting your SE mod list!

  • Diky Dikey

    "hello and welcome to brodwl" ooohh i love you man

  • Longtimer49

    makes npc's do whatever animations you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Culus

    Been modding for 2 years, never installed upgraded meshes, must be new to modding lol. Great vid, just giving you shite XD

  • TheOrian34

    Cicero? What happened to you? Mourning the SKSESE?

  • Daaz

    And you Brodual what's you're graphic card ?

  • Loggern 01

    Help! When I click the link for "Real Roads" it just takes me to the standard edition of skyrim on Nexusmods. And also, do I have to install the "NobleSkyrimMod" manually? Thanks in advance for any help ^^

  • zegafregaomega

    I'm not a fan of the post-process blurring. Makes me feel like I'm watching the video at 144p

  • David Chen

    wow I've been following you guys since skyrim! thanks for all the mod videos! I love you guys.

  • dakine2k9

    Using exactly this list. The game looks just incredible, thanks.

  • Levi Elsbury

    I have amidian born working fine with my SSE

  • Merp Man

    turn speed down to .5 love it

  • The Traveler

    The PS4 gets no love... :-(

  • AXLplosion

    Rusitc clothing looks so amazing! Might actually return to playing Skyrim soon.

  • Kimber2K

    i love this channle but i wish i could see more personality from him :'(

  • WafelixRox

    in my opinion SSE is more stable for graphic mods I don't have any fps dropping like I had in oldrim(skyrim)

  • Icarus

    Your voice is just so..... chill.... I could go to sleep (I mean that in a good way!).

  • 1111 JTD

    aMidianBorn still works, currently using it on SE

  • Headhunter_FRANK

    "fewer options," and not "less options." Otherwise, good video.

  • M.Furkan Ertuğrul

    when u upload sacrocant part 2

  • Nutbread

    You really should consider using the flora overhaul tree only version Brodual!

  • Damian Severich

    Brodual, what is the possibility of you replying to this message? :I

  • Flithy Nobeard

    Still waiting for part 2 of the Sacrosanct mod.

  • Brenton Robinson

    Like half of these mods aren't on Xbox or PS4

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