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  • ks arcturis

    Something not mentioned in video is the snake oil salesmen perk, which raises the sell price of potions

  • Adam Jones

    Lots of belladonna near sasau found a spot where I picked about 50 near loads of poppies, it’s close to the monestary near the herbalist - don’t cross the bridge into monestary look left if facing it and there’s bushes and grass land there with lots of poppies but spread through it a fair few belladonna

  • Wannabe Gamer

    You can literally become the Red Viper of Dorne with that poisoned sword. This game is something else

  • William Dalstø

    I think you can brew potions without having the recipes, just simply "set up" the brewing manually, and once you brew it you have the recipe forever

  • disarray82

    Maybe people know by now, but belladonna is not rare. Belladonna grows just south of Rovna. The area is almost exactly between Rovna and Talmberg. You can collect like 200 belladonna in like 20min around the area.

  • xPNova

    That;s not boiling though. You gotta keep using the bellows until it actually boils,

  • DraigUK

    I might be wrong with this but if you get it exact when manually making potions, no mistakes, you get more potions, seemed that way when I was making a few yesterday as I don't have a perk to make 3 of a kind yet but got an insane amount of potions when doing it exactly right.

  • Imma Ghost

    Hey guys instead of buying the recipe if you just set out the materials manually and follow what he is doing in the video and after you finish it will give you the recipe for free

  • Manish Ghosh

    Stole all the recipes from a herb woman in a forest. It was in her easy locked chest. Maybe they'll patch that out.

  • Leon

    Savior schnapps are super easy to make without the hour glass.-Put the wine in the cauldron-Grab nettle and put it in the cauldron-Pump the furnace 6 times-Start putting the belladonna in the stone bowl and grind-Put into the cauldron while its bowling-Pump 2 more times-Grab a phial and pourAnd your Done

  • traderpax

    why is this person getting all these thumbs up and no down? None of this information is accurate. (1) you don't need to buy any levels in the alchemy skill to start alchemy (2) you don't need a recipe to start making the Marigold potion (3) you don't need to learn to read. You can start making that potion and training any potion without any of this. I'd thumbs down, but I'm not this type. But for the rest of you, don't thumbs up unless you know the info is accurate!

  • FrankJazz Gaming17

    Pc call themselfs pc master race but they need a mod to save anywhere to make it easier 🤣🤣🤣🤣 pcmasterbabies

  • CultureVulture

    But... its not boiling - you need 3 "pulls" to boil.

  • Krzysztof Zawadzki

    Extremly helpfull! Thanks!

  • Sillious Slicous Chico Sluttious

    I need more Schnapps jä!

  • Dan Graphic

    Don't need the recipe, you can "discover" it by simply following the same steps.

  • julzhickman

    or you could just kill bandits which is also fun

  • ALittleTex

    I have a video on where to farm belladonna its west of talmberg and north of merhojed

  • MoiraL7

    my savior shnapps recipe consists of looting enemies. if you play quests it will come.

  • ConceitedCynic

    Yeah, but you can only sell these to specific vendors. And they don’t typically carry a lot of money. I routinely raid bandit camps and take everything off them stockpiling their loot and then clear out the armor smith and sword smith in rattay. Netting almost 30-40k every time.

  • Jaime Wess

    You can poison your weapons😍

  • milos ilic

    where to find alchemy station?

  • Markus Brunner

    You can get a free alchemy skill at the house in the Forrest next to neuhof

  • Raymund Cantlon

    you can make this in 20 seconds each add water 1 nettle 2 marigold then grab a phial and your done you don't even need the bellow. you don't need to buy the book you already have the knowledge if you're watching this video just follow in that exact order

  • Peter Crockett

    I just (today) spent a bit of time messing with alchemy. I made and raised my brewing skill without knowing the recipe for savior schnapps. But yes, learning to read, and gaining some recipe knowledge will help! Recipe books are so costly though!Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I've maxed out my herbalism, which helps in adding STR as well.

  • Solaire

    For routine to work you gotta make the potion manually at least once beforehand

  • King Eris

    Here’s a little update on this video to make it go a bit faster. You do not need to wait till the coals go dark. As soon as the hour glass is done you can then go ahead and add the Marigolds. This will make it much faster. Just in case. I play on Xbox and it works for me. Maybe other platforms don’t. Just try it. Good luck. Ps. This is by far the greatest hidden treasure game I have ever played (RPG). This game is at par and maybe even a bit better than the Witcher. It’s definitely better than Skyrim and that game was amazing. Have fun. Great vid .

  • Rob Campion

    On a note about the recipes you don't need to buy them, you just need to know how to make them and just make it once to get the recipe.

  • Colin Haynes

    Hey, thanks a lot, man. Truth be told, I thought I would completely fail when first attempting this. However, with your help, I nailed it. Your video, along with another on increasing alchemy to learn the auto-brew perk, helped me bypass one of the most frustrating aspect of this game, saving. In this day, and age, one would think simply saving a game wouldn't be such an issue. Alas, with regards to Kingdom Come, it is. So, once again, thanks!

  • Josh Jones

    You can just rock up to the alchemy bench with only the mats you need and no training or recipe, do it correctly and it will work and discover the recipe and fill in your recipe book for you

  • Harry Synnott

    Another excellent video. This game just gets better and better. Imagine what it will be like when they start fixing the bugs? Can't wait!!

  • TFrills

    I got to level 18 alchemy without ever learning how to read. It's not that hard to decipher the words.

  • Geedwozer

    I want them to imrpove the charisma, and make it more realistic. A dirty knight should'nt have less or as much charisma as a common peasant, just cause he is not clean. If you looked wealthy in medieval times people see that and respect you, (if you weren't very snobby a complete swine) and in kingdom come you can even get away with stealing if you look rich, as I think it was in medieval times that is at least 16 charisma. But they need to improve the charisma, cause people just see you have coin, when you are clean and have fine garments. Of course the charisma should be lowered if youre dirty, but if you have fancy clothing ven it it's dirty, you should still see that.

  • Duaane Kobe

    Really wish the video showed how to use the still (distill) potions. I have max skills gathering and close to max Alchemy but bug or ignorance I can not make potions with the distill action in themSide note on buying the books is selling the potions you make giving a little to the vender buying more new books. Best if you have a horse

  • HurriShane00

    ok. one thing I've been doing wrong(according to this video) is how I boil the ingredients. I thought when boiling the ingredients it meant you actually had have the ingredients actually boiling. which takes about 4 pulls on the bellow. to get it going. Have to try it enxt time to see if that matters next time.One valuable perk I added was having the Venomous Blade perk which will increase the time your potion you added to your blade will remain on the blade.For instance I love using the dollmaker potion on my sword. Once you make contact with the enemy, it slows them right down. Super fun.

  • ZalthorAndNoggin

    SUPERB "How to" Guide. Thank you very much for covering the whole process.

  • Reggie Heath

    Don’t need to learn to read, when you hit lev 10, don’t use routine 1, keep brewing individually you get 4 points XP if you auto brew with routine 1, and 40 points exp if you brew normallyWhen you get to level 13 then routine 2 is the one to use, you can autobrew 3 potions from the one set of ingredients

  • Epetra

    Wow I really, really want this game now bc I really like botany irl, but synthetic pharmaceuticals have taken over, so natural plant materials aren't as used anymore.

  • Robert Hill

    You can find hundreds of belladonna in the woods north-west of the Tavern in the Glade. And nettles are easy to find everywhere else. I have over 200 save potions, and sold the others for like 3k. The only problem I'm having is finding vendors.

  • Nathan Powell

    It's quicker to have both handfuls of marigold in the wooden dish

  • Gustov "The Lucky"

    You can save about 500g by just making the potion once without buying it. You teach yourself the recipe and can use the setup just as though you paid for it.

  • Toby Andersson

    You don't have to buy the recipe, if you make the potion once you'll learn it so don't waste your money

  • Kev Mitchell

    Great video mate . Very informative

  • Mirinovic

    Bivoj was hero from old czech legend, that kill dengerous boar ( thats why potion have boar ikon on it) on Kavčí hory

  • Anthony

    Looks like I got work to do

  • Fabian Donvil

    i saw your last bit about the merchant sell value but you are wrong. charisma doesn't affect prices AT ALL. i took off all my clothes and i still got the same prices. it's all dependant on reputation. sell value = value * (Rep/200)-> savious schnapps is value 100 -> 38/200 = 19. pretty close to the 17.2

  • tacoguy210

    Great video man. I'm part of the notification squad now

  • Henry Lancaster

    ya this 1 part of the game I hated no sens

  • souradeep banerjee

    Can you please tell me how to brew a respec potion?

  • xsnpxhoff

    Good guide best one I've seen

  • Shane Weber

    This guide is really bad, you don't need to see a trainer before you can use alchemy, you don't need to actually buy the recipe if you don't want nor do you need to be able to read. If you just follow the steps you can make the potion with no skills.You can also make 3 potions from level 0 if you follow the instructions exactly so routine 2 just allows you to auto brew the same amount you can make at level 0. There is a skill that allows you to make 4 at a time if you manually brew.

  • TiaVaylik

    what is sage used for?

  • Stephen Nicholas

    Wow, great info. A big thank you Sir Night

  • Obito

    Fak I gathered like 70 dandelions because the marigolds look exactly like them in the picture

  • Harshit Kumar

    Can you brew in batch? Like brewing with 16 bellodana and 8 nettle will give 8 save potion?

  • Michael Matlock

    I dont think this is really the fastest way to make money. I boar hunt for about 15-20 minutes and obtain enough boar meat to clean out my 15k wealth and 4k wealth Tavern innkeepers in Rattay.

  • Aaron Mack

    Nooo, don't poison the arrow for hunting,you want to eat poisoned meat?

  • Christopher Pinkard

    Sometimes after manually crafting for the first time, especially with poisons, I'm not able to autobrew them. I have the ingredients, I can make them manually, but the auto-brew is disabled for them. I wonder if I didn't get a perfect brew the first time?

  • Five Sigma

    I followed this and now I'm rich! Cheers!

  • Flyin Rob

    So I'd like to bring up an argument. Everybody claims that you can have "unlimited" gold by doing this, that, or another, but that's not true. Each merchant only has so much gold. That being said, if you sell them x amount of potion (or take all their gold), then you can't sell them anymore. It doesn't matter if you make 100 potions if they can, or will, only buy 10 before they run out of money. I'm just saying there's no such thing as unlimited amount of gold in this game legitimately

  • TiaVaylik

    lol and where do you get the grish (money) to buy the recipe, beginner alchemy, and scribe training????

  • Celisar1

    Many ingredients are hard to come by, mushrooms from caves for instance and belladonna as well.

  • Bugeekman

    on the 1.2.5 pc version you dont have to wait for the fire. just pull the bellows and it counts as boiling for one part

  • Si Noah

    Great video. I am almost to lv 9 and have a nice start on weapons and a helmet,, all thanks to picking flowers making potions and selling all the hard work. It is slow but worth the time. I have to say this video is great. Thanks

  • Jacob Evans

    Can you learn to swim? I noticed Henry said something about learning to swim when I went near water but didn’t know if it was a skill you could get or not

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